Men have such a hard time talking about personal things and opening up. We like to keep to ourselves and sit back and pay attention, but sometimes it’s good to talk, it’s nice to open up and to share something that might add value to someone’s life. Which is why today, we’re going over 5 fashion and style hacks that you’ve never heard before. Watch the video and let me know which hack is your favorite one!


Styles OnlyCan you do more life vids, day in the life or getting ready with me.
Avi Gargyour starting of video made my day. That Energy and smile are so inspiring. Thank you .Your videos are really helpful.
Chris PinaSaving money for that forte series because it’s expensive to ship in Greece.
Veer PratapI’m always among the first alex btw I want to get your forte series and can’t get in India.
insightfnDoes the Forte Series shampoo cleanse properly since it doesn’t have sulfate?
Fayzaan ShameerNext video plz tell steps that young kids can do to look attractive in future Like a 12-15 year old
Please make a video about this.
MelonsusIn my class we always complement others clothes. If someones got some pair of new shoes or a new t-shirt. Maybe its different other places tho.
Henry CollinsHold up your 5’9”? I’m 14 and 6 foot, this shocks me.
BloxrakI used to actually hate tik tok too but know that I’ve used it it’s actually way better than I though it was.
Đorđe JovičićHi Alex! I’m your big Serbian fan and i would really like to use forte series. Is there any way I can buy them?
Philip FewkesLOL, I just reached the point were i don’t even look at the title of the video before clicking.
bilizza09Dude you’ve made this video at least 8 times this year alone LMFAO give us new content.
Rishav RanaBro tiktok ban in india we can’t watch.
Sameed SheraziI don’t know why, but I just gave this guy a view just after an hour of uploading.
varun waghelaHow he is uploading the videos when he is savouring his holidays??!! That’s shows how he is dedicated to hi work!!!
Future StarsSomeone said if you’re early u will get a heart
Farqaleet AbbasiIts my exam tomorrow but this somehow seemed more important.
Brandon OrtizWOW i really wasn’t told these hacks. My life was a lie until you show up Alex! Thank You!!!
RixtI just got an Alex Costa ad on an Alex Costa video.
WealthXPrathamAlex please tell us how you met robbijan!!
Vinicius CamargoTakeaway from this video: don’t step away from the mic’s sweet spot.
owais _syIs our model still giving hearts?
I really want one.
Suyash PatareNow I am part of inner circle and yesterday I ordered forte series molding paste.
Adarsh kumar jhaPlease make Video on How to get perfect hairline!
Shaheer VlogzI think I’ll get a heart ORRR maybe not.
Fingers crossed.
Navdeep SinghAre you actually wearing 2 watches at the same time.
Jihad HAlex why are you wearing two watches come on you know better.
Steve RaphaelHey Alex hope you’re having a good year bro . U , alpha and tmf helped me get over this year improving myself everyday.
StreetwearAlex Costa the only dude that can convince me to use Tiktok and wear Crocs.
Sundla DharmaikBro i love your jackets, can you please tell me where you buy them…
Jin Macaayongit came out on my notification while i was catching up on the recent videos.
Raman TiwariTomorrow is my friend birthday party . I will use this all hacks thank you.
Fareena AhmerI am a girl but still love your content and can I please get a heart from you.
Seth SafrenHow do you style your hair like Jim Halpert in season 1 of the office? My hair is at that length and people want to see what it would look like on me.
AnonymousYou give the most amazing fashion tips. Watching this on 2g internet. Love from Kashmir.
Mohammed AmaanHey should we do karatin treatment is it good or have some disadvantages. Pls telll brother.
SliI do not care if the latest fashion is baggy clothes i will never ever wear them. I wear what i like not what fashion likes.
Mahi RahmanLove from Bangladesh Alex .You have changed my life.
santosh thakurWow never been this soon! Good work Alex thanks alot for improving my personality.
shamroz AliMy very first work after watching this video is “installing tiktok”
Sherzod 5953I don’t have to be the first to get a heart from Alex as lon as i regularly watch his videos and give. C’mon dude, give that sh*t!
Nahida JasminYou have talked about your colour blindness plz tell me what can do someone to overcome this?
Krish BistaJust on time as usual and expecting a heart from Alex please.
Mamani TalukdarI think Alex u should cut u r hairs . U were a hero in before hairstyle.
Gamestudio buddyThat trick that makes ur jeans or pants look slim is game changing!
Mahinder SinghWatching alex costa from India for more then 1 year.
Ivan Jamanwell…pinroll is something a lot of guys told us about…doesnt look that good
AKSHIT BHARDWAJBro where you got the dope black sunglasses plz tell me I want to buy it !!
najeeb SI am here for getting alex like and to watch his video.
Aiman ADYou’re actually helpfull bro when other Youtubers are only doing videos for brand promotion.
Anant animatesHi Alex. I’m a 16 year old guy, and my style and skin (mainly) has become MUCH better because of you. Anyway love from india.
Johan Geoi dont like teaching men fashion ..they just push it and make it more to look like powerful talking and sometimes just boring
…but alex is good.
Come Des Peres FuyaHair hair looks dope bro.
Few months ago it was awkward stage I guess but now it’s like. Melts heart.
6161 DevHi Alex, big fan! I hope that you will give me a heart also
It’s ApoI want a vote for Alex to star in the next zorro movie.
David KronsbeinThanks for mentioning that you dont have to wear slim clothes if you dont like the look/fit. Keep it up!
Marko MitrovićAlex pls do the video on portuguese!!!
I really like that language.
Mohdshaker SaudagarThis man not only teaches style but also he teaches lifestyle.
Kushal AilawadiI am always 1st on your channel and I haven’t missed out even a single video
Love from india bud.
Imroze KhanPlease sir please tell me how to get a perfect hairstyle for curly hair
I am following all your fasion hacks but my hair spoil my all looks
BS ChetanAlex, A Audio production tip, as you have recently started using a shotgun mic, You really have to stay in a place if not the audio will be echoed and disturbed.
José Paulo SilvaAlex! You could bring some content for short guys! For being more confident regarding the height and some fashion as well. Would be nice. Peace!
MN KEERTHANCan i get a heart, im watching the video 6 mins after upload.
Daire McCourtAlex saying he’s 5 foot 9 and wants to be taller, im 15 and 5 foot 4, all my friends are 5 foot 8 plus lmao.
SHREYANSH SinghPlease change the background to some other place inside your house, it’s now getting a bit boring.It’s beautiful but ya! I hope You understand.
Dev sawaiYou inspired me every time in your videos thank u so much and big love from INDIA and from me.
Manish VedwalYour hair doesn’t look real and I mean that in a bad way. They look like you are wearing a wig. Not natural. This hairstyle doesn’t suits you Costa.
Ethan CaissieAlex can you do a video on how to get some curls out? I have a bit of curl so I blow dry it out but sometimes it doesn’t work that well. Any tips?
Amir Imranis there any chance for us to see alex costa rocking baggy clothing?
Siddharth RoyWhere is alex giving hearts to people?
Hrishi raj DasCan you please tell me how to deal with my extra silky hair. I m very frustrated fixing my silky hair please.
San’s Musical PlanetAlex please make a video on impressive manners and etiquette we can follow in a cafe/ restaurant on our date.
Raj RoyIt would be great if you make a fashion tips and grooming video for men having dark skin tone.
Vishal KumarAlex please make video on grey hair in teenage and what to do with them.
uday KiranCan u make an indepth video about your Camera Gear we would really glad to watch that and your old video was Awesome.Nailed it man!
Sahej BansalPlease make a video about maintaining and styling long hair like yours! I’ve got even longer hair and the styling options are not a lot haha.
Nikhil murthyPlease make a video on things to keep in mind to stay motivated as men in today’s world. Is it cars , money , women ???
Patrick CockrillHey @Alex Costa I noticed you liked that messy hairstyle comment! Could you also involve how to use a round brush properly for such?
Ajay MitraHallo Alex sir, I am from India. Our government band tiktok. So I can not follow tiktok.
White DevilYou said now there are very good content on tiktok that’s because tiktok is banned in our country india so 90% cringe content are removed from tiktok.
P W SyiemliehAlex Costa post one video in a day but changes the lives of many people at a time!
Colin BosmanGreat video bro! Can you do a video for a pec workout?
malhaar jaideep deshpandeHey Alex can u pls make a full body work out for every one I love your videos I subscribed.