A super chill “Doll Eye” tutorial

So I basically just felt like doing this doll eye look and so I did. Also dude, this might be the chillest tutorial I’ve ever filmed.


Spillled milllkImagine being a beauty guru that actually makes tutorials and not just challenges and getting in drama.
Carrie mcgrawI just love her energy. She’s like an angry bob ross. Super chill, calm, quiet videos where you can actually learn something, but with some added angsty realness.
Sara noscentiI’m a ballet dancer and this is a very similar eye look to what we do when performing in large theaters! It makes your eyes look so much bigger so that audience members in the back can see them from far away.
Lil samHm, I’ll have to try this next time I’m having a mental breakdown and doing my makeup in the middle of the night.
Imogen sleemanI lowkey wish the foxeye trend would die out and we’d go back to this 60s realness.
ClaraficationDude I love that there are actual beauty youtubers who don’t shout at us like we touched the thermostat.
Ruby rubikI already know it’s gonna be good she’s a whole queen.
Jennifer diazWhy am I just staring at her eyebrows the whole time.
TanviA moment of silence for those eyebrows.they had no right to slay that hard.
Zoha 123I just wish that I had more real estate to try her eyeshadow looks , sucks to have hooded eyes.
AsedfrgtyhujI love her.she literally has solutions to all my makeup problems.i wanted so much to try a doll eye makeup but didn’t know where to start.she is a genius.
HilCan we just bring back doll eyes in 2021 so that I can finally get some use out of the hundreds of hours ive spent watching venus angelic makeup tutorials pls.
Deeya bI have hooded round eyes and didn’t even know this is supposed to be a “dool” look this is just how my friend taught me to do my eye makeup at the age of 15 to open up my lid and enlarge my eyes even more and I just never stopped doing this.
Lou gGodddd I love that you have no intro. Never getting over it.
Carolina restrepoStraight to the point! That’s why we love her!
KatisawriterDude! That’s literally how I do my eye makeup everyday, lol.
Victoria cobosYou mentioned marilyn and omg I’d love to see you do a modern take on her look.
Isla taylorWhat lip were you wearing before you changed it was giving me everything!
Lejia zhangI’m a burlesque performer and a lot of the techniques used here are what I do for my stage makeup! I usually use glitter/shimmer shades so it’s nice having this video for a matte version.
Rabiah The white eyeliner part reminded me of an old video by lisa eldridge and it was a marilyn monroe inspired markeup or something. She mentioned that monroe used to draw a bit of a white at the outer corner of the eye to mimic the shadow that eyelash casts.
HannahUr literally the only makeup artist I watch bc ur talent is so beautiful, u never fail to make me happy & I adore watching ur vids after a long day at work!
Myriam cI love that you actually do tutorials. There used to be so many back like 5+ years ago, and now almost no one does them anymore.
Genevieve olinykWhat lipstick are you wearing at the beginning? I love the color.
Shahd abozeidUr genuinely the only makeup artist that I truly enjoy watching, you have such a calming presence and it feels like we’re just chilling together unlike most videos now that feel absurdly. Artificial? You’re just so talented.
VeganbitchIt’s almost eerie how often you release videos that specifically target things that I’m wanting to learn! You’re the blessing we all need to get through this pandemic.
Unique antoinetteLip color is everything god I miss a glossy lip in this age of masks.
Nichelle engThat “a” stud is super cute.
Pervaiz khalidOmggggg how can someone be so prettyyyy.
Delia vărzar15 Seconds into this vid and I already love it.
Zeero koolAnybody else loves the way hers lips always looks like she got finished sucking the blood from her enemies veins? Gorgeous af.
SleipnirseightAnyone else struggle with doing the waterline? It always wipes off inside my eye and my eyeball gets all gunky (same problem with eyeshadow in that region). Maybe I just have stupid eyes.? Any advice?
Sohini baraiI cannot explain in words how bad I wanted this tutorial alex.
Taiyaba zaheerAlexandra, since you know so much about complexion and undertones, could you please do a video on finding the perfect colour for contact lenses. We’ll be grateful!
Donatela rAside from the eyes, omg this lip colour tho wowowow!
Allison feathersonLoved it with the gloss too honestly, it reminded me of porcelain dolls I collected as a child.
Mariana pI love how refreshing your videos are.
Chris kThank you for always letting us see your skin texture! You have amazing skin but even seeing just a little shine or a single pore on a beauty blogger makes me feel less bad about my terrible skin.
Brandi clarkDamn man, you are my everyday woman crush. You kill everything and I just lovvvve you. Keep rockin sista!
Em brownI’ll definitely be trying this!hopefully it goes well.
LaisI’m really going to try this one. I have big eyes and since it’s the only thing you can see when wearing a mask, I’m gonna get it popping lmao loving the way you’re doing your brows in the last videos!
Acidic alienI love how she doesn’t start her videos with a 3 minute intro and just gets to the point.
IreneYou are my homosexual awakening and that’s that.
Carter montagueI never sit through an entire tutorial anymore and I was so entranced by this video. Thank you!
Aaishy_ kOmggg this is probably the prettiest look you’ve ever done, so stunning and warm.
Chloe anneI love how you didn’t just apply your favorite glam eye look then slap on white eyeliner, you actually teach stuff! Like this is totally wearable!
Yvee garciaAnd I did it. And now it’s over hahaha I love this closure keep up the great looks!
Lpsfankanr1That’s an amazing tutorial and an amazing effect! You look beautiful! Love it!
Emily shaAdore this eye look and I liked the second lip look better too! It seems like you play a lot with eye shape with shadow. Could you do the same for lips?
Jade strawberryEvery makeup look is so gorgeous on you.
Crystle hernandezOk your brows though ffs I can’t take my eyes off of them lol.
DorpThis is just a fancier cosplay tutorial from back in the days.
PersephionieThis was so easy to follow, I can’t wait to try it out myself! Love the lip colour on you too.
Beauty by brodieGot hole-doll parts song stuck in my head after watching this now.
Alley hopeI just find the fact that you of all people use a mascara called “extrovert” so funny.
Lasairfhíona kennedyHave anyone seen a makeup tutorial that is actually a makeup tutorial? I just did- right here.
Ashley guerraI think this would be perfect for my eyes.and there is an occasion comming up next week where I can wear this.what a great timing.
Slonii10Your earrings are whats messing with the auto focus btw! Also thank you for thisss!
Yammy thoYour makeup tutorials are always so simple to follow and looks so cute, love them! Also, where do you get your earring jewelry?
IndiwowpowImagine appreciating my freaky looking circle eyes.
KezibeeartI haven’t touched makeup in my entire life.still watch your videos cuz they’re cool and to the point.
Jimin shiLove love love this! Your so chilled and real with what you say I bought the l’oréal infallible concealer and I love it thank you.
Melissa randleThis is such a great look for your eyes! Reminds me of twiggy. I just watched the mrs.melissa video on under eyes. Have you tried carrier under eye primer? She has some great tips !
Back stageThis coming out the day before purim is literally perfect, thank you queen!
Blue raineThis is giving me the asmr effect and I love it. I feel so relaxed.
Sharifah salmahYou mastered this look flawlessly. I love how much it opened up your eyes. I’m trying this look tomorrow!
KellyI’ve become so overwhelmed with makeup trends lately because it makes me feel like I could be doing something even more flattering/attractive than what i’m doing currently, then I try so many techniques that I can never decide what actually does flatter me.
Carolyn sueA makeup tutorial with the one pallette that I own.
BranmuffinAmazing makeup and amazing camera quality, I’m looking for one like that! What model it is?
Esther brocal montillaThat really was super chill, I love it~ and beautiful look!
LoreleiI love how you just get into the video without all the intro waffle and everything! Love ya.
Shereen hazarehGirl! The makeup, the quality! Soooo good keep going!
Borys raczyÅ„skiI’ve been watching this channel for a while and been wondering, are you eastern european/balkan by any chance? Your name sounds very romanian haha.
MoopI recently got my first ever white liner so when I saw u post this I was so hyped.
JadaI love how you just am like welp I’m out. Hahaha so relatable.
NouriThis was legit my makeup style in the 2010’s.
Mirelys castilloThis look reminds me of the cranberries and no doubt. I love it!
TatjanaThank you for not using filters. I absolutely love this look. Gorgeous work as usual! ~Love&lightcarli.
Skeyeu bridgesSince tati went mia (and I watched her for years ) ive been looking for a beauty youtuber to stick to, here I found it.
DazzlingchickYou’re so fun and real. Thank you for making these videos. We have the same bone structure and very similar skin tone and features so you’re my favorite artist to watch.
N mLove your style and personality, you have inspired me to try hella new looks. Thank you!
Audrey reneI love your videos! You have a great personality and your makeup looks are no filler in your videos either. Thank you!
Melissa fryeI just wanna say you talk exactly like my english teacher even in the same manner as well.
Scorpio gamineThere’s something so satisfying about watching this.
Itslucy hellerThank you for your videos! They help me so much!
Yael shmaryahuReally great videos from you, love the voice, the technique, the quiet and the background. Will keep coming back for more keep it up, dude!
Ol luchSomething about your voice. Its so relaxing to listen to!
Christine ioannidouI’ve never applied liner into my waterline, how do you take it off? D: makes me kinda anxious.
Kristina wilhelminaI really really love your channel, your personality and your face. Thank you for teaching me new stuff in every video xoxo.
Sonia ibarraAbsolutely loved this eye look! Thank you!
Chloe anneI was having a chill time with ya while following the tutorial lauv u.
JenndbeautyThis is my first video of you and i’m living! I love your chill energy.
MominahI love the vibe of this video. Gorgeous makeup look!
Jaylin culmerI learn so much from your channel. Actually relatable tips and looks to achieve. Ily alex.
Solange prata – asmrDo you have a brow tutorial? I didn’t see a recent one. I love your browser! They are perfection.
Natalie buchozGorgeous look. I can only dream to ever apply makeup in such a way, it always looks a damn mess! Also I think ur subtle humour and lil smile is hella amazing and ur the best okay bye 333.
Jsjsshu djbdndYou’re so beautiful! Definitely gonna try this tomorrow.
Carra carrI love how sometimes you have your lip on before your eyes. Idk why I always feel obligated to do my lips last lol I think it’s so cute that sometimes u do it before.
LexiiCan you do a video about your favourite (dewy) foundations? I’m looking for one but I only trust your advice.
Nora hopeNow I know what makeup I’ll be wearing on tomorrow.
Stephanie paganOkay but I am in love with a matte eye and a glossy lip! It just feels right in my bones.
Jolente de keyserFreaking beautiful! Always enjoy your content! Blessings to you, alex!
Manda seeQueen’s gonna make us all makeup masters omgg how are you so full of tricks. Thank you. We’re all learning so much.
ShinyarttrainThis outro.was everything.
Rebecca vorwaldI feel like I’ve already commented this but I really love your channel. I learn something new everytime I watch your videos.
Chaitanya bOmg sooooo pretty. Love the look on you, I better try it tomorrow.
Krystal dittmanLove you eyeshadow tutorials! You have such a great vibe.
Jimin’s holy waterThose colourpop liners always break for me but clearly i’ve just been doing it wrong because you applied it with such ease!
Meshael abWe need to know what’s on the lips!
Audrey michelleI can legit watch ur vids allll day ur voice is sooo soothing and relaxing! So chill not rowdy and loud! Love it!
Graeme halbertI love your videos! I was wondering what you think about magnetic lashes? Haven’t tried them but very curious.
Cynthia villaThis reminds me of sophia loren’s makeup. Beautiful!
Dutchess 1202Can you do a natural makeup tutorial with the elf hydrating concealer? Love you so much girl.
Erin lucusLiterally just found you and I already love your videos. I’m on a binge right now. Amazing.
Violet jonesLove it! All your looks come out very elegant and wearable.
CredulousregretLoving all those earrings. You are so pretty every look is just amazing.
Asiadivine3Very pretty ! I don’t wear makeup, I would love to and you make it look so easy and natural.
Eri koyzioyI love your short hair, also I love your videos, they’re so refreshing, all the other beauty gurus are so annoying but I usually watch you when i’m high and you crack me up!
LylliesDude fr your the prettiest person ever. You can pull off any makeup look.
TaniaOmg, I love that lip color what do you use, because I am obsessed. Love the look as a whole too.
Rebecca starkSo cute! I would use something on my lids to cover the discoloration. Something close to my skin tone or lighter, if I had a matte concealer in a nice shade I would use that ( I don’t, I have dry skin everywhere but my eyelids!
NekoluxxThis is one of the most beautiful makeup looks you’ve ever done in my opinion. Everything is just so cohesive! Btw you have one of the nicest natural lip shapes i’ve ever seen!
Blossom501 krzyzanskaI love this! Please may we have a brush tour? We need to know all the brushes you’re using!
Hallie vanoutryve10/10 For making something so pretty not look super intimidating to do. Thanks btw, would love to see waves or curls in your hair one day.
Juliet hernandezYeeeeeees please that is what I ordered. Served.
DoresAlex, can you make a video on how to separate really close eyes? Thanks!
NilaThank you for the matte tutorial! Beautiful look.
Aleksandra saczukI’m glad I found this channel.and btw you have the prettiest eyes.
Ingrid sarsalWas just thinking about it a doll eye makeup, love you love you love youu.
Christine hubandTy! Your videos are always so calming to watch hope everything is good and you’re doing well.
Azizax blueI like how awkward the ending was lol.
Revathi thiyagarajanDoing this tomorrow. Looks so beautiful!
FakihaAlways good to see you, alex!
AngelI love ittt, you look stunning girl. Im def trying this later.
Aya bdrOhhhhh very nice! I really like your tutorial style!
Minisa berriesOk.so today I tried this and this makeup really open up ur eyes and it looks hella cute.
Belle lopezWatching your videos calm my anxiety!
Candela hernandez castilloLiked before watching bec ik its already gonna be good.
Korie shawI’m into this look. Love it.
Kim taehyung girlSo so beautiful. I’m trying that tomorrow.
Carolyn cancholaLove your videos so much. Thank you.
Rubab aliI’m so happy today. After seeing this video. Thank you so much.for this tutorial.
Nicole lastI rarely wear makeup so I don’t really follow the tutorials but I still love watching your videos just because of your chill voice and vibe.
Cupie dollI really love that wonderful.
Ruth agnewOmg this is soo cute I will do this today.
Gargee sarkarI’m struggling with bipolarity and you videos are helping me a lot.
LivibunThank you. So calming and helpful.
Aslı demirThis is a look thank you queen.
Kim sanDid you know the elcie sponges restocked!
HyunieI love your content so much. You waste no time and just get into really informative and fun tutorials. 10/10.
Barbara nacriaI love your youtube channel,, soo underrated.
May hillThat lip color is so pretty on you!
MslexpeacenloveI love this look so much! Bow down! You are my inspiration!
Melissa ashleyOooooh, just thought of something I would love to see your take on! Alt/gamer girl makeup. I feel like you would be able to give us some amazing advice on the placement of the aspects in that makeup.
WinterwhackI naturally have fox eyes but this is how I do my makeup on the daily(with lighter browns though). I love the big, round doll eye look on myself!
Kirat kLove this you look gorgeous ! Whats on your lips though please ?
Katrina jumawanI’m gonna try it.
Nina christoffersenI love how she just jumps right in no bs 4 min song intro crap.
Cryssie sotoLove this it opened your eyes up.
MynimyLove this look. Will try to recreate it.
Taryn mcdanielAlexandra, your tutorials are such a treat to watch! You make it look so easy, yet the result always comes out very sophisticated. You’re one of my favorite makeup artists. Thank you for sharing this goregous look, and a special thanks for listing all the products – it makes it way easier to follow your recommendations!
Amy jI wore something very similar on my wedding day! I’m obsessed!
LaurafortezajuanI was thinking about which look should I go for, for my next tiktok video, thank u for being helpful.
DazzlingchDo you see the look in your head before you start or just on the fly do these? I truly cannot figure out how it’s going to look before hand so I end up using the same colors all the time. Super frustrating.
Lexi gonzalezI remember this look was so hot when the bad romance music video was released.
DownyI need like a chill 70s eye look.
No oneRock m sukura! Drag queen smile mouth!
Robyn jackson-stegnerLove this look !
Kim curnuttI think at this point that I’m addicted to your channel.
22OrangegirlWow ! Some ppl are simply just rude. Aleane is beautiful and does well tutorials..
Kaitlun atwoodYour vidoes are always amazinggg.
Jungle themeHave anyone told you that you’re the queen of eyeshadow.
HopephotogYaaayyy ive been waiting.
Lielle benhamouWhen I just bought a white pencil and was tryna search for tutorial I received this notification wow !
MarcyI love that lipstick!
Pervaiz khalidGreat vid again alex. I know you’ve said your preference in foundation has changed, give the givenchy prisme libre a try it’s lovely also could you recommend a good dupe for lime crime taupest? Can’t get in uk xx.
Aseel nagarThe thumbnail is adorable.
CredulousregretLove this! I’m obsessed with 60s doll eyes but i’m also 46 and i’m not trying to look like an actual baby doll. But this I can pull off and not be mutton dressed as lamb.
Donot croissantI’m actually obsessed with this look!
Regina pettyI swear we have the exact same lids. I love your videos because I can actually replicate them because our eyes and lids are the same shape and size. You’re my fav.
Bert_world247I like that you just jump straight to the video love you.
LetiI like that you just jump straight to the video love you.
Jeanette priceDamn I need those brows.
Nathalie buzagloLove your eyebrows they look perfect.
Caitlin mareeYou look really good in cool tone make up !
Mandisa ngxukumaThat eyebrows is dope.
Mandisa ngxukumaI love this look ! Wanna try it asap.
KaiYou are my absolute favourite beauty youtuber.
Crystal lopezAlex please tell us what lip u had before u changed if u remember? Tnx.
Mpihh hhWoah you pull off everything !
Aira tanakaYeah gonna have to do this tomorrow :0.
Mathilde pgLove this one. Feels creative and fresh.
Imogen waltersOmg I want to do my makeup like this!
Susan jonssonYou can pull it all off , that’s the result of watching all your vids , you are a talento.
Manpreet kaurYour videos bring me back to original makeup tutorial days. Youtubers are always saying want to change it up and i’m always a like nooo I love tutorials!
Alexis seitzLove your hair the make up is.
Sarah fruinHi ! I love your videos, could you please make a basic eyeshadow tutorial for beginners/noobs ? I’ve never worn eyeshadow and I really struggle, I can’t seem to get it right. I can’t even apply one color correctly and I don’t know which brushes to use. I need to know the basics ! Thanks.
Rain la fayI love that your tutorials vary in length. Like I don’t have to sit for 35 mins to get a great tutorial. My attention span is not good enough for that lol.
Mas salHey hey hey scuse me! Can you please explore how to make our mouths look like that hirojuku drag queen?
Emily broadI just want your eyebrows!
Anna kasGood times.
Moodymad93Good times. Slowly fades into the background. Yes queen!
Estee hanveyWhat were you wearing on your lips in the beginning? Its so prittiii and therefore I need it.
Jungle themeLove the doll look! Very pretty.
Sue atkinsYour lips be looking extra fine today!
Jane doeYou remind me of dory from search party.
Kate brownAmazing absolutely loved this.
My sofie høgenhaugI found your page in the past couple months and literally fell in love you’re the only beauty youtuber I actually enjoy watching and have tried several looks and techniques with your videos (never done that before!) Love how genuine you keep things, it really lets your talent shine through!
Annette skolnikPlease do some anime cosplays. You definitely have that face.
Marjeta rudolfReminds me of sophia loren’s eye makeup, just without the wing.
Gracie rossPlz include ur lipstick details in the description box. They r so beautiful. In ur last video also I wanted to know which brown lipstick u wore.plz plz share the details. Thx.
Beauty has beenI freaking love you.
Laura kloudaWhat kind of eyeliner style could you pair with this look if you wanted to all eyeliner?