Analyzing the outfits in confessions of a teenage drama queen.

One of the films from the 2000s, Confessions of a teenage drama queen is unabashedly femme and has some of the most interesting costume designs for a teen.


TaekwongurlNot her intro being more diverse than the winx reboot.
G TwistGoing over these clips, I realized that this is one of the few movies where megan fox is not sexualized to the absolute worst exponent.
Bea At HomeOh! Also a video on “the princess diaries” would be amazing! The outfits were my dream wardrobe. Ultimately that movie brings me so much joy. When I was 5 and now as 25 lol.
Higher Self TarotMegan fox is one of the most beautiful women in hollywood.
Alexa PatriciaI imagine that if lola were a real person – she would have her very own fashion analysis youtube channel.
Nicole MenesesOh you know megan fox from transformers? I know her from confessions of a teenage drama queen.
VanessaI don’t think it’s that creepy that she fantasises about a celebrity, many young girls do that with their favorite artist without thinking about the age gap. It’s just that, a fantasy. But in real life they never get romantic and that’s the important part.
IsabellaAs a non-american who grew up watching this movie religiously, it really warped my view of what the american school system is like and how teenagers dressed and what they would do. Good times. I was incredibly heartbroken when my parents wouldn’t let 7 year old me dress like lola and carla.
Ellie PlunkettYou should totally make a video on the nanny’s costume design.
Pac RatThis what we needed but did not deserve.
EmilyI gotta request, freaky friday, jennifer’s body, and princess diaries for fashion analysis.
Regina GeorgeI’ve never paid attention to fashion in movies except for times when the fashion is the focal point of the plot or just really stands out, but your channel has really made me appreciate just how much work and skill comes into fashion choices for characters and set designers. These jobs are so important but never get recognized and it’s sad.
RiverstyxPlease analyze outfits in jennifer’s body.
KarlieMy 1 problem with this analysis: gurl, when I was 14 years old I was convinced I was going to marry a 50 year old johnny depp. Lola’s marilyn dream sequence is extremely pg lol.
SammyThe instant I saw lola’s baby blue outfit, I was reminded of cher’s outfit in clueless when she failed the driver’s test and got into the fight with tai. It is definitely more dramatic, but the elements and color are almost the same.
Kayden LewisSomeone pointed out that the side characters repeating their clothes (like carla’s j’adore dior shirt) is to emphasize on lola’s extraness and shows how she would never repeat outfits.
Julio CalixThe intro is beautiful and so aesthetically pleasing.
Clara PilierPlease do daphne from the scooby doo movie or outfits from dream girls bad movie I know but the outfits and makeup are amazing.
MarielleI relaly love this movie, and lindsay evrey character she do becomes historical.
Drarie TYou mentioned fran fine. It would be great if you make a video about her.
LeahWho else wanted lola’s cocoa cola bottle cap necklace when they were a teen?
Mystic BeanThe versatility of lola’s wardrobe has me dead drop jelouse, like, dang.
Msf The1stI’ve always loved how ella wore so much pink. Usually, I feel like pink is reserved for main characters, so I welcomed this change.
IllessiCan you do freaky friday next? Because pink slip is so iconic.
Daddy DThis movie had the y2k girlies absolutely quaking in their juicy couture velour tracksuits.
SkyyWhen I was a kid this was the only dvd I owned so I would literally just play it over and over. I feel like I could probably recite the entire movie from memory.
Clare WellbornHello? The che guevara shirt in a disney movie? We love a controversial queen.
Bonnie HowellThis is one of my favorite movies ever and I love that the plot isn’t centered around a love interest.
Ella MaeHow she’s reacting when the band broke up is how I’m feeling about daft punk at this moment also I want that coke cola necklace so bad.
Anna NeeserMegan fox looks like that at 16 16?
Bonnie HowellMegan fox’s style in this movie was definitely the epitome of early 2000’s fashion!
Liz ThrashI had no idea how much this movie impacted my style until this year when I rewatched this movie for the first in 15 years. Definitely got in my subconscious.
Alicia DescharnesYou should analyze the outfits from “10 things I hate about you” , “get a clue”, and “how to lose a guy in ten days” they are amazing outfits!
GothsidyI freaked love ella, I didn’t relize how much I related to her. And honestly do love her outfits, a few twerks here in there for me, but super into it!
Loves PlusLindsay has been in so many iconic fashion movies. I miss the early 2000’s. The movies were just so relatable but yet fantasy. You should do a video on get a clue or just my luck.
Semaj HintonLove how when lola is feeling low and insecure, she’s wearing that green/pink combo that ella was wearing at the beginning of the show. This is such an awesome video and totally confirms why this movie was my favorite growing up!
Alysia TrevinoI feel like carla must be wearing a bump-it to get that hair volume in that red party dress. Gosh, that was quite the fad for awhile.
Sarah JeanThat “ah ohhhhh ah ohhhhh” beat that came on every time carla santini would come around.
4nna5tasiahCan you do an entire vídeo of the show ( I mean every season) of the nanny. Like I would literally watch a 10 hour video of you just talking about every single outfit in the nanny.
Victor NaranjoHi! Have you ever seen “confessions of a shopaholic”? Would love to hear your opinion on some of the outfits.
Villa RibeIt would be so cool if you did an analysis of the movie “sleepover” with alexa vega!
Felicia CuecacoWhen I tell you I thought the I love ny shirt with the mesh over it outfit was the epitome of fashion.
SarahLindsay lohan is the main character, and megan fox is the “mean girl”.
Potato BroI still cant believe they let her wear a che guevara shirt.
MelissaI remember wanting that bottle cap necklace and even diy’d one.
Wesleigh NevilleAhh the harry potter clip! Such a universal experience lmao.
Déborah GirardWould you ever take a look at the costumes on crazy ex-girlfriend? Not sure about the real-world costumes but the ones in the musical numbers are very fun and interesting!
Emma NewThe outfits in this movie are immaculate.
Cruz The Brown GuyI absolutely ship lola and carla. The shy little smiles when they eventually get over themselves? Adorable.
Kimberley WilliamsIt’s either the wardrobe coordinators were reaaaaaaaaaaally good at their jobs, or moderngurlz are really good at perception. Either way I wish we had more of this thoughtful dressing today.
Up Close By IlhaanThe intro is so pretty and so fitting for the channel, reminds me of a cartoon I would actually watch in the early/mid 2000s.
Fernanda DuránI love this movie so much, when mcr brokeup I literally watched a million times lol. I’ve always related to lola so much bc I also dress with a specific end in mind so I don’t have an “established” style, but I do love alt clothes the most.
Thread CreatureQueen of reminding me how deeply my fashion sense was influenced by movies when I was a tween/younger teen. The outfit was my favorite as a nascent emo kid but I was also obsessed with the snake t-shirt ella wears and I might have to make myself one.
NotebookThat head wrap look screams a future teaching drama.
Kimberlee CondeEvery time it cut to a new outfit of lola’s I was like “oh work!” Absolutely legendary fashion.
Rachel BI didn’t realize that having a skin reaction to feather boas was a universal thing.
Shane LocsinI actually liked lola’s mourning outfit. It gives me “welcome to the black parade” by my chemical romance vibes.
Just MeI feel like lola’s outfits have been living in my head rent-free since 2004! Plus the train makeup/dress up montage! So iconic.
PinkladyisvI’m so excited you made this! I loved this movie and I feel lola’s clothes were more of an inspiration to me than I realized at the time. She was always unique and stood out.
SioparrI kid you not I watched this movie yesterday and wanted to see if there were any videos on it! Your timing is impeccable!
Bridget SpectorHope megan’s back didn’t hurt from carrying this film.
FernandaThe way I screamed when I saw the noti! This movies outfits are iconic!
Milly JonesOk I have an idea: just watched (or rather struggled to) rebecca on netflix, and it’s one of the few times in my life I’ve actually noticed the costumes because they were just so out of place. As if the film could have been any worse.
María Pilar NovoaI literally paused the video to go see what megan fox’s parents looked like. She’s truly a stunner.
Where’S My Wig?I recently watched this movie and I didn’t really like the plot, but you can see the effort and though in the direction and costume compare to another disney channel movies. Like, they really tried to do something. Fun fact, it was directed by a woman.
GuppyThe new intro is so cute! Living for it can’t wait to watch the video‼.
María Pilar NovoaI love the outfits in this movie, even if I would never wear them. They’re so extra and y2k!
SiriusI dont think lola and ella would have been friends if they didn’t share the fact that they are both fans of sidarthur but I think that’s what makes it seem more natural! That’s easily how many young “outcasts” make their best friendships, by sharing likings, fandoms, etc. So I like it.
DevincigirlThe way “uh-oh” lumidee followed megan fox .iconic behavior.
Barbara PatiñoWe stan our moderngurlz icon analyzing cult movies like this one.
Kaila KHonestly this makes me want to go watch get a clue.
PhantomoftheoperaticI am so happy y2k looks are back I can finally wear the clothes I wanted but couldn’t afford/was too young for.
JackieLindsay lohan is the queen of low rise jeans.
Anya GallowayLola and carla could have been friends posh suburb princess with edgy, streetwear new york chick could have been a moment.
Victoria GAs someone who turned 15 in the year 2000 my late teens were spend looking exactly like these girls (down to the juicy couture stuff, the fake louis vuitton bag and the completely useless belts that did absolutely nothing to hold my trousers up).
Elizabeth Clarke“The nanny” style analysis please.
TocotroniconI literally never took this movie back to my local library I loved it.
Sal GonzalezIve always loved lola’s style in this movie she has one of the most playful and creative styles while also looking fashionable and cool.
Marlene ZYou’re analyzing outfits video’s are amazing! Make sure to stay healthy during these hard times and once again keep up the great work! You’re doing amazing with them it’s crazy !
Brown ButterThis movie is such a classic I tell everyone to watch it. I’m obsessed with 2000’s movies and of course the fashion.
Sammy RoseWhy is no one talking about the intro its amazing.
Hatty BeeI thought I was the only person who remembers being obsessed with these outfits.
Aria KrysPlease do a penny lane outfit analysis in almost famous!
ShannonConfessions of a teenage drama queen is one of my favorite movies and I never realized that marcia is casey from life with derek.
SabrinachicOmg lindsay is such a legend and we were robbed of so many more great performances in the last decade.
Dandy LionI dreamed about this movie last night and now this is in my recommendations, i’m scared.
Sam LI haven’t seen this movie yet, but I definitely know how that ella character feels about lying to her parents and having friends that they disapprove of.
Heidi BarkerThat I heart new york shirt is actually sewn to the mesh top. Its soooo 2000s.
Cheetos Flamin HotBritney spears also looked fabulous in low rise pants. Lindsey’s last outfit in the school play + her dancing kinda reminded me of britney.
FlagenhawYou should talk about the styling in but im a cheerleader it’s a cult classic lgbt film and everyone should watch it.
Hiraeth NightshadeLindsay lohan’s beauty leaves me breathless.
Nick BI remember watching this movie a dozen times and deciding to wear whatever I want and not care about fitting whatever everyone is wearing. I loved lola’s confidence!
Ederline RosenbergAn almost famous, my fair lady and freaky friday analysis would be cool.
Starlight WhispersMegan fox was just 16 in that movie? Wow she’s just really gorgeous.
Donna MayOmg the new intro is everything!
Abigail WhinstonSeeing a style analysis with alison pill makes me want a style analysis of scott pilgrim.
AbbyCan you analyse the outfits in “how to get away with murder” ?
MinakoreiThis long video about one of my favorite childhood movies is an absolute treat, girl.
AmboredI loved this movie cause lindsay’s character was such an individual and didn’t have money but dressed the best due to her own creativity.
Arielle ArnoldI’d love to see a “the oc” stlyle analysis! They really nailed the early 2000’s looks.
Holl MightyI love these analyzing outfits videos!
RuwaidaThe fact that they looked great even in high school. I’m still going through my glow up.
Livia HorowitzThe intro is fabulous.
Charline OrozcoThis video unlocked memories I forgot I had! I haven’t watched this movie in so long; time to find it again.
Charlotte BosleyThis movie influenced my fashion style and I didn’t even know it. I’m basically lola trying on different aesthetics.
Lil RiverThe blue 70s outfit, the after party one it’s also a lot like cher’s from clueless when she finds out she likes josh.
Just SayingI’d love to see a buffy style analysis, it’s a long show I know but I adore her style and can’t get enough of it.
Nahomi DíazI loveeeee how we can see ella’s concert dress in the dress montage in lola’s room. Idk it’s so cute and real and makes the setting of the movie feel more grounded.
Maayan YanivI haven’t seen this film since it came out and I was just a child, however this video has totally convinced me that i’ve been missing out!
QuinnieneutronPlease please do an outfit analysis on get a clue with lindsey lohan and brenda song.
Kendra MurdockI’d like to see what are your thoughts on the cast for the upcoming live action for the powerpuff girls and how you would style them.
Blue JI actually remember watching this movie, but keep forgetting what it’s called.
Shireen RazakGrew up loving this movie, almost solely for the fashion. And yes, lola was my favorite. She had the best clothes.
Candiigurl7893This movie is so iconic. Lola is the best character lindsay has played.
JuanlovesjuanThe peacocks of the 2000s were like the owls in the 2010s I swear, they were everywhere.
Mary WinterI literally used to watch this movie more than any other growing up and I felt like nobody else really knew about it! I still have it on dvd (stolen from a blockbuster) and watch it once a year because I love it.
Betsie’S BestMy god, you’re such an inspiration and the fact that you’re making a video on one of my comfort films since I was little makes me sooooo happy.
Loren GreeneThis is one of my favorite movies and it goes constantly overlooked! Thank you for giving it platform and bringing it up.
Brittney FranciscoI was so in love with this movie. I literally tried to recreate some of the outfits.
MarveIn the scene with the peacock top, one of the background characters wears the cyan-tinted sunglasses that lola tried on at sunglass hut. Not significant, I just noticed it because I like them so much.
Peter SchneiderWow, knee high converse were my shit in high school. I still have them. I’m gonna bust them out for a fun outfit next time I leave the confines of my house lmao.
Emma SoperI need that knee high converse trainers! They need to bring this back!
AmsayyyThat volleyball outfit section hit home because I had that velcro clips that bunched my sleeves up to appear sleeveless and I tied the waist of the shirt to give it shape.
Naomi MiaIt’s amazing how you can see some details and the interpretation through the clothing, thanks for teach us so much!
Spring LadyLola said: “are you from new york even”.
Lizzie BennetI rewatched this film the other month and it still holds up – love the cast, costumes and soundtrack.
BotchedA masterpiece (wish I would’ve gotten the research assistant job) lol.
Fantastic BeastsHow has it taken me this long to realise your theme song is ‘pure imagination’ from charlie and the chocolate factory.
Isaiah JohnsonPlease, don’t say bullfighting is honorable. I’m from spain and it’s cruel and horrible!
StevieI can’t believe I never noticed that robin was played by the canadian icon ashley leggat, casey from life with derek who both brought an entire generation up thinking the sexual tension between step-siblings was totally normal and also very enviable.
AlvaritoI’m really hoping for a cruella style analysis! These videos are so fun and from what the trailer shows the costuming looks great.
Frog But In A Really Big CoatAfter watching your style analysis videos, perhaps you could do one for “the clique.” I don’t hear much about this movie but I remember enjoying it when I was younger I actually like the fashion style of the characters.
Kathleen MoralesThis video was amazing and i’m lowkey in tears. Loved every second just like I love the shit outta this movie.
Dragonn QueenPlease do the perfect man. There were a lot of memorable outfits! Loved that movie.
Scarlett SkyAlso in lola’s dream sequences everyone is decked out in super cute fashions as well, showing us that in lola’s perfect world everything and everyone is extra.
Mic MTake a shot every time she says “new york”.
MissbelleWow, I remembered pieces of this movie but had no idea what it was. Thank you for filling in the blanks with this great analysis!
Monty BWould you do an analyzing vid on cruel intentions?
Selected ShipperThis analysis was amazing, I would love to see one about clueless film and tv show, the mamma mia movies and the princess diaries.
Carina KelsonJust when I was watching moriah forbes’ video! Now I have an hour of teenage drama queen content.
Peter LOmg I haven’t seen/thought of this movie on so long!
Cande CastroI love this movie, but I need a video about pose.
AbelraiThis is one of those movies you can just rewatch, and rewatch again. I’ve been trying to find videos about it, and here we are!