Best drugstore mascara showdown.

The new Sky High Mascara Maybelline is getting tons of hype, so I thought we could put it to the test against some of the best affordable mascaras.


PinkformarieFor those asking about flaking smudging none of these do that for me! Would’ve let you guys know otherwise.
Tara BleJust my opinion, but was hoping that you would insert the picture of all the results in one picture side by side.
Monica RamerStep one: have eyelashes.
SmileforhibaListen, you already have long, natural, eyelashes. How can I even relate to this video?
ClaudiaIf only there was a curl-hold rating! Most mascaras weigh down my lashes and I hate using waterproof ones.
Sg SgObviously mascara is such a personal item. I still and will always rate the essence in the green tube as the best mascara on the market, high end or drugstore.
Amber VarnerOk but. Your eyelashes look incredible with all of them! Hahaha.
AbsyntheI wish more drugstore brands would go cruelty free. For that reason I stick with my essence lash princess mascaras. Maybelline lash sensational was my favorite for a long time. I also like more wet mascara formulas and the curved wand. I think i’ll try the purple lash princess next time. I’ve only ever tried the green one.
Danielle FI’ve discovered that the essence lash princess mascaras work wonderfully if you apply them and then go back with a brush that can separate. That extra steps makes it 60% even better than it is.
Arianna LaurenHonest question; does everyone use this much mascara with each coat? I can’t get my lashes to look like yours using that much product. It ends up looking extremely clumpy. Yours look amazing!
Jennifer MaMy go to is l’oréal double extend lash tubes. Doesn’t come off or flake even after a super sweaty zumba class. I enjoyed maybelline sky high the first 3-4 times I used it and then it just went clumpy for me. Thanks for the informative video!
BuffyShe blinks with every swipe of mascara , I never blink when I put it in.
Kelly RodriguezMy lashes never look that good with any mascara.
Purposeful HomeschoolFinally, someone who loves the lash sensational! I will say I can get a great lash must faster with lash paradise, but I don’t mind the work needed for the lash sensational. Try the lash sensational in the black tube – it has a brush like the sky high but stiffer, and it’s insane! I miss the curved brush for curl but there is something just a little extra special in the black tube with the purple writing.
Jewel OfthenorthIt really helps tho, if you have long eye lashes like you do. For those of us without the long, for the most part this isn’t helpful.
BunnyI’ve always only used drug store mascaras and I’m never satisfied so I tried an expensive one for $30 from clarins and it’s honestly mind blowing how much better it is.
Stacey OI define 1 coat as 3 swipes these are more like 10 coats! Holy smokes! If I have to swipe more than 3-5 times, it’s a fail.
Born_ConfusedFor me the winners were lash sensation and max factor. I love a separated no clump not too wet formula. My favourite right now is the l’oréal telescopic.
Ltothe GThe last 3 times I’ve ordered the green essence mascara it’s been pretty dry. Anyone else have this issue?
Keri StevensonThe eyelashes looked best with the first 3. The thick, clumpy mascara look grew as she went on. The first three were so much more believable.i guess it’s the biggest issue is what you’re looking for as far as how you’re lashes look.
Katy JonesThe essence is awesome. Wear it daily even when im working out to give my lashes a pop. 2 Coats is perfect for me.
Kelsey JerniganMy fave is the covergirl lash blast and it doesn’t dry fast for me at all. I also didn’t like the essence green tube mascara bc it smudged and flaked so bad for me and was really clumpy.
Get Together With HeatherYessss! I’ve been using the lash sensational for literally 5 years now! And it’s finally getting noticed! I’ve been saying for years it’s the best! Love your review!
Samantha WoodI love the maybelline great lash lots of lashes. It’s the one with the small, tapered wand and it gets right in there and hits every lash. I don’t know why it isn’t as hyped or talked about as other mediocre mascaras!
Alidelicious1982I’ve been wearing lash sensation for years and I love it. So no need to change. But I am interested to try sky high, so I think I’ll still give that a go and then revert to my trusted classic.
Dayana TI’ve recently retried maybelline the rocket and my god it’s the best.
Lisa CohenL’oreal voluminous is my og. I never liked any of the cover girl mascaras.
AdalíaFor me personally I prefered the mascaras in the opposite order. I like a dryer formula because I like a more natural lash but I did really like the lash sensational.
Kristin PackL’oreal telescopic has been my hero for so many years now!
Isabella WelkI love lash sensational! It was my absolute favorite for years but then I found the loriel telescopic and have been using that for about the last 2 years. This has made me want to go back and try the lash sensational again but I would definitely recommend trying the telescopic if you haven’t already!
DruidYou’re such an underrated youtuber abbey! Also on wisconsin!
Anna WI need a waterproof formula because of my watery eyes but I always wonder how that changes the results! Could you do a video comparing waterproof to regular application and end result of the lashes? Thanks!
Princess SweetpeaOmg you missed the best lengthening mascara ever on the market.loreal telescopic is a hg for many people. Cannot do a battle of the mascara without including that one.
Marie LWhat about the l’oréal butterfly mascara? What are your thoughts on this one. It’s my ride or die. And it is a curved mascara wand.
Peixes WarriorYou have amazing eyelashes to start with my jaw dropped at every single one they all looked so good in my opinion lol.
Abby SchroederThis was so incredibly helpful! Thank you youtube algorithm for recommending this for me lol.
Christine LafortezaYou should try l’oreal telescopic mascara. I’ve been using it for years, it’s been the only drugstore mascara (that i’ve tried) that holds my lashes up. I love it! I’m looking forward to trying the maybelline mascara you ranked #1.
Ada RodriguezWish you would have also ranked “flaking”.
Nancy StamourFor me a straight brush is best as I cannot see the curve.
Everdine StengerI just can’t with plastic bristles. Man your lashes are amazing. Mine are long but dang yours make me want to do grande lash or something to get more of them! L’oreal lash paradise or the purple essence mascara are my go-to’s at the drugstore.
Jocelyn SloanAbbey you should try covergirl exhibitionist mascara – you’ll love it! (Especially since your top 3 are my top 3 as well, in addition to the covergirl one!).
Hinda TeichMy fav is the sky high! Makes my lashes have a good mascara day every time and actually adds length.
Keira OntiverosI love the maybelline lash sensational! I was an essence stan for years until I wanted something with a better waterproof formula. My new holy grail.
Nadia MackayIdk why but that n1 maybelline mascara and the green essence look the exact same on my lashes when I use them.
Heyo OI love the sky high mascara. Adds great length to my lashes and doesn’t clump or smudge for me! It’s my new favorite. I also love the l’oréal lash paradise mascara. These are def the two mascara that I will be sticking with for awhile.
Jessica HurteauMy lashes never separate as much as I want them to. They always stick together. Do you ever use a lash comb to help separate?
Melissa CatlinWow, honestly, your lashes are amazing! I struggle so much to find a good mascara, because I wear glasses, so I only look for volume but not length. If my eyelashes get any extra length, they scrape across the lenses and it gets on my nerves. Seems that all the mascaras nowadays aim for both.
IwinaAlso your lashes look pretty in all of them.
CrysmarieI’ve used maybelline define-a-lash for years. It holds curl really well on my straight lashes. I love plastic wands, so maybe I will try out the lash sensational sometime soon!
Regan WingThe 2nd place mascara you said 4 out of 5 for volume and on screen it said 5 out of 5. Could you confirm which one it is please? Thankyou great video.
Your Boy JayLoved this, so so excited about your lash secret video. I love loreals teliscope its not very volumizing but omg so so lengthening. I used to wear the lash sensational a few years ago, maybe I should add it in when I want more volume.
EllieLove the showdowns. Foundations, primers, concealers. I’m here for it! And maybe skincare too! The possibilities.
Braid BlanksThx for the review, I truly loved maybellines falsies, the previous version, I felt like I cant find anything similar lately.
Juud MEssence gave my sister in law , mother in law and myself an allergic reaction. Different mascaras by the way.
Kat JonesI agree, and was thrilled to see your top pick was lash sensational. Its been my favorite for years!
Ann VLash sensational mascara is my favourite, only mascara I use! The best.
Tina GolikI wonder why nobody’s talking about maybelline lash temptations, I love it and it doesn’t smudge on my super oily lid.
Sadie ShanksThank you for the video. Have you considered changing your mascara application technique? I feel like some of these mascaras (like the essence one) preform much better with the wiggle technique.
AlinalinalinaYou have great lashes naturally so I wouldnt be able to go by your recs but great video. Wish you’d added flaking and sniffing in the rating.
Maryann GBut can we get makeup details! Your face makeup looks flawless.
Christy FieldingYou have an amazing amount of eye lashes! I would love to know if you use a lash growth serum.also your lighting is just a little dark in this video.
CrysmarieI can’t believe my holy grail l’oreal voluminous is in last place! I’ve been using it for years so I do need to experiment and will try your first place choice. Love your thorough reviews!
Happyhappy101The first one it is waterproof o washable?! Thks for the tips ! Cheers.
Courtney DerouenAre your eyelashes naturally curly on their own?
Mary PoppinsSo excited for the mascara application method video! They look so amazing, I don’t understand it.
Debbie HerbertIf you can get your hands on catrice, they make great mascaras as well. My all time fav is catrice glam doll false lash effect mascara in waterproof.
Susana HerrefYou need maybelline lash stiletto. The best.
AngelaReally liked the pacing and editing of this video!
Aliese FitchI looove maybelline lash sensational mascara but with sky high try to put it on the ends first and then go to the roots. I found that that way it looks so much better.
Kimc555I am in total agreement with your number one pick! Love, love, love lash sensation! I tried their sky high one and wasn’t too impressed.
Sa RenaIs the lash sensational full fan effect different from the original iyo?
LnvJust a recommendation. The gigi blacklash mascara from mac. It’s sooo good! I love simple, natural, and high quality beauty products and this mascara hits all of those points!
Laura HrescThats crazy cause lash blast volume is my all time favorite!
Marcela LargoGreat video! I’m always on the search for a new and improved mascara.
SandoochTo me, the more wet the brush is, the worse the application. I wipe it on the sides the entire brush then I wipe it again on a kleenex then it applies well no matter the mascara. Mascara is such a personal choice as so many work so differently on everyone!
Jennifer GrovesThe maybelline lash sensational mascara is hands down the best mascara I’ve ever used.
Lindsey ForgeI wish you tried the telescopic mascara from loreal (my favorite) but I think that with your eyelashes you look great with every one you tried in the video.
Megan ChabotHow’d you read my mind, I need new mascara! Also wow I wish I had your lashes.
Tami ArdSo interesting that you mentioned some of the others being dry – I found the lash paradise to be so dry I could barely get 4-6 weeks out of a full size tube. The lash sensational was too wet for me at the start but after a couple of weeks it was really nice.
Lynn KadilisI would like to know what formula you chose in this mascara waterproof or washable and what tone maybelline lash sensational full fan effect thanks I really like your video.
Jl MitchellI have wanted to see a video like this for a long time. Thank you!
Agnes SuarezThank you for another through video. You do such a great job describing and explaining each item.
Elizabeth SackettKeeping curl should be a category.
Lindsay CrosbyThis was super helpful. Any chance you would ever do a waterproof version?
Moran Sharon WollachCould you review pyukang yul they’re a real interesting affordable korean skincare brand also thanks for trying so many things for us queen.
Gabriela C MagallanesBattle of the maybelline sensational mascaras? Another favorite of mine growing up were their volum’ express mascaras especially the flared one!
Casey RYes to your 2 step mascara video! Looking forward to it!
Jeri LuthartThank you for this! I was wondering about some of these.
EsI used to love the lash paradise, but it would dry out so quickly. Within 2 weeks I was purchasing another tube. I’ve heard others state the same. Has the formulation changed recently by chance? I’d love to give it another go.
Ganell SnockerClump crusher by cover girlalso a curved plastic wand.
Samirah ObaudoOk needed this video so much. Now I just need your lash growth secrets!
SamI love this video thx u! I am always on the hunt for the best mascara.
Amanda LongSky high is the closest dupe to thrive mascara (which is the best) that ive found. Same wand too.
Haley PateAbbey, thank you for the great video. I was wondering have you tried the thrive causemetics mascara?
Valerie ParsonsMy new favorite is covergirl lash blast clean volume in the light blue tube. It’s both lengthening and volumizing and no clumps! I use 2 coats and it’s fantastic. It’s not great for the bottom lashes, the wand is pretty chunky so I use something else, but I was pleasantly surprised and have purchased 3 times now.
Ashley CoteYour lashes are amazing! I’m going to try the lash sensational. Thanks.
Taylor VelzkeLoved this!
Heidi GoffYea maybelline mascaras! Lash discovery is always my first coat, and then lash sensation or sky high. Have tried some of those, but maybelline has my favorites.
Mamas Luvs TbjThanks abbey great video. I’m always on the hunt for a more affordable close to too faced better than sex mascara. This was truly helpful and informative.
Yandery CastilloThanks for doing that. You can really see the difference.
2tzusCould you mention if the mascaras have a scent? I recently bought a l’oreal one that had such a strong perfume I had to return it but I like the effect you got from your 2nd place choice. I’m sure I bought a maybelline one that smelled strongly of chrysanthemums. I do not understand why mascara needs scent – who is out there smelling eyes?
LauraincaliThe lash sensational flakes and dries out quickly.
Pamela HarrisonFirst of your videos that i’ve come across and holy shit it’s so helpful! Thank you girl!
Lora LynnExhibitionist changes the game! Amazing.
Constance L MorrisAbbeyy! Would you mind doing a sunscreen review of nivea sun gel from japan? I have to try your top reco mascara asap!
TsbMaybelline lash sensation is also my favorite! I tried the essence ones because tik tok hyped them up but they just couldn’t compare to my tried and true.
Lavinia MarigoldGreat video. Does anyone know if there is a maybelline lash sensational with a straight brush instead?
Lily GI feel the sky high mascara works best with the brush from the regular sensational mascara!
Alejandra MatosThat’s my fav one too.
Little MissWith the sky high, couldnt you clean off an old wand and use it?
Kate CruzI love lash sensational too! My top top is that one and honest beauty mascara! That’s my absolute favorite.
Megan JensenI just tried the maybelline lash sensational one because you recommended it, and i’m a fan. I’m not a big makeup person but i’m starting to get into it.
Pajama MamaHi abbey, I will be watching this video after my class but I just watched your drmtlgy review video! Wanted to ask you if the needleless serum can be used under tretinoin? Sorry for the random comment.
Willi RomitaI liked the cover girl the most on you.
Emma TinsonI love cover girl clump crusher. In the bright green tube.
Vicki MOk I legitimately just googled this subject today haha. You are just spot on! Thank you.
K MendezI’m new I just subscribed but I plan on getting the sky high mascara already heehee. My flat azz lashes.
AbbyCan’t even wait for your eyelash hacks/routine.
Kelso PThank you for sharing!
K KBest review on youtube! In my humble opinion lol!
Mom To2Love your make up here. Could you do a tutorial.
Melinda ChristineYour last pick is my go to I can’t use the plastic wands, it makes my lashes look too clumpy. Love your videos, can’t wait for the application one.
Jordan HarveyGreat review. The only one I haven’t tried is the maybelline sky high. My favorite one right now is the l’oreal telescopic original. Thanks for testing them all!
Ana StarrGreat video thank you next time can you put the longevity of the mascara.
Itsnoturnoraa XdYou have the best videos! So informative its insane.
C CThis is the best mascara video on youtube thanks!
PinkformarieYour lashes are amazing!
BritneyWhich mascara was the bottom one in the cover image? It was neat to see them all lined up like that to see the comparison.
Jg SardoVery informative- appreciate the time you took to share this with us thank you!
Vampir3dollWhelp, I own 3 of the top 5, so I guess now I have to go buy.
Elisabeth RozgonyGood video! Right now I have maybelline sky high and will definitely try your number # 1 pic.
Sara YahyaouiHello! Would you ever do a review on the orine hair line? Im very curios about it but the price is really scary? Is it actually worth it?
BravergirlOh nice! I have pretty much the same experiences as you! Lash sensational does stand out for me too!
Prsten11For a future video, could you compare the ingredients in the new creamy tarte shape tape to the normal one?
Courtney HVery helpful! Thank you!
Nicole RCan you please name the top 5 I can’t get it!
Mm LaI am a fan of the clump crusher mascara.
40rtyplussWell now I’m gonna try the first place mascara.
Rosa MorenoDo you use the waterproof maybelline sensational mascara?
StephbunnyI agree with your top pick! It’s my favourite but I went to pick it up recently and they only have the packaging with pink writing. I could t find the one with black any of my local stores hope they haven’t discontinued it.
Honey R5I wish l’oréal lash paradise was available in a brown shade in the us like it is overseas.
Allyson HamiltonYou’re so pretty.
Maheen ShaiqThe best essence mascara is the volume stylist lash extension mascara, but the purple one! Also, if you have long lashes, of course every mascara will look good.
M GuerraDid u try the new one from benefit (magnetic mascara).
Shari LI always layer using a lengthening mascara first, then a volume one. My go to for a long time was the covergirl green then orange (clump crusher then volume). It’s been a few years, I wonder if I’d like it now I’ve been trying only using one mascara at a time, but can’t find one I like.
Ella PattersonAbbey does any of this flake, smudge ,transfer?
CindyN.4 essence princess false lashes.the best ever.
AngelaGreat video! Love that you rate on so many levels!