Buying Products From the Ads That Won’t Stop Following Me

Buying clothes and trying products from instagram ads that follow me! In this ad haul, I’m buying products from the ads that won’t stop following me again for this ad haul.


Molly MoooYou should do a video where you go on Etsy and find businesses with no sales. Then buy their products to become their first sale. Review and give constructive criticism. It’s a great way to help small businesses and you might find something new that you like.
mlleangelaFYI Los Angeles Apparel was founded by the guy who founded American Apparel and was kicked out due to allegations of misconduct!
Mrs. G.Sierra, look into small business Latched Mama for nursing and maternity clothes.
SeeKatFlyYou could Disneybound as Fairy Godmother in that first dress!
Penny HollowayThe first dress would be perfect for a maternity photo shoot! It looks so good on you!
Heidi HaufThe swell water bottle is a must for the diaper bag. Keeps baby’s milk/water for formula the same temp for hours!
Caitlyn RetzlaffIsn’t Los Angeles Apparel just American Apparel? I know you care about businesses being ethical and the founder of that company was forced out of American Apparel for being a sexual predator. Just thought you’d want to know!
Sam ElleI have a love/hate relationship with googling random brands. Once I google something, I find that the company never stops following me!
Kassie KeeMy best friend got that Baltic born velvet wrap dress in green for my wedding and she ended up getting the sleeves hemmed because they were super long and almost medieval looking. But it turned out super cute!
jsskblyAre those the same sweatpants Carrie Dayton got earlier this year and also decided she didn’t like?
Rebecca FrancisI think it’s funny that she feels like $89 is too much for a dress but in the last video paid $88 for a sweatshirt.
Kyli PytelSierra’s videos are one of the only reasons I have survived this semester. Idk if I have ever been this early!
Delaney S.K.Off-topic but that red/dark pink sweater looks AMAZING on you! The color suits you so well!
Kate ParkThe price of that first dress is a steal for a bridesmaid dress! Those can be upwards of $200-400. Also would make a really pretty maternity photo shoot dress!
Ashleigh LowisHaven’t finished the video yet just wanted to say the first dress would be so pretty for a maternity shoot!
Emily ConklinAs a digital advertising manager for a brand, this video makes me giggle. I can literally picture how Storq has built out their ad targeting to get so many ads to you.
Sara DjaroudPlease keep us updated with what’s in the next causeboxes, maybe on IG stories.
Sophie McGrillI keep getting ads for richerpoorer but they’re not size inclusive and i’m like??? I feel like my ads should know I’m fat.
Kaitlyn BuckridgeI was actually considering getting my bridesmaids dresses from Baltic Born so I was so excited to see you try them out!
Jackie LeferinkOoo! I bought a set of reusable cotton rounds and they have been life changing. I literally buy them as gifts for everyone and recommend them as much as I can!
Kaitlyn RoseI just started an Esty shop! It’s called YarnByRose and I crochet!
Isabelle StimacThose overalls are back in stock in your size in every color now!
Eva EllisOveralls are probably the last type of clothing a pregnant woman would enjoy wearing.
Taking them off and on for trips to the bathroom would get tiring fast. And, a new Mom doesn’t have time to fool around with unfastening and refastening either.
Jane HudiburgI am loving Friday’s in December because we get two new Sierra videos in one day!
Ki La VixenThat first dress would be a lovely winter maternity shoot dress!
Cindy GiesbrechtYou could label the metal containers with a jiffy pen and masking tape.
Ariel WireThat first dress if you were going to alter it anyways maybe just get it altered to be short? I think that would be cute!
susan BBaby’s heart rate will be so much faster than yours so you’ll figure out the difference easily. Excited for you!
Eva EllisThe all white Fabletics bra and leggings are everything, Sierra! Maybe it’s partly bc we know you are pregnant. They look great on you!
MozartnMonroeWhat happened with Fabletics only giving a military discount to men? Did you ever address this?
Alexia HutsellI hope you can finally try the Storq overalls after all of the advertisements.
Karin Glorius-PatrickOmg yes thank you these brands follow me too and I’ve never been sure about them!
meeprificI don’t love the colour of that turtleneck sweatshirt on you, but that blue dress and the bra look AMAZING!
Megan LeskoYou mentioned altering the length of the first dress as an option, but you could probably even alter it so it’s a mid length or knee length dress too!
Magrathea BurkeI love that first dress. l also really like that pregnant women can wear it too. You look so beautiful! That blue is definitely your color!
Lauren EngbergPretty positive that was your heart beat. To test it, if I found a heart beat and wasn’t sure, I would feel my pulse at the same time to rule it out.
Johanna EckertYeah that first brand is a bridal brand. That’s why it’s so size inclusive so that every bridesmaid can wear the same thing.
Jenna LoschI started getting Baltic Born ads when I started planning my wedding, so maybe that’s their thing?
Casey MerrillYes queen! I would love to hear your thoughts an opinions on v*brators! Or “self love” and your opinion on s*xual health! girl power sister.
Chronically UniqueSierra you should try the makeup eraser they come in lots of different colors and are really great and work really well.
Sammy kayEver since I Was pregnant three years ago, the maternity ads never stopped for me. Anyone else?
Tracy EnriquezSo would you say the Harper Wilde Bliss bra is true to size? Most sports or lounge bras are not the right size sizing. Usually too small.
OtherName NameI’m Danish, and I find it so amusing that adding a line to your o’s has become trendy (Baltic Børn) bc ø is an actual letter in Denmark and “Børn” means kids in Danish.
Sierra WilliamsWhat’s the point of metal Tupperware? You can’t microwave it!
aislinnI just have a recommendation the bra30- honestly the comfiest thing ever.
Allie StoneYou could just hide the ad so you don’t have to see it again.
Bailey WisemanI’ve never been this early!! Ahhhh i look forward to this all week!
Kelly JoThat sweat suit looks like it’s from Target, to be honest.
Mya MoonenYes I have been wanting to see if some of these brands are actually good!
Amy DoucetteI own 3 bliss bras purchased since March when moving to working from home because of the pandemic, they’re so good!
Quinn NilssonYour face when you heard the heartbeat. I’m so full of happiness for you and your pregnancy endeavors I wish you the best!
CityLove83I bought the quarterly Causebox, and was bummed when I got all the things I didn’t really want! I think this the one that worth the annual membership for sure!
DiosabellissimaI had been eyeing the Ready for Anything outfit from Fabletics for several days, but your video convinced me to pull the trigger. Thank you for showing it on a real body and giving it a great review, friend!
Swamp Crotch McGeeThat blue dress is so nice. I agree with everyone else about the maternity photoshoot.
Lexi WojcikLove when you wear your hair half up and half down but without the section pulled out, it’s been awesome to see your hair journey.
Ashley DizzyAlso that facial brush thing itself costs like $200 I think? So that item alone paid for the whole year.
Nicole NodarseI love my PMD clean! I use it every time I wash my face. It’s gentle, antibacterial, and I like that it’s battery operated and I don’t have to charge it.
Jennifer HofSierra’s face when she first heard the baby’s heartbeat on the fetal doppler was so sweet! It really is amazing how emotional you get when you hear your baby’s heartbeat or see them on the ultrasound.
Briarwood MamaThe first dress, get the hem altered and have the seamstress change the sleeve to the flutter style.
Megan RandolphI feel like the first dress would be so cute for a maternity photo shoot.