Date night transformation 2021.

Hi cuties , it’s about to go down in today’s video I’m so excited to show you my Valentines Date Night Transformation from hair to makeup so if you have been looking for some inspiration you are in the right place!


Natalies OutletShout out to sebastian for playing me with the a wide angle lens in the makeup portion of the video. So if I look wider in the face or off now you know.
Jeanelle SYour freckles are the cutest thing! I’m obsessed.
Samantha MarchCan we all take a second to appreciate how much content karen is constantly giving us?! My virgo queen alwaaaays busy!
Kayleigh NoelleYour hair is my actual goals!
MAC CosmeticsYour natural freckles are soooo cute!
Mayra AvilaThe engagement glow got you looking some type of way girl.
Beauty by StephanieI wonder who’s going to do karen’s makeup and hair for her wedding!
Katya AnisWhen you live in a cold & snowy state & you can’t wear a silk dress with heels.
Yamilet RodriguezAre you gonna remind sebas that she’s a virgo again.
AlexaSo this year I decided to keep it simple cause every year it’s like a special occasion back to back. November is my boyfriends birthday, then it’s christmas, then our anniversary is in january (we just celebrated this year in vegas safely) and then february is v-day so it’s a lot lol.
Juls RodriguezI really enjoyed this style of video I felt like I was sitting in your room with you it was fun the hair came out flawless btw.
paloma diazYou know I clicked hella fast; karen even without make up you are a queen shout out to sebas for always taking care of this queen.
Brems LaparraOmg the intro to this video kinda gave me wedding makeup look kinda vibes i’m so excited for your wedding planning videos/series. I already know your going to be looking drop dead gorgeous on your big day!
Lorena MagdalenoLol I love this video I felt like we were hanging out on facetime.
clc.This would make a beautiful bridal makeup, a whole goddess vibe.
anak.Okay I didn’t even get a notification but were still here on time let’s go.
Eileen LagosI love your creativity! The color schemes that you pick are just so classy.
elizabeth gI loooove when you do these types of glams!
Alma Rivera BeautyWooowww stunning like always! Your gonna be slaying when you get married!
Wendy VelascoThis is seriously my favorite setup. We can see the details of the makeup so much more clearly, and it feels more personal! Keep this up!
L SCan we get a indepth make up routine and nude bronzy look.
ZreeOmg I think I saw this look or a similar one on your insta and have been waitinnnnngggg for a tutorial.
Yasmin LI just totaled my car but I have something planned for my bf for valentines day and I wasn’t too excited anymore due to whats happened to me but this made me excited again now that you posted this video. Thanks for the positive aura you help me feel through the screen stay safe karen!
katy abigail torresLmaooo you unlocked a forgotten memory with the bump it comment loved this look and tutorial! You are my favorite makeup youtuber.
CáthiaWhy did your skin look different after you applied your lashes? Like did you apply additional coverage off camera before your foundation?
Stephanie MillerMarried for 8 years. Today I asked the mr if he would be my valentine before the cat could ask. He said yes, so i’m set.
Monica NoI used to rock my hair like that! I love a good half do hair up so now I want that curling iron and that hair flattening stick.
Angie LiYou’re honestly so gorgeous, I will never be bored of this face.
NWhaaaat!? Probiotics can cause breakouts? I thought they cleared them up.
Brittany BeeHermosa! Also thanks for the philz recommendation, I finally got to try it and ofc it’s bomb!
Marisela BrisenoI’m living for this! Karen, hermosa como siempre! Not to mention that I absolutely enjoy and love your grwm’s!
LeticiaMe searching for the products mentioned even though there won’t be a date night because we will be getting ready for a winter storm in texas. Y’all stay safe!
Cynthia CarrenoI loved your grwm karen cause you have this awesome energy and I felt like you truly took me with you to do all that, almost like we’re besties and you’re on facetime with me “look what I’m doing for tonight’s date night”.
AlexaLoveeeeeeee your so beautiful!
guadalupe fematOmg this hair style was what my mom do for my hair in the 90’s! Love it.
Care BearYou should do a reaction video when sebas saw you!
Angie LiI’m in the process to dye my hair blonde. Can you please let me know how to ask the hairdresser? I want the same hair as you. Thank you beautiful.
guadalupe fematThe beginning of the video made me so excited for when she gets married!
Fabiola19801Ok I’m doing this whole look today! Hopefully que me salga bien.
Leticia NunezAbsolutely gorgeous! Love your vids.
Alma Rivera BeautyMy mom would always style my hair like this when I was in elementary school. My favorite hair style.
Jennifer VizcainoOmg! I love the curling iron. I have it and it works wonders.
Jacqueline PerezHermosa I always have to stop doing what i’m doing and watch your videos lol.
LieuLieu BearWow! You are my super hero, you are so talented girl, always blessing the prettiest client with your talent, please follow @tweezerworld.
Maria LeonSo pretty! Im definitely going to use this for my anniversary date night thats coming up in a few days.
Tweezer WorldI love your look and video. I’m definitely going to give this makeup look a try. Hoping it comes out as good as you made it look on yourself. New to makeup on my end lol. Hope you had a good valentine’s.
Toiorchid86Wow those curls came out so beautiful! I’m going to have to try this technique.
Janet_guanThis. I’ve just bought the maybeline gloss deffo my new fave happy valentines day.
Ivette HerreraBellafinally! For once i’m early I just might try this for my bday glam tomorrow! I loveee it.
Alondra PartidaJust looking at this, all I can think about is how excited I am to see you as a bride!
Joanne TyrrellOh my god yess karen! Obsessed with this look! You look so gorgeous love you so much!
Chachi MarieIf you’re cleansing your body of toxins that can also cause breakouts. It’s not necessarily a bad reaction but can be frustrating.
Karen N. Bachan-Singh, MHAI wish I could’ve taken a pic of me then my baby doggie joined in to watch you as well.
Alexis GrahamYour hair and everything is so amazing queen!
Kayla MeridaLooove your energy, glow and style definitely going to try to do my hair like this!
Pia D FunzwinkyYou’re so amazing and inspiring! I swear your videos are amazing every time stay killin it hermosa. Te mereces todo!
Austin ArcherProbably one of my favorite looks on you girl! Love this.
Estefane BautistaSuch a cute vid! Love this angle for makeup looks! Would love to see more with this camera angle & setting. It’s more up close & personal.
Catherine RangelLove this look! So stunning. My hair I just do what I can with it I usually wash then leave it natural (love it only on the first day) then after that I’ll do half up dos so like space buns, high pony etc and then once it’s getting time to wash that slick back low bun.
Rachel YangYassssss! I love it! You look amazing! I hope you and sebas had a great dinner date.
Alyx NashYes maam, we will ask your fiancé I love this for you.
Mari GomezMy sons birthday is on the 13th so the 14th i’m having a little party for him at my dads.
Shardae SwoopeI love the added hair tutorial to this. My hair is the longest it’s ever been and i’ve been struggling getting the curls to look and lay just right. Love the extra tips. Give us more hair tuts.
AshleyyI clicked on this video so fast! Love you.
Mikaela BolingerPerfect makeup, perfect hair, perfect dress you look so beautiful karen!
Heather WisleyGood afternoon karen. I am here early love. That dress though you look so beautiful like always. With or with out make up.
Nereida GraciaAhhh I love the vibe of your videos, I always feel like i’m with a friend lol ily!
Hellen RamirezWe’re staying in cooking too, it’s all about the little things happy valentines day.
Sindi ArrazolaLove your hair and make up in this the introooo was so captivating.
Estefh MelissaKaren is literally the most beautiful person i’ve ever seen.
Alisha AliceBeautiful! You make it look so easy. I will be slowing your roll as I attempt to do my makeup and hair. Thank you.
Lydia NieblaOmg I’m in love with how all of this turned out! Face is super cute this might be my look for v-day. Also the curls like you said are chef’s kiss!
Bre HYou look absolutely stunning I love it! Do you have a video on your filming set up as in lighting I just started my youtube journey and I am looking for the right equipment?
Esmeralda RodriguezOkay to the future mrs. Robles giving me wedding vibes you look hermosa as always.
ColipopkolaOmg karen lol I love this style video. I feel like we’re right at home with you lol!
glamwithmarydollKaren you looked amazing in the opening shots. So beautiful.
glenda hernandezSo gorgeous! I’m still rocking a bump.
Lamaria NelsonLoved how you did your hair! I never knew that’s s how you get that sleek pulled look at the front! Thanks for sharing it!
Carleen XxxYou are so stunning, gorgeous, glowing without makeup. (Puts on makeup) wow! You are so beautiful.
Rosario Rosales-TorresYessss I cant wait to do this look for valentines.
Faiyza BegYes I would rock your makeup and outfit love this beautiful!
Tati PenaHi karen, what type of extensions do you have in? It looks amazing!
SONDERWVNDER AOCYessss. I swear you can do no wrong karen. Your perfect!
Jessica chavezYou’re absolutely stunning! Loved the video! ≪3.
Candra SteenkampYour whole look turned out beautiful! You look like a goddess.
Nancy Chavarria-ChavezOmg! I love this entire look, your look amazing.
Ilinca AntonescuYou are freaking flawless I love watching your content thank you so much for posting.
Jessica DarkI’m getting ready as I watch this w no where to go lmao.
Kimberly BenitezGirl you are fire! Love this look.
Jess ReyesUnpopular and random thought: when you talk I always crave for chocolate, I swearrrrr.
Bianca PattersonLove it so much! I’m all for the sexy vibes.
Angelica EstradaI loveee that look beautiful as always.
Denisse HereaYaasss ma’am come through with the vibez! I don’t have a boo for vday but lemme go dress up and post on the gram to get one real quick.
Angelica ArroyoThis hair style was my go too back in middle school lmao but not curled with alottttt of gel and mouse and hairspray lmao!
Melisa AvÅŸarLiterally what I need right before valentine’s day!
Zuly EstLove this look and the hair came out stunning.
Heather luvOmg. I’m getting j lo vibes with this hair color and makeup look love.
Tima G StyleGirl the 2 pieces you tied up is all of my hair lmao.
dloayza dloayzaLove videos like these! We love these! Thanks for posting.
Destiny BautistaKaren is so beautiful like, wow. A goddess.
Adriana BeltranLoving this look. Your looks never, ever fail! So flawless! Girl, I remember wearing my hair like this when I was 13,14,15 years old.but with over hair sprayed crispy crunchy hair (kinda that chola) look late 90’s early 2000’s‍, but this hair is 1000% better! I’m definitely trying it!
Sheli K. BeautyU literally looked like jlo while applying your foundation. Flawless <3.
BrendaI love that my washer/dryer go off at the same time karen’s do.
Juana TrejoYesssss karen you slay every look you do! Trying out this hair style and curl waves fursureeee.
Eve SweetSo beautiful loved this video so much kisses from greece!
Carolyne GCan u do a hygiene routine on how to smell and taste delicious please! Everybody please comment best products?
Brittany JuarezKaren I just ordered the kathleen lights sweatsuiit thanks to you!
briana diazGirl I wishhhhh I had the time to get ready like this still.
Nasia GeorgakopoulouIt’s beautiful! Love the hair!
Farm GirlI love this setup. It’s so chill!
Tess PalmerI need to get it together I be getting so damn lazy with my hair i’m heading out to ulta for the hair products cuz lord knows I need it.
Bria MicheFirst comment! I love videos like this! Your literally my role model and person I look up to! Thanks for this video!
GloDemoWhy is karen just the cutest thing ever.
Lori_ArroyoAmo tu contenido y forma de ser eres absolutamente maravillosa, gracias por compartir con nosotros bella!
Brenda GomezFinally I get to watch a video when you drop it lol.
Delaynee MontoyaYou gave me so much jlo vibes.
Maxie MendezGirl you are just so beautiful! I love this hole look you look amazing!
Patricia uveSo beautiful love ur earings do u ever keep ur hair tucked perfectly behind both ears for a style I do that a lot and love it. With big hoop earrings to finish the look. And do u like a sleek ponytail and bun with middle or side part.
Natalie riveraLove you queen literally make up queen love you love the videos love the gorgeous make up look.
Keyla RodriguezWhere do you get your k tips done? I want to get some cause I can’t seem to make my hair grow. Thanks.
Marianellyy DiazYou are goalssss, hair, make up, outfit. Your hair looks sooo good. I love philz!
jamba jacksonIdk if it’s just me but karen looks so beautiful without makeup! Ofcourse w makeup she looks amazinggg.
Emma TarbuckSo glad I decided to check youtube. No notification, no ig post just luck! Needed a karen video today.
MQuestion! When putting on eye cream, do you just place it on the under eye? Or do you also add it to your lids? I’m curious and unsure where to put it.
Kareen EscobedoYour freckles are everything love them! Your skin is gorgeous!
Keren VargasYay for being early! I love you and your videos.
Joe MamaLove this look keep it coming karen, loving the content.
Carolina S.You’re so so beautiful 🥵.
Ashley HelmsYou are glowing!
Roquelle KealanieCan you do an updated perfume collection or your fave of the moment ? Pleasee.
Giselle SorianoYou literally look so good with light hair!
Aleida OrozcoWhen you do not even need makeup or dressing up to be stunning.
Patricia MaciasIm early love love happy valentine day!
tattsabCame here right away!
Alex ESoap is amazing 4 fly aways with a spoolie or toothbrush xx.
Chelsey MichelleDoing my hair like this tomorrow! Loved it.
Mely GonzalezJust in time to get ready for this date.
virixoxo0960My new goal is to have that big of a comfy clothes section in my closet.
Jennifer Lee HoganYou’re giving me jennifer lopez aesthetics.
Celene MurilloCan I just make a few video suggestions? I’d love to see you guys make un chicharrón preparado porque se me han antojado y se me hace agua la boca. Also would love to see a clean with me” lifestyle type video.
Griselda MaresThe look turned out so beautiful.
Judy C.And another one.
Martha PalmaYessss we love this lookily sooo much.
Giselle GarciaGirl ur naaaails.
Mya AguilarLoved everything about this video.
Erica SalinasHitting that like button first, because you know it’s always going to be good! Karen you are beautiful and keep up the good work!
Izzy IjamesKaren! You are soooo beautiful! Equally stunning with and without makeup.
Fara SI really want to try this for valentines day.
Janet BYay i’m one of the first ones here! Love you.
Angie LiSo beautiful! Also if you don’t mind, could you say where your name necklace is from? Thank you so much!
Bea At homeEverything is just beautiful and flawless.
Reyna GarciaLove the look! So beautiful.
Lizbeth LeonMy boyfriend and I are staying in and eating a heart shaped pizza I still got glammed up though but i’ll be rocking a hoodie and leggings.
Britany HumesI loved this video! The vibes are so chill and welcoming I feel like shes talking to me as a friend ugh she’s definitely my inspo for makeup and clothes and all that! Love you karen!
MzReddMusicLIVELove, love, love this look.
Canela CierraI will rock that philz coffee next chance I get.
La MensaHello beautiful hope you had a wonderful day!
Aiyana SingerGirl this makes me miss my long hair sooooo much.
Melissa AbelMe running to my bathroom cause karen said I need a toothbrush in my hair kit ‍.
Zari AHey karen, can you do a hair accessories collection video. Love you girl. Have a blessed one.
Elizabeth LucyLove the makeup and you should of show the entire outfit but we need makeup and outfit tutorial.blessings.
Dee LutherI was once at my brother’s high school graduation when I realized I had left my straightener on. I threw a fit because I had so much anxiety and now everyone in my family still continues to make fun of me for it.
MrsLMV VarYay here so early! Love you karen.
Shelbey PiresYou look absolutely gorgeous.
Eveyn ChavezGurl you are stunning i’m going to be doing this makeup look for valentine’s day.
Mesha HibbertKaren with these coffee sips to start her videos/days are literally me!
Julia CalderaLol is the cup empty. I kept thinking coffee would fly everywhere.
AbbeyTe amobendiciones.
Cristina QuirozNever have I been this early.
Salma TantawyStunning also, I miss your lippie “951” with colourpop it needs to come back!
Arely HamiltonYou’re gorgeoussss!
Ashlynn ClevelandTan bella como siempre.
Karla MarieMake a vlog with your clothing brands please!
La FAMILIA Extraordinaria.Givin me lana del rey vibes with the intro.
XeniaLove this look!
gberanzaKaren serving us that flawless fire look once again stunner.
Mary DykesSoooo ready to try to recreate this for valentines! So sexy and perfect for this man is going to be shook love ya karen!
Janease BelleWhat color is ur hair how do I ask for this?
Ana TorresYour makeup and fit is looking hella dope!
Tatiana RI miss straightening my hair but I have super curly hair and I am traumatized from my younger years!
Kimberly De La RosaReally taking notes on how you do your hair and what products you use bc your hair always looks amazing girl!
Rose28 SilvaBeautiful.
Jenna C. ShawinimashAbsolutely stunning!
Carol PSo perfect! What shade are you in too face born this way foundation?
MrsHWhy must you be so gorgeous.
Suria Ramirez BeasHow is she so perfect?
Farm GirlYou look soooo good.
jeffery smithI love valentine day and this month is my birthday month as well.
Melyssa BarreraNatural karen is just as stunning as her glam how you do dat.