Did The Crown Honor Princess Diana’s Iconic Fashion Moments

The Crown is one of Netflix’s most popular TV shows, and has been beloved for its telling of the unknown stories of the British Royal Family. But at the same time, it’s been lauded by proponents of the British Royal Family for being “fictional”. While I haven’t discussed any Season of the show on HauteLeMode thus far, Season 4 showcasing Emma Corrin as a young Diana Spencer was something I couldn’t not discuss.

Diana Spencer-Windsor was truly a fashion icon. She inspired so many through her beauty, philanthropic ventures, mental health struggles, and openness to being human and her fashion choices only bolstered all those other attributes. But to not analyze Diana’s fashion moments would be a travesty in my opinion. So we break down some of her biggest looks from the first half of the series. Her semi-controversial photoshoot where her skirt was sheer when she was still a London school aide was a must to be discussed.

Diana’s sweater game was fire, from her black-sheep sweater that predicted her place within the House of Windsor or her pink Peruvian sweater that showcased her early independence and resistance to adhere to the staunch rules of Royal life. We discuss how Amy Roberts, the costume designer for The Crown, was able to honor Diana’s most memorable sartorial moments but also intertwined her lesser remembered moments in a way that enhances the story.

We also get into some of Diana’s choices in jewelry and how that changed her perception from within the Royal family. We also breakdown Diana’s iconic wedding dress, the pomp, and circumstance of the 1980’s and its effect on such a bodacious dress, as well as its history-making properties. Overall, it’s hard to ignore the impact Diana had on the Royal family, and how both in real life and in the show, her clothing was an expresser of her feelings and attitude.


NylaahhhI was doing school work but this seemed more important.
Sophie LePlease also do one on Beth Harmon in the Queen’s Gambit!!
Kk dragonThe scene with the mad tree outfit never happened. But Charles was dating her sister when she was 16!
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Kk dragonThey asked advice from David Diana wedding dress designer. And he told them to have fun with it!
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Kk dragonDians dresses are so iconic can’t wait to see her revenge dress on the next season!
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pinko patriziaThe overalls + sweater look is honestly still great if you’re a gay who brunches, and I would wear that outfit in a heartbeat.
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Francy FalconeThe ring was actually harry’s but he gave it to William with the idea of seeing a part of her mother on the throne (being Kate the future Queen). At least that what i read.
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Blue GypsyExcellent assessment of the psychology of dress…I watched her get married when I was a little girl and regardless of her status and wealth, she lived such a sad life … the royals seemed to treat her like a brood mare, so awful.
Minoo VerdiThe early clothing before and around her wedding was actually a uniform worn by a group of people called Sloane Ranger trend. A group of wealthy young things that did not need to work but some did. It was traditional clothing but very expensive clothing that everyone yearned to be able to afford. But this was very much around the credit boom of the 80s and people used there credit cards and bought this trend to appear wealthy.
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