DIY chunky clay rings on Tiktok & Pinterest trendy.

In this video ill be making the trendy Chunky rings I saw off Pinterest, TikTok, YouTube, & instagram hahah so basically there everywhere right now! I love this trend and I’m so excited I got to make these rings for so cheap! they turned out so good I made about 30 rings. So I spent around $15 on the supplies and ill link them down below! I really hope you enjoy this video! like, comment, & subscribe if you want see you guys next week with a new video! I’ll be making more rings!


DaydreameliaWhen she said raisin molds.
Reagan johnsonDude these came out so cute!
Meri kalchevaThe way she just throws these gorgeous rings.
MicxahShe is one of the most beautiful girls ive ever seen.
Ustat kaurThey came out perfect! Why isn’t this video blowing up oml.
CutiemaanGirl these look insanely good! Was it your first try?
Althea lyzza tabiliranYou deserve more views!
Kaiyshz ehekI luv how she just straight up doin it and not wasting time like other ppl do so here i’m ur new sub.
Cardib loverGirl I need a part 2 with new designs!
KambamDid she say raisin instead of resin.
Emily faucretLove these! I’ve made a couple out of polymer clay before any they broke. Any tips on how to prevent that?
NoraWhat did you glaze them with? Thanks so much for the video!
Laur nicoleHow do you get the clay off the marker without ruining the shape? It doesn’t come off easily and just ruins it for me.
SusielolaAhhh they are amazing! Thanks so much for the feature.
Shahed naGurl u gotta do more and sell them i’d be the first one to buy.
Emily breiderOmg love! Im literally making mine as im watching your vid.
Sunflower cherry blossomYou should sell clay rings your so good at this the though.
Isha sajithMy goshhh they all turned out amazinggg! Loved this video.
ElishaI really wish I can buy these from u , but then i’m from india.
Chloe liemI just found your channel and am obsessed! Such an inspiration for small youtubers.
SnehalHii could you help me with how you made the croissant type rings.
Jessica knoxThey look so cute I could just never wear them I use my hands too much.
Jordyn graceYou’re so talented!
Kate bOmg susielola! I love her vids sm, thanks for giving her credit.
Brooklyn frankU look like so fun to be around!
ShxgarbabeeOmg I wanna make this.
Voice of henaThey look so good I want one.
Mery serkiOuu loved the first lavender chunky ring and the tri colour chunky ring.
Coastal comfortsI’ll do them too right now you made them perfect.
BumbleflowerThese turned out amazing good job!
Vipanshi sarawgiLove this video! Omg ive been obsessed with these rings I might give this a try!
CutiemaanOmg i’m obsessed!
Logan walterGirl these look insanely good! Was it your first try?
Jordyn vlogsI absolutely love the green one with the bead.
Mk falasiThese r so cute omg.
Anukriti kapoorOmg, they’re so cute! Did they shrink in the oven tho?
Aliza hussainThey look soo good love them.
CutiemaanSmall youtuber here! So happy I found your channel I made a video like this too and I’m obsesed with my ringsss! Subbed cause you remind me of one of my friends.
Fleri pliogkaGirl these look insanely good! Was it your first try?
Haruka kodaGirl you deserve way more subscribers.
KatisaLove it!
Saskia langThank u for the inspoo I saw many videos about these rings but yours have the moste inspo for cley rings sorry i‘m from germany my english is fucking bad hahahha.
Dina tefianiThose are so beautiful!
Clara hipalitoThese are so cute! Omg!
Nevaeh watsonSo cute!
RiicesooThis came out so good.
Any army hereI taught it was tik tok compilation.
Stilinski editsHow can any one dislike this gorgeous masterpiece.
Sunflower cherry blossomIdk but.your so gorgeous.
Kiki lGurl ur so pretty!
Emily allisonI subscribed as soon as ur cat knocked down ur camera. This is the kind of content i’m here for.
Veronica aYou should make frog rings they are so cuteee.
Bubbles skyDo u have to glaze them?
Alvilde btDamn I sell mine for like 1-3$.
WalentinqRaisin mold re-zen.
Aaliyah ambroseWhich type of clay was used?
Avani korgaonkarCan polymer clay b baked in microwave?
Larissa souzaI loved this video.
Angela mariaDo you bake them with the gemstones on?
Raquel bergerOk but you look like blake lively.
Sahara helayelThey look sooo cute, how much time where they in the oven?
Maritza castilloRaisin molds.
Pyschic styleHow long did u keep it in the oven?
Ste zalimaOmg you are soo cute.
Aesthetics with lunaMicrowave for how long?
Megan guestOmg I love how u just jump right in an like theres no intro and unneeded talk tyy. New sub heree.
Precica yangliI have a question, how much time do you bake them in oven?
Adria buzSo cute.
Ode maharaniI love you.
Angie meridaHappy lunar new year of the ox and happy valentine’s day weekend, paige!
Ervin movie cornerWasnt the hole like too big.
Lintang paramestiI don’t have oven but I want make it.
Nisya kaylaWhat size is with the marker?
Daniela rodriguezNot bad for a first time.
Jessie linRaisin kajskksjsm.
Angel jacobsFala muito.
Kooka chuuI’m sorry but did she say raisin it’s resian but not to be mean it’s like pronounced like resian kinda idn but I love you your vids.