Diying my own punch needle rug for under $30

Bored in the house and I’m in the house bored so I decided to try punch needling a rug for the first time!


CurriegoatThe rug turned out amazing can’t believe this was your first one thanks so much for having me.
CarolinaIt’s so cool how you actually reached out to the youtuber that inspired you! Amazing!
Kate spaceyI’ve been dying to try rug punching and yours turned out amazing!
Letitia kiuIf this isn’t the definition of trust the process I don’t know what is.
Bailey walkerI neeeeeeed to do this.
Zikora agbapuI can’t be the only one confused about becky’s choice of placement for the back leg.
Kat blaqueI wanted the kitchen reno end, but I’m okay with this too.
Jay campWow. Too good for the washroom. It should be on a wall for everyone to see it, and not pee on it.
Amanda de oliveiraYou unlocked an ancient childhood memory of the weird rug that fit perfectly round the toilet in the 90s.
CoveredincakeIt’s awesome that you not only credit the artist (for me he is) but also have a chat so we can know him better. Love the idea.
AliI totally fell down currygoat’s rabbit hole of inspiration! Love his esthetic and encouraging positive vibes. Sourced a punch needle and supplies, just waiting to become something incredible. Great job becky! Your video has given me confidence to quit procrastinating and make a rug too!
KaliontherocksYou should do more “phone call” episodes like this it’s a really fun way to learn about more creators and more crafts! So fun!
Erica eschenbacherOmg, now I want to do my 3 cats, they will probably sleep on each other’s rugs.
Cwi cwiThat back leg is throwing me off. I feel like it isn’t necessary but I love the drawing style you chose.
Amanda de oliveiraWhy have I not seen this guy before? Hes too sick! That rug looked so good!
Septarian3 33Is that a jenna marbles reference. “Too much gene”.
Bruhndooon“Back in the 90s.” Pfft we still had that fit around the toilet bathmat until we moved last year.
Tramaine antoinetteI adore curriegoat’s channel, this is awesome!
Kiara anctilI really enjoy watching becky’s projects.
Nana rapplerThat style that becky drew the tiger in is like old asia, I love it so much.
Kaitlyn sYoooo curriegoat got me into tufting as well! Hahah he’s so calm and relaxed about it.
Layla pabericioLove how y’all are bringing in new voices like this, would love to see a larger format rollout with these interviews and then the sorrygirls execution!
MyanjolieLoll I thought you’d make danny (I used a bathmat that looks like my dog for a while haha).
Kwill beeThe fact that you dressed to match the rug at the end!
Amy parsonsEveryone still uses those “90s” bath matt hahaha y’all are just too trendy for the general public.
Gabi mckenzieI feel like I got into a parallel universe, the country where i’m from, everyone has those toilet rugs, never thought this would be something that is a thing from the 90’s.
UsagififiI saw the title: I was worried. Then you mentioned currygoat: I was like “oh, ok, good! Then you zoomed him: I was like yes!
Eva connollyOoookaaaay! I loved this! I love the new diy technique! I love the originality of the tiger and looooove how this was like a mini collab that introduced us to beckys inspo! I will definitely be checking out this guys content !
Sarahlynn1330Props for highlighting other artists! Loved your guys’ chill vibe when chatting together.
Fokid1Omg so glad you interviewed curriegoat i’ve been watching his video for months!
Kalynda haaf2 Minutes in I have to comment. Becky, ‘back in the 90s’ please! We’ve never stopped using them in australia I think I own 4 of them.
Danielle doucetThanks for introducing us to denzel (currygoat ch) and his shop too.
DaniAwesome! Thank you so much for bringing denzel on, that is the best way to use your platform! I have been watching him for a few months now and he’s amazing. I’m really glad you’re shining a spotlight on smaller creators, especially those of color. I’m really impressed guys.
Rawr98A lot of german cities have a feline, a bear or a stag in their flags and the shape of the tiger looks a lot like one of those!
Niknik kutaThe timing on this, I’ve been obsessed with punch needling. I’ve made so many things. Also love denzel, the tutorials are great!
Jaclyn cruz millerOmg I am so excited for this collab! I’ve been bingeing their channel lately, they are super talented and creative!
Karen rI literally tried this out for the first time yesterday! I got a small kit from my friend for my birthday and was wishing yesterday that you guys had a tutorial for a rug! You heard my plea, like you always do. Loved this video!
Lyla mountainfireOh my gosh, you’d never know this was your first time making a rug. It’s awesome!
Fiona mcgregorWhat? This is amazing. One time becky made a punch needle rug, so now I need to make a punch needle rug.
Veronica tanasePerfect timing! I just started learning how to punch needle last week. How did your hand not fall off? Lol maybe I’m holding the needle weird.
Lexie louTalk about trusting the process! t came out amazing in the end! This is something I would love to have in my new home.
Rachael brownOkay, I need to see how you got from the cursed sketch to the final drawing. I always get stuck at the “cursed” stage of drawing and have no idea how to improve it.
Vicki noeskeI really really love tsg videos! But, sometimes I’m just minding my own business, doing everyday tasks, and suddenly the image of kelsey using multiple threads for embroidery comes to my mind. I still can’t get over it.
Mallory thibertGreat work, I used to do this with my grandma, we did shave the loobs at the end this way it would get even fluffier or you could use both techniques to get texture.
Jessenia createsI’ve looked for a projector over the years, without any luck. Love it.
Live nubianLook amaaaaayyyyzing! I recently had an idea that I thought to myself, “the sorry girls should do a video about that! Loads of people are getting rid of file cabinets, I guess because everything can be found online, so why keep paper? Anyhow, you guys should do something about repurposing filing cabinets.
Sunniva unnelandI love that you talked to the artist who inspired your dyi, hope you’ll do similar things again it was lovely.
Samantha sunshineI loved this style of video – becky’s diys are always amazing and giving a shoutout to another creator is such a great way to use your platform. Looks awesome!
DestinyThat tiger is giving me a flashbacks on quicknd rug shopping in ikea when she found that cat rug.
TeszterI was literally just watching this and smiling. You seem so nice and I’m so glad this channel exists.
TivolaaI love currie goat! Been following him on ig for a few years now, and when I saw you have a guest I was hoping is was him! He’s great, and your final product was amazing.
Danyelle robinsonThis was really cute. I kind of want to see another one made on this channel, for real.
Alexandra carterA curriegoat collab? Everything I didn’t know I needed, love you both so much!
JoelleDenzel is such a sweetheart it’s been so good to see him be so successful on youtube!
OtlyI love this and I love that you brought on denzel, I remember when I watched his rug video!
Evlash721This looks absolutely amazing you should be so proud! I’m definitely influenced to do my own – how much would you say it cost to make in total?
Kinanti drGoing in this animal theme, I would try maybe a cat sleeping hahaha, idk the possibilities are overwellming!
Silvertongue716Wow! Your so freaking cute! That turned out so good! Honestly I wasn’t sure when I saw the drawing, I thought it was a cute drawing but couldn’t see it as a rug.but that turned out amazing! You did a fantastic job!
GilliAs soon as I saw the thumbnail, I thought that’s like a curriegoat rug! Glad to see him in this video!
Violet rainYes! When youtube diy greats meet up! Love that you reached out to currie and he shared the knowledge. I have always wanted to do one of these rugs.
Mackenzie zeckowskiLove this! You should add a non-slip lining on the back so that it stays in place on the tile!
Lauren larsenI knew it! Just from the thumbnail! Um I’m totally in love with him btw, so inspiring!
Sanjana kThis is so incredible! Would you ever consider letting us have the tiger pattern or being able to purchase it?
Angela juzswikOmg, I have never heard of this technique but it’s amazing! It looks like the process would be super meditative and really allow you to get into flow. Definitely want to try this!
Rebecca staniforthThe design is beautiful. Good on you, lovely! Thank you for embracing this traditional craft in such a unique way. Ya “smashed” it.
Jamile ramacciottiI’ve watched curriegoat’s tutorial before! I love his in-depth approach. The tiger turned out amazing.
Jocelyn wolfI really enjoyed the interview segment! Would love to see more – like the novagrats, betsy johnson, etc.
Bailey dobbsWowowowowow that’s stunning! It looks so hypnotizing! I’m definitely going to give it a try and check out denzel’s channel.
Ro oThe rug turned out so good, and I loved that you reached out the person inspiring you!
Carly hYay love for curriegoat in this video! I’m so excited to see other people having a chance to see his awesome work!
Lauren paigeOmg I love that you actually spoke with him and got advice! His channel looks so great and I’m excited to look at it too. You could always use a sewing machine and just sew the edges together. It seems like that would hold better too.
Kaylee duquaineOmg your excitement has rubbed off on me, I can’t wait to try this one day.
Samantha alexandraWow, I used to do this so much as a teen, I did it in towels too to personalize them, love this. I’m gonna need to go back to my mother’s house and find my kit now lol.
Amy sinclairBecky, that is gorgeous! You should be so proud, i’m so happy for you.
Alison nicholsonHoly tiger rug batman! You did such an amazing job on this one! It looks designer made! I’ve been wanting to try rug punching for a long time and this video really inspired me to go ahead and do it already!
Claire dietrichI was laughing so hard while you were creating the drawing. But it turned out so cool!
Ashley kruegerI admit I was a bit skeptical at the beginning but it looks amazing in the end! And I may try it too.
Alanna kirtayYou found curriegoat and this rug looks so pretty! It reminds me of those silk bomber jackets I saw in japan during a vintage moto and car show also I think you should name him triumph like the vintage motorcycle whose logo is a similar tiger. This came out awesome would totally buy but it’s nice to know I could totally make one for my nursery.
LouI’m screaming I can’t believe how good it turned out! I love the mustardy colour.
Jessica smithI honestly love that you brought over cuttiegoat to talk it through! Loved this video.
Melissa tHavent been on socail media much recently, becky looks stunning.
A aI remember watching denzel’s video months ago when I first saw these rugs but I thought it’d be too hard. Seeing you attempt it and get his approval too makes me want to try now! I love that you reached out to him and got him involved in this video too!
Flávia fI’m just about to try out punch needling! Thanks so much for explaining how to do it in such a simple way!
Marie paxsonI love yalls videos! However, I would like to see more videos where y’all actually interact and work on diy’s together. It’s cool that we switch back and forth and all, and i’m sure it’s easier to just separate the projects. But as a viewer I often wonder if y’all even like eachother sometimes bc I hardly ever see you two together in the videos. Just an observation, imma keep watching either way.
Linda säävOh my gosh, that’s so cool! I’ve been wanting to try needle punching and I have the needle, yarn and the cloth but have been so nervous about starting but now I think I need to start! It would be cool to make something for my round coffee table.
Melissa walker hornIt’s too beautiful, I would hover if this was in my bathroom.
Boho kitten craftsI love curriegoat I’m so glad you had them on. The rug turned out amazing! I love the arch of the tiger.
Valentina rampaIt’s so good! I’m so glad y’all changed the title image and text, it was so self deprecating I didn’t want to watch it. Great job!