Do your makeup like a pro! The secret tips, tricks & hacks you didn’t know.

Divulging some lesser-known professional makeup artist secrets for this video! Find out some fantastic tips, tricks and hacks for a flawless makeup result and longer wearing looks!


KellygirlThank you for the teach!This is what I miss and love most about youtube beauty channels!I’ve actually learned something. Your skin looks gorgeous and your makeup is seamless and beautiful best wishes chloe and seba.
Prativa GovenderI love this especially how u used hygiene tips. As a mua and u r spot on. Love u most important is not to touch ur client’s face unless extremely necessary. In recent years i’ve seen all those hygiene rules being disregarded with long nails touching their clients face. It my opinion that u must clean. I swear by kryolan everything.
TruthorclaireI love the close-ups!So beautiful!This tutorial was so thorough!
Jade BinderI was waiting for you to say ” you know what I mean jellybean?” I love when you say that.
AndreasweetascocoThis makes me miss the days when makeup looks were highly trending beautiful look.
MaryamI loved this so much. Incredible. I feel like I learned so much and these techniques work for looking your best in person and not just under studio lights. Please continue with videos like this that teach!
KatPlease do a full body/hair/skin pamper routine!
Your Little DreamboatBeautiful!I prefer this makeup so much more than the drag techniques that everyone is still using!
Parhyse MayReally appreciate the “at this loite stoige” reference.
Freja Nox HrimfaxeI never felt comfortable putting on foundation or tinted sunscreen etc in my neck and collarbones, I don’t know how people are not worried about it discolouring their clothes?
Melissa WoodAbsolutely loved this!I am a pro mua myself and it’s so refreshing to watch your videos with accurate techniques.
Eva OreskovichThis was just in time for my wedding!Thanks so much for the tips. I’m getting married saturday and did my makeup trial today!Needed skin advice and this was perfect.
Alanis Cortes MusicI really loved the eyebrow technique !Never thought of using eyelash glue, i’ll definitely try it.
Layal El KhallyThats a great video!The angles, the quality, the makeup, the teaching!More of this please chapeau bas.
Gentle-Storm WyattAs a professional mua, (always learning and growing), I loved these techniques and use most of them on my clients. Some techniques I will incorporate. Thank you.
SheldorisafkI love how this is an actual makeup tutorial. I really miss these.
KellI was having all these issues today. Can’t wait to try out these tips thank you!
Pug ThingsI might looking snatch on my zoom meetings tomorrow.
Veronica BrionesThis was so such a great makeup tutorial. Your makeup looks so beautiful!I will be trying out all the techniques.
Heels2flatsAbsolutely loved this video, chloe!Thank you so much for these tips and thoroughly explaining it all. Can’t wait to give some of this a try, you look gorgeous!
Iulia CostinasThanx so much for this excellent tutorial!U did such a good job. Really beautiful outcome. It’s really easy to see where we go wrong I noticed how using less product is so much more beautiful.
Ida BorgeltEveytime I start with foundation at the center of my face my pores look bigger,looks better when I start from the outside. Lol. seriously are the most beautiful woman!I love how you don’t even know it xxoo.
Nicole PoliskeyYou look amazing. So so pretty. !Congrats on the home. Eeeeeeeek. Can’t wait. You are gorgeous preggos. Edit. This is so helpful. I love the tips you gave the whole time.
Louise SharpyLove this video!All the tips, the advice, so informative!Also love the camera angles love from lebanon 🇱🇧.
Hala KasdanoNone of this that I dont know yet but I still watched the whole thing. I cant stop watching make up videos lol.
HotpinkIt may be a hormone thing but my facial hair did grow back thicker, and ingrown when I began to remove it your makeup always looks so good!Love the look!
Melanie MillerLovely look, very detailed and refreshing than general youtube content these days.
Rajbinder KaurI want the numbers/styles of those smith brushes.
Abby SeyerI loved the video!Specially the closeups, appreciate it!Also. The background is so cute.
ScorpioThese tips are everythingthank you so much for posting!
DianneWe need a new youtube famous web series!That is the funniest sh*t!I love it!U should really consider acting!Nailed it!
Jill MichelleI really enjoyed this in depth tutorial!Definitely do more!
Erica FenderLovely video. Is the dm eyeshadow color “exposed?”.
Jocelyn MarshallOne of the best makeup tutorials ever!
Pilar GrahamGoes back to less is more. You’re just so gorgeous to start good quality pigmented makeup requires less application and layers as well. Your brows were on point.
Susan MichaelI learnt so much from this video, thank you chloe!Makeup tutorials are my favourite to watch especially with so many tips. Love, love from a fellow aussie!
Sofia AnwariGorgeous look. Love how you explain, makes it easy to understand!
LaraThe way you hold the brush matters as well, hold it closer to the end of the brush for a lighter application that’s more precise and blends much easier.
Caroline LajoieI really love that the video has no background music. So soothing.
Ashley ArispeLooks beautiful, especially the eyes.
Anannya AfreenI don’t own that much make up to create the look, but I always love watching your video. You’re so talented, funny, kind, and absolutely beautiful too.
Dajana DancerI have been watching makeup tutorials for 5/6 years now, but what I have learned from this video alone is much more than all those videos. This is the first video in watching from you and absolutely loved it.
Dyah VionaI loved this!So many good tips – I for sure have trouble with being too rough and impatient with my makeup.
Sushila SinghThis was so helpful!Was so nice to see a proper make up tutorial again!
Katie LawrenceLove the eyes in this look!Definitely buying that eyeshadow base love the color!
JadeThe reason aestheticians recommend not shaving your face with an eyebrow razor is because it causes micro cuts on the skin and that can cause break outs because of bacteria exposure.
Alexa RivieraI feel like your go to style is like just got my makeup done for a fashion show your skin but better. This makeup looks so amazing.
Mav MavOk why have I watched this video 5 times already ?!Mesmerizing and highly informative.
Maya And JamesWith a face like yours it’s easy to get that editorial look your brows are gorgeous !These are awesome tips!Sometimes I feel like my makeup looked better skin wise before I started watching youtube lol.
JojoIt’s been nice seeing the more regular uploads and hanging out with you I appreciated the zoom in angle on the brows.
Cc RiderAlways enjoy your videos and tricks!Learned so much from you!I’ve been a long-time follower and finally grew the courage to launch my channel, really appreciate your continuous inspo.
Kaitlin BesteChloe!This is your best video yet. Love you so much, thank you for this. You’re our big sister.
Karina MiastkowskaI love the smaller brush for foundation technique!I literally just use a large eyeshadow brush for my foundation.
StylememonaSome awsome tips thank you!This all looks so beautiful!
Poetic SheroDefinitely gonna try the hand trick with liquid blush. Hopefully this time I won’t end up putting too much blush.
Hannah ButtersWhen she put the eyelash glue on her eyebrows.
Mariel FahsholtzRefreshing to see someone not drawing a bright triangle under their eyes. This is truly a classic look and timeless makeup.
Caroline ValléeYou are so beautiful with and without makeup. Thank you for the makeup tips. I learned some new things and I’m excited to try them out. Take care hun.
Maryam HWord of the day: heaps.
Dulce AmayaI love this !Some amazing tips.something small can make such a big difference.thank you.
Ariane MarianoStunning chloe, really well taught.
Eimear RoseJust got my first set of face halos and im in love!
Nicole GrayYour skin is perfect. Thanks for the close ups!
MindiAm I the only one constantly making screenshots of this beauty?
MheGreat video. I love how you use different brands and products compared to the other youtubers I watch.
Olga KaryukinaMy favorite youtubers omg I love this chick!She’s such a true beauty seems like shes super straight up we’re seeing how she is irl.
Emily RobinsonI’d love to see vlogs from you please!It’s the content we need.
Share BearCan you list the specific brushes used? Great tutorial!
SerendipityThis is so amazing!I really miss your make up tutorials.
Danae YoungUh I love your makeup skills. It always looks seamless and amazing.
Aniria SanzChloe you are so pretty and such a talented makeup artist yourself.
Dina MercadoI’m looking at your skin after foundation I don’t think you even need undereye concealer.
Share BearThat was a divine tutorial, amazing thank you.
Emilie WalkerGreat video!Been using eyelash glue for years on my brows as they are so unruly that gel or soap just doesn’t work.
Anetka PrzywaraBeautiful!I love how natural looking it is!
Abbie MaylorChloe i’ve been following u for years and i’ve always liked your videos because you use so many professional mua techniques instead of just viral trends!Also ur glowing as always.
Shannon LavinkaMan I love how precise you are. And such a beautiful natural look!I wish u could do my makeup for my newborn shoot!
ElenaWhen do we get bump shots looove this btw.
Anna BananaChloe stupid question: do you use the halo wet/dump to clean the brush? I can’t throw away my old halos i’m too obsessed with them sei bellissima as always baci baci.
Chloe PriceLoved the close ups in this video and I learned so much!I miss seeing more videos of you!
Thelillina11Less truly is more. You’re glowing chloe best of luck to you and seba.
Gamze KocakSaving this for my wedding later this year!
Morgan KellingI loved this video!Easy to follow and relatable for real life and not just social media!I’m a big fan of little product and minimal layering, I find it looks way better in person – even though on sm we are bombarded with these full faces of makeup that in real life looks cakey and heavy. So thank you!I totally enjoyed it.
AddelejDoes anybody know what brush/brand was used for lining the eyes with the danessa myricks black matte cream?
Maj HansenLoved this video so much fun, so useful, def gonna recreate it soon.
GiadaYou are a makeup guru and thanks for sharing all that you have learned from professional makeup classes this class is so informative person like me who can’t afford those classes.
Momochi PandaThank you I really enjoyed this video I am going to use theese techniques.
Olga KaryukinaJust watched you for the first time and love you!You are funny and making sense of every step that you do except that I found it’s strange that you won’t do mascara the last thing you do, like before concealer? (Before the extra lashes I get). Very nice look!
Dominique KilcupHow are you getting more and more beautiful?!Damn girl!
HristianahSuch a beautiful makeup!You are the queen of subtle looks!
LeiOh, you are such a beautiful woman.and you know how to do your makeup without overdoing it classy and chic.
RoseLoooooove this video. New tips that I will try to incorporate in my routine.
Adriana GjonajVc é linda,com a maquiagem perfeita,delicada.
Elena KirilovaI can’t stop looking at your rings!Where did you get them from?
Annie LuckeHow many times she said makeup artists.
Denise LimaThese are such good tips and a top notch video!I wish more makeup vids on youtube would be like this!
LittleesecretssLoved this tutorial chloe I definitely learned a lot. Thank u!
Ayda FerhounWhat a bloody good and informative tutorial. Thank you 🇦.
T PatnaikSo informative!Love how it turned out.
JillYour makeup looks are the best you can tell it will look stunning in real life too!
Heath MeizerBest make up tricks video i’ve seen lately!You look amazing masha’allah!As always!Love from paris chloe!Wishing you seba, all the best.
FifiWow that was incredible!
Rosie TilleySuch a relaxing in depth video.
Any NutsI love the clarins n bobbi brown too still watching .
Roqa EdFirst, you’re really cute.
RameenYou are so stunningly beautiful. I really enjoyed this video. Lots of great tips.thank you so much.
IsabellYour so stunning you always have been but ur pregnancy beauty is just another level love this look all ur advice.
FathimaHi chloe, thanks for your video what do you think about taking supplements for beauty or health purposes? Are you taking any and would you make a video about this subject ? Keep up the good work. Much love from germany.
LiraThat’s a great video and really useful advice.
TherayjaneOmgosh can you do more of these please!Also how is baby doing?!How are you doing?!Hugs!
LoisWow, love this video so much chloe!Good job x.
MamisouLiterally flawless!Thanks for sharing your knowledge and things you’ve learned!
XccristinaThanks for the concealer tip it was very useful, because I’ve got small lines under my eyes as well.
AmberSo pretty love these tips so much!
Hannah RobinsonCould you do a makeup where everything is very close to your skin tone? Then a bright lip or bold eye?
Clare JohnstonTalk ab perfect shade match on ur foundation!I really needed this vid!
Agnė PacevičiūtėYour so beautiful love this flawless look , enjoyed the video!
Brenna EidenierThanks for sharing this, it’s very helpful!
SophieThank you chloe I don’t like to put a lot of products on the middle part of my face, because it makes my makeup soooo visible. I do opposite, apply foundation starting from the cheeks and lastly on my nose and forehead. And I hate concealer around my lips, it looks awful on the aging skin but othe tips.
Erica FenderAbsolutely gorgeous!I love your hair color. Don’t know if it is your natural color because I am seeing your videos with lighter tones. If you color it, please share the product and color!Thanks!
ConnieI have a million questions. First holy you are so pretty. Do you use a lash serum? What is your go to eye cream because you literally have 0 dark circles or is it just genetics? I need your secrets!
Citra AnggiaSuch a stunning look!Love it!
FullmakeuponI love you chloe may god bless you. Take care of yourself. Have a safe journey of your pregnancy.
Unearthly GirlLord farquad never looked so good (jk the hair looks amaze).
DeannaWow, what a beautiful look!Love it chloe!Out of curiosity, is there a reason you didn’t use a setting spray?
Riz ShabbirKnew somebody thst called pilling ” face dandruff”.
Muminzer ShaikhOh my goodness the way you filmed and edited this.
Yesmin BegumGreat video!I love the final look and I felt like these are great tips.
Kelli MillerOmg she is sooo beautiful going to incorporate these tricks.
Cassandraq CassandraqGreat tips!I can’t wait to use some of them!