Doing my makeup out of drag

Yes, that’s happening, this is how I do my makeup when I’m not doing drag. Cartoon animation by Emma Connolly.


Rachael JonesPuts on a thick wing that would terrify most women.
auf die Plätze,fertig ,KunstIm not even joking why does she literally look like the Mona Lisa without makeup?
Dörrie BananaMe, seeing Juno out of Drag for the first time and wondering if she is a transgender woman and what pronoun to use correctly, so I pause the video for a quick google search. I come back to finish the video, hit replay and she literally just explains it herself. Patience is a virtue, kids.
Maria JeppesenSo how many people started tearing up when she told me to tell myself I’m stunning and gorgeous? No? Just me?
choI am begging on my hands and knees for brands to send Juno actual makeup and stop her from using goddamn baby powder as powder.
AndyMacsterI looked into my mirror and said “you’re STUNNING yes thats happening.” Juno Birch then appeared behind me and stole all my coffee
joes mommaI feel like a Juno and John Maclean collab would complete my life.
Flávia DiasWhy is Juno’s voice coming out of this human girl’s lips I’m so confused.
Rachel GilbertI don’t know why but you’re entire look is giving me Meryl in Death Becomes Her vibes! Gorgeous!
Elizabeth MacKenzieI So adore You Girl. Your message for us all to tell ourselves everyday that we are stunning really hit home for me. I want to Thank You. I’m a proud mother of a Transgender Son and it’s been very hard for many Trans persons in Nova Scotia. Never stop doing what you do.
Edgar Eduardo Gaytan JimenezJuno Birch successfully imitating a stünnïng human for 12 minutes straight.
Dimas CastilloI’m i the only one who gets Hadid sisters vibe from Juno? like she looks so much like a mix between Bella and Gigi?
yasmin eastThe nicest nose I’ve ever seen has entered the chat.
AustinOkay, but Juno literally looks like Mona Lisa, yes she does. You can’t convince me otherwise. Google it people. ICONIC.
Nicole SagerCan you imagine getting a compliment from Juno? “Omg you are absolutely STUNNING” or “You look GORRRGEOUS”. I would be so touched lol. They just hit different with Juno saying it.
Nanami HarukaWhy is NO ONE talking about that ADORABLE opening?! So cute, fun and so Juno!
MattieEvery time Juno posts a video it’s like a mental health reset.
Prussian BlueI think this alien will find it hard to be indistinguishable because she’s so beautiful.
Lazuli SiwickiHow does Juno manage to be stunning when she isn’t even trying smh such a queen
LayaliI was so confused when she started putting moisturizer on because I thought she was already wearing foundation and then I realized she just has perfect skin.
Preshus WilkinsI was like “WHO IS THIS?” and then I read the title. Sis your gorgeous and stunning in and out of drag.
Rob21izationI love her so much. I feel like watching a close friend.
MaiaI love Juno combines high-end make-up with jail make-up. You make it slay.
Deckardd WizarddThis is my first time seeing Juno without the blue makeup and damn she looks good!
Yah YeetThe amount of money I would spend to have her accent so I can say STUNNING the way she does.
Yumi’s DrawsShe’s actually so gorgeous, i love her. Also i love how good she is at makeup, amazing.
wickedwoman702Those who say ” There’s no such thing as natural beauty.” obviously have never met Juno.
Kate WillisOmg when she said “swish and flick” i effin lost it. Absolutely stunning. Like how is she so gorgeous??!!
Yui TachibanaI just got to thinking how silly the term “transgender” is. Like, you’ve been a certain gender identity your whole life since you were born and you have to call it something else just because your body didn’t get the memo? It’s not trans-gender, because you’re not transitioning genders, and you don’t even have to change your outward appearance to be “trans”, so it’s not a “sex organ” thing… What should we rename it for it to be more accurate? Because this just feels idk.. incorrect to me?
The80’sCryptidMakeup brands not putting my stunning alien mom on their PR lists? Is this transphobia?
John F KennedyWhenever I first started watching you ab a year ago, I had no idea you were even trans until I heard you mention it. Thought you were a cis gal lol! Really proves that gender’s just a construct and anyone can be whoever they wanna be! Anyways, stunnin as usual.
ryan wallI swear my brain is still trying to tell me she’s a faint hue of lavender.
Kel BWhen Juno tells me to tell myself I’m stunning, I just do it without question.
VeridanJuno is looking GORGEOUS in this human woman drag, I miss her natural purple skin color though.
Brad ParrisI didn’t know Juno was a stunning woman out of drag this is amazing.
Madison SunflowerYou are so stunning even when disguised as a human! We would never know.
Armyn HamThe result tho ! She looks like the 90s Madonna and Courtney Love love-child.
Endellion 1477She is literally a mind reader. I was thinking something and she answered it as I thought it!
UhhmilliI love how she tells herself she’s stunning every 5 seconds in and out of drag, even if she makes a mistake on her makeup. I absolutely love her.
bert1029Never before has skin-coloured skin looked so unnatural and confusing. I’m so used to the lilac.
Margot AlmanzarI always forget that Juno is an actual human bean with eyes and she doesn’t have blue or green skin.
Whitney SophiaI fecking forgot Ma’am Birch wasn’t actually blue or purple. I was stunned just for a second in the beginning.
NikiShe looks so smooth and beautiful out of and otherworldly in drag.
Drache MitchJohnson’s reformulated their baby powder with cornstarch instead of talc, which would actually be better as face powder.
NahAre you telling me Juno doesn’t sit around in drag everyday? Fake news.
ArsenepaiYour absolutely GORGEOUS- and also I NEED that shirt, I’m going to buy that shirt, YES that is happening.
PelloTapHonestly, and I know how ridiculous this sounds, but I kinda forgot that Juno has human-colored skin.
Theresa• K•You’re absolutely gorgeous! Correction, we’re all stunning. I need to learn to wing like that, though!
Judy Mwanzo“I’m using this one, not because it’s the best one but because it’s the only one in my house.” GURL. Now you’re talking my language.
Jéssica PalharesJuno, you look so beautiful, I have a crush on you. You’re the person who looks stunning even without eyebrows.
Rob KerrCan’t get over how the queen who wears some of the most intense makeup has the most stunning complexion out of drag. Iconic!
Tiffany SchillerStunning! I would have put mascara on the lower lashes, but that’s just meeeee.
JaviI’m 5 minutes into the video and I just realized the background is a green screen.
MathiasIt was sonodd seeing you out of drag I couldn’t even imagine you like.. doing ur voice.
Nicole LoboCan we just stop to admire how there isn’t a single lump or pimple or ANYTHING showing in her skin?
Capuc!ne ChaussonpassionWithout brows she does really look like la Joconde, it’s funny to get a Renaissance painting feel when watching a youtube make-up video!
Rio AThis is the best “regular” makeup video with using baby powder ever.
Erin McQuadeYou are so cute!I call myself “kind eyes” and grin every day. Changed my shampoo and conditioner, so my hair no looks “absolutely stunning “!
C BHere’s Juno just drawing these magnificent eyebrows out of nowhere and here I am who can’t even sketch one properly with my dominant hand.
Marina MarinaFrom now on I’m going to say „gorgeous” multiple times while I make my lousy makeup! Love you.
Ruby ChaffeeI adore you. My daughter was born in September and I named her Juno. And my last name is Burke so her name is Juno Burke.
Kara YatesAs much as I love ur drag looks oh my god you’re such a cutie like dis too. You’re so beautiful just as chill you as well.
Rachael JonesLove the intro!!! And god I love Juno…in and out of drag. She’s just wonderful.
Rw’s Rndm LfeShe’s giving me Mona Lisa Painting Vibes. Never seen her out of drag before the more I know.
Traci SchaeferThe fact I know it’s Juno, but my head is convinced it isn’t Juno. Absolutely gorgeous as always though.
Julia SAlien!!juno has adopted a human facade for this brief moment in time to bless the people with her beauty.
Tea TimeIn drag you look fabulous and out of drag you look even more fabulous, you’re stunning!