Feline Cat Eyeliner Tutorial

Hi everyone! Today, I’ve created this feline cat eyeliner look on our stunning model, Acacia McBride. And for the base skin, I went for a heavier glam with contouring, highlighting and baking!


Vandy VanityFlawless. Her eye shape was perfect for this look!
Yvette ChristinaShe’s ridiculously flawless, such a perfect canvas for makeup.
Jay PowellWow she’s one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen in my life. Wow.
Shalom M. U. A.The black smoky liner against her eye colour? A wholeeeee look!
chicameowrThis woman is STUNNING to begin with, you brought out the fiercest beauty in her! I savor your videos, I save them for when I can really not be distracted because I want to soak it all in!
MickeyD DThat girl sat still like a champ. I would have been tired, having watery eyes, sneezing, saying I’m hungry.
Jay AtmosphereI don’t think I’ve ever seen such a beautiful face!
ShelleySome people were so mesmerized by her beauty and the makeup that they clicked dislike accidentally.
Darshana HallEvery black woman knows about mac’s chestnut lip liner. I’m so happy you used it and when I saw it I was like, hey old friend. Your work is amazing and she’s lovely!
Jasmine RascoShe’s stunning and I love how you enhanced her natural beauty. Her eyes are stunning! I love you work Spencer.
Kherynn WWait. Where was the blink blink sound after your “hello”. I live for the blink blink.
Toma ElhindiI can’t even imagine being THAT BEAUTIFUL!
Gladys AdjeiThat eyeliner is everything ! OMG The shape and color of her eyes.
Nahla MahmoudHer beauty reminds me an ancient Egyptian queen.
Julius MorenoShe reminds me of Queen of the damned, Akasha.
Moira OrfuiWhile you where contouring her splendid, marvellous face, she reminded me of Sophia Loren.
Arisha FatimaOut of all makeup artists you’re definitely my favorite! The way you do makeup is like no other. It never comes out looking too ‘overdone’ or tacky or anything. Perfect.
Shakira WritesShe’s gorgeous and I loved how u enhanced her beauty. Well done Spencer I appreciate ur work.
Hot FlashIt’s amazing how well he matched the make up with her actual skin tone. Too often, make up doesn’t match the natural tones of BW.
Yuraisha ChavanYou are such a gifted makeup artist. The colours are so classy.
MSNI wonder what she feels like being the most beautiful woman in the world.
Aesthetic CatHer eyes paired with her cheekbones, absolutely fierce!
Robyn PeaceThis reminds me of Sophia Loren’s mid ’60 look, it’s beautiful and the model is a work of art, imagine being blessed with all that beauty oof I wouldn’t know how to act.
meikoblockLove this look! And thank you for adding in some explanation for certain techniques, like when you were baking in the makeup and applying highlight and contour.
Noemi MoscaShe looks like a black Sophia Loren, absolutely mesmerizing.
Nayelhi JacobsI’ve been following your work for years, to me is a dream come true to see you doing all these wonderful makeup. You are the best!
Creator ExistsWhat an amazing incredible make up artist, such gentle and delicate hands. Well done.
Dusty RusterThis liner is so striking on her wow.
Flech and PinaSpencer is the bomb! When I win the lottery I am gonna try to hire him to be on my glam squad.
Amanda VogelThis is stunning! I’m learning so many new techniques from you! You’re an amazing artist.
Copy MagnetCan we just talk about how STUNNING her eyes are! She is gorgeous! Really love this look!
Melissa MThis is freaking flawless! Thank you for this! I appreciate the brown models.
Mary TuckerI swear, your “elevator dance tune” music makes me want to just shimmy and sway while I watch your videos cleaning my kitchen lol. I can always count on it too! Love you Spencer!
Neveah LIt’s giving me 90s vibe and I love it.
Diana KlemenI love your voice it’s so calming, relaxing. I could listen to you all day long.
jimmydavesI think you are a genius. Those girls probably don’t ever want to take their makeup off. Also, please make the “end reveals” last just a little bit longer.
Samuel BendixI mean, the makeup is incredible, yes. But this MODEL OH MY GOD that’s the most beautiful human being in the world.
Pitta PattaLove this look. I can’t get over how gorgeous she is, her eyes are like lions eyes!
AlexisfetchYou’re literally the one makeup guru I watch on YouTube anymore. You’re so talented! I get so excited to see what you create.
MeemzShe is great model! My tears would be running down my face right now with all the eye touching tugging poking stuff. I wish I didn’t have sensitive eyes. I would have loved to try out that ink liner.
SibbyFirst of all, how is it possible to be THIS pretty.
PureMelanin BeautyThe simplicity and her eyes made this entire look. Great work.
Peaceful life HealerBeautiful job, she’s so beautiful before and after.
Christen WilliamsShe’s so pretty and you are so talented! I like the way you applied makeup to her.
ashalatchmanalLove and no matter how much I try it never looks great on me.
vixenluv3This is so beautiful! could u use a liquid liner instead of a gel one?
Charmaine HGorgeous! Totally enhanced an already beautiful model.
Sharayah BI love how versatile your makeup looks are. Especially as they fit so well to the unique beauty of each model.
Sungida ChowdhuryWhat is the blush she’s wearing? It looks like the most flattering lavender pink Again, absolute fabulous work Spencer!
Sincerely BrittanyThis is absolutely beautiful! I’m still a rookie, but I’ll be trying this eye look!
Donna EatonShe is so absolutely gorgeous and you are a master at what you do!
TinaWow she’s beautiful! You did an awesome job with her makeup!
Yuhhh LecaYou’re now officially my fave makeup artist.
MariaI’ve never seen someone look so good without makeup.
Tino NyangariYour videos teach me so much and the diversity of models is so bomb, love this Spencer all the way from South Africa!
fatima arifYou won’t let me study for my exam huh Spenser.
That1CoolChickSo calming watching you blend everything out.
DashaunAcacia is so beautiful. The final look is giving Summer Walker, and I love love the eyes.
Jaha WalgernThe only tutorial I’ll ever follow on myself because it would look perfect on my almond eye.
Dianet GomezYou can’t make everyone happy just do your thing.
Theresa HouseknechtThis is a gorgeous look on a very beautiful model.
Ashley BennaeWhat a beauty! Those eyes Spencer you are a true artist. I love your channel and your work.
Nicole CoakleyShe looks fabulous. I love how you use such a divers group of models for your tutorials and make them all look amazing. You are a true artist. Keep doing what you do.
Glow with OlaLove love love seeing you blend, please keep showing us this!
lacolorican1Love your work Spencer. You are so humble and such an artist. Thank you for sharing your work with us. Blessing.