Full Face Makeup on Karlie Kloss

Today I have a very special person herе with me. I am very grateful that Carly Kloss is here with me. Full Skin Preparation on Carly Channel.


Elin TiliaI love how Karlie has hooded eyes, small lips, a few forehead lines, sparse brows and she’s gorgeous. She’s a supermodel and she doesn’t look like an overfilled botoxed doll like so many people these days.
Ashlynn friProbably my fav thing about this look is that she seemed very confident in the look. Especially after you did the brows, she was feeling confident and pretty.
Valerie DOmg when hung was like “when I’m not on this earth i want to leave something behind” like bro that made me want to cry he’s so talented and his videos are one of the best on YouTube!
cnsYou’re both the top league in your industries, love you both!
K BKarlie’s look is so clean and brings out her bright blue eyes.
Kemy NguyenHung could be like other celebrity makeup artists and charge an arm and a leg for masterclasses, but here he is just giving us all his knowledge for free. Thank you so much!
Maria SheinThank you so much for bringing in a model with hooded eyes! I have the same eye type and was super fascinated by your smudging technique.
CindyAww Karlie seems like such a good friend. Her personality is very down to earth.
Gail JacobsonAs I’m watching Hung perfect Karly’s skin, I’m struck once again by The magic of make up. With just a tiny bit of foundation and concealer perfectly placed, all of a sudden your focus is drawn to beautiful features rather than slight skin imperfections. I love this kind of make up. Everything works in harmony, nothing is exaggerated or over focused and what you see is a beautiful face not a highlighter or a lipstick or an eyeshadow.
Meilan92Loved this look on Karlie! Would love to see a video on how to do a strong eyeliner on hooded eyes!
Samantha HarperI love Hungs personality! It’s quiet, humble, confidence. He doesn’t need to be super loud because his work and calming demeanor shines through!
Jane VoKarlie beautiful face wasn’t the only beautiful thing about her in this video. Love the way she adores you, which is so adorable!
Susan WrightStunning as always; you are an incredible artist. The Tom Ford eye palette is so beautiful.
Mi LingOne thing about him that i like is that he so down to earth he takes some time to reply to almost every one of us.
Celina Bond- Dating CoachLove how karlie spoke about YouTube. This is the main reason why I started my YouTube channel and online businesses. I wanted to share my value and gift with a larger audience. You both have such genuine, authentic energy together. I’ve followed her career since she first started! She’s stunning.
Ana VillaThank you for all the tips Hung! I also have hooded eyes and thanks to you, now I know how to create flattering eyeshadow looks!
Elyse PezoThey always end up looking like pure outwordly goddesses! I could never XD. Thank you Hung. The relationship and friendships you’ve built really are a testament to who are as a person, besides being a great artist.
Karina LiaoKarlie gushing about Hung is the sweetest thing. She’s a real friend. Beautiful message and friendship. Love this look!
Gakii IsingiHung, I love to watch you because of how you speak. I find it very fascinating mostly because you don’t say more than you need to. It makes it very easy to follow what you’re doing.
Natalie GarewalIf I can just add, almost everything other YouTube makeup artist tells us how to correct our hooded eyes yet you and Mary Greenwell with Cate Blanchett show that there’s a better way to embrace our eye shape. This is genius, love love love thank you so much.
Ana BGreat model, great makeup artist and finally…a girl with real hooded eyes. Your voice and the music in the background are so calming and soothing. You really have the talent to emphasize someones beauty.
jelenaforfreeThis is the BEST ever makeup tutorial for hooded eyes! You are an absolute genious. Also, can we take a moment and appreciate just how beautiful Karlie is.
FoxintheBoxI was looking for tutorials from Hung at the beginning when I was bindge watching Lisa Eldrige and now I find out that he did actually start doing videos! Way to go! Also credit to Karlie!
the happy wayThank you so much for showing how to do hooded eyes! I just love how inclusive your channel is in so many ways!
Sonia KhatriI can’t believe I get free masterclasses from Hung every other week on his YouTube platform. Why the heck do we pay 1000s of dollars for real life masterclasses from instagram makeup artists when we have Hung?? Thank you for making it accessible for all of us, love your channel!
Moon LightI love that she is natural. She doesn’t have fillers and didn’t have surgery for her hooded eyes.
shaikha mhomaedYou’re the most talented ever I learn from you every time thank you!
Alondra TorresHer eyes are soooooo gorgeous and I love that she was giving Hung so many compliments because he’s such a soft,warm, amazing artist that deserves the whole world.
Uayun WeydBoth you and Karlie have such good chemistry! Your makeup on her was gorgeous and I loved your tip on creating a more broader eye shadow to accommodate hooded eyes.
AdimchiI’m so glad you started this channel. I just love watching the videos. Very therapeutic.
Becky MorrowSo many wonderful looks. This one included. Absolutely stunning.
Amandine IvanovThe contouring is soft and beautiful and the eyes are mesmerizing! Love her lips naturally but the tip is great thank you I will never consider surgery with this golden tips!
Komal KankariaI was very curious as to how the eyes would when she’ll open them and look forward, it looks amazing! I can refer this to people who always ask me how to do hooded eyes look! thank you thank you hung so much for sharing it all free of cost with us!
Makeup By CvetanFirst thing first she is extremely beautiful, the makeup you did is so classy and you did the eyes with my absolutely favorite pallets from Tom Ford! I love your esthetic keep spreading beauty!
Janeen LaraI loved this video. Her personality carried this. She’s so nice thank you Hung!
E DThe patience and listening ear you displayed during this video Hung, I have a new level of appreciation and respect for you.
Vi NguyenThank you for this look Anh. I can’t wait to try it on my eyes. Much love from Tay Ninh Vietnam.
HumaAbsolute legend love this look on Karlie cant wait for the day you do a full glam on Selena on here!
Aymen HussainHung thank you for joining YouTube it’s truly a gift to see how you work!
sandra barreraThis is so beautiful, you are an amazing artist Hung. Thank you for being here on YouTube sharing your secrets.
Fathia BalgahoomI seriously am in awe of your technique. I love watching your videos to learn but also you have such a calming presence and I love that.
Janine Marie ValerioI binge watch your makeup videos, Hung. Also this look on Karlie is so seamless. You are an inspiration.
Azure SkiesSo happy that Karlie convinced you to do a youtube channel. Learning a lot from you! Love your videos.
roman queenSuch a pleasure to watch meditative relaxing! Such a beautiful look you did luxe and classy!
Sarosh F KashaniYou’re too good Hung would love to see more videos about your journey as a makeup artist and tips for aspiring makeup artists!
tcbkThis is so so beautiful! What a beautiful friendship to see on screen. Love both of you guys!
alyssa hernandezI like how they both agree the wedding look was their favorite.
Apiradee BOGGIOHung, you are amazing ! And you will be remember, that’s for sure. I love all of your videos and looking forward for the new ones every weeks.
contraububuGreat video as always, Hung! And with Phillip and the team behind you, the quality of your video and editing are on point.
IdaDoes she even need makeup? Amazing as usual Hung, you enhanced her beauty with few products.
EmmaThank you for this gift hung! The way Karlie talks so highly of you is so heart warming, truly such an amazing friendship.
M. CanedaI’m dying to watch the skincare prep video, I keep checking if it’s out. It’s my favorite part!
Ida LarssonStunning! Love the eye look and your conversation throughout the video! As always, thanks for you sharing your talent!