You only need a dollar. Actually a few days ago and I found that there was so much new makeup, so of course I had to catch this.


Keegan DennisLove that you r a YouTube that shows so much affordable makeup. As someone in college, expensive makeup just isn’t in my budget and you show us how to make everything work!
kaitlynetzYou said let’s move into the face and I forgot you didn’t already have foundation! I wish my bare face looked like that!
kandigma 3Tip: The brush that comes with those blush/bronzers are really good for cleaning in between your keys on your keyboard, they get all the gunk & dust from down in there. Just a little tip. I hope everyone has a good Christmas or what ever you may celebrate!
liliana omega10 page paper due tomorrow morning or watch Jasmine do a full face?
Tiffany JuarezNext time you do a $1 store makeup you should really put them to the test and do all day check in.
KerryI love it, it’s like a Neapolitan ice cream look for the eyes!
Karla JimenezWe love a queen that can make any affordable makeup work!
3lizA B33FThe only thing about a lot of the dollar concealers and foundations that gets me is the smell.
Hannah ColeGirl YES I discovered these exact same lashes like a month ago when my sister picked me up some and I was obsessed! I couldn’t believe they were DOLLAR TREE.
Ilona DCan’t wait to go to the DT and pick up some of these products! You should do a full face of tj maxx/marshalls makeup!
Jenni RodriguezI’m in a facebook DT group and the gals there are buying the whole store out of the lashes haha they really like them.
Yarializ FigueroaThat lash brand has a LOT of lashes and they are so good!! My dollar tree had like 8 different styles!
Megan RiveraNo lie I was just watching your “full face” playlist and I was wondering when you would do another dollar tree makeup!
jekneeI love how you actually only use dollar tree products and actually make them work unlike others.
Miche’al CaraballoYou are going to be the reason I’m not going to be able to find my makeup at Dollar Tree now. We don’t tell everyone.
Kimberly BrownI want to get those lashes and the eyeshadow she used as a highlighter she does show you you can look beautiful even with $ store makeup love you miss juicy jas.
moon loveBeauty Benefits is made by MarkWins, the company that makes Wet n Wild.
kc marieI love how you really take your time and try to create pretty looks regardless of the price.
alicat79100The best find lately has been the LA Colors LipOil. Its amazing. If you see it, get it. It’s so comfortable and not gloppy but has a beautiful shine.
Jessica PriceI love that you’re always using affordable make up! Why spend more when you dont have to.
Fadia TaherI’ve been trying to find the ioni lashes in my local dollar trees but they don’t have them.
Kristine AlexanderI’ve tried the Hard Candy Glitteratzi liquid lipstick and this has worked as well if not better than high end liquid lip colors I’ve tried.
Pauline ChavezThat eyeshadow look is soo pretty, love it! The completed I need go get too my local $1 tree, hopefully I can find some if these products!
gailene benallyLove love love it! Now I need to head to dollar tree. Um, one more thing, what about the beauty sponge? Is it any good?
flor deleonI love it when Jazzy be busting jokes. It’s so adorable and makes me laugh.
Alejandra batista1Love everything in this videos and love how natural you look simple eye makeup makes you look young and beautiful.
LilHeatha SmithYour skin is so good it makes me kinda mad. Lol I’m going to have to check out those lashes.
Nizhoni MHonestly Dollar Tree is killing it tbh. I could spend all day in that store. I hope my DT stocks those lashes cuz they’re lowkey cute especially for natural no makeup-makeup days.
PaulaDuJourI’m such a makeup hoarder. I bought as much as I could of the Decades collection by LA Colors I think.
Irene MoralesAmazing!! Makes me wanna buy. I like their press on nails & the glue for them is great.
Josalyn KingbirdOmg!!! I’ve been waiting for this video! I love watching your videos! Makes everything better honestly!
Kelly FisherI’ve been loving those lashes all year!! I have over 30 pairs now they’re seriously the best.
Angelica MottiquaIt’s like i was meant to be on youtube just now! can’t wait to watch this! You’re awesome! sending love from pittsburgh, PA!
Katie CarrIf I didn’t see the thumbnail, I’d NEVER guess this was a Dollar Tree look! Stunning, girl!
Dawn Wagner princesslgunabOh wow! I’m going to try some of them. The first eyeshadow palette I really loved.
Jessica AbramsWOW! I am so impressed with the eye shadow and and the shimmer pot! Definitely need to look for those gems!
Katelyn RodinYour makeup application and skills are goals! You’re the first beauty influencer I watched and have been hooked since day 1! So beautiful.
Kerry SmithLOVE me some Dollar Tree makeup! Looks beautiful girl!
Eileen bahaWowowowowowwow! You look so incredibly beautiful in this lighting and this makeup look!
Josefina MercedesI also found some flowers beauty lipsticks beautiful colors so amaizing you gotta be on the look out because they bring other brands love it.
Megan BroadBeen waiting on this upload!! Heading to dollar tree this wkend! Thanks jas!
missjoshleeI will be stack up on those eyelashes when I see those.
ColoredMeSexy by ELLEThe dark left a scar looking mark on, your concealer you used first was great.
Carol DThis is absolutely amazing! You really made it work!
Mardeliza ThomasI love these videos. I would love to see a shop miss a version!
Julieta SerratoI was excited to hear your thoughts about the beauty pot from LA colors! I bought it the other day and I’m obsessed.
SimplyShaunteReneeYour makeup looks amazing, thanks for sharing!
Christina LambertDo you know when the brush set is restocking? I have been waiting for forever and don’t want to miss it!! Beautiful as always!
Cassandra James28Yeah those actually are really good as highlighters.and they’ve been getting hard candy makeup into and.
Jennifer HouleYou read my mind! I was just scanning you and kelly’s videos for dollar tree makeup looks.
AllieYour videos ALWAYS make my day! I love seeing them and you put SO much hard work into them, it doesn’t go unnoticed! Thanks for being you.
Maria LopezSame goes for me. I always do my brows first and if they look good i know its gona be a good makeup day if not then i dont even bother.
Shelly BatemanI love Dollar Tree now I have another reason to go, affordable makeup.
ColoredMeSexy by ELLEToo much highlight for a day look. Night look would be perfect, love it!
Julia TYou have such a nice eyelid space to work with . Every shadow comes through.
Hayley PasintLove that you do natural lighting, its a breath of fresh air.
Crystal HernandezYes those Ioni lashes and glue are amazing!!! Love them! Good picks.
Daniella GI love when you do dollar tree makeup videos because you make it look so good you can’t tell it’s from the dollar tree.
Alice WeberI know a lot of people that have tried those lashes and end up loving them. Those are for real a hidden gem.
Morgan ForresterHey, this video is amazing. I’m really enjoying your content keep it up. Also never give up on dreams cause your too pretty to do that.
Jenni MontalvanCan you do a bold red lip look for the holidays please? Much love!
Beyonce MouaI love the ioni lashes! They have bulk packs of lashes at Burlington!! I seriously have only been wearing these lashes for months!
Gabriela ZI need these dollar trees in jersey, but I’m not sure I’d find colors that’s are pigmented for my skin tone.
Josie ZamotNot gonna lie I’ve been waiting for u to upload this video! Thanks girl.
bsharmoreI thought you had found the Flower foundation. I wanted to see how that looks.
Denia MartinezI loved the lip product. Also, where’s your top from?
Neya BGreat video! Dollar tree does have some good stuff for beauty and some skin care.