Hailee Steinfeld’s Guide to Glowing Skin and Easy Everyday Makeup

“Dickinson” actress Hailee Steinfeld shares her everyday skin-care routine and minimalist approach to makeup.


Mayfleur MaIs no one going to comment on her gigantic water bottle? reminder to stay hydrated.
Allison ParisiThese are the kind of people I wanna see on vogue instead of tiktokers.
cactus juiceThe way people keep sleeping on the fact that this beautiful woman had an Oscar nomination at the age of 14 omg I love her.
RiyaI like how she’s well acquainted with the products that she doesn’t read out the products word by word like other celebrities which makes it unusual if they use it everyday.
MilkPeachesshe is actually so charismatic and actually has a personality! she’s almost the type of person people write books about because she is so refreshing inside and out. but she also has talent, especially being an exceptional actress. i wish she was more hyped about. i love what she’s doing now but i really hope in the future she decides to act in some more interesting and unique films. she is an oscar-worthy actress that’s for sure.
Game With AyshaShe look like a Victoria Secret Model but an upgraded version. Humorous, Talented Artist, beauty n brain= PERFECT. how can someone just walk like this?
Kashvi aryawe need more people like her than tiktokers she’s so beautiful and deserving.
Julián HenaoThis gurl was nominated to an OSCAR when she was 14, why is no one talking about that?
Elissa NourI love her she’s so underrated and she’s such a natural beauty and her character is more beautifull.
BENLADENLiterally I was smiling in every single minute like an idiot , absolutely she is cute funny and beautiful Mashallah.
SabinaI had no idea how stunning she actually is, her eyes sucked me in.
Kenneth FernandesAt last someone with human skin and someone who’s not plastic.
Carla Andradeeverything about her is beautiful. her voice, her looks. SHE IS SO UNDERRATED.
voldemortWhen she smiles it looks like she has a mint hidden in her cheek.
Jamie ReneeIs this kind of beauty even legal?! Girl you’re stunning. Hands down one of the most gorgeous women in the world.
Maria-Pia GrassoI died when she picked up that giant water bottle. Gosh I love this woman.
shahd salahShe makes you feel like you know her already and you’re just having a morning friendly chat.
bongbongShe is so underrated. A good actress and singer, there’s not many of those!
Brooke KiratzisShe is literally a mixture of Selena Gomez and Kendall Jenner – so pretty!
Lex O3I heard she’s gonna be playing Kate Bishop and now I’m even more obsessed with her…
MichelleShe is so pretty, and her skin is so perfect that she could go without base.
louisiana nicolasOkay lets be honest she’s a music artist, actress, model, and other stuff, she can do everything still she still looks beautiful and fresh like what?! She needs more recognition people!
jeannel canagWatched a lot of celebrities do their make up in vogue but this one’s definitely the most fun.
chi shamsudinShes so gorgeous, she looks like a few supermodels combined together.
cameron atkinsonI love the fact she is in Dickinson and she used Dickinson’s witch hazel toner.
ScarlettPHaliee is so UNDERRATED as a singer and actress and above it all she’s effortlessly beautiful.
Grace GirmscheidI love how she dabs the product into her skin with her fingers because when you do that the makeup starts to blend in very nicely and then at the very end it just looks so pretty.
suzyxxWhen she tossled her hair a bit in the end I kinda felt like she’s a VS model.
AnneShe is so beautiful and just all around such a likable person. Let’s go Miss Kate Bishop!
Siti Aisyah SaquilaShe’s that kinda person who always use expensive things but still down to earth, the kinda person that so easy to fall in love with, or be friend with love.
Megz GCan anyone else see the cute little bulgy thing on her cheek/jaw on the right hand side (our right as we are watching) – it’s like a little chipmunk cheek that juts out when she speaks sometimes.
Thalya WarthlandI think I speak for everyone when I say that you guys NEED to get Zendaya on here.
Cady VirinaYes, been waiting for Hailee Steinfeld to be on here! Annnd she looks gorgeous even without makeup. Please please do Zendaya next!
Frankie xShe is so naturally beautiful. I also can’t wait to see what Hyram has to say about this!
London HughesWhy is everyone hating on the girls who have good skin and are naturally perfect? it’s not their fault, you needa calm down.
Nurul DayantiJUST IN LOVE WITH HER VIBRANT ENERGY. Don’t we all smile during the video?
Maria moraShe is so charismatic, beautiful, funny, and talented. Deserves more recognition!
Ricky GkkfmmnHailee’s such a natural beauty like how is she even real? Also love her movies, she’s a phenomenal actress.
udang shriI was disappointed when Addison appeared and now I am proud of Vogue because of hailee.
Rachel PamoradaWhy she’s so gorgeous? I really really like her!
cachet burtonShe’s so pretty and seems so fun! I really wish zendaya will do one.
Magentakisses38I am truly convinced that Hailee is a Sorcerist, her makeup came together to fast and too smooth Perfect is all I can say!
Giorgi TatarashviliI’ve already loved her in “True Grit”. Can you guess what i feel now when i watch her? My girl.
Julie PhillipsThe fallacious look wessely untidy because boy booly include along a statuesque ash. curly, stingy galley.
Evie Vi love that she said compliments over facetime thank god a celebrity following the rules thank you we appreciate You.
kayla gauvainShe is so funny and cool. I loved her in bumblebee, and all three of the pitch perfect.
Moonspirit 211I’d like a vogue segment dedicated to the unbelievable health of her nails.
Elisabeth CuninghamThis is her day!! I was just looking at set photos that just turned up of her as Kate on Hawkeye.
La Petite CéliaThere is something in her cheek ? It’s like when you’r putting your tongue inside her cheek and press out.
Coffee TeaShe doesn’t make music regularly but when she does, I literally play it everyday on repeat. Not to mention she’s frickin gorgeous.
dreamer 101I don’t do my makeup often, but everytime I watch these videos I catch myself internally screaming: get your neck pleeeease.
Ariel MarieI remember the first time I saw her was in the true grit remake. I love how raw and natural she is!
SatoshiThe fact that Shawn Mendes views this routine.
It’SarahTo everyone here: May all ur wishes come true, stay safe!
Delaynie ThompsonSo pretty she doesn’t even have to wear makeup
Michelle VallejoShe’s so gorgeous and unproblematic queen.
Abby FisherThis video just reminds me why i love Hailee Steinfeld.
SaraLol that lipstick on the mic story reminded me of Sabrina’s makeup tutorial too! Both beautiful and talented ladies!
cmarieThey’ve linked the Mac liner, but she’s using a Kevin Aucoin one?
Theresa ZShe so cute and cool lol!! I need that huge water bottle lol!
Jess BI’ve been following her projects since True Grit and it’s so amazing to see her grow as an amazing actress and incredible human being.
Gabriela GarciaThe fact that I’ve tried to spray perfume like a ad once and got it sprayed near my mouth yea definitely watch where it’s pointing she’s so beautiful.
Fran BacherSomething about her reminds me of Mandy Moore, right?
NaddaUnrelated but she Could’ve been a Hand model.
Imnot SureShes so cute and sweet omg such an idol.
Red RoseShe’s so BEAUTIFUL with and without makeup. I love her so much.
Jennifer AndersonI clicked on this SO FAST! She’s so fun + beautiful!
May ValdiviaShe is magnificent, I love her.
Cherry GirlI love her. She’s gorgeous. I hope Hyram reacts to this I love to watch his reaction videos.
not your dollyI love how for all products there’s a story or a philosophy, cuz I’d be like “so here’s my lipstick, I think it’s great.”
Tisha Khandelwal“Most girls are strong and beautiful and unstoppable “……she blessed us with this anthem of love ,acceptnce and empowerment
Catherine BiancaShe’s so beautiful inside and out. Love it!! More people like Hailee please!
L. Ch.Kinda feel like she’s trying to somewhat copy Paloma Elsesser’s video vibe. Nothing wrong with that, just the feeling.
Krista_BlissvibesMost of the products she uses are expensive so unfortunately I’ll just watch her use them lol.
WHO ARE YOU ?And this is why she used to be my role model when I was younger. She’s just naturally gorgeous.
nittoburn4YESS. Was just watching some of sabrina, and selena. Literally all my top fave artists! Extra blessed todayyy.
TheRealityCheckFinally someone who uses enough sunscreen!