How I do cute & easy nails for 2021.

Nail art video! These are super easy to recreate, lmk if you think I should do more nail.


SimonesquaredMy hand isn’t steady enough for this.
Rimski chuaDoing the right hand with the left hand is the real enemy.
Franziska dodlNails. Stunning. No question. But where oh where did you get those rings?
Sky blancoI think she’s the one all over my pinterest nail board.
Estrella’s journalThere’s two types of nail design: this vs sharpie nails lol.
Vicsic vlogsI would love to try this out! Buttt I still need to master putting on a single colour on my nails without it looking like I just did my nails blindfolded.
Mari rThis is pleasing the virgo in me.
Angelina coferPlease list the colors you used theyre gorgeous.
TiffanyI wanna try this so bad but I dont have enough colors not even white.
Avery pearl filmsIt is all fun and games until I have to do my right hand lol!
ClaireI literally just bought a nail art kit to do my own nails so this video came at the perfect time!
DaphneUgh she has such nice nails.
Brittany tingI wish it was more specific I struggle to paint my nails without streaks, and then shape it with a file evenly.
Na’ilah kilanyHey julia! The nails came out so cute as always, can you share where are your rings from?
JaneWhere are ur rings from?
Luz luzI already repeatedly watch your other nail video for inspiration so adding this to my list.
TutuWhere are your rings from?
Micala kingEek how do you get your nails so long? Whenever I try to grow my nails out enough to do a nice oval shape they break.
Honeypot filmsThe nail designs are so cute! And I loved the shots when you where showing us the finished design. It looked so nice.
E eCan you pls do a jewelry collection video.
SofieWho is here from ontario? Thelineup really came thru knowing we’re boreddd.
KxtheHi I love how you do your nails. How do ensure your polishes don’t thicken & dry while drawing cute stuff on your nails. I enjoy doing my own too.
Zoey kumaAll the color pairings were just.
Estrella’s journalYayyy! I’m so excited for this.
K aobakweYou are so talented! Loved the vid.
AshleyThank goodness for this video! I just purchase my nail gel set from amazon and was looking for inspirationlove all these designs!
KawaiipopsimmerIm early because I was just watching her last nail art video.
Luiza grinbergThere’s no way I can do this but I love to watch the talented people work lol.
Alli nicoleLove these nail vids!
Amy tompkinsonLove this!
Genevieve dilanOmg I love these so much, please make a series!
A bThis video is pleasing me and my homegirls.
Jasmin marieWoooowww.
Elizabeth mckayI love your nails videos, I always send them to my friend lol.
Jahkaya smithOmg I love these!
MelisaSo umh how do I do this with my left hand.
Laura pinzonGorgeous nails and designs.
SakuraI love this!So excited.
JungkookHow do u find tutorials do edit ur vids.
S nMe who bites her nails still watching this like.
Morgan longLove the nails! Where did you get your nail polish fromm?
JaneflamessThe rings.
The wasp womanI love these designs.
Aaron yunaLove the designs! Please keep doing this type of video because I find your designs the cutest!Love ya.
Gc ndCan you tag the link from where u got your nail brushes I can’t find good ones on amazon.
Aims leeI neeeed the name of the green essie nailpolish.
Didem gunesSuper helpful. Thanks for saving me.
Olga wayneI need those rings.
Anda biLove these!Where is that orangey yellow shade from?The one matched w teal.
HarshitaInstagram please.
Micky hoJewellery collection video please.
Laura menaYesssss another one, you go off baddieee.
CavinaWhere are your rings from!
Abby aSo cuteeee.
Lou-andrea gossSimply beautiful designs. Minimalist and pretty!Thanks for sharing.
Malak 6565Love it.
Oyama nCan you please do my nails?
Francesca crossingI mean, I can do one hand but i’ll never be able to do de other. It sucks.
PhiepHow long do you wait for them to dry before putting topcoat?My issue with reg nail polish is that it always smudges for me bc drying takes forever.
Anyah wrightWhere did you get your brushes?
Alexa style bookThese are insane.
Nails with srishtiiDo they chip easily?
AlexandraOk but how do you do your other hand?
Bella kallonIt’s the left hand for me.
Lygia matosHow long does it take for them to dry?
Niko lWhat shade and which brand are the pastel purple nail polish from?
Billie walkerCan you do a nail video with natural or darker colours.
Megan morettiSuper cute.
Briana battleHi, check your dms for business collab.
Valerie hernandezWhere does she get the nail polish and brushes ?
LydiaWait did u really do all these designs in one day like do one and take the beautiful design off and do another one pls tell me this is not true.
Donia wakidWhere are all these brushes from?
ClaireHow is this easy.
AnastasiaWhat purple color are you using?
Tati spI love love love your video.
Zara azizMy thin and weak nails said nope!Not for u!
Hej hejHow long it takes for you to wait for the nail polish dry?Event after hours, my polished nails happened to be dent to me often. Could you probably share any tips?
Maya aWhere can I find the brushes and other tools?What are they called?You just got me into nails haha.
Nia valcinWhere did you get your brushes?
Genpowz ltdTheses aren’t gel right?Do they ruin yours nails?
JinanmossJulia you can do no wrong lol. They are all so cute!
Nana 94I can’t do this becaude I hate having natural long nails in cut them as soon as I see that they grow just a tiny inch.
Rosalie maierWhat are the top cote and the sheer products you use!Mine are all bubbly and gross.
Marlene schallerPlz tell me you didn’t do this all in one day the nail art needs to be seen.