How many outfits can I create from 30 basic items?

My attempt at styling as many outfits as possible from 30 pieces of clothing! Hope this inspire u in some ways


StarrixI wouldn’t know how to act if I had your body.
Eva xiongWhy do people hate on her; she has that body naturally and yes people are genetically skinny at times. Nothing wrong with it. As a skinny person,it doesn’t feel great when someone says “oh your body makes my confidence go downhill” eh? I could just shop in her closet.
Anna sThese outfits are cute but I wouldn’t be able to bear the attention when wearing them in public lol.
Red dela rosaIf you had 15 tops and 15 bottoms you could technically create 225 outifts.
SherrahU look like a living winx ! Okay but imagine having her body and wardrobe.
Megan rascoeI hope she lives in la or miami, somewhere like that for these outfits.
Pizza pepperoni pizzaGuys stop asking her about her workout routine, its her dna.
Jane kylie perezWorkout routine soon please.
CeeloqueenShes literally shaped like a winx club girl like literally omg.
Giu pondchesterYour closet looks like your own clothing store, goals.
Kt jonesTime to ask myself are these really universally cute outfits or is she just skinny/perfect.
Cocoa butter televisionWhy do you have such a perfect body.
Catherine belIn no way 95% of those clothes are considered basic in my country (I wish they would tho).
Angela fuscoCan we appreciate she listed where everything is from.
HannahThe way you calmly said “this reminds me of anal beads, but ya” Sent me.
LolaIs it that she just has really good proportions or is she tall? Please stop commenting about her body it’s super toxic.
Gillian twibleI actually like all the outfits hope to see more styling videos.
Cloe adamsI’m jealous of your body and i’m a straight male.
Alex masonShe makes the clothing look good, not vice versa.
MissleonableOkay. But why the heck is this channel now being recommended to me? I know this is random, but what’s her height? You’re very blessed to have that body omg, I wish I have that body too, god bless youuu.
Precious 007Modeling agencies need to sign her up.
Vitoria ribeiroOmg I love ittt! an you make a cartoons inspo outfits like totally spies and winx club?
Janelle vidallonHer body is so stunning wow.
Rachel ilousContent suggestion: my go to ig poses and how I shoot my ig pics.
SharonBody goals I could never achieve.
Cindy the goddess cindyHr style is just effortless wow.
GreyWhy is that type of body concidered to be the goal? You rock even the most simple outfit girl you’re a goal.
Joy mary xessThe perfect body.
Tabatha heee heeeLord help me if I had a closet like this. I would fr be unstoppable.
Betty ceeMy body is like her but I have bow leg.
AshleyI have 99 problems and having her body will solve all of them.
Ariana pgI saw a picture of her on pintrest with the black satin dress and she looked like a goddess I am ad I can now take fashion tips from her youtube.
Carla mae singcoYou look like the white haired girl from the incredibles.
Charisma kYou look like the girl I always draw omfg you’re so preetttyy and living rent free on my mind.
Kristine cunananFinally, I found you on yt! Where did you get the thing that your shoes are stood on? really like it.
Jikka tanThis inspired me to just be confident and dress up even if I own the most basic stuff ahhhh luv u!
Andie rimbaoBeen following you on ig for ages and this is the first time hearing you speak I loved this video so much! I was hoping so bad that she picks the iamgia top and she picked it what a good feeling.
Sena aydanOmg you’re the model in picture I saw it when I surf shopee.
Chewx chilleyI only have like 10 pieces of wearable going- out clothing and my mum said that’s enough. Girl- lemme tell u. I wanted to die.
Paola rodriguezI wish this clothes were my mum approved.
AiiruWhere did you get the things that hold up your clothes and shoes from.
MarinelaOh lord I would kill for that body.
Adeyemi ifeoluwaI’m obsessed. My gawd you’re unreal. New subbie here.
Logan pernsleyYou and your body makes every outfit perfect.
Sherrie yapYesssss I always look forward to you posting you’re my icon! Hey oanh! ay we see the process of you taking your instagram pictures? ho takes them for you? ow do you choose locations for your specific outfits? ove the content you’re putting out.
MandygalShe reminds me of musa from winx club (the animated one).
Nyima wangmoI love how you thrift a lot and you love what you have.
Mimi marinhoIf everyone had her perfect shape right :d.
Hello kittyFolding up the dresses to make a mini dress or skirt is sooo smart oanh.
ValentinaGirl I love u so much love all your fits, literally my style icon.
Toru gomiGirl what’s the name of that stolen stores black slip dress? can’t find it anywhereeee.
Thao phamThis was so much fun to watch.
Hong anh tranova23 Is the most impressed for me.
ImtylayathMost of these outfits are not wearable at all and suit only for hook up nights. You can’t wear them in school, college, at office. You can’t wear them if you work in any service. You won’t wear such vulgar clothes to the market or to the cinema, I don’t know.
Nancy jaeI love your body how I wish I have that waist.
FulviaI’m in love with this videoooooo, you’re so so gorgeous! Gurl when you showed all of your clothes, there aint no way i’ll have that amount bc im broke.
Mufaro kUr body is perfectly.
Bup lorasiYou’re so fucking gorgeous!
Spit some fireThese fits are all fireeeee! hanks so much for the inspo! I’m skinny but not this type of skinny.
Angelo guiruelaThis is how I need to think bc I have too many clothes.
Natalie contrerasAlexa. Play “tap in” by saweetie.
Trisha riveraWoooow you’re beautiful and seem so sweet. Keep doing you girl! oved this video, all the outfits were so nice.
Mariel tominesHonestly so happy I found your channel! ne of the few girls on youtube whose style I loveeee.
Agatha villaHow tall are you omg you’re literally so pretty.
Fia kWhat’s the style of adidas she’s wearing? need to know I wanna cop so bad.
Andreea mariutaI’m here for the bodyy! How tall are u? m 6’0, same maybe?
LittlemisshaileyStunning as always l love when you try on clothes! verything looks sooo good on you! oving these videos.
Charlie e RobinsonHello from germany girl you are looking stunning in everything and I love the outfits! Where is the black jacket from?
Hej hejI feel so inspired when I watch your videos.
Kiki vetGirl who else is just jealous of her closet.
Linh leeOmg I really want ur closet tot I love how u look every single timeee.
Goitse mphoDo you model? ou def should bro you’re stunning ahh.
Vienna laOk but you have both my dream body and wardrobe wow.
Kiscel quirozI love your style! his video is a+++ thank u for amazing content fashionista queen.
MandarinchenOutfit 20 and 21 are.
Lorena castilloGirl when you brought out those mules I cackled but also I need them hehe. Thx for blessing us w this upload I really liked your take on this sort of vid.
Danii bloobI love that you have a tiny body. It make me feel better about myself ))).
Fleur’s closetYes, I love how you did it as if you were actually in that situation! I really really love your combat boots. Where did you buy it?
Angel’s secured bagYessss i’ve been waiting for your upload.
Antonia guajardoWhen I saw your closet omg.
Imi cherutichEveryone loves you oanh and your outfits god! hey are always beautiful, I love them all.
EvelogLot of outfits indeed. Thank you for sharing your beauty and creativity in this vid.
Ari lockheartLegs + abs workout pls.
Prada skyeLiteral model. So gorgeous.
Lexi floresYou so beautifullllll and girl you have the dream body of all girl’s and boy’s. You so beautiful stay safe.
Lila delaunayI stopped watching netflix because of your upload!
Julia fontanaOmg I have been subscribed to her on instagram for ages and never knew she had an yt channel! mazing.
Kamryn bI love your style! an u try to make a video of more modest outfits? Omg I really love the black maxi dress on you! hope I could wear those kinds of clothes!
Beatriz rMay I know how tall are you? Im really curious.
Clubrocker 15Need a closet tour.
Mgn 440Love oanh and her shop but now already closed.
Weee thovenAre you from myanmar? ou have myanmar accent like my university professor. Its so cute! Your body is insane.
ValerieOmg where is the bra from im obsessed.
My oxegeneGirl I think I’m in love with you.
Hellena SLord have mercy your body is perfect.
Anna sWhen I grow up I want to be like her.
BumbleflowerI really like your videos! ou clearly put a lot of thought into what you want to say and show and really take viewer’s through your thought process, all while being really chill and friendly.
Hejia magangcongHow do you have so many cute clothes.
April hngptYou’re absolutely stunning. Loved the video. You make me proud of being a women.
Daniel riojasWorkout routine pleaseeeee u look amazing.
Thato melaneYou’re beautiful, and I like your style. .
RainsunnybowOmg love you, sending love from india! You need to do try on everything in your closet! Omg I though you where nikita.
Lindsay junnI smiled so hard when I saw you uploaded love uuu.
Jacky wolf de ruiterI feel so inspired I love all of these outfits.
Michelle canYour body is just amazing.
Eree crnI really enjoy watching your videos – keep them coming.
ThebluepandaI loved this video! an you do a what I eat in a week next.
Roberta piresI loveyou and your fitss queen.