I Bought USED Kardashian Clothes!

USED clothing from Kim Kardashian West, Kylie Jenner, Kendall Jenner, Kourtney Kardashian, and Khloe Kardashian closets! Was it a total rip off, or were these actually legit, good finds?!


SAMI know that you’re doing absolutely fine and i shouldn’t be concerned with your financial choices but sometimes i kinda am when you spend so much on questionable trinkets.
ThatOneGirlI feel like they buy things in a larger size, then get it tailored to fit them. So if it’s a large, it’s probably not actually a large anymore.
MaeTCB“I feel like a celebrity right now, I do.” Hope you are a celebrity, and you look BOMB in those leather pants and that top!
Kristie LeWould you have bought those same pieces if you saw it at Walmart? Is the value in who it belonged to or do you actually like the pieces?
Lois FranklinYou’d think their clothes would fit better in the bum considering it was theirs.
langley esterleThis whole video, i’ve been wondering what tyler has been thinking.
LaurenHope is serving us mermaid vibes in this powder blue patterned set and I love it!
Tarisha LynnThis was such a chaotic intro and I’m already laughing. This is going to be amazing.
MegannayyThe mesh dress is probably the best dress I’ve seen you in! You look great! It’s super flattering on you!
Monique RosasHope’s beginning montage of struggling and falling sums up 2020.
heidi_simplicityI need you to throw on some nice shoes with those leather pants and pajama top.
its duckUr coat cost more than my entire Christmas for my family!
Megan_FWondering how Khloe fit into those leather pants when you just fit into them!
Sabrina LauYour blue outfit in this video is STUNNING.
aslbywellerI wonder if these items were gifted to them and they sell them.
undergradraskolMy favourite was the ending omg Hope you did such a good job impersonating them! Actress material for sure.
Talaya LovettThe end haha so good. I love watching these Kardashian-Jenner closet hauls lol.
Lea RaunSuch a fun video! I´ve heard it´s one of the Kardashians friend, that runs the Kloset!
Krazystraw10Love the kardashians and love you! This was a perfect mix.
Hollie WilliamsI love that blue outfit at the start it’s so pretty.
Caleigh HarringtonAww I loved this video! What a cute idea. Although holy cow about how much they charge for their stuff! And loved the klohe leather pants on you they look great!
Kirsten ChaseIt’s stressful to see that they’re making money reselling their clothes.
Veronica BoboigeI’m OBSESSED with your dramatic Kardashian reenactment at the end.
Non SpecifiedWhen you don’t like the kardashians but you like Hope.
SongBirdie92I sense an HPE review video happening someday. :p Unique physique for sure.
Mikayla CouillonneurYou really out did yourself with the wig lmfao DEAD.
Holly NixonLove the see through dress! Lol i loved the end of this video! So funny!
Valerie MarieYou weren’t lying when you said this video was an adventure. The ending was so funny!
Jessica StupackWas having a stressful morning and this just made my day.
EHowdy97I loved the tiger shirt with the leather pants. It looked like it could have been its own outfit.
kaleigh boyerYes girl. Clicked so fast.
tressa merkThe green PJ shirt and leather pants are a look! Love it!
lawman7117Hope, the stuff is pretty and I love you, but I could never support the Kardashians. Even their style is way overpriced! It was still a great video, like all of your vlogs!
Janet GlassThe video I didnt even know I needed. So funny. Thanks for keeping everything so positive and Glass half full.
Samantha BuettnerI love the Buff Bunny Collection outfit you’re wearing in the video! The blue is STUNNING!
Mary GYou should try out a brand called Miami Fit Wear. Their leggings are AMAZING!
Alexis TI feel like you can make anything look good.
Eliana BThose leather pants looks sooo good on you girl!
EvNever clicked on a notification so fast!
Carolina MuñozLoved this video and your hair looks so beautiful!
Megan MasonThe tiger pajamas are my favorite!
Anastasia DHow fun but omg the cost. I do love the pj. Maybe if I stick to a Ramon noodle diet I can afford. Thanks for the video.
Abbey NeumillerI am OBSESSED with how cute the Ancient Greek sandals are! If you ever decide to get rid of them pleaseee let me knowwww.
mary reesOmg you are living the dream!
Paige EvansI want that last coat more than I’ve ever wanted anything hahah. I hope you wear it all the time!
Emma ThompsonI’m so excited to watch your video it makes my day!
Samantha SheronasSo thankful for the Hopescope texts, I was just thinking that I wanted to watch something new!
Liz ScullyYou spent more on this haul than I have in savings.
Sh33naW0lf3What a neat idea being able to purchase some high end items that you might not be able to find or have access to. They should update their site often!
Sylwia IwańskaI would watch as many ads as needed for you to buy these Versace things!
Emily GleesonYou looked awesome in the mesh dress!
Melissa DaovannaryYou looked so good in the green tiger pajamas.
Sara ConditThe jacket from Kim is amazing. I would actually wear that. Actually alot of the stuff you got was wearable.
itsssandraaaI just saw your video about saying no to gym shark and subscribed immediately and now here we are 1 minute later!
Anna O’ShieldLoved this video. Didn’t know this was a thing.
glitterngold03You are too funny. The parody at then end.
Ashley PulverentiI am living vicariously through your financial decisions cuz ya girl cannot afford to. Btw your makeup is ALWAYs so PERF!
Sydney CordeiroI saw your instagram post about tyler spending $500 on socks then I watched this video and I’m like well he needs to get a lot more socks to match this price.
Hector MoralesLoved the baby blue outfit.
glalonde22 glalonde22Hi hope your literally one of my favorite you tubers.
ruthiegigglesThat jacket looks great on you.
Bonnie BrownThat was a fun video. Man the Kardashians sure know how to make money!
Amy FranklinWhy am I fascinated by this video. I’m obsessed with the pj top and leather pant moment and the coat. Please do this video againю
SoThatsJustHowWeRollI am a simple woman, I get a hopescope text and I watch.
Carolyn ArmasI wish Tyler was not so aware of hopescope shopping because I think a reaction video would have been hilariousю
Nickie PI don’t support the Kardashians but I do support Hope.
erika ErhardtI enjoyed this far too much.
Samantha ThompsonGirl, you need to get a $300 manicure.
Kerry DiBiasioI hate the Kardashians with a passion but you are hysterical!
jennys1983It’s time for Armageddon.
exploited fightAre they gonna try to patent “kloset” too?
cheyenne griegoare u doing a whitney simmons review for the her new collection?
Darcie PerryTheir cousin Cici!
Milena BoyerThe necklace is in a Cartier box.
Yulisa LynchYou know that a lot of that clothes come from poor little animals?
Sjudit84Sorry all, but I have no idea why anyone would make the wallets of the Kardashians even bigger, I just despise them so much!
Heather HHope, this was fun. thanks for sharing. Have you tried the SPRWMN 100% leather leggings? Would love your take on them! They’re not cheap… $925 but they look beautiful.
RIchelle_HoenDid you get this video idea from Blair Walnuts?
MarzAttacksHow to grab that white swimsuit?
Kay HansonWhy is “buying used clothing from the Kardashian’s” even a thing and why do people actually care so much about those people? Sorry, Hope- not a video I’m actually going to be watching.
Chloe MorrisonHope spent more on these clothes than I spent on my tuition this semester.
Del TempletonThat swim suit would look amazing on our oldest. She’s almost 21.
Grant RobertaSome people have more money then brains, sorry to say.