I dress exactly like a Bratz Doll for a week. Early 2000s fashion.

This video was so much fun to make! I dressed like my jade Bratz doll for a week, very early 2000s fashion.


Impi WThis was the funniest video you’ve ever done and that’s saying a lot because every video of yours is funny.
KittikokoHonestly wasn’t ready for the golf apocalypse.
Morris MorganThe cinematography who’s going to give her the oscar.
MrhumunukThat golf ball-apocalypse was hit perfectly, well done!
A Pinch Of DisappointmentOk purr editing on point.
Isabella DemarkoThis is amazing, love the accuracy.
Ally MoncadaThe editing is stunning.
Shithead3000Yalll I was not prepared for dylan to join in yall are too frickin cute, I rlly hope I find a dude who’ll dress up with me lmao.
GlossyxNot the golf ball going to space and then destroying the earth.
AtomicshelmyThe clothes you’re wearing are actually so similar it’s crazy!
Ciara ShockleyThe dislikes are the moms who said you couldn’t play with bratz as a kid.
Day GlowCan we just appreciate how much detail she puts in her videos!She edits so cool.
HainotnaOkay but the golf ball subplot is literally an academy award contender?
Neidy LaraI’m too high for this shit lmaoo specifically the golf ball apocalypse and the brat playing fuck nooo i’m tripping tripping.
JazzyYou ate this challenge up omggg. Also the editing jd.
Tako TamagucciThe golfball edit had me wheezinggg.
Eveliina AsuinmaaThis is so cute idea!I always wished as a kid that I could dress like my bratz dolls.
Georgia DAs a bratz doll collector this made me very happy.
Felicia BanerydThe amount of time and effort you must have put into this video is crazy!I love the editing style your vids are so fun.
Erica RoseBest dylan quote “ is that paul revere?”.
Zoe KrankLmfao I see you dylan with the editing!
Natalia AlamoI laughed so much during this. The golf ball apocalypse took me out!
Clay CorleyThis is so well done and fucking hilarious, you’re such a natural at being yourself in front of the camera, I love it.
SavahThe amount of times I’ve looked up this challenge to see if there are any good ones, and there never are, and then I stumble upon your channel from your shoe collection video, and this is your most recent video, I swear I’ve been blessed, thankyou for uploading this, not only were your outfits 10/10 but your humour is too, also you lowkey look like doja cat and it was tripping me out when you sang her song lmao.
ElanorOmg this is the cutest video ever I love my bratz but buying them stuf now is soo expensive its crazy!
CutswishYou’re literally the coolest youtuber ever.
Micah DanielsAdding this to a list of videos i’ll watch again when i’m high.
TakaraOh my god everything bout this was insane perfection.
Sylvie BaggettYou never fail with the fits or the editing. Literally dying at the golf ball.
Elin WI love this video. The fact that you took the doll with you everywhere was hilarious.
Samantha FrostWatching with my bratz, they approve!
Alberto CesarYou did such an amazing job with the editing!I loved the golf asteroid part so much.
Hi Im SanaThis was the best video i’ve seen this year so far. Production values on point, lots of visual and auditory candy, endearing couple, wholesome yet cool. Creative but not corny. I had a smile on my face beginning to end.
Southern MermaidWait that intro was iconic!You really do like a irl bratz doll.
PatthewmatelWho is searching for bratz dolls to dress with now? So cute!
Riley KendallThis entire concept!The editing!The golf ball sequence!She simply shidded on em ‍.
Shalom YemaneI’m so happy to watch her explore her passions omg.
Alexandria MichelleScreaming I had that lightning bolt bag when I was younger with my brats dolls.
Megan ChallinorOmg was not expecting the golf ball.
Grace MccullochThe dedication to this vid was insane the fits, the activities, the editing!So good!
DeydeyThis is the best video I’ve ever seen, I love the editing it was hilarious and your outfits were so cute 10000/10.
Mayy MayLoved that you included your bf for the last one!
Erika MartinezBratz sales after this video.
MacieGod the amount of times I died of laughter pfhshdhd I loved this, especially the golf/lindsay apocalypse.
Mia GonzalezI absolutely loved the “soiled it reference” hahaha!Xd.
MisslovelyvemoThis is the best video in youtube hands down.
Autumn BrownI lost it when dylan asked is that paul revere lmaoo.
Kimberly RiveraTruly one of your best work this was a masterpiece I loved every second you’re soo creative and funny!
Brianna RomeroI absolutely love this!I love how your editing makes your humor pop so much more this video was a genuine masterpiece.
Typically HerYour editing is insane lmfao.
GisselOmg the golf ball.
Emhen10 EmilyhenryI have to say this is a very well constructed video. You have great montages and music in it. I loved this whole thing. And, as always, you are friggin hilarious.
Micaela CcI cant believe nobody at kroger noticed how beautiful y’all were!
Giovanna PjtBratz + alli = best video everrrrr.
Sarah SThe doll got a mask the effort.
Southern MermaidHyped for your video on thrifting, reselling and all the gentrification controversy!Really want to hear your thoughts!
Jem_MookAbsolutely insane. Love the editing, super funny and of course style as always!
Samantha StuhrI also regret giving out my bratz.
Sahiti PawarOmg. I definitely need more of this content in my life.
Char LottaThe editing for this vid was so good lmao.
Beth MorganThis was so funny watching this high I wasn’t ready at alllll lmao.
Abigail GreenThis is like the best editing on anything I’ve ever seen, I was blessed with visuals. Thank you.
Kelsey FischerThis was so amusing and creative. I’ve been so down recently and watching this really cheered me up. Thanks for your creativity and being a fashion icon!
MyvintagebratzThis was such a good idea!Omg!I was more of a my scene/polly pockets girl myself.
Jessica MendozaThe intro is giving rocket power!Love it!
Isabella PlonkYou make me laugh out loud, sick sence of humor. I love it!
ThecrucialchickThis video is so cute omfjfgn I love everything and the editing feels so nostalgic.
Serena BernalThe editing had me cackling the whole time great video!
Bella AquinoSo much effort went into this!10/10 For creativity, editing skills, humor, & absolute looks.
QetsiaEverything bout this was so perfect !
SophiaernestalWow you had me trippen there for a min with that golf part.
Taylen LemaigreI love this so much the transitions were so good wowwwww.
Marisa BlackwellYour guys’ chaotic energy is what I need to get my day goin’.
Ace-In-Yo-FaceI am new here and was just recommended your videos for the first time last night, but this golf apocalypse made me cackle out loud and you have earned my subscription!The best youtube video i’ve seen in so long!Lmao I love this girl.
Jenna HilgemanAs soon as u said he got jeans for friday I knew I was about to be blown away.
Pamela GrantThis is so creative and amazing and your personality comes through your editing in such a unique way I’m so inspired wtf go off baddie.
Maia MedelAlli vera: playing with dolls for 30 minutes straight.
AngelaThis was so perfect!Loves it.
Amanda PAaaahhhh dudeeee I was the 1k like ah.
Herman BeanYou cured my depression.
Maxgr33nfanThe edittings amazing too wow.
Hosanna MatienzoThe editing in this, oh my lord . So funny!
Puddy In The HallI’ve been waiting for this one!Turn it up!
Mirtha DuarteIm a left handed golfer too dylan I understand the struggle.
Bailey FU nailed it!Such a fun a cute vlog.thank u for being ur adorable, quirky self!U and dylan really crack me and I love ur content!It’s so unique and better then most fashion you tubers!
Diva CutieThis video is perfect!You are so hilarious!The editing had me dying omg & the wardrobe transitions and music were genius I don’t think i’m ever getting over this I love it so much!And it honestly just made me so happy how much fun you were having every day with your doll lol thank you for this it made my night.
Loretta RodriguezThe masks I cantttt iahdfihsioeg.
Hosanna MatienzoOmg where are mondays shoes from.
Alfredo GucciThis is so adorable omg.
Maria GabrielaThis is the best video in youtube history, I love the music and the way you edited it.
Rayo AguileraBro you went all out with the editing I love it !
Hugeegosorry1032Amazing editing on this, alli!
Casey MartinezOmg I freaking loved this video.
Destiny ResendezThank you for that sound on.
Crazy Cat Cow LadyHa!This was so fun!Loved the touch with the dolls! Absolutely loving your content lately!Thank yoouu for sharing your bubbly ness with us and making videos!
EarthlyBeautyOmggggg!I thoroughly enjoyed this video, you had me laughing the whole time. I really appreciate all the hard work you put into this one, holy cow, must have taken ages, perfection!
LouThe editing in this is out of this world I can’t.
Pitacat1129Ur outfits and humor i’m loving this!Great content as always you guys both dressed up, this is the cutest!
Samantha DoloresThis was the best video you’ve ever done!I had a shitty day and this genuinely made me happy, thank you.
Digital DreaI saw your post that your uploading at 4pm and I just got off work at 4pm watching this on my way homeeeee so perfect so happy.
Liz DahhanThe freaking editing in this video was too good.
Julieta García ZubiriThe double date matching outfits !Really amazing.
Shelby LevellDylan has a dylan doll, I cant!Thats awesome.
Pamela LoveBro the funniest cutest video!I loved it!
Savannah AragonThis is so cute!Loved ittt.
JustalyceeThe editing is flawless.
Naomi DauffyEditing is yes omg I love it.
Olivia MeyThe editing in this video was ~immaculate~.
Eveliina AsuinmaaThis editing has to been so much work.
ThefrogladyAlli you’ve outdone yourself with the editing game!So proud of how far you’ve come!Also ofc the outfits are the shit as usual.
TheninthofjanuaryHow were all these so spot on. My fav vid from you . Love!
MaiyapologiesIm a bit confused on step number 5, can you give us a more in depth tutorial?
Lina AAdore the creativity! This is amazing!
LeanAll your effort here speaks volumes!I’d love to see you style outfits inspired by your favorite songs and or movies.
MaccleaKeep editing in bits theyre great this video was hilarious.
Thea ZurekAmazing video, loved the y2k transitions, the attention to detail in the outfits and editing, all the fun activities, and your and dylan’s matching final outfits!
Paige KormannThe editing on this is truly phenomenal.
Natalie MelendezThis is hilarious omg.
Miriam EThis is my absolute favorite video on your channel!Love it.
Yuki MareeI love the edits.
C JoannaThe editing was a lot of fun!I call it krogers too. Weirdly tho, in utah, they call it smiths. Even tho it’s krogers.
Astrid Georgette Alfaro FloresI loved this video!You did it great.
MacieAlli you amaze me with every video !This was too good you really do the most also anyone else would have just shown the doll but you bringing her everywhere really tops it off !
Laura El HadiLow-key (but really high-key) going to follow in your footsteps. Thank you ma’am.
SansThat was amazing.
Emily RobinsonThis video is so perfect!
Abigail MaturanaThat editing was so fun!
Isabel GOmg you nailed it, what a great video idea!
Faith OgieWhat do you use to edit alli? You’re editing aesthetic is so cool!
Eve GoffThis video was so funny, I love.
Desiree McgriffOmg the edit with the golf ball was the best.