I Made Cinderella’s Petticoat.

I Made Cinderella’s Petticoat. Huge Fluffy Multi Layered.


Bella cThe fact that you’ve been able to recreate something so magical that took a whole team of costume designers to make is insane.
Arya baviskarHonestly the petticoat itself could be a really pretty dress.
Most highly introverted ladyIf you’re trying this project for yourself, I recommend using a fairy godmother instead which makes this process much quicker and easier.
Xt sAnyone else feel lime crying at the end cause you see how magical it is and the work done to make it that way?Just me?Ok.
Brentt bumatayThis petticoat looks like a magnificent magical jellyfish princess dress so much hard work, so much gorgeous fabric, such pretty colors!
Anastasia maliuhaHere’s a horror story for you: imagine having to sew all of this by hand.
KattrielladoesstuffThe people who disliked this only did so because they can’t run around in that petticoat!This is amazing!
Persephone roseWhen she was spinning around in that movie accurate petticoat having the time of her life. I was so happy for her. So many layers. So much pain. A master of her craft.
SadieThis is absolutely magical!Just what I needed for some sewing motivation!
A canedoI’m curious if you have calculated how many miles of seams you have sewn on this?I did a wedding dress years ago that had nearly a mile of seaming and it was nowhere near as fluffy and beautiful and detailed as this is. C’est manufique!
Steffi heloiseThere’s no such thing as adding too many fluffy frilly flounces!
Cece duboisWhen you said “repeat for the next two layers” My first thought was that you were going to say the next two years.
Lori dresser“Huge, fluffy & multi-layered” god you weren’t joking.
Rebecca pThe anticipation keeps building and building. It looks like a cloud when you swish the petticoat. Hope you will consider recreating the ballroom scene.
Kirsten paffIt’s so enormous and floofy and impractical and beautiful and I want one.
PawakinLiterally me when I saw this posted “omg more cinderella! I’ve become very invested in this by proxy. Love your channel.
Laura guglielmoThis is fantastic!Just the petticoat looks like part of fairytale by itself, and it looks gorgeous!
NerdysillygirlAfter watching this I swear, never ever complain about shortening and hemming all my thrifted trousers by hand. And there’s no better time to do it, like now, today. Girl I have at lest 3 pairs waiting in my closet, seriously what’s wrong with me lol.
20Bcf052 sruthi sI was wondering why it was so long between making the flounces and making the petticoat, that’s a lot of work!Well done, you have far more patience than me and you’ve created a beautiful petticoat x.
Kristen elderI would spin in this all day.
Travis lizerIt would be amazing to have some sort of mileage tracker on your sewing machine so you could see how many miles you’ve sewn by the end of this.
Lorac avlisHow do you not go insane? Girl, you got some monster determination, hats off to you.
Rae wardMy full admiration for you making this gigantic fluff ball with such delicate, slippery. A job incredibly well done by one person alone. Bravo. My hats off to you.
Sawsan boeisaI have been watching this journey since the very beginning and I’m absolutely loving it. This is amazing.
ThirzaIn french, the seam you use on your white fabric is call a “couture rabattue”.
Lady mcbethyFor those making this gorgeous petticoat, those “little triangles’ at the waistband would add additional bulk to the waistband and hip line. The shape of the triangles is formed by the top of the godets getting stitched directly flat to the base petticoat. Keeping as few layers at the waist is important to maintaining that narrowest point of the corseted shape at the waist without unnecessary bulk.
Kristina rankinAm I the only one who would just were the petticoat for fun.
Monica bluebyllI just find it amazing how much one person is capable of- this is amazing!
Samuel gauthierEasy for a fairy godmother to create, a bit harder for a mortal. It looks magical.
KbutsonOmg the swooshing and jumping at the end!What fun!
Elida munoz élèveI can only imagine how much fun it is to just stand there and twirl. The honest to god fun of being little again and dressing up and feeling like a disney princess.
Magic potterI had my little sister with me to watch “the princess” twirl, she loved it. While you where twirling she said I want to see her face, is she a real life princess?
Jo-anne woerleEverything about this process, and the countless hours, the presentation, and the finished product, is just so phenomenally impressive!
Mrsbrit1Just once, before I die, I’d like to run through a castle in a dress like this.
Books stitchesOh my god. Bless your soul for using organza. I would literally die.
Jubilee brayAbsolutely bonkers. I know how I feel when I get to the end of a single hem on something reasonably straightforward. I can’t even imagine this project.
Sarah elizabeth grace morrisSounds like it’s similar to a “flat felled” seam, just stitched a bit different.
Angie smithOh my gosh this is so beautiful!The movement of the petticoats is just like the movie when she’s dancing it’s amazing.
Kaleb petrosyanThe fluffyness of it all is spectacular.
Susan robertsonI’m running around clapping the petticoat looks fantastic, however you swooshing and twirling is my favourite, honestly I’d have watched that for a good 15 minutes!Well done.
Elly mikulaYou have saintly patience!I would have lost me mind with all that slippery fraying fabric. It turned out so well!Great job!
Anna mccormackNow: imagine doing this all, but without a sewing machine.
Eleanor birchell hughesI think the seam you were doing at the beginning (that you couldn’t find the name for) is a flat felled seam.
AmericantoadsarecoolAfter all that work, when the dress will be done, you have to do the remake of the waltz scene!
Nilum millerLooking at how much work this is gives me anxiety but the result is absolutely magnificent.
Back to edenHoly cow, I can only imagine how long this dress has taken.
Alexis toussThis is insane. I am really curious how much this cost, how many hours and how much it all weighs in the end. Whatever are you going to do with it?
Dana farbklecksThat petticoat is a million dollar petticoat. Simply stunning!
Cyber lexIf you could only see my face at the end of this video. It is such a pleasure to see how close you got to the real thing. It moves just like the one in the film. I’m in awe.
Erin makesThis is so gorgeous!I am planning to make a cinderella dress at some point, I will 100% be using your patterns!Thank you for making them!
Safra vazeerI don’t even want to think about the miles and miles of thread that were used in this.
Caroline greenwellThe lock seam you’re looking for is named a french seam in english and in french it’s called an english seam ahah.
Polaris designsIts been months since I sub to your channel. Still im waiting for this dress to finish and im not disappointed.
Marie leclercYour face looks just how I picture a real life princess and the dress. Ugh, breathtaking!Stunning!
Andrew samsonI can’t stop watching the ‘fluff and frill poofiness’!It’s wonderful!Well done cinderella!
Agus over the rainbowAt this point I’d be saying where are those mice at when you need them!Lol.
Sarah carina heriThis is a good dress for social distancing lol.
PaisleyThis is fantastic. I can totally empathize with the feeling of taking it off the dress form and trying it on for the first time. Really exciting, can’t wait for more!
Yvonne burnsI admire you patience bella, this amount of flounces would drive me crazy :d it looks magnificent. Can’t wait for finished skirt.
Liv mMagic!You never cease to amaze me.
Isabel fenIt’s so awesome to be able to see this process. I love this dress.
Natalia chmielowiecIt’s so pretty!I admire your patience. I had a question about the corset. Would a corset with a busk be to bulky for the cinderella ball gown or work dress?I love watching this series but I think the work dress will be a little more attainable with my sewing experience.
Cherry davisI don’t expect you to answer me but I have been watching you, you’re extremely talented, and others. I’m not terribly talented in sewing but I want to sew my own wedding dress. I don’t want anything too fancy and I found a very easy pattern. It’s actually a cosplay type costume. You are inspiring me. Thank you.
TheshamelessfairyI reallylove these projects, u really do have patience.
Sarah brooklyn studiosI told my mom that I was determined to make a wedding dress with this skirt style, I am not in a relationship nor am I getting married any time soon. She told me I was crazy but I am determined and I have begun my research!Because this is definitely a project that’s going to take some time.
Cj davisThis is amazing!I could watch that skirt twirl for hrs. The floofier the better!
KartsieThe finished petticoat is so dreamy and fluffy it looks as though it should be folded into a baked good lol I love it, well done!
Officer tI literally just found this channel but I’ve watched micerah tewers before and I’ve never seen two channels about the same thing that are so completely opposite ahaha.
Imogen thomas“And then we continue for the next tier” I definitely heard year for a sec which feels accurate.
EmilyThis looks so fancy!Just needs some glass slippers and a top.
Hope sHow you can stay sane after working with all that slippery fabric is impressive! Excellent job it looks beautiful!
Yekaterina chikanovI’ve been watching this series absolutely entranced what beautiful beautiful work!
AzyThe little hop from the counter just makes me want to try this petticoat a second time!It’s amazing!I can’t wait to see the outer layers on top.
Chase johnseyI’m not even supposed you spent like ten minutes twirling around because, honestly, who wouldn’t in a skirt like that.
Madison hofferI need this dress but I cannot even imagine doing what you did to make this.
Sayler phillipsMe going to download the pdf, knowing I don’t know how to sew.
Claire angeline harveyNow I wanna get a big skirt and twirl around. This is going to look gorgeous!
ShawntaizyIt is magical and so fluffy you just made my day beautiful. Thank you, you’re amazing.
Girl who loves fantasyThis is my next goal, in gonna make this when I get married, I dont want a traditional white dress. I want this version of cinderella’s dress as my wedding dress.
Anna sámelováThe twirling at the end took my breath away. Soooo gorgeous.
Taco tacoStunning!If I was doing this work I’d personally also add a few layers. I feel like during the ballroom scene when kit picks up cinderella it looks like there are layers between the dress and the cage and then more layers of fabric under the cage what you could maybe use for your tuele.
Loretta 253Excuse me?I need you to wear this dress and run on a field or an abandoned castle. If you don’t, I will. I will literally not take it off once I wear it.
LyamainuThe patience that you have is absolutely astounding!I would have been so frustrated working with such huge amounts of slippery fabric and fitting it all under the machine. The ending was worth it though, it was sooooo beautiful when you spun around!
Michael colemanI am so glad you’re making this, and I get to watch it all come together without having to do any of that work!What amazing dedication, and the petticoat alone is a masterpiece.
Hampt doggieThe seam that you did at the start is called a welt seam.
Daria stalionsSpent this entire video just saying “you are braver than any us marine” over and over again.
Naomi mottramThat swooshing is so satisfying.
Margaret lennoxWould be intersting to know the final weight of the petticoat alone; how much from those 9 pounds are just from frill madness?Lol.
Lydia dameI would literally never wear anything else.
Kitt davittUse up. The left overs to make a little girls version, for a little girl in your life.
Beatriz zachariasI’m highly tempted to recreate the dress. It’s just three little tiny tiny things. 1. I don’t have the skills. 2. I don’t have the money. And im afraid I could waste the beautiful fabric with my jack of all trade hands.
Jackson purcellMaam you dont understand the amount I would pay for that oml it is stunning magical and the fact you single handedly created this magic- talent!
Alison aussieAmo os eua, um dia irei conhecer esse país maravilhoso, terra celebridades americanas!
Sognatrice delle favoleI would wear that everywhere. Even to the grocery store!No one can stop my madness!
Naomi villachicaI started to tear up when you showed the finished product because it’s so beautiful!
Give me the dieYou’re literally a genius!I love this amazing!
Andrielly dublagensNot a seamstress here, but, honestly, as a person who had done historical recreation, you are out of your mind and it’s beautiful.
Chris williamAbsolutely gorgeous.
Ellipszilon qNow this is a dress for social distancing if ever I’ve seen one.
Ysabel birminghamI can’t even imagine the procces of washing this, like ever, so much frills and fabric!But the final result will be totally worth it, the petticoat itself is already the prettier thing I’ve ever seen.
Angel v GarrettYou did a fabulous job on this petticoat! It took an incredible amount of patience and skill. I’m intermediate level with sewing but I want to be like you when I grow up.
Calum galbraithThis is literal perfection I’m actually tearing up at how beautiful this is. Thanks so much for all this wonderfully detailed content bella mae!It makes my goal of making this dress one day feel attainable.
Maria skibniewskaI love how poofy it is!It has such amazing movement and its so huge!
Maricella wrightAt this point I would be out of my mind because of amount of work and patience this gown requires.
Nicole’s speechtherapy4uAmazing!The patience, the detail, the movement of the petticoat, all of it!
Amy sYou are an absolute dream, this is visionary. It has been so lovely going along this journey with you!
Alaska cosplayIt’s so crazy how fast it happens now!
Kathleencade17The fluffiness and lightness of that petticoat is so satisfying to watch.
CrazyfrytkaYou look like the prettiest jellyfish that ever swam the open seas but I would absolutely never attempt anything like this, ever. Can’t wait to see the next episode!
Kate kilgourWow!The amount of sewing you did for “just the petticoats” could have been at a couple of video’s!Absolutely beautiful work as usual, it’s so gorgeous already and it’s not even the outer skirt and bodice yet!
Alyssa proschIt’s so big it’s one thing to see a ridiculously large ball gown in a fantasy movie surrounded by other elaborate gowns, it’s another things to see it in a real house surrounded by normal things!I wonder how large the diameter is when. Your standing.
Pauline straussI love how excited you were when you finished it :d. You seemed so happy to just be messing with the flow of the layers. And this is just the petticoat!
Chikin chikinAbsolutely gorgeous! I assume the triangles are to reduce fullness near the waist, to keep it as narrow as possible.
Rebeca stancaThe twirling at the end make my heart so happy.
Turquoise2013I’m showing to this video to the next family member who tells me that I need to start taking commissions and making money off of my sewing hobby, cause I don’t think the realize how much work goes into things .
S TolleyI would never stop twirling and swirling!How utterly magical.
Jonathan rodriguezI’m stunned!Now I want to do the same and it makes me sad to know I probably never will but I’m wondering: why in de world would people be so petty to dislike this video?
Millie griffithsIt looks so beautiful. My inner 5 year old self loves you!
Kimmi fosterIt looks like a magical sea jellyfish, like in the best way ever.
Meghan mcgowanIt looks incredible!And it moves so beautifully, it’s so impressive, I don’t know how you get through all that sewing!I think that seam on the underlayers is a felled seam also, or it’s very similar at least. I’m used to seeing them done by hand but I think it’s the same general concept.
Wynne whitten-holmesThis is absolutely breathtaking, your strength and determination is next level!I loved when you tried it on!I’m now actually really curious about how it all falls without the crinoline.
Otakus playgroundYou are magical I swear, you are a one-woman team, quite literally. It took a large group of designers and seamsters to make the original dress(es) and here you are, making it all by yourself not even from an official pattern, you made this yourself!That is truly amazing, I honestly look up to you.
Abok bSomehow, I have a feeling you had more fun in bopping (bippity boppity boo) around in this petticoat than you did sewing it. The patience, girl!
Kerry takashiYou said “and then we repeat for the next tier” somewhere but it kinda sounded like “for the next year” and honestly if this isnt the summary of this petticoat.
Rowan detmersI want to wear this petticoat and exist in it forever. I don’t care about the impracticalities. I want it.