Yall ready for another makeup mystery box unboxing?! this time i paid a fan $300 to make me one from INDIA!!! yall I have been requested so much to do a makeup box from india so I am thrilled to finally be able to do this!!! what do you think of the box!?!?!


Chantal BromleyIf someone does and Australian one and doesn’t send Manny a “CU in the NT” stubbie holder, ima be pissed.
Sky Sky“It’s not my shade” sounded like my Irish Siri LOL love ya manny!
Georgi HughesWhoever edited this is chaotic. Im here for it.
KatrinebanderssenMe watching while thinking “what would I have chosen”
I’m from Denmark, and would love to make a box! I work in the industry as well
Aishwarya GuptaThese are mid-range best quality makeup brands. The cost of each product is around $7-$12 at the most.
Varada PhadkayI didn’t imagine I’d see a day where Manny MUA falls in love with Soan Papdi and Little Hearts! More love from India Manny!
Nikita ThawaniI’m not at all salty that I wasn’t the one chosen from India…I’m not. I promise. Seriously. I’m not. I’m fine.
Jannel Ashlee“I LOVE A FAT TIP” looks into camera omgggg the editing. I’m still laughing.
Patrycja HieronimczukNEXT SHOULD BE POLAND, we have sooooo many veryyyy good Polish brands, that I want you to try Manny!
Seerat GogiaDon’t worry, our complexion products are no one’s shade.
Jasmin WHey, I was wondering where I could ask you about sending u a package.
lost_ soulWhen he finds Khakhra spicy, but we eat the entire packet in one go because we don’t find it spicy at all.
BlackSpaceYeah. India and US customs are something. I’ve had an issue with them every single time. Everyone I know has faced some shit boo.
Rishika ShettyI knew he’d start choking from all our spices even before the video started.
Katlynn ClarkI’m Indian myself so it’s so hard to find the perfect shade for myself. I’m dark asf during the summer and I lighten a bit during winter but lord I hate shopping for my foundation.
AnmolAs an Indian, I legit laughed my ass off hearing your pronunciations. Anyways Love you Manny.
Sofia FinkAm I the only one who didn’t think his foundation initially was that bad?
Sheen KhannaI’m so glad that she is from my motherland and she added the BESTTTT PRODUCTSSS.
Sahal AnsariKay beauty is by an Indian actress, Katrina Kaif. She has some good stuff, her setting powder and her lip crayons ate gorgeous.
Akanksha KonarForeigner does something remotely related to India
Indians : Avengers we have been summoned.
Nicole SaeternI love how manny is doing these culture series and he loves to explore other cultures/countries. not many people are open minded like this so i’m glad manny is doing this!
Zen ZGod we have pale foundation more than dark one. But that one is so dark.
Allison DailyI can’t even tell your foundation shade is off. You keep saying “ we’ll make it work” and I’m screaming because I don’t think it’s that bad.
Supreet KaurThat was all medium range makeup. The only high end brands we have are international.
Namrata PalitOmmgggg just started watching and can’t stop laughing those shaking effects with every crunch!! I can’t with You.
Nathalia ChrisantiaHey! Indonesia has a lot of interesting makeup, if you want it, I can just send you some.
Edit: every culture in Indonesia has their own unique makeup products. So excited!
Jess ErmacoraNot even half way through but the eyes at “ I like a thick tip” NEVER! I died! Laughing so hard at you!
Kaylee PalermoI love how manny still does YouTube even after having a makeup company.
Roman SalasBoy I love watching you suffer through everything the hot snacks the wrong shade of foundation and that edit of the brow gone sent me.
Veronica WatkinsWhen Manny said “oh its thick” and then he did the sound effect of “thick”…I straight up cackled.
Robin SandersMerch…got mine! Can’t wait to sing “Back and the Brows are Filled” while wearing my merch!
Briana IstreWho edited this video? Give them a raise. Right now.
noel shriverI haven’t tripped in a long while.. Manny is already hyper and this editing is making me feel like I’m having a flashback!!
Anna O’LoughlinManny, after you finish your makeup from different countries, you should pick a person from each state in the US!That would be fun for us!
ckb477I’m literally laughing out loud during your journey with the foundation and concealer. I’ve never laughed this much in your video.
Stephanie AyalaI love it when he is like don’t try to tell me this lashes are gold when their copper.
The Ice PrincessaYou choking on the spicy food and I’m over here like “GIVE ME THE SPICY FOOD TODAY”
taylor hutsonHave you ever thought of sending pr makeup mystery boxes back so they can review us makeup toooo that would be such a great idea.
angelicdemon1333You look warm n golden, that happened with me when ipsy gave me a darker shape tape, but I love the shape tape. N I love t glow.
Farnoush SaidiWhen I go to Iran they’re lightest shade is too dark for me too.
Yamini RanadeOk but imagine manny in a kurta omggg, missed opportunity.
Dunnia DanisherManny, I’m from Costa Rica, haven’t lived there since I was 7 but the culture is amazing, beautiful people! How about there?
Samantha LWhy was the first thing that came to mind when he smelled the first snack and talked about it being spicy was the tiktok sound “why is it spicy”
Nikita ThawaniManny calling put PAC on the lashes!!! Finally someone said it!
Bacon BacoffForever impressed with the amount of tongue rolls Manny can fit into a single “it is what it is”
AnDeSa SistersIs it wrong that we sing the “back and the brows are filled” song after other youtubers do their eyebrows?
Joy MatthewsHe complained about the lashes but I really thought that they looked fine.
Joy RodriguezI love these unboxing videos manny, you should do a “best of,” around the world make up video with everything youve tried so far!
Fatima Sayeed AmaniMuskan has done a great job. She sent some of the top selling products. Love the video.
Skyla LewisOh my goodness. When you tried the first snack I lost my sh*t.
Allyson SixxManny ALWAYS has THEE BEST EDITING EVVERRR! He inserted a clip from the movie Se7eN lmao. “WHATS IN THE BOXXXXX?” I’m dying over here!
Joanna P.OK this is very random and weird but Manny, I found out we have the same sun moon and rising sign. Just putting it out there hey twin.
Mehak ShettyDaaam I’ve waited for this soooo long. I was waiting for him to eat all the snacks, would have DEFENETLY needed some water with all that spice.
Angela FoxI just raided a GS25 here in Seoul for 20 dollars and walked out with hella snacks and drinks, I can’t even imagine if I hit that store up with 300.
Samantha MinnieThis was a missed opportunity to use Desi music for “back and the brows are filled”
Tiffani WhiteI love the Manny’s energy. Always a highlight to my day.
Closet Quorum By Durga SinghI think one thing he loved the most was – little hearts. I don’t share those with ANYONE.
Noddra TaylorAfter you get all the countries that you intend to do, I would love to see a video of the best products from each country for one look.
MaryJane80When ever you have enough items, you should do a video using one favorite item from each country, honorable mention, etc.
King PettyThe edits every time you take a bite of something has me DYING!
Sarah BLoved this, he did an amazing job. That lip holy heck. I LOVE IT.
Tiffany BYou should do a whole video using those face filters! They’re hilarious.
chapplepeach29The concealer literally looks like you painted a yellow bird on your face. Natural in a different way.
Ulzzang BeautyI really need to get the back and the brows are filled merch!
Real Leigh Real BeautyYour editor is getting better and better. I laughed out loud so many times because of all those cute edits. Great job!
Jenny AndersonI agree. This editing is LIT! Whoever did this had way too much fun.
TINArryes XOXOThis was one of my favorites of all the mystery boxes from somewhere else.
Nilufer DusaraOh my! Me being from India, i was sooooo excited to see this video… The snacks were the best part! The way you pronounced every food name was super cuttee!
Faith FoscoYou should do one with one of our indigenous reservations! You’ll probably get Pepsi but there are amazing beauty brands like cheek bone beauty.
Mani ManaswiniThank god there’s aloo bhujia in there. Cuz that’s all I’ve been imagining. The day mannu gets a mystery box from India and there’s aloo bhujia in it.
Misty BWhen you turned the light down can you actually keep it there? That looked so much better!