I Turned Myself Into Holiday Barbie 2020!

Oops, I did it again. But don’t worry this video has nothing to do with Britney Spears.


Jacob Wollam“Obba Dobba” and “Cheesy Weezy” had me on the floor laughing.
Jess Wagstrom“Pinned the curls until they cooled” This just explained why curling irons never work for me and honestly blew my mind a little bit.
Damsel Darnell will religiously believe that Holiday Barbie 2020 should have just been Barbie in sweats and with bed hair.
João Victor CunhaDid she just rips A BUNCH OF HAIR FROM THE BACK OF HER HEAD omg I died that was so painful to watch.
Hermione can’t draw lol micarah acting surprised that she made a play on words is literally mee.
Jiashi ZhaoThe season wouldn’t be complete without Micarah being a gold barbie.
Panda SafariMicarah that transition into the sponsor was so seamless I didn’t even realize it was sponsored or a sec.
Winifred MaeNot editing huge baddie lashes on your baby picture is a crime.
clairoxWhen you ripped your hair out the back of your head my whole life changed.
Mariah OkaneI swear Micarah is the only person who can make hearing about a brand deal entertaining.
Mo NeteJudy Garland and Incontinent jokes sit together at the table.
Happy’s AltThe people who called this the “ugly pee dress” needs to be stopped.
clare stI woke up this morning wondering when Micarah would turn herself into the holiday Barbie.
Jordan WebbYou should make one of the schylure sisters dresses from hamilton.
amtoThat was the longest ad break ever but I can’t say I was disappointed.
Living ListedYou’re more perfect and spectacular than Barbie. Aside from eating the snow. That was a bit gross.
Olivia TorokI was starting to worry that she would skip it should of known she would never let me down.
Andréea ChamallowMicarah doesn’t want any glue on her lashes BUT she intentionally burns herself with a glue gun to put together some fabric.
Marcella GalambosI watched too much historical costube, the fact that the skirt isn’t starting at your actual waist is bothering me too much.
Allý Cally“How did she get inside the Barbie box with the tree?” I need so much sleep.
Shreya PanchalShe is the main character, and we’re living in her world.
Sarah SI love how she cracks dumb blond jokes with that Marilyn wig.
Giulia CWho else thinks Micarah has such a pretty voice!
MoondreamerThis should just be a series where Micarah makes herself into Barbies.
Zee BeeHonestly, Micarah is so lovely that I hoped that this was gonna be sponsored by Mattel. Oh well, maybe next year.
Lol ZAM“No more glue” says the girl who hot glued a fake beard on her face. Micarah’s that girl. We stan that girl.
Sarah PI still can’t over the fact that’s she just pulls out her hair in the back I will never not be shocked when she does that.
Fifi LilDid anyone realise that in the background when she was doing her hair there was a barbie?
Maria GkoutzigianniThe fact that micarah makes dress making seem so easy is more than motivating. Thank you so much.
Samonica NgoThe dress is giving me a belle vibes from beauty and the beast.
Je-va-duhI just love how she’s herself this is exactly what the people need.
miah nealeI don’t even mind watching the adverts that she makes. They are just as good as the rest of the content in the video, unlike all of the other YouTubers out there.
Swarada InamdarProbably the only youtuber whose brand endorsements I actually watch.
Oscar TholleIt would be amazing to see you cover Marilyn’s “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” and watch you make the dress!
Klára PlánkováI literally go goosebumbs when she riiped her hair out.
Jasmine JonesShe should make another channel that just has her elite fashion statements.
Lauren smithThe only sponsored spiel I’ve never skipper through.
Du KuEvery time she pulls her hair from the back of her neck my anxiety intensifies.
X3N0L3EI needed this after the day I have had . Wasn’t too keen on the hair pulling out tho but micarah is a bad ass she feels no pain.
MyKayla HillI love this video but the hair pulling almost set my trich off.
J TaggThe way you RIP your hair out of your head ages me 15 years every time.
Kylie WeaverThe first time i ever loved, enjoyed and was convinced to buy a sponsored product.
Gia and Emi’s WorldYou’re actually a good singer tho!
Brianna HoodThe stick figure sketch is an accurate representation of my drawing skills.
Saskia YoungThe jokes in this video actually made me laugh so much fhjhdsghjks me and my mum are making our own christmas crackers this year so im gonna throw some of those jokes in there.
Shawna JonesI really like the lights in the tool, it added this really cool effect.
Simon HowThis reminded me that her brother has a barbie tattoo I don’t know why but something tells me Micarah has something to do with it.
Habiba NaseemCan we just talk about how gorgeous her singing is?
arkhamraider 96Mariah’s is the best Christmas song of all time.
lissyemmyIt’s comforting to know I’m not the only retail alumnus who finds themselves instinctively straightening displays whenever they go shopping.
Ash MWe need a full video of Micarah doing Marilyn Monroe outfits.
Mandi LuDarn, I just hate it when I try to make a holiday barbie dress, and accidently make a Marilyn Monroe dress.