I’m Traveling Back in Time for this Special Nail Design.

I create a stunning set of 3D Vintage Nails by Sculpting Acrylic Nails and then adding Recycled Jewelry to create this unique Nail Art Design!


ZanyI need a vlog day in the life of the nail tech wearing those nails!
lilymohsyeI would like to know how Suzie is going to wash her hair!
maxfromaccountingThe production values on your vids are insane. Kudos to Cameraman!
A-Jayne WilliamsJust incredible work, I love her energy.
Ruth EI really like this channel, it’s so fun. Thanks for sharing your creativity. The nails looked amazing!
Maryellen CThe O ring is called a jump ring. I love taking apart jewelry to repurpose it. I do it all the time when i make my own jewelry.
Maxine VangThis is giving me cardi B vibes. All that bling!
TravisPDo you ever call Cameraman “Cameraman” accidentally when you aren’t filming?
Beautiful PrincessWhy do I feel this vintage style is Suzies actual real style?! She wears this very well!
Nan FredmanThe steampunk nail video was one of the first I saw of Susie’s! This is so fun.
Hello StrangersYou blew the roof off on this set girl just majestic love it.
ChromicLightsI wonder if you used techniques from CardiB’s nail tech when applying the vintage “bling”
Tasfia AhsanThe editing style is amazing and so refreshing!
ChromicLightsThe last time I was this early, nobody knew what a coronavirus was.
Shannon SchwabI remember pierced nails in the 80s. It’s been a while since you have had so much on your station.
Michelle StragaI will always remember that you had a parasol in your wedding. You are so creative! I love your videos.
Becky FrostOnly you could put together something old and make it new and beautiful. Love those nails!
ParquitaBonitaYou look SO fabulous, the background looks SO fabulous, and these nails are everything! This is my fave video of yours 100%!
Lisa Tash“This is where creativity happens” Love that, love this , thanks Suzie.
Ashleigh LathamI love these and that little giggle that you do is so freakin adorable!
Marina RiquelmeI love that Victorian Era when Casanova existed that must have being fun.
Isaac HaltonI absolutely love the aesthetic of the video!
Samantha BlanchardCameraman is out doing himself on this production value.
amanda maxieSo gorgeous. You did an amazing job. I’m aspiring to be this good.
rockpaperskizzersLove this level of extra! There’s so much going on with these nails and I love it!
ChromicLightsThe last time I was this early, shane dawson was still relevant.
Amanda LynnI love this Suzie!! I’ve been watching you for years now, so I gotta say, the fancier your background the less you toss behind you, and I really love when you do that.
Kayla GrechOmg I loved this so much. The music, the backdrop, the hair and the nails.
Jackie GarciaCutest intro ever! Love all of the special details.
Michael BarnesHey can you recommend a good dryer that I can buy my wife. She has literally almost everything that you use in your videos accept a dryer.
JillThe nails a beautiful!! Thank you camera man for editing! I loved every minute of it.
COVER2 COVERAbsolutely beautiful! Love it! I have those drilled charms with thec screw from the 80′ s I’m going to bring them back again thanks to you.
higgarocSooo fancy shmancy! You are amazing- the editing, music, vintage looks- delightful. Dream Team!
Chezamoonangel AiEmmaI love the vintage look, vintage clothing, items, furniture, and stlye do love your setup and nails look gorgeous.
Arianna MediciAbsolutely stunning Suzie. Really liked the time travel you and cameraman did well done. Your shoe size is tiny I wear a size 10 woman’s shoe. Firmly planted on the world.
Rhonda LandryI love the concept of this video! And the design is gorgeous.
Karrie carebearLove this set a thousand times over!
naildbyCharlie pLove this entire video! Talk about magazine worthy set of nails!
Josephine MenoI love everything about this! Love the vintage look.
Alexandra HillI should be painting my living room but yet here I am!
Cate SmithYou’re videos make my day so much better!
sweeteuthiedollDon’t worry, Suzie! You will always be Cameraman’s Cinderella! I loved this video, you can tell you really enjoyed the content and the music and editing is TOP notch.
Evie PaganI absolutely love how these nails came out. Will definitely be checking out the 3D flower tutorial.
Gillian SilvesterWoooow, they are amazing. I bet that catches in your hair though. Yeah my Nanna pierced my ears when I was 3days old, darning needle and potato in the 50s.
Justine HutchinsonI loved the music in this video! Cheerful and seasonal.
Ellie AIt looks like you had so much fun creating that beautiful set!! And I had fun watching! Thank you for sharing! Really pretty!
GetinaThese are absolutely beautiful! I am definitely going to try these!
Annah VSuzie you’re such an amazing artist these are my favorite set by far!
Sarah FThis is such a wonderful design I love the theme and background. I’m having a very hard day my lizard is in the ER and your videos are really a refuge for me today. Thank you for sharing.
Shanneek HopeLove your imagination flawless enjoy this video shelf going back in time amazing.
LaurieHow much fun! You combined my two loves jewelry and nail art into one gorgeous look. Thank you so much for posting!
Kayla BrandonI would love to see like a whole series of different decades and stuff.
OuDillon SHer outfit gives me lifeeeee like come on sis!
R YVery fun idea. Can I just say the cameraman is fantastic on this channel? Amazing editing is one of the major things that sets this channel apart. Can you do a video on how you film all those shots?
Casey MartinI loved the sugarplum music. You do a Nutcracker theme!
alizae sozaThank you for always going all out with your videos! One of my favorite nail design and themes and as always it is a pleasure watching your videos!
Kay Gerritsen – BlaneySuzie you are gold! Thanks for the giggle.
FightLikeAGirlI don’t normally like music in nail videos but I love this.
Olga VasquezSo beautiful, I love them thanks for sharing.
Rachel LouiseI think I like this set over all the sets you have done. I love roses and vintage anything. Gorgeous!
monika AndersonI love this video, it was fun to watch you. Those nails are beautiful.
Pamela TaylorMy favorite thing is that you throw trash be home you on the floor!
Paula Diehl-GriffinI has so much fun watching you create your vintage look! I love your enthusiasm!
Wendy SmithThis was a very cute video. I really enjoyed watching this.
Siver BeautyI love the concept of this video!
Shamon JacksonNever would I think to do this! Absolutely beautiful.
Nancy LirianoOh those nails came out fabulous! I love that vintage look! They are really bulky, though, but still look awesome! Loved the video! Thanks for sharing!
Elicia AdamsSuzie that hairstyle is gorgeous on you! The nails are beautiful too.
Laura HThose are beyond impressive wow.
Created by AnnetteOne of my favorite videos. I have watched it 3 times already. Please make more of these videos. Super fun!
justwaaaaThese came out so beautiful and it was so fun to watch.
Li LiI really want to see a vid on how you did the bolt nails.
RamieLeshaVery beautiful! Also excellent effects for the video Cameraman!
Joyce ReidThat is how I pierced my ears too I did a third and fourth hole.
joseperez670Love your videos! But I have to say the music this time was a little more distracting. I know it was with the theme though.

Brooke RoadmanHow long would you keep nails like this on? They’re so pretty but I know they would drive me nuts within minutes of trying to do anything!/div>

Corset KittenI wore charms and mail studs. Always got caught on my clothing and hair.
Janie OneloveYou made me smile. So adorable you and camera man.
Lourdes SanchezSo beautiful I love everything.
MichelleYou look so gorgeous in this video.
Yoon MinThis whole video is a masterpiece.
aritoastSo they had Croc nails in the 80s? Y’all remember the Croc pins? Humans just like to put holes and pins in everything.
Emma ChaseWhat a creative concept for a video. Thank you!
Elena WellsI’d like to see how you take these off!
Janice willsLove them. A little busy for me but I still love them.
Bubble O Bill SonThis just became my favourite video. Such a fun video idea and so creative on the nail side of things. Love it.
JustynaJulitaWow! It’s everything so creative in your videos, your nails, your creativity, your beautiful backgrounds, cameramen’s video making and everything it concerns. I love so much your work.
ElizabethI wanna see the after video where you tell us how long you kept them off and then show us you popping everything off and destroying them.
YariI love how much fun you had adding all those vintage items to your nails it looks amazing! Which gel did you use to adhere everything? I’ve been looking for a good bling gel for the longest.
Molly KSuzie you are such an amazing person and such an inspiration!
jellysofaCameraman’s camera work is exceptional. The editing and music selection is top tier as well. The music at 23:00 and 24:22 was too funny lol. I always enjoy these productions!
Tina LouiseAbsolutely loved how much fun this video was.