Jlo Denies Botox, Claims it’s Olive Oil – WTF the Truth

Today I will be addressing an issue with Hollywood Celebrities, and the things they say that hurt women everywhere. Specifically Jennifer Lopez and her denial of cosmetic procedures, and saying that it is all just Olive oil.


Slay NetworkEven if Jlo did not have Botox it’s wrong for her to say things like it’s not my style when she’s clearly blessed with good genes and most people are not.
Anastasios ManiosWe have plenty of olive oil in Greece, none of the Greek women look like JLo.
Sh ZThis woman literally had Ashanti and others sing over her songs cos she can’t sing.
LindaKylie Minogue who is 52 and also looks amazing said that she “tried everything that exists” to look younger. That´s my girl!:-) What JLo did is offensive and I wouldn´t buy her stuff for that.
S GWell, if what she’s saying is true, I’ll just use olive oil. No need for her more expensive products.
May ZombieJ-lo’s career was built off of lies, are we really suprised she’s lying?
Isaiah CarrollMadonna pulled the same crap 3 years ago with her skin care line.
Legacy LaruéSoo, I guess she’s injecting olive oil? Kids don’t try this at home.
Greta BelleShe even said “I’m not that kind of person” like bish what does she even mean by that. Looks like her line is gonna flop.
TinaIf olive oil is her skincare secret, then why does she have a new skincare line?
Aleksandra MSnake oil, not olive oil lol. She was just confused.
Chrissy MHer whole beauty line should just be bottles of olive oil and sunscreen then.
Arabella KashmirJ lo is always lying. Her vocals are a lie, her Career is a lie, she’s a lie. I’m not surprised!
Cecilia ThorneI mean Jlo lying is nothing knew. Her whole music career has been shady.
Bella RoseYe Jennifer define “that” person. I’d rather be “that” person than whatever person Jennifer is.
WhisperSonnetJlo definitely looks like she’s had a facelift. A good one, but still.
Neda SCan you also make a video about Shakira? In her new music video she looks like she’s in her 20’s.
LaNisha JacksonY is she Trying to sell us a hyaluronic acid when she just said she use olive oil. Makes no goddamn sense.
Grand_Wizard of_GoWYou’re doing important work! There’s nothing wrong about getting something done.
But if you’re selling an illusion, that’s messed up!
Cat MeadowsI’d like to see an analysis of Shawn Mendes. His looks like he’s had rhinoplasty and maybe more. He’s turned from a handsome young man to a pretty boy IMO.
theworldisyoursI’ve never seen Lorry this fired up. Thanks for calling J-Lo out girl!! Her fans deserve the truth.
Nisia ManciniIt’s her I’m not that person comment that bothered me. Reminded me of when Nichole Kidman said she tried Botox once and hated it. I loved your rant. Your always kind and compassionate so I’m glad you said this in your sweet way.
*slab6046I watched a video of a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon who said he used to laugh when he watched TV info-commercials. They were all of his famous patients selling beauty potions claiming this $79.00 cream was their secret to youth.
KU4EVER100She should’ve at least admitted to retinol or tretinoin usage over the years.
Jasmine MayI laughed so hard when I saw that article. Plus most pictures and videos of her are filtered to hell. She looks much older in real life- obviously that’s not a bad thing at all but she’s got everyone believing she still looks 25.
Candace SibleyI completely agree, Lorry! It broke my heart to see women saying they wished they looked like her and going on about how natural she is.
R MekhailBut her face is different today! It’s just so subtle and clearly done by a genius!! When her brand launched, I went back to the video you did on her face and neck lift. Easiest money I ever saved!
Jesseca WOMG Anthony!! I love him so much. Someday I’d like to travel to get a mini facelift done by him.
Stephanie LewisThis is just one of the many reasons I love you: transparency.
Sara SimpsonWhen I heard she said this I was like well I’m not buying that skin care no way.
Any AdonilarI think you should do a video why celebrities deny plastic surgery. That will be interesting.
Ima Go ApeshtI’ve actually been using olive oil for the past three years in place of my nightly face cleanse. Still have had to get regular Botox treatments and I’m only 34.
Kate DandolionWow this was so well spoken. You’re so eloquent and your points are so solid and clearly well informed. I admire you!
AbbyI agree with you, Lorry. I can’t believe anything she says this point going foward.
B. GarayI’m so thankful your channel exist. It’s helping me a lot to see the reality and start feeling better about myself. Thank you!
Elizabeth EngShe’s had lots of work , I’m not surprised she would say that. Olive oil is great but doesn’t take away saggy skin.
Veronica VargasShe wants everybody to think that she’s a Goddess that never ages, like the rest of us.
Unknown UserShe looks good regardless and still looks the same from the early 2000’s so if she did have worked done they did a good ass job cause she looks amazing.
Sandra Jenner FordWhen i saw her ig i was like, really?! Yes, olive oil is amazing but theres no such thing of what she’s claiming. Ive always like J.Lo but not on this side. Sorry.
Nathan SolomonCould you please do Amal Clooney, Jordyn Woods and Zoe Krawitz? Much love.
Ella MIf JLo says olive oil is the best thing for her skin then why doesn’t she sell that instead.
Su 19The skincare industry is thinking the customers are stupid.
pamela salvoAgree with every word you said Lori. Bravo! Well said.
747 vonThank for this clarifying analysis.
Leen ArtI want to see Jennifer’s doctor right now I want to see his reaction.
Min Yue YongI wish you would do Bebe Rexha!! She too denied about getting work done.
Secret SantaActually everything you need to look young is in the produce section and condiments aisle of the grocery store.
Maria HeidtFirst of all olive oil is pore clogging! You cannot put this on your face.
Kristian JimenezCurrently rubbing olive oil on my face, also ya boy loves me sum botox so ill be doing both cuz im that person.
RealMiMiRoseShe could be telling the truth about not using “botox” but that doesn’t mean she didn’t use Dysport.
Zinhle DladlaThis is the same woman who lied about singing her songs in the early 2000s. So why are we surprised that she lies.
MeI respect anyone’s right to remain silent on the work they’ve had done but when they lie like this, especially to sell their own products, it’s so gross.
B GI saw that ad just recently, I had to roll my eyes big time, so disappointing and insulting.
JYou’re right! Dr. Youn showed how she’s had two nose jobs, Botox and other procedures.
A CrisafulliWas waiting for this video x It was kind of embarrassing for her, I still love her though.
Charlie SmithThank you! I’m an esthetician and feel awful for my clients who use these celebrity skincare lines that are just money grabs, and don’t understand when I tell them to achieve their results they will need Botox, fillers, and surgeries.
UnderyourbedeyesLove this video, queen. Let’s get some makeup and hair videos soon!
C GIt would be interesting to dive into plastic surgery among royalty. Maybe the queen in her youth, or Kate Middleton if you haven’t already.
E V LTotally with you on this Lorry. Every comment you made here makes total sense. We prefer authenticity.
Bettys EyesonYes, I was thinking the same. She lost some of her forehead lines she had during her first movies, in my opinion botox has definitely been used, she just wants to sell her products.
Tea MI really like your unfiltered opinion, it’s straight to the point and honest. While I was never a huge Jlo fan her deception ruined any chance of me buying her products.
LizaThank you for making this video! When I saw the ad, I wondered how you would respond.
KristinaI’m so glad you made this video! That was my first thought when I heard her tout olive oil. Love that you make these videos so the rest of us can stay sane in how we feel about our appearances.
SamadhiThis is why it’s difficult for me to be a fan. This and so many other things, She is so unrelatable and out of touch.
Christine GilbertOlive oil does suit some skins and seems to having a toning effect.
M VYass as soon as I saw her commercial, I thought of you!
Gloria0082First time here! I just subbed! Your rant was fire. Your rt she does and they think we are stupid. Smh. You look more stupid lieing then being humble is rt.
Suzie QShe even recently had another round of lipo on her body!
StormbornKingIf you want an inoffensive, NATURAL Latina with an amazing brain, Shakira is your choice.
DarkshadowMaybe jlo did not get botox and her perfect skin is partly due to filters, photo editing and video editing. In some pics on Google she dose have age detail.
BanxI agree though, it’s reprehensible that she’s lying. But still, she has me like damn what a fine woman.
monica reynosoWhen I first saw this product and I was like “sure JLO…sure.” She expects us to think that she doesn’t get extra stuff to make her look young.
PurplePinkRedYes! She’s just trying to market her beauty line! Complete deception indeed!
LWell, yes, I do believe people will believer her because when I was in my early 20s, I had no idea about botox and how to spot it.
Suzette DexterWhat about Cindy Crawford’s skincare line? Will you cover it?
Christian TurnerCompletely agree! I respect people wanting to keep plastic surgery private, but not when your hawking a skin care line. Its false promises.
Miss Chrissy98Thank you for calling her out! No way I believed her!