Kelly Is Shocked By Mom & Daughter’s Twin-Like Looks.

Kelly cannot get over how much 43-year-old mom, Joleen, looks like her teenage daughter, Meilani. To help crack the genetic code, she’s invited Olay beauty expert, Danielle Gray, to share tips for reducing fine lines and wrinkles on our own. Hint: It all starts with a great at-home skincare routine!


JinjiAre they Asian? Cause I was gonna say, Asian don’t raisin, you know.
Icey8682I wish we could have heard more about what the mom does rather than about Olay.
Fir ka LaliI loves how Kelly is so self-deprecating. She is a global superstar yet she is so humble. And she also looks young for her age.
EekedelicThis must be the Jolene that Dolly Parton was talking about.
Ammarah MayGenes, exercise, a good diet, and some ethnicities people don’t age at all.
luv2travel2000She uses glycolic acid, vitamin C & retinol on her skin which is why her skin looks AMAZING & she looks so young. Plus she exercises & has a healthy lifestyle. Bottom line: anyone can do this!
Samantha MillerIs no one gonna acknowledge Kelly’s winning personality that brought her so far in this world like her worth goes farther than her skin and figure.
D YoungIf that guy was her husband, his on-camera appearance was deliberate to let everyone know that the mom was taken.
Jennifer WüthrichI kinda wanna see the mom up close and without makeup.
NurseMegzYa. Genes make a big difference. Also, diet and exercise y’all.
The Joy Of LifeThe three products she uses and sunscreen goes a long way. Start young, see a dermatologist, and get chemical peels.
Ruben Nurse1980Wow those women look so beautiful. What a beautiful mother. Kelly is also very beautiful.
chill WillKelly is beautiful and sexy so she should never feel down.
MemorylogvideosDepending on the picture, I thought the daughter was the mom.
K de la CruzAs someone with a baby face, this kind of stuff gives me hope.
javimakesmusicI can’t put my finger on it but it’s something about Joleens smile that makes her look so young. This was a really fun story!
Neil PerryKelly is absolutely gorgeous and doesn’t look her age.
E LouiseThe mom looks great, but I can still tell which one is the mom.
heartsofgoldenrodThis is a beautiful relationship between mother and daughter.
Lay ‘O La LakotaShe might have her child as young age and take care of herself.
Don TennisThis is normal in the Asian community. Many asian women in their 40s still look very young.
marsquidwardLiterally thought the daughter was the mom at first! I’m in complete shock.
Clyde MorganYou can kind of see the mother has a slightly fuller face but she still looks great.
Honeysuckle JonesThe mom looks younger than her daughter! So gorgeous!
Cristela FloresDang I have Dolly Parton’s Jolene song in my head! What if that song was about this Jolene!
Dial M StyleI wish Kelly would stop putting herself down!
Anna CastilloShe’s skinny and that’s makes her younger and good genes are important.
SiennaThe key to looking young is being asian. Nothing else matters.
M HI love Kelly! She is so honest! Haha some women are struggling with their looking and this lady come looking amazing? Haha that is crazy!
Ms Pretty KawaiiThe mother’s body is in great shape. Our weight plays a big part in our overall appearance.
Budleee BazzI just bought Olay 24 and I really like the texture and how smooth it felt on the skin.
Tiffany MooreHer mother is the same age as me. I’m telling you my generation is the best! These women in their 40’s look better than some of these women in their 20’s.
Brooke SmithWhy does the Mon sound so young too? Like she has a young demeanor and voice. It does make me suspect to her age.
TheGrey JacketI thinks Kelly looks beautiful even for her age. She actually looks younger though.
Valerie GerardSo genetically blessed!! Didn’t happen in my family tree though.
Leondria BlackmanJolene, looks like an adult Mulan.
letysalasI had the best skin until this year. I look 5 years older than last year.