Makartt x Emily Susanah Poly Gel Kit

I have a kit with Macartt. I’ve been sitting here for about two hours trying to find words to talk about this. This is insane to me.


Delon AlexanderNot gon lie I told my parents canceled all my Christmas gifts if they must but I need them to get this kit.
MaddawgYou don’t give yourself enough credit. You are an amazing person . I’ve literally learned all my nail skills from you. You deserve this
briancè mcbroomI just got an email from makartt that y’all collaborated and i instantly came to youtube to see if u had posted, so excited for you!
Aesthetic 101Sry is it just me or aren’t her lips lookin amazing!
IrisI’ve been waiting for something that will make me finally buy a kit, and this is it! Can’t wait!
tiabellaxoxoI’m so happy for you. I knew there was a reason I didn’t buy yet. This will be my first purchase from Makartt because of you.
Malou MasGIRLLLL I screamed when I saw this! Watching a little late because yesterday was busy as hell, but congratulations!
Stacey Slays DragonsI’m so happy for you!! Well deserved collab here! I hope I can get this!
Sarah SansulaMy dearest congratulations for this incredible kit and success you beautiful soul.
Junkoftheheartss SThe growth, more the deserving of the opportunities and collabs.
Quinn Short for QuinlanSpent 4 hours last night doing my nails with cheap Amazon poly gel and I lost my top coat and was thinking I’d get myself on of the markaart kits and this is literally perfection.
Amanda HiceSo excited for you!!!! This is a beautiful kit, huge congrats!
Kaela RI’m so in love with this! You’re the sweetest person on this whole website and you deserve this more than anyone!
theduchess30Congrats on all your success! You’ve come such a long way, you are truly an amazing person!
Bae VioletYou’re so sweet and down to earth. I’m so glad that they did this for you I definitely feel like you’re the type of person who deserve this.
Ariah AguilarCongrats and first off why wouldn’t we choose you your like our inspiration.
Wendy ThomasThis is so EXCITING! I couldn’t be happier for you, Emily! Beautiful!
Shannon JacobsonThis is actually such an amazing kit, can’t wait to buy it! I’m so proud of you!
Amber AleThe colors are so beautiful! If I did my nails I would definitely purchase this kit.
Melissa SalazarI’ve been debating getting a kit from Makart and this is the perfect one! I’m so excited!
Tammy DeMerchantI’ve watched you grow so much, I never comment. I feel so proud of you! Way to go! You we’re the reason I ordered my first kit!
Dream DollYou’re the entire reason that I got my poly gel kit and decided to start doing my own nails.
Emily ShumateThat is such a good price for everything you get! So happy for you, you deserve this!
Amy SmithGirl, what lipstick is this also, finally know what to ask my husband for!
verydrarry85Im over here screaming like I got the collab . Girl you are talented and it is time you accept it we all see it every time you post a new nail look. Im so happy for you.
funny meCongratulations love. I’m so happy for you. I’m literally so jelly cuz I wish I could do a colaboración in the future.
Jacqueline RichSo happy for you! Love the whole set you created its so you. Both sets of nails you made turned out gorgeous.
Malorie LawI absolutely LOVE the kit it’s so pretty. I also am loving the blonde hair. Congratulations!
KaredenasLove this kit I’m definitely gonna have to get it ! I’m surprised you didn’t include a neon green.
Alana MaynardI’m so happy for you. The nails are gorgeous!
Haley SawyerThose little clouds are so stinkin cute, what a beautiful set! So proud of you!
melanie langhamI love the packaging! Can’t wait to see the colors.
stay neverlandThis is absolutely amazing My favorite I have to buy one now I can’t wait until it is in my hands.
popSy mI am now. Buying a nail kit to try copy one of your nails but shorter.
DelilahNickoleI know you’re a nail Chanel but Omgggg I would love to see how you do your makeup!
Tamara CazaraCongratulations. Im seeing a beautiful tie dye look with these colors.
CelesteThis came out just in time! I got birthday money I was about to spend from a month ago and I was going to buy a different markatt kit until I got the notification!
Aleida CruzCongrats girl. Am happy for you. Love the makeup look and your wedding ring as well.
Moriah HarrisOmg sorry I’m late but I’m so happy for you! I’m going to order it right after i watch this video!
Eva MontgomeryMerry Christmas and congratulations on this kit! its so exciting to see! im super proud to get to support you!
Charlee ChurchillI’m so so happy for you. The collection looks AMAZING!
Chizoba OkekeEmily you DEFINITELY deserve the collab. I’m glad it went to someone so kind and deserving.
heavellynn fraileyLike honestly congratulations this is such a huge milestones. I have honestly never been so happy for someone.
Tara BaxterBeen watching you grow since your first video I’m so happy and proud to say i got to be here to say congratulations!
Chantal LeiteI just pre-ordered mine! Cant wait to receive it! Congrats love!
Lexi GonzalezYou deserve this, girl! I look forward to watching your videos before bed, the really help me decompress.
Lora DoraYay! So happy for you! I’d totally get it but I’ve given up on polygel because I don’t have the patience to file it all off.
Charmaine ECongratulations! I’ve been following you for a few years now and I’m so happy for you!
Kailyn NunezI love how she put a whole bunch of different times. A lot of youtubers only put pacific and eastern time zones and i love how she includes everyone.
MinSugaGeniusWhen i use forms like those they just pop off before i even get my hand under the light.
Nails by ReeseBeautiful nails and your makeup looks AMAZING Tf Sharing. Happy Holidays Emily.
Emily VangCongrats! You deserve it! Also can I just say your makeup is also on point.
Jennifer Twigg-GarnseyYou deserve this Emily I’m so excited for you. I know soon as I have the cash for it, I will definitely be on this one. I love pastels!
Kelly LeeI’ve been watching you for a while and I am so proud of you for making your dreams come true! You deserve all of you success and it’s so inspiring.
anelia abdukadyrovaNo freaking way I just bought the one you recommended and I don’t have any more money to buy this one.
Jazzy-monYou go nail queen on the great collaboration!
Diana MastersCongratulations! This is so well deserved. You’re an inspiration to many and I couldn’t be any happier for you. It’s an amazing kit and personifies you perfectly.
Hali PitchI just ordered this kit! I’m so excited to try it out! Congratulations girl!
anny leighThis kit is SO perfect for you! i’m definitely going to be getting this kit so happy for you that you were able to have this opportunity, you deserve it!
marshell nguyenSeeing this makes me so happy! i remember finding your videos because you were using the makartt polygel kits. So nice to see it come full circle for you.
Nauts RenataCongratulations! That’s so awesome. You did a great job putting this kit together, it’s all so pretty.
Kat ParisAs always, I am so impressed and I’m so excited for you! You worked so hard for this! Congratulations on the kit! I’ll 100% be buying it!
jennifer gI’m so happy! Of course it would be you! Your queen of polygel nails!
Brian DimmittSaw an add for this on Instagram! I just stopped by to come wish you congrats on your colab!
Kat PicklesGot it!!! So excited! It’s my Christmas present to myself this year. 2020 has been mean, so I’m doing it! Thank you, Emily, for sharing your talent and amazing love of all things cotton candy with us!
Hayleevaughn16I’m so proud of you! You totally deserve it.
k.allenI love this video and your wonderful speechlessness in this video. You’re so great and genuine!
Mya Emma JadeOMG congrats! I’m so hapy for you! If you get the chance, could you do a version without the lamp, and available in the EU store? I’m cheeky I know.
Gus Gus the birdI am so going to get this! I am a 4 month beginning and I am wanting to use poly gel! I was going to buy a different set untill I saw this!
Stacie BanksCongrats happy for you. You deserve this. Side note, can you do a makeup tutorial on the look you wore in this video?!
AbbySo there’s 2 versions of it? One with tips and one with dualforms? Or am I mistaken.
Chloe LouiseI love watching your videos, you’re so gorgeous.