Making A Dress Out of Christmas Trees!

You loved when I made a dress out of trash bags, toilet paper, money…I’ve turned every weird household item there is into high fashion! And today in the holiday spirit I am making a dress out of a Christmas tree. DIY decorating just to spread a little holiday cheer…


Sami LoftThis was so good wow!!?? amber you should wear this out in the mall and capture people’s reaction I’d love to see it (also am I the only one wondering what she’ll do with the dress after the video?
Kayleigh BackIf Amber had to go to the Met Gala she wouldn’t even need a designer because she can make a dress of her own.
SaraHRdz49You know how people put angels as Christmas tree toppers?
Well, for this Christmas tree, the topper is also an Angel. We love you, Amber!
Milana BajicThe fact that you can literally make a CHRISTMAS TREE look trendy blows my mind but I love it.
Leslie FigueroaHalf way through her showing the final look I said to myself “this cannot get any better “ then Amber turned on the twinkly lights I love it!!!!!
gong proWhen she knows nothing about cooking yet she calls her MATERIALS ingredients.
Londyn ChenWhy do I actually see an artist wearing this while performing at like Jingle Ball like Ariana Grande or someone.
Corrie RoseIt’s so surprising amber doesn’t have a blinged out mask she should make one for a video.
Perfect StormI would love to see her walking down The street or going to places in these dresses she makes. The reactions would Be priceless!
Mi Vida VlogsWishing That Everyone That Sees This Gets To Live Out Their Dream Life Mine Is To Reach 15K Stay Positive & Have An Amazing Day!!
Laura FuentesShe gave “Oh Christmas tree oh Christmas tree, how I adore thee” a new meaning.
Zala JaklicWhen i read the title i litreally said: This woman has too much time on her hands.
Ashley OlveraI love that amber calls them “ingredients” instead of “materials”
Glenda navaI’m low key wondering what she’ll do with it after? Like where do you even keep this?
Khyati Pawarthere needs to be a Micarah and Amber collab! Kweens of turning everything into clothes.
Annika ReinikIf i was a celebrity, I’d hire Amber to design all my event dresses, for sure.
Aaliyah BellamyAmber can even make a Christmas tree dress look iconic.. She can literally wear a potato and look fricking fabulous I love it!!
Nick GardnerYou know damn well this is gonna show up on fashionova and shien for Christmas season 2021
Manjula AWhen she shook her skirt and I heard the bell sounds I fell off Lol so hilarious
Amy and AllieIf you ever go to a Christmas party, you know what to wear!
lingsquaredI would loooove to see people’s reactions to you walking down the street in this masterpiece.
Double dare you wear it to target.
Just Jess MabieImagine showing up to a ugly Christmas sweater party in this I can’t Ily Amber thank you for making me laugh!
Future BillionaireOrdered the “for the love of my life” necklace! I can’t wait for it to arrive!! Thanks for being so creative, it’s so rare these days.
Echo SouthardLiterally Amber could be a fashion designer and I would buy everything!
Nataly HumanesI’m NGL this outfit do be looking like something that would be on a runway show. 10/10 Fire.
Serenity G. PatrickI love that Amber loves target while she’s wearing thousands of dollars worth of designers she said duality and versatility
Stephanie PetraliaNext she’s going to make herself into a shining star.
Even though she’s already the STAR.
Mashtyx _2005Just an idea what if she wore all her DIY dresses for a whole week.
superkawaiiblossom gamesNot amber wearing two different types of heels. Mine favorite is the one with black stuff in the back.
Theresa WilliamsIf you ever do “afterpay or klarna” for your jewelry I will def buy one… Your to cute in a Christmas tree.
Meghan ColelloGuys!! Image if amber did a video wearing her homemade dresses to places like target and trader hoes.
LaurenGeorge really does often have that look like “I don’t understand this girl’s behavior.”
YuanMaeWhen you have no Christmas tree, so you became the christmas tree.
only jenieI feel like if amber had more exposure she would be setting fashion trends.
Soumya MishraAmber should have a museum of all the DIY outfits. It will be happening tourist destination.
Plus UltraIm not kidding but Amber should seriously be a fashion designer.
Sisters WyantGeorge is so cute! My heart was melting when he was playing with the ornaments of the skirt.
Miss VixenWaiting for you to make a dress out of thin air Amber, I’m certain you could pull it off!
Isabella VelaI love how amber does her projects on her WHITE rug and it never gets dirty those are rut goals.
Aeri LeeAmber literally makes a dress out of anything she can make a runway show with her diy dresses.
Alex CannonI’ve never had a heart attack so quick in my life and been revived quicker in my life from it.
Alison SorensenPlease wear this to the mall near Santa land and film everyone’s reactions.
Ydalis PlacenciaWhat do you do with your diys? do you keep them? do you throw them out? do you put it in storage for a future amber museum?
Mariam AkermanHonestly I had no idea I needed this but the level or creativity, hot couture got nothing on Amber.
Somebody to LoveThank god, I needed this to take my mind of some things.
zee hakimWhen amber showed the ingredients on the ground, she should have been laying there as well, since she’s the angel topper of the dress!
Grace OliviaStudy for my engineering finals or watch amber. Clearly I made the right choice lol.
Daniella FónagyYou should’ve made the dress out of thrifted items . Or make one in the future.
Alanie VelascoAnything that is impossible to make a dress amber can do it. But seriously what is there she can’t make out of into a dress.
Carrie BeckerThis just shows you NEVER know what your neighbor’s are doing in their house . This is AWESOME!
Chelsea DawnCan u please walk outside and get people’s reactions. Kids would love it.
Charley AileenWhy buy the tree when you can BE the tree!
olivia_gacha peachesYall there’s already 159 comets and this was posted 3 minutes ago if I post a video I wont get a view in 3 days.
Sophie SimmonsThe hoop on its own when amber tried it on reminded me of Melanie martinez’ dresses when she was on tour like when she performed “recess” “show and tell” and “drama club”
Sophia CortesAnd you know so much about fashion you’re the fashion queen and I love the beautiful dress and your DIY.
Susanna HarmsI know she always jokes about it but I literally want a video of her going to trader Joe’s in her diy outfits.
Leslie GonzalezWhat lashes are you wearing! I know she wears them all the time but i can’t remember.
Yei MusaWhen I saw this thumbnail and title the first thing I said to myself was like girl you are crazy. I love it.
Queen ViiThis is to cool!! My Christmas edition is a lingerie haul but I’m liking this way better!
Ava StrellaAmbers the most creative person I know I would’ve never thought of this.
Rainbow WorkshopMaybe Amber should try 12 days of Christmas crafting like making full outfits from Christmas décor, sweaters etc.
Krysh TunesYou should put this dress on a dress form so you can display it every Christmas.
Kawinnard RobillardShe looks like the OG Barbie Holiday Collection of the early 2000 like whaaaaat you are amazing!
JoanneI so desperately want the ‘for the love of my life, me’ necklace but there is no way I can afford it maybe in the future or a lifetime from now, amber will bring this back.
Kaivian HinesI honestly can’t think of anyone but amber who would do something this random other than amber.
Amanda GarciaOh my goodness me pulling up to my Christmas dinner in my living room.
Lady JinxxI’d seriously put this on a nice dress form and use it as my Christmas tree! It looks frickin amazing!
Learn with Ms. KathDid you notice her shenanigan choker so extra yeyy iloveyouu Amber Merry Christmas.
Isabela HartThe click of those heels is so satisfying!
loll KhatabI wanna see you acutely going out with one of the dresses you made not just an instagram pic. These dresses deserve to see light.
Jade ClarkeWhere does Amber store all her crafts? Like is this skirt stored in her wardrobe now? Thats a video i need to see
Sophie SimonsOMG 3 mins early queens be like anything is possib;e with amber love and hugs kisses to!
Ashanti DouglasOnly amber I can’t such a look you gotta love her American next top model.
Random stuff with IzzyYour me but with dresses instead of earrings I have 3 pairs of light up earrings and about 50 in total.
Emma AI love that Amber can rock absolutely anything and everything!