Making the cloud dress by Lirika Matoshi.

After a lot of ups and downs, I finally finished remaking the Cloud Dress by Lirika Matoshi. I am really happy with the final dress and so proud that I pulled through!


James meyerI wanted to quickly say, that I regret not getting a lot of video footage from the making of the skirt and it’s more me talking about what happened without you actually being able to see what I was doing. I realized it after the video was done and I will try to do it better next time. But pls give it a chance as I change it after a few minutes and you’ll be able to follow easily. Thank you!
Elizabeth blackYou glow with talent girl I am obsessed with this dress.
LizzythekidYou did an amazing job! I’m always so impressed to see the huge amount of work behind a gown, it definitely justifies their price. I know you were disappointed in the process but the end result is truly so breathtaking!
Milla shirikyanThank you! This shoud be a seiries!
Anna schmidtVery well done! Another video idea would be to document the process of you choosing which gown you want to recreate and the planning process e.g. How you source the fabric and all the other supplies you need as well as your first drafts of the piece! I would love to see how you get to the point of starting to sew.
Ze cbSis you really went pro with this dress! I’d love to see you re-create a cecilie bahnsen piece in the future.
Madison mcquaryLoved watching the process for this dress and finally seeing it come together! I knew it was going to be stunning once it was done and it turned out so well!
Amagail zarrotThis is glorious omg everything you make always turns out so pretty.
Katy hummAhhh you have totally given me the confidence to give this a try, great job!
Jessica chuyenThis dress turned out amazing! I liked the format of this as well and how you styled the dress.
Madam curieThe dress is beautiful and the video was very relaxing to watch. Great job.
Ines priouxAmazing projet! Absolutely gorgeous outcome loved this video, probably my favourite one on your channel! Lots of love.
Amiyra amaliyaI love this style of video! I enjoy commentary of the behind the scenes so I can relate since I sew as well! Thx!
Jasmine santosIf heaven is a dress, this will be it and I will be walking on sunshine in this.
EweloghenaThat’s a very cute dress,it came out amazing, and I just wanted to say you are not alone in doubting your abilities some time,i get like that but brush it off and continue.
Janem tvExcellent job! Getting close to 30k, your doing amazing.
Lala paloozaThe dress is so cute. You should be very proud of yourself. I actually like your version better. It looks more organic and more cloudlike to me. Great job!
Kaalo lovettI love this format, I find it really informative and interesting. I love seeing all the process, its truly inspiring. Thank you for the amount of work you put in each of your videos, keep up!
Coline paumierI love watching your process.
Amy daltonI love your channel.i’m learning about draping from u.
Teresa walkerThank you for the message, kachi. I’m currently in the process sewing the strawberry dress and starting to lose motivation.
Afren serendipityI find this dress very short you have gorgeous legs fun though and I enjoyed watching you making it every one has bad times working stuff out.
Blue srednasWhoah the dress looks so nice! I didn’t mind the lack of footage for the skirt, what’s important is to understand how you did it.
MarikaThis turned out so beautiful!
Charlie rodriguezLovely work! I wish you used a thimble when hand stitching though! Thanks for the video.
Silvia hoya menaThis is amazing I love it, can I ask where you got the tule from?
Eliz djaferYou really deserve way more followers than what you have. I would love to see you cold with wendy or another sewing youtuber. You’re so talented!
Cat crandellObsessed with the format of this vid!
OnemacdirectionAmazing outcome! I do like both styles of video a lot.
Polyy grayyLoved it! Such a great dress.
EosornioLove this style of video!
Shikma lagbasWait it turned out soo good.
Jessica loweDamn youre so talented im jealous.
Trish iwokYou make me wanna learn how to saw!
Shekinah marshallLove this, going to use it for babies first birthday dress.
PekkaIm not perfect either and I literally only started learning about fashion. The only thing id change when I do this is to use a silk taffeta for the skirt and make an a-shaped skirt instead of a circle skirt.
Jutarnji povjetaracU did an awsome job.
Anna hieronymusI’m in love do you also live in germany?please keep creating this kind of videos.
Laura veschiI know exactly how you feel. Don’t worry it’s normal! I loved the video and the dress!
Yazmin austinDid you get your dress form in europe?it’s so nice! Where did you get it?great video! Enjoying it while sewing in berlin!
Madison koopmanI really wanna thank u for saying it’s ok to struggle with ups and downs while giving birth to a project. I have lots of downs while sewing the things I try to do and sometimes l’m near to let everything go. But as u said, we’re free to stop or stop/restart the project without letting it brings us down. It’s important.and if we really wanna do it than we will! Ps: great result your cloud dress, really be proud of you.
Being oneishaI love this!
Labeng ongWhere did you go to school for fashion design?
Tiawana bensediraFc from thailand.
AmelieI have been sewing since I was in like 10 or 12, the projects were always done by hand and on my body which is not a good idea but that’s what I did in the beginning. However, I never pursued fashion design school because I suck at sewing and seeing straight lines. I thought it would be pointless for me. So I continued to it as a hobby something that I was invested in but never saw any improvements in my craft which lead to me being 24 and having many unfinished and unsatisfying projects on the shelf. But recently I’ve been watching a ton of informative and inspiring videos on youtube and skillshare and I’m ready to tackle old projects to regain my confidence in what I like doing the most.
Fiza ansariHow many sewing machines do you have.
Olivia bown-mazzoniHi kachi your videos are very intriguing. You are a true creator with much talent. I like your videos because you teach and learn at the same time be proud of yourself. Others do not have the courage like you to make a video and show many people a skill to master they are to scared to even speak. Kachi continue what you doing. Thank you.
MaplewoodDarf man fragen wo du eine ausbildung gemacht hast? Komme auch aus münchen und würde gerne schneiderin lernen, mein absoluter traumberuf, schon seit ich ganz klein war.
DatsquisheeboiI love this vdo.
Labeng ongPls do some more lirika matoshi dress.
Svetlana erjominaWhen you were talking about projects that you don’t feel 100% about. I resonate so much with that in most of my sewing projects I have a crash where something doesn’t go the way I want or I imagined it differently. This video really helped me see that even someone way better and extremely talented still has those hiccups every now and again even if the final dress looks divine! I love your videos so much and can’t wait for next weeks.