In today’s video, I am reviewing the highly anticipated Megan Thee Stallion x Fashion Nova collection, to see if it’s worth the hype or price!


Emily Newman Totally not a critique of Analise- loooove her and her channel- but female influencers and stars (such as Megan) who are all about female empowerment need to stop partnering with fast fashion companies who employ women and girls in sweat shops for close to nothing and in extremely hazardous working conditions to make these garments. I wish this was something more people who have platforms like theirs paid attention to.
Mikaela OKAY the rust colored 2 piece set is MADE FOR YOU
Chloe P Please can you put the pricing against black as I’m hard of seeing and really struggle to see! thank you from London ♥️
Allison 23 I can’t believe how expensive the white crop top is for having barely any fabric
emily m she seems so much more happy after coming out
Sidney Walker I think if you paired that last crop top with a little black dress and wrapped it around and tied it maybe on the back or on the side it might look a little better!
AnnathePiana Those jeans were made for you! That crop top was absolutely awful! Who could even wear that?
MANDUH M There are girls on here that do lingerie & bikini try on hauls & don’t get demonetized for showing a lot more then yu do.
Astrid Adele I love how modest you are. My daughter loves watching your channel . She is the only 5 yr old I know that wears tweed and pearls
Alisa Burgess That cute tiger print top at the end what if you criss-cross them for a bit more drama
Ja moin lol „Okay I should probably stop flashing“ I died hahaha!
Jade I’ve never been able to go through a comment section and like every comment before. There is always that one rude person. You’ve created such an amazing family through your channel and I’m so glad to be apart of it.
Samantha Thompson You wish it was available in the winter, errrr….. Why don’t you save it for winter? Am I the only one who’s had the same coat for 5 years?
Chantelle T I love that tiger print on you though! And with the ties, could you wrap them around you a few times? It’d look more 90s inspired then also x
Bluegem262 Damn, I never been this early so I feel the need to say heyy lol
Arthur Miyazaki omg, the brown outifit looked perfect on you
Kate Evans I would cross the shirt ties, on the tiger top, around your waist in the same way that you would a ballet shoe. (If that makes any kind of sense)
miyakonoir A little sad to see you selling those jeans, as they’re the best fitting jeans I’ve ever seen you wear.
Jennifer Lopez The white top reveal!! the scream haha but girl I have a larger chest and I could never wear that either!! lol at least not on YT
a_vansyckel Girrrrlll that white top looks absolutely fantastic!! Love your vids <3
Rachael Shannon Fun fact I have never heard the song WAP lol
Justslang ong them outfits on you were so freaking adorbs i love them all !
Victoria Velazquez Those jeans look AMAZING on you! They fit you so well.
Vashti Perry I had that Jean set in 1998. Got it from the flee market in south Miami on us1.
Caribbean Girl That mesh outfit was absolutely gorgeous on you but did you not see the price on the piece of white ‘cloth’ omg.
Caroline Nicol Been searching for the perfect red lip for most of the night….gave up to watch some YouTube and here you are wearing the perfect red!!! What shade/brand is this???
Cathy Abril Gah! That brown outfit on you girl!!! love you annalise!
michele logue I love that last top on you!!! You could use the extra straps to wrap it and tie around back. Would look good over a black body suit. Super cute!
katiejohnson513 I feel like your confidence has skyrocketed since your coming out video. I am here for it.
Anzil Posula That first outfit looks amazing on you.
Mr Thundermuffin I love how you’re tall, so am I and it makes me feel represented.
sheri case I think you could wrap the ties on the tiger print top around you a couple of times like how yoga tops are worn and it could suit you better!
Lauren Crookes Girl that second outfit looks amazing on you!!
A Molina Omg so funny. Loved how overwhelmed you were in that fist top.
Amanda Olsen The pictures from the site are so hard to know what they look like.
Tanayah Thornhill The white top actually looks sick on you girl! The whole outfit is sick.
Miep Miep What lipstick are u wearing. It looks so good on You.
Nikki McQueen so embarassing the way i JUMPED to watch this video
Savanna WeaselBear I was waiting for you to review this collection!
sydney marsh they all looked so good on you! i really liked the last shirt on you even tho u said you didn’t like it
RubyOpheliaQuinn That tiger stripe top looks like something you would wear to dance class.
Kristina Navarro I actually think you look amazing in the tiger crop!
Karen League I loved that rust colored outfit on you so much, and those jeans looked great on you too!! That white crop top just wasn’t it! I mean who in the world could wear it?! Literally!!
Mikayla Blakey Hey beauty, just wanted to say I think you looked great in all of the outfits. Maybe the tie up top with all the extra length could be done up like a wrap top?
Tanayah Thornhill Everything looks so good on you!!!
CuteMuffins Wouldn’t it be Eastern and Western hemisphere instead of Northern and Southern?
NatikaDavey Okay these prices are outrageous to me. I can’t believe people pay these prices! Lol. That brown 2 piece was amazing you!
Tasha Magolan The top is supposed to be like that, its a style of top that is in fashion at this time. i know a lot of people that would wear the white top in summer or early fall.
strawberry milk tea Idk who that is buuut i just love watching your haul videos.
Victoria Z What even are those prices?? Fashionova quality ain’t even that good.
Maya F The brown body suit might be my favorite
Sixxy Gosh, this stuff seems ridiculously overpriced
Babys Baby Tie those hanging things in the front of the first white top.
Kirangopal Singh That little white top looks like mammoth teeth.
diamo Don`t like any of this, it looks cheap.
goldfysh Can you do a haul from a sustainable brand?
Glitterbug072 The tiger top at the end you are supposed to wrap behind your back and then tie in front, that’s why it’s so long. Cute stuff but toooooo pricey !!! Love you great video!
Howl Bunny Am I the only one who thinks the first white top looked AMAZING on her?? Like it fit so well and accentuated all of her assets!
Jenn Millenn I LOVE that denim patchwork outfit and the jeans look SO cute on you !!!!! Just so you know, that tiger top with the long hanging things, is supposed to wrap around your waist and tie in the front or back depending on where they end up.
Tanayah Thornhill How did I not know this was a thing!!!!
Mama Bear Am i the only one who is surprised she listens to Megan she just doesnt seem like the typ idk just shocked me
Xoe Jade Those jeans look SO GOOD ON YOU like you looked like a bratz doll.