Model scout decides who’s most attractive.

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BethjcrowleyI went into this ready to have my feelings hurt secondhand for these people but this dude found multiple kind things to say to hype every person up and I am here for it.
Morosoro DubucThis guy is so professional and straightforward without being rude.
Supriya AgarwalThis guy is fucking good. He could tell you you’re a 1 and make it sound like a compliment.
JoseThis guy is so professional and he’s a marvelous speaker god dam.
Tibba RImagine being called a f*cking 10. That’s confidence inspiring.
Micah PottsI could literally fall asleep with his voice like it’s professional and he’s so funny.
Esther IgweThe model judging radiates positivity and professionalism. I’d let him hold my drink.
Maxine FishmanI’m almost unsettled by how polite he is.
Cheddar ChemistThe face that man gave after he said “i probably would have guessed by taking a look at him”.
You’ll Find MeThis dude is literally the walking professionalism.
Phoenix GI thought this guy would be rude and judge everyone aggressively. He actually sounds like he knows whatbhe is doing and was at the same time super kind and straightforward.
Lee JayThis dude is literally the walking professionalism.
KachuThis guy has the fanciest and most elegant way of saying “you’re fugly”.
Aj ButlerHe’s so nice and professional with all his answers – he also talks in such a convincing way? I feel like if he’d give me a good rating, I’d be able to believe it and finally improve on my poor self-esteem. I’d usually run away from things like these but I feel like I’d be okay getting judged by him.
Whisky LolPlease get more professionals like this, it’s really interesting to see who can go where by someone in an industry. Maybe like an acting scout lol.
TevvmusicWhere can I find this guy? He’s that kind of person that I’m comfortable and open for his opinion.
Hanan AdibThis guy knows how to criticize people without hurting them .legend.
Ryn LeighDoes he have any social media? Such a great personality. He should be a youtuber.
TanuThis man is so professional. It’s nothing personal, this isn’t work and these people aren’t trying to be models, so he sprinkles in the casual, normal person sweetness and it’s an incredible balance he found. Goddamn, well done.
NgiunivnwsgnThis is the guy I want to hate but just can’t find a single point to hate.
MagixmoonI’m diggig “pajama pants” guy’s style so much, idk why everyone hated on his pants or why this guy said “oversized jacket”? That just looks like a normal jacket to me and the pants are great with that belt.
CynthiahawaiiHe could be a voice actor he sounds so much like a voice from an animated movie.
MrbioshockThis guy obviously knows what he’s doing, can literally tell someone their face is bad and have them walking away smiling, wow.
Elenis BarriosWrong title: “who’s most suitable for the fashion industry” would be more relevant.
Moon RiverThis guy is a master of the “red hat, green hat” criticism.
KlausOkay so many that crappy woman that scouted me twice at target wasn’t real- run.
BroHe’s just so smooth. I mean most of these people here would not be a fit for fashion industry or be attractive to the mass but he notices the little positive things about each of them, which he highlighted in his comments and make them feel good about themselves.
NeddyHe looks like he is gonna be super mean but he is actually so chill, what a guy.
SpeedybobaThe fact that he’s trying so hard to be nice and make the criticism come off as less harsh is so kind but it would hurt me just as bad as being told straight to my face that i’m ugly.
Super FightThis guy’s voice is crisp.
Jazmine McmahonI either want to be him, have his job, or be rated by him.
Alessandro ZuffiI wanna be judged so bad lmaoooo i’d hate it but still.
Damjan BuvariAnd here we are again, just throw away those horrible pants dude, how many people do you need to tell you the same thing, they’re trying to help you!
Violet03 MayIm so sad about the it guy, he was with his girlfriend he was engaged and looks like he lost his girlfriend and job.
Orbit LizzPlzzz do more with this guy. He is straight to the point and professional. Could watch him assessing people for hours.
Delilah RosasHe has the type of tone in his voice that makes it impossible to be offended by him.
EllaThe ending when he was talking about how women with curves need more representation.
StillOne doesn’t experience self-transcendence, the illusion of self only dissipates.
Gk LeeThis was surprisingly wholesome. The “alright” tone of voice at the end from cut be like “we gotta get someone more offensive next time. Really hurt some feelings”.
Zachary BallardThis was by far the most professional rating on cut. He knows how to rate someone without hurting their feelings.
Meranda MurderHe is totally a scout. He mostly talks to the people behind the camera about the person he’s rating as if they can’t hear he’s great though. I love how he appreciates something about the person regardless if they’d be marketable or not!
PixelstackerThis dude is literally the walking professionalism completely!
Kathy LeeI dont like how he said his hair was on the severe they’re just locs. Plaited nicely at that.
Nijuo JoingThis guy obviously knows what he’s doing, can literally tell someone their face is bad and have them walking away smiling.
Rachel ByrnesIf he told me I was ugly I wouldn’t even be offended he’s great.
Evelyn AllenThis guy seems like he could easily convince anyone of believing something like he could totally tell me that grass is actually purple and I would believe it.
Hannah GiuffreYup, wouldn’t mind being judged by him either.
StaceyHe sounds like if nick wilde was a person and knew his fashion criteria.
Sabs MI would pay to be judged by him he’s actually good and nice.
Anya DecarloI feel like this guy deserves a leonardo dicaprio movie made about him. Dicaprio would nail his portrayal of him.
Leo WI really like this guy. Wouldn’t mind being judged by him.
Scott LeakHe’s real, but not harsh on people, I like his wordings.
Isabelle BertoliniThis car salesman personality is both off-putting and fascinatingly endearing at the same time.
MoonchartThe way cut directors kept telling him he is rating their attractiveness and he continued to rephrase it respectively. Lmao I love cut videos but pls do better.
Sidgeaberration“Scouring models for several decades” girl how good is that botox lol.
Pee Oui ParanormalThis guy sounds like he’s trying to get me to do a shady quest on oblivion.
Feistysushiroll“Been scouting models for several decades now” – wow he looks good for his age.
WtblntIs no one going to talk about how cut just re-edited the same video about the attractivness scale, now just with only one person, gave it a different title and called it a day?
EnnombredelacienciaIt’s me or they reupload this video?
Ladie VengeanceHe said: “will you make it into this industry that has this beyond strict and high expectations only a small percentage of people physically fit into? No. But are you beautiful in your own way and are art in my eyes? Yes.” Love this guy hahaha.
AmosThis feels as if he’s talking like reading a script for an educational youtube video.
Amanda TeohI like the fact that everything he says here is completely in line with what the former model previously mentioned. From the piercings for the last girl, the pajama pants about the second last dude, and about the hair of the golden bomber jacket dude. And the shared taste for the asian man.
Zamir NadirThis model scout put 100 points into his charisma damn.
Bubble TeaIf every model scout was as professional and positive as this guy, the modelling industry wouldn’t be such a damaging and toxic environment, and models would actually thrive at their jobs instead of wishing they were doing something else.
Imd99 DEveryone’s talking about the way he acts but not his voice? Hellooo?
Sarah WattersThis guy is the most professional, terrifying, confident person. I want to be him.
Wickedwitch669“I’m just here to decide if people can make money from it” love him.
Yeee YeeeIf I got called any number I would have confidence cause he made literally everyone smile and confident.
Kathryn JohnsonI feel like if I was judged by him I honestly wouldn’t mind but anyone else however.
Ya YaStill don’t like crazy pants guy. He walks in and he’s just incredibly arrogant.
Gk LeeHe is actually very good at saying people aren’t the most attractive without hurting their feelings, I like that.
Kalena EmI like how he rated people by “marketability in the industry” and was so nice about it all. Fully expected people to get shit on by some snob bias at work.
Sofia QuinonesThis man combines criticism with flattery so well it’s almost cunning yet brilliant! I’m sure I’d walk out of there with perplexed emotions and yet would still be able to sleep well at night.
Jonathan BranchI literally could’ve watched this man rate people for an hour and never get tired of him. He’s straightforward in a way that I feel I can respect what he says.
Mo ReechieI like how straight forward he is. If people were more like that we would all benefit.
Maddie ThomasThis terrifies me but at the same time I want to be judged so bad.
Shion“Everybody’s good lookingin there own way” i’m dying.
K ChuI like how everyone exits with a big smile. This guy is something.
Crazyve26He knows that he is dealing with people looks which is very nerve wrenching but he doesn’t say anything too mean or harsh. Like she is petite not short and fun size! Being professional.
Savannah BowskillI was surprised when he said “several decades” but then he said “i’m no stranger to botox” and it made more sense.
Areeba AkramThis guys seems like he came right out of a movie.
EmmaGuy with the pinkish purple pants yall I wouldn’t even need to be a scout to saying he could be a high fashion model sheeshh. So y’all gonna drop his handle right.
Patricia SantarinI like how their reactions were different from the woman who used to model compared to what this man is telling them, which I think was pretty similar to the woman’s critique. But other than that, I think it’s pretty cool that this guy didn’t leave a person without complementing them!
Miss NezThis guy has the best charisma. I wish I have energy and vibes like him.
Bianca OI like that he highlights society standards of what would make money in fashion and beauty.and that it doesn’t necessarily line up with what he finds attractive (which is reality). Throws a bit of realism into an otherwise semi-rough ask for an episode lmao.
Melvin Davies Jr“I did audition for an add but they told be my fingers were to chubby” baby no.
InjectmorphineintomeI love that he wasn’t mean. He had a scale he worked with and he’s fair and gentle and it’s very endearing.
MintaegukkieIf I went there, I reckon immediately they’d be like “hmm, a bit asymmetric” cause I have scoliosis.
I’m From MarsI wanna have this guy’s personality.
PinklemmanadeThe way those men’s faces lit up when they heard that they were handsome and bookable was so pure and I love it.
Bao PartyWe need more asian men models, get that dude a gig then. Representation matters.
Toasterstrudle ProductionsI was dying at the first guy he gave a 10 to. “That’s fashion” with the point killed me.
Asma AdamI like how he carries himself, so professional.
Craig SwansonI know this will be buried, but after reading through a lot of these comments can I tell you how touched I am that so many people were worried about me ?! You guys are awesome!
AnnaOk but can we get the name of gorgeous symmetrical “10” bc omg.
Ate AiAfter “height first, size second” I came to the comments to be heated, but after reading your comments I feel like I should watch the video first.
Mehroz AliHe’s just so professional and seem genuinely nice.
Miguek EchagueThere is not enough comments about the hot asian guy. So here is the comment. He’s hot.
Jordan GeterIf u close ur eyes, you’d think that’s ryan reynolds talking.
Jhon Joshua GallaronJesus. This guy is brutal. I love him.
Briana IsabelI’d love to be judged by this man holy-.
T-Virus TerranceThe second guy in blue.wasn’t he in a video where they did truth or drink with their in-laws.and now he’s single. Either this is all fake as fuck or that in-law game really ruined his marriage.
Hannah B-TThis guy obviously is in the perfect job for him and at the top of his game, and that is always so satisfying to watch.
BeaWhen purple pants did his runway walk I bursted out laughing omfg bro looked like he just killed somebody and then walked past a couple police nervous af.
Yonas BerhaneI like the fact that the veteran model socut is direct and honest, but at the same time he gives a positive compliment which makes them feel good about themselves. We need more of his kind!
Lawrence GreeneThis might sound weird but i’m not surprised the asian man got a 10. Oriental men and dark skin women go hand and hand in the modelling world.
Ze GermanzI love this man. He’s so objective and professions. But I never felt like he was being a dick.
Katherine RossI lowkey want to be judged by a model scout even though I’d probably leave crying.
Deutsch LolI love how smooth talking this guy is, like he doesn’t miss a beat.
William MathiasDoes anyone know who the “pajama pants” guy is?
TheaTyra banks & naomi take notes : humble lacks in your professional cv.
Oliver AdamDid craig just say he was single and a bar tender!? Damm buddy, hope things turn around for you.
Ferdinand AuliaI wonder what he finds attractive. For himself not the modeling business.
Kayle AndersonI need him to judge me I feel like he’s point out my flaws in the best way and not make me feel shitty about it.
Kitsune“Would I be attracted to you. Yes” lol. Not, am I attracted to you.
RedwingHe could insult me and I wouldn’t even mind. He is a master of red and green hat criticism.
NoekieI like that he gets straight to the point and gives a good profeessional opnion but also manages to not get rude while doing that.
OwenWho would want to be in high fashion anyway? You’re literally a piece of meat to them.
Zayd HijaziIt’s important that he separated what he finds attractive (personally) and what agencies find attractiveness.
Tife OlasopePov: you’re looking for a comment without the word ‘proffesional’.
Bichen UpWasn’t the guy in the blue shirt engaged or something. He was in the drinking game with his s.o.’S mom. These videos were filmed along time ago I guess.
Madeline SlaughterThe tall asian man that didn’t say his name needs to be booked someone tell me if he’s a model now.
NannydiariesLove how quickly he can read these people tactfully.
Jessica HarveyAnyone else noticed how pale this guys hands are compared to his face?
David SalgadoWasn’t the guy in the blue shirt married? He’s done the truth or drink with his mother in law didn’t he?