New Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb Cream Swatches

In today’s episode of Tina Tries It, I’ll be testing out the new Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb Cream. Are they better than the original Gloss Bombs? Watch to find out.


SelenaThe thing is Tina looks so good with all the colors.
T MI love gloss but I haven’t worn them since the pandemic broke out because they’re not a good idea when wearing masks everywhere.
Natti RamaekersPretty but I don’t see “cream” in it, more like opaque gloss.
K OAs someone who’s a lip gloss/balm connoisseur, throughout the video I was like: apply more.
Kimberly BI hope they fixed their packaging a bit. I LOVE the gloss bombs but they do leak. It’s so frustrating.
rosieisboredI feel like most transparent/shimmery glosses look the same even if they’re different colors tbh!! i’ve never tried the fenty gloss bombs but these look so pretty.
Uy AnnaI swear she needs to do a Twice Mina Transformation.
Jimini Trash_cakeI know you ain’t gonna see this Tina but … I have no clue on what to say, but I always watch your video every week as fast as I can.
ShailaDon’t think I’ve ever been so early but I’m glad I did.
QueenKarissaThe fenty glow cream looks actually like the tone of the fu$$y gloss, maybe in person it looks different but from your swatches that’s what it seems.
Nasty aaaYou’re the first person I’ve seen talking about those !! I love cookie Jar.
Lia FuJingI have made the beautiful mistake of watching this video because now I want them, but there’s no point because of masks and me not leaving my room so there’s no point in even having them… yet.
NikkiRenOoooh!!! I’d scoop up Honey Waffles and Cookie Jar! The swatches remind me of the NYX butter glosses which is another fave formula. All of the shades are beautiful.
Uy AnnaWhen ur so early and u dont know what to say to get noticed.
Srishti GunashekarI recently started liking gloss and this looks very pretty.
Also , Tina your outfit looks bomb! Just like the bomb gloss.
YR YuI thought matte liquid lipsticks would make a comeback after the pandemic started but not really. I only wear matte lipsticks because of the masks these days.
ipiesingsI have a glossbomb but i should actually start wearing it more.
VirrythWhere did you get your earrings/earcuffs? So cute!
Ms PreciousLove gloss ! Only thing is must apply every hour on the hour, honey is not nice , orange tones, red too dark , love Mauve.
Natalie ZAt first glance i loved fruit snackz but now that’s my least favorite and cookie jar is my no.1!!! it looks so good!!
Sam SawyerI’m more of a gloss to be honest but I do like the mattes too! Love ya!
Nicky SI really liked all the colors on you. The last color is more my jam as you put it. Hope you have a great day .
Analyn’s JourneyIt look good all in your lips and you always look beautiful. I like the gloss, but i love the matte the most.
usagI’m allergic to the OG gloss bombs, I think it’s the shimmer because they make my lips peel; I hope I can use these ones because they’re really pretty!
MollySaw the announcement on trendmood a few minutes ago and was soooo excited, then saw that you posted this!! they look beautiful, i know i’m def gonna get fenty glow and honey waffles.
Isa LemeTina! How can you be so lovely?! Thanks for everything, you make my day better.
Jeonseagull 97Tina videos always pop up at the top every time I come into yt. that’s pretty good. I don’t miss any content of you.
Yahminah AinHow fabulous Tina, what a treat of a video! I love Fenty Beauty. I am EXCITED for this release!! Thank you for sharing.
D. W.I like them both. You look great with the red matte one!
MELISSA MITCHELLThe first two shades are right up my alley. So beautiful!
Sunny RayAh man, I wish I could get these but I had a huge allergic reaction to these and my lips were blown up for a week.
Ioana IspasI really love your whole look in this video! The accessories are super chic! My favourite shades were the first three, the third one especially looked unexpectedly flattering.
Schuri The ShibaHate lip glosses that feels sticky, my hair gets all over it. But these colours look gorgeous and creamy.
lizmcateeThose look really pretty! Thank you for the swatches and review, I prefer to have a glossier lip than a matte one, for comfort.
Anna SterrenburgI actually like the red the most! It looks so good on Tina! And i love my reds!
James & Frances TI remember when I spotted you in the background of the pic on IG of Nikki tutorials on bended knee in front of Rihanna.
Dari BeeCame here for the gloss BUT what earrings are you wearing? I LOVE THEM!
Kat TovarHi, Tina! I love your videos, and I love the Fenty line so today was an extra special treat after a long work week! I do have one question tho, how long does the color last? I would love to get them but I talk a lot and I always struggle with finding something that lasts.
Janaki SahadevanI love you so much Tina! I’ve been watching you for so long, and you are my fashion icon! It would supreme and imaginary if you replied, and said my name.
Hannah LeeLove gloss and matte LOL! Where is your necklace from? It’s sooo pretty!
Libby AudreyI have yet to try Fenty products, but I’m feeling these cream glosses more than the regular ones cus I like that they’re more pigmented.
Sara MayI appreciate that you do lip swatches on your natural lip color instead of trying to do a ‘neutral’ base like other BGs.
J DLove the channel, but this video felt like an ad for Fenty tbh Like, even the wording and how many times you mention their products and what they will do for your lips. It’s like a reveal instead of a review.
Tia MPlz do a video on your jewellery collection like your earrings are so cute n pretty.
Gabriella MelendezI really need to not drink anything when i watch your videos. Your silliness is gonna make me choke to death one day. I laughed so hard when you called for alfred.
Mae Zenica BarbastroI love like this episodes of yours. Make up review and lipproducts swatches.
Marlena k8Tina, you have such a fresh, classic look going on in this video. Beautiful as ever. I hope that you are having a wonderful holiday season (if you celebrate it of course).
Wioleta KlajnertI loved how good Honey looked with your yellow jacket and I thought this colour will be the worst for light skin people. I would love a tiny in colour of cookie jar.
FionaWLet’s be real no one is going to wear or buy these with the pandemic now.
Valery EspaillatCOOL,thanks for sharing this, I received the same one from last week, delivery by Fedex,wonderful quality!
Nabila AzaliaOh my godd im dying to see someone applied those cream gloss korean gradient lips style! as tina already tried to mix two colors i just really want to see if it will work together as a gradient lips when a lighter color combined with a darker color on the inner center of the lips nicely!
Richelle RobertsI love everything moisturizing lip gloss and lip oils! Btw where’d you get your earrings? They’re a unique design.
Ash JuranI find these types of glosses give me that white goopy line on my inner lip unless I wipe off and reapply all the time. And then I get a shock when I look in the mirror.
MilkPeachesHair looks bomb tina! i much prefer gloss nowadays, my dry lips cannot stand matte even tho i love the look especially in photos. while gloss is not long wearing it’s so much easier to reapply and feels much nicer.
H CSeems like it transfers like crazy. Don’t think I’d go for this if it so easy wipes off.
HelenaI’m excited to see these gloss bombs get some pigment, but I don’t see myself purchasing this over more affordable, identical products (rom&nd, etc.) already on the market. I wouldn’t be surprised if these are made in Korea.
Random person 25Tina could you please review the brands Oden’s eye and kaleidos? Odens’s eye is a Swedish brand influenced by Nordic mythology and kaleidos has a futuristic space feel. They’re both also indie brands.
Aimee DawnWhere do you buy your earrings? I always see you with really cute ones on. Also have you thought about maybe making your own jewelry as a video idea?
annie vangYou’re earrings are beautiful! What are those called?
Tan KimberlyHi Tina, have you tried the Fenty Slip Shine lipsticks and how do they compare? I was thinking of buying 1 for Christmas but both look good so couldn’t decide!
ToscaI stopped applying lip balm and went au naturales and my lips have stopped cracking. Conclusion: too much product interferes with the natural oils of your skin. My son always used to put on lip balm in winter and he stopped too. Same result = no more cracking and now he doesn’t have to be embarrassed about using lip balm. So Tina, give your lips a rest?
SarahI love these and lip gloss in general, but ever since the pandemic hit I completely stopped buying makeup, especially lip products. its a bit cumbersome to wear lipgloss with a mask now, and since I am not going out anymore I just forego it entirely. such a shame though, theyre so pretty.
Sereen SamaraiiThe glosses didn’t make her prettier, she made them prettier.