Painting My Nails Upside Down

Today I’m gonna paint my nails upside down. Actually, I recently found out that inversion therapy where you go upside down helps relieve the pressure and my lower spine.


noodledCristine is doing a Tutorial for the aussies. How thoughtful!
yaliso gioouyBen checking up on her every once in a while is so endearing. He doesn’t need kids, he has a Simply.
Laila TabriziDid anyone else wonder why she didn’t just put on her fanny pack upside down and then open it upside down?
Kaylei MershonTheir Spiderman moment kiss was very adorable. I’m also very glad that Ben was there for safety. As well as to just watch the shenanigans unfold.
Lexi PEveryone is talking about Ben coming to make sure she hasn’t died every once in a while, but no one is talking about “spider-man”
Emily petersonWho else was this the first times you’ve ever seen Ben kiss Christine?
allisoonwonderlandAfter so many videos of julien wearing holo taco, cristine wearing his fanny pack is so full circle
Samantha PippinI love how she goes on about how she’s 32 years old and has a bad back and she’s wearing light-up sketchers.
Nap PrincessI love how Ben is slightly worried about your safety and is just kind of hovering just in case.
asioe kiouIt wouldn’t surprise me if she has lost the ability to say “hello” normally without accidentally saying “holo”
Marie dubourguet“My spine is like an accordeon, when you stretch it it plays music”, I’m not sure it’s supposed to work this way CriSTiNe.
Ms PadfootCristine, the 32 year old Crime Stats Analyst with a master’s degree: “Is there blood in your brain?” Oh, Simply. You’re the best.
Alyson McNaughtonWhy has no one mentioned how Cristine is wearing light up shoes?
Hemali AroraWho else wanted her to make a Stranger Things joke when she said’upside down’.
Natalies OutletI freaking NEED this machine! Also very entertaining lol very Cristine like of you.
Clara MerinHer voice changes when she’s Upside Down.
Also, has anyone here watched Stranger Things?, ‘cus l swear to god, every time she says ‘upside-down’ l think of The Upside Down
I’m getting a headache.
Savannah HuiWhen she said “why not get 2 birds stoned at once” I died.
Lucy Elizabeth“it’s getting two birds stoned at once”
Great, now I’m picturing two birds who are high.
Katie SmithWhen Cristine’s upside down nails turn out better than your actual nail art.
Callie ThompsonIt took me half the video to realise her shoes were actually flashing different colours.
Angelic AsysnilaWhen life turns upside down, you gotta invert yourselves downside up.
sehhi vootyCristine is doing a Tutorial for the aussies. How thoughtful!
Austin ParnessOmg imagine this but with makeup challenges.
Halle SteadmanDoes anyone else constantly get random nail art ads because they think that this is a nail art channel?
Mmiah MWhen christine can do better nails than me upside down than me right-side up.
K OWish I could make a relatable back problem comment but I’m on my bed all day, I ain’t even kidding.
India MuirI need one of these thingys, I’m 20 and my back is wrecked.
Maliha MendirattaI love ur shoes i saw a glimpse of the shoes i was like do they light up.
Izzy BrennanIt says “painting my nails upside down” I love how she actually prepares her nails BEFORE painting her nails.
Crazy CatCan we look at the shoes that Cristine is wearing.
K DThe nail file falling into her bum made me laugh so hard I cried.
Mina BeanWhen they kissed I screeched in happiness.
Ava BipesCristine should’ve worn the pouch upside down so then when she flipped back the pouch would be right side up and her stuff wouldn’t spill out when she opened it.
Tara BuescherTo the girl I saw wearing a “Holo it’s me” sweatshirt in the orthodontist waiting room hi.
Ziggy StardogStranger Things: When you forget you should put a fanny pack on upside-down when you are in the upside-down.
CaramelloHaha, you should see me when I try and paint my nails, the Polish goes over my entire hand!
gabiluch87“Ask your doctor if hanging upside down like a bat is for you”
Safiya has entered the chat.
Alyssa ChristieOh Christine your hair is getting really long looks like Ben is going to have to cut it again.
Lauren LanternsWhat shocked me the most in this whole video is that Zyler is 13. Cristine doing nails upside down doesn’t even strike me as odd just “yeah..sounds about right”
Fatima’s worldSeeing her like that just made my head hurt.
Hays SparkmanI’ve been waiting so long for her to do another painting my nails video yess simply’s back baby.
Jessica BoltonHey Cristine there’s a really awesome YouTube channel I recommend. Ps it has nothing to do with nail polish or whatever this was but I think they deserve more subs for the awesome content they post the channel is called Evan&Katelyn and I think you would really like them.
soniyu ziuyThere’s something really satisfying about how the braid moves whenever the chair flips up or down. But also what if it gets caught on something.
Ashley or whatevaMy mom had one of these machines and my brother and I used to play on it and we used to try to see how fast we could do it and we flipped it over.
Lovercat361My dad has one of those inversion tables.
A little birbCan we take a moment to appreciate her shoes?
Random Vegan LadyLove the braid! Also love how Ben kept making sure you were good.
Amelia and KendallI love that she had to check the name of her own polish. That’s amazing.
Melisa GodoyYou should have clipped your fanny back upside down, so that when you opened it, things wouldn’t drop to the floor.
Emilythara06Me watching this and laughing while just being glad that I got the frosted metals collection for my birthday.
Lisa CampThis video made me laugh really hard! Plus I loved how concerned Ben was for you the whole time!
Alura328The way Ben looks at her and does the Spider-Man kiss was precious and now I need a Ben.
MacKayla SchexnyderAhh finally, it feels like forever since I’ve seen simply nailogical.
Gina VictoriaBen checking up on her every once in a while is so endearing. He doesn’t need kids, he has a Simply.
Rogue AmissI’ve always wanted to try an inversion table for my back I’m not sure if I can use one since Ive had a spinal fusion.
ConxfusedIm Australian, and now i can finally watch your videos without having to tilt my head upside down. hope you do this more often, cheers!
Penelope Oliver“Get two birds stoned at once.” I don’t think that’s how it goes, but I like it much better. Also, my Grandpa has one of those upside-down things and it’s really fun to go on.
macmoney20The content we all needed right now. Thank you, my Holo queen!
Madison SorrellWhen I hang upside down my blood goes to my head and hurts so bad.
Samie Gacha BubblesThis is really smart and also I love your shoes also I’ve been watching you for like three years love ya!
Elizabeth DufourMy head started to hurt watching you go upside down so many times.
Sedona ColesImagine being her parents and walking in to this.
Jennifer AWhy not wear the Fanny pack upside down so it’s right side up when you tried getting things out?
Super MoosieImagine her water-marbeling turning out PREFECT when doing it upside down.
Raigen HussI know they’re very different people, but Cristine is giving me the Jenna vibes I’ve been missing.
Pretty PeachI am definitely not drinking my tea for dinner and watching this!
AlexSo entertaining but i somehow felt the blood rushing to my head every time u were upside down.
Arlyn DiazAfter two months of not watching simply I today saw a 32 year old lady hanging upside down painting her nails. Crazy how life works.
Jess HoldenFor some reason this video gives me so much anxiety.
Cali CanvasI just thought of a video idea! What if you tried to re create one of your nail art ideas, but as makeup?
Alicia MoralesSo I read the title and thought “Cristine wtf?” And then I remembered her personality and thought “wait why hasn’t she done this yet?”
Tara SaladinThank you for bringing the laughs Cristine!
Sam TThe fanny pack should’ve been upside down.
Ka0s KittOh goodness, that looks so comfortable!
Emilia DianeHoly crap I’m never here this early. Also, this is such a Cristine thing to do and I love it!
FanOf ManyThingsI love you but you should really come up slowly from being upside down. It will ease the lightheaded-ness.
Justine Mathilde Adelaide WeissI was watching this video while being upside down.
Greta KellyI’ll be back later I’m hungover and you being upside down is making me feel sick.
Zoe NichollsI finally have my own acrylic nails.
Ely YeagerI can feel the light headedness and headaches from flipping so often.
Hope E. Wan KenobiMy mom HAD to have one of these a couple years ago. It collects dust now.
Genaveve SanderWe have one of these! It’s fun and has a massager. My back pops like right when I go upside down and makes it feels stretched out. I usually stay on for like 10ish minutes.
Vaishnavi miraculousNow I want to see cristine popping her peelies in space. But it would be expensive but its still cool tho.
DeniellenWith this lockup thing still going on and the hair salons closed I’m gonna end with simply’s hair length!
Ashley ShriverYes at the TPB reference! One of my fav series!