Pro Hairdresser Tries to Follow A Highlighter Hair Coloring Tutorial

Hi Beautiful! Today I try to follow a highlighter hair color tutorial and it was HARD. It definitely didn’t come out how i desired that’s for sure.


Mea SheltonConspiracy theory: Every time he says hi beautiful he is looking at himself in his viewfinder.
Jenny TuomisojaWe love a hairdresser who isn’t afraid to possibly fail at their job in front of millions of people! You go Braaaad!
Lily BiesiadaIt went from “hairdresser reacts” to “pro hair dresser reacts” we luv to see it!
KathiaaShe told you to leave this on for as long as possible.
Brad: Imma wash this out after an hour.
Maferila17The whole time as he painted the front pieces in yellow I was like wasn’t it supposed to be pink and suddenly he realizes it as well.
Jolie“hi beautiful” says Brad Mondo as I sit here crying with my thumb bleeding and swelling because I slammed it in a car door.
Smokey’s life“If that didn’t make sense, well I don’t give a f***” that had me dead lmao , brad never fails to make my day.
Black CatHe says “follow me everywhere” yet if I’d appear in his bedroom I’d be a stalker and he would call the police on me.
Joanne LamIf there’s gonna be a Hunger Games remake, Brad NEEDS to be one of the stylists.
Maddi S“I don’t know what kind of poisoning- like, regular poisoning i guess?”
Rebekah Pattison” Forgive me for covering your face with cottage cheese ”
I laughed too hard at that.
teambeiningGood news: highlighters have a low toxicity level. As long as you’re not drinking the stuff, you should be good.
Heather McFarland“Girl don’t ask people why they’re chunky”
Janes opinions on products and other fun stuffI was like he’s going to be so disappointed and I was right.
chellay325“Did you tell them about how much blowing I had to do?”
“My jaw is still recovering”
Safiya YakubuI thought I was buggin when he didn’t put pink in the front, so glad he realized and didn’t make me feel like I was going crazy.
Abril CarrilloI live how he just talks to miss manny quin like she is alive.
melissa nicholsonAnyone else screaming “you need to section!” When he started applying the green?
Mae DIncase anybody forgot we have this thing called “hair dye”
Hope CatalanoBrad always tells us how beautiful we are…
So we should tell him how beautiful he is too.
The Cereza SeedsMe thinking the whole time that he’s going to dye his own hair.
TasneemMe thinking he’s going to put it on his hair.
Sydney Cobb“This resembles highlighters Thats so funny” que that’s bizarre tik tok sound.
SeptemberRain EarthTalking to the mannequin like: hey gurl. Highlighters. Youll love it
The highlighter fumes have gone to his head
GraceWhen Brad stared off into the distance and said “why am I like this,” I felt that.
Aibhe Cunninghamliterally the only human who says “hi beautifu”l whenever I see him.
Golpar GoliI love how he speaks to the mannequin like it’s a real person.
Nikki StarlightCan we just talk about how perfect the mannequin’s hair is!
Cooper DHis outfit today reminds me of that one girl in inside out Joy?
TilmookShe’s literally teaching kids how to huff and inhale toxic ink. Don’t recommend.
Shae BubblegumI almost screamed on the train when he said “ highly recommend you don’t do this”
kateyybugAll i can picture when brad talks to his mannequins is Emma sitting in the corner watching him like.
squidoidThe pink is literally so gorgeous both before and after, would dye my hair that color prob.
mandi donleyPlot twist: He looks in the mirror while doing these intros.
Helen GrimleyKinda disappointed I thought he was gonna do it on his own hair…
lєѕlPoor Gwendolyn, she was really looking forward to going clubbing tonight.
Aylin xov“Did you tell em about all the blowing I had to do, it was intense, my jaw is still recovering”
yesimanatlafanThe fact that he’s talking to the mannequin or whatever seems like something I would definitely do lol.
Mikeila carlosMckenzie right now: “sorry brad mondo”
Maddie SThe way he treats miss maniquin is like she is real and I’m here for it.
Kelli BoschettoMe: *when he turns the mannequin to do the pink*FAIRY ODD PARENTS WHO?!
CaliforniaGirl49Question: how long are you leaving that stuff in tho?
Sweetti“Food poisoning” lmao BRAD ITS NOT FOOD.
AroundTheWorldMeanwhile, in the Sharpie office: “Guys! What if we could highlight with hair dye?”
sydney vibenThe struggle I had to not say “that’s what she said” in this video killed me.
Madison HayesOkay the way his hair color is fading is literally STUNNING.
Kiwi AestheticsFacts: my friend is called Gwendolyn and your maniking has the same name!
Mads N“We have to go to the hospital for food poisoning… or I guess it’d just be regular poisoning.”
Safiya YakubuI don’t know what the hell those highlights did… he literally wasted his time.
Olive CalebreseBy “as long as possible” Mackenzie means like 4-6 hours, that’s why the color took better then brads.
mary lowery-nelsonShout out to our girl Emma. Who’s like “what, need a hatchet? No prob. Wait, need me to help extracting that ink? Sure. Gimme”
Super WomanDon’t know how to do something listen to the instructions fully this was definitely a user error.
Mollie WyeOh god I would not won’t to put that in my hair, so glad he didn’t put that in hes hair used a wig.
Annabel CrescibeneI’m so used to aslinn that it really bothered me that the bowls, brushes and dyes didn’t match.
Payno EditsI’m so used to hearing his “Hi beautiful” at the beginning of all his videos and I love it.
TheGodMuvaI’m so surprised her hair hasn’t broken off yet .. she’s always doing something wild.
Bethany DCan we just appreciate that Brad hasn’t touched up his hair and the blue fade is looking so good.
claram0nThis made me remember that I used to let my friend color the bleached part of my hair with highlighters in class.
RachelWhen he broke the first highlighter i got hungry cuz it reminded me of getting the meat out of a crab leg lmao.
KapacitensUh, brad mondo is a Corpse Husband Simp- or vice versa. Their handstyling looks exactly the same. You heard it here first.
Lydia JumperIn the girls video she already had color hair that was kinda fading out. She didn’t have fresh blonde hair like the doll did.
Savannnah MazanecDo you turn your clients heads like that by their neck lol leaving handprints of dye?
Sarah BallHer hair was prob compromised and extremely porous so the color sucked into her hair only reason I can think of why it worked.
LufaraI actually liked the outcome even though the yellow and green didn’t work. The blonde and pastel pink really worked with each other.
Tasha“I’m gonna give her pink #egirl bangs” proceeds to make bangs YELLoW.
Alexis CameronSo I know someone who got a brain tumor from having an addiction to smelling scented markers.
Emma BWhen he said “ha you’re so funny” then punched Manny Quinn in the head I spit my Propel on my laptop.
Ellie YoungWho else thought he’d be doing it on his own hair?
Astha Singh 27There’s something about this person that I love a lot.
I’ll love to be friends with him.
Call_Me_MadWhenever someone tests something on fake hair it ruins the point.
Cringey PotatoesSo l actually dye my hair with other things and I’ve never used actual hair dye.
Katherine ValentineI thought I heard him wrong on the pink bangs and felt stupid for a few minutes.
Orange Juice addictI fell bad for him because he has to ruin his perfect wigs for a experiment that could possibly not work not.
Taylor DI wish someone would have told them you can pop the bottom off, that’s how we used to hide notes to pass in school
Gummybear MaryI love that pink color, does anyone know of a color just like that one that is actual dye? Or Brad if you ever see this recommend one?
Hailey NatuschThe finally results is actually kinda cute. Definitely see people trying to do spilt dye and only dying on half and leave the two front pieces out.
chimmyMaybe he didn’t leave it on long enough. Kinda seemed he probably just waited the standard 45 minutes or so and forgot that highlighter doesn’t process how hair dye does.
Sage TrebilcockIs nobody finna talk about that cute ass laugh in the beginning!
Cassy SurretteWatching this while were getting a foot and a half of snow from a nor’easter. Fingers crossed I don’t lose power.