Ranking 2020 Costume Dramas on Historical Accuracy.

We’re going to do a little 2020 year wrap-up of all the period dramas that have been released this year. And just to make things a little bit more exciting I have decided that we are going to be ranking these period dramas on a scale of historical accuracy.


MarinaIt was a cop out that they didn’t use a Chinese designer for Mulan. I was wardrobe supervisor in college and when we did a Chinese opera and about 5 teachers came from China to help with direction and costume design. I still remember a teacher explaining me to me in Manderin, which I do not speak, how to properly tie a sash. Anyway, if my University could do it, Disney could do it.
sonipittsCome for the hot historical tea, stay for the devastatingly adorable floof-burbling in the sponsor segment.
Micaela FerreiraI recently watched a European show on Netflix called “Catedral Del Mar”, set in medieval Barcelona. It’s obvious that they had a very low budget and because of that I was willing to look past the terrible fabric choices. I understand that proper fabric is expensive and I enjoyed watching a more “local” show, set in a place and time closer to me. However, hair and make up really upset me. Is it really hard to at least braid women’s hair? No working class woman ever would be wondering around with loose hair like some Disney princess. It really made me aware that I was watching a tv show and killed the mood for me.
thepartnerincrimeI’d love to see Bernadette do a critique of peaky blinders costumes.
Eliza Clark“Now he’s fallen asleep and I can’t get up”. That’s literally me with me cat.
Deer BoyThe lowest tier should be “they didn’t care”.
Adorkable NerdI love how when Bernadette mentions Harlet, you can see her die inside a little.
SephieDoodlesWe are all about the Madame CJ Walker appreciation in this house.
Claire ManglicmotThe fact that the thumbnail for Little Women is just a close up of the uggs absolutely sends me.
Luubelaar“Blasphemous hair and makeup” is such a Bernadette phrase. I love it.
Lunic MaskI’m a Makeup artist, and while I can only speak for myself, historical hairstyles are a big focus in my training. But sadly more in the way of “here is a historical portrait, try to replicate the exact Hairstyle” and less focusing on the way and methods people in that period used to make these typical silouettes and hairstyles. I feel like there is a big devide between replicating something with modern techniques and understanding how something happened in the first place, so when you have to do a lot of different and interesting hairstyles you fall back on the typical “oh I’ve seen that before somewhere”
Brenda Galvão Martins NunesI only noticed it now but I’m laughing so hard at the hamsters wearing historical clothing paitings in the background.
IlloneyThere should’ve been a “no attempt was made” tier as well.
Christine GalloIn defense of Jingle Jangle, the scenes with hoopskirts were a flashback, and the majority of the plot happened at least 20 years later, once Jessica had grown up and her daughter was about the same age as she had been in said flashback.
Victoria TurnerWho’s excited for Bridgerton on netflix this Christmas? I understand its complete fantasy and set nowhere in real history but also it looks very pretty. I can’t wait for actual colour in a period piece rather than the drab greys they always seem to use.
bralliercatCesario’s chirps and purrs fall into the chef’s kiss category.
wickedpissa25I want to play D&D with Bernadette.
V OHis lordship´s portraits behind Bernadette were the most epic thing in the video.
Kathryn Casey FrenchGirl this matters! You’re educating the audiences of these movies. If audiences are ignorant about costumes the movie/tv studios don’t get any real pushback to do it right. You are making the world more aware!
Di MiltonWhenever I saw her petting her “cat” I was thinking, “That looks like a guinea pig,” then she got closer to him, showing that he was indeed a GUINEA PIG!! He was so cute! Super sweet of her to not wake him up.
Liska TeagueJingle Jangle was GORGEOUS. Seeing Victorian era clothes in those fabrics in this fantastical realm was everything I never knew I wanted.
AyeYah WahBeansThe original story of Enola Holmes doesn’t even HAVE the “Reform” or whatever it was. I agree with your ranking, because I also believe that the movie in general was poorly put together as a whole.
R BurnsWatching Bernadette as her battery is about to die while my battery is about to die is not the shared experience I imagined when I joined the patreon group. I must say, I give the live chats a much higher approval rating.
pinklady13I got the feeling the costumes in The Great were trying to capture the Sophia Coppola Marie Antoinette vibe. But, didn’t quite get there.
cherylmoore414So glad you included Jingle Jangle. It was such a joyful film, and I think “it was a design choice” is totally on point. They used different silhouettes to convey different ages and times and themes. It was such an important visual cue to see the difference between character interactions. Thank you for including!
EmilyTheVirgoWhen was Gentleman Jack released? Because that was pretty good.
DrowSkinnedI think this is just a list of costume dramas that we should watch.
Catherine PMe watching this with no understanding of costuming and historical accuracy: I can’t believe they would do this. It’s a disgrace.
Pink CupcakeI’m here for Bernadette doing a crash course on historic makeup and hairstyling. I don’t want to be smoted for historical blasphemy!
DafniGabriellaI’m curious about why Mary Queen of Scotts and Outlander weren’t on your list.
Nope ThanksI would honestly appreciate a rant about historically accurate makeup and hair in movies that sounds very interesting.
AlwaysOnHave you seen the “Cranford” series? And when will you discuss the two guinea pigs?
Arella17Jingle Jangle is Clockpunk, a subculture of the steampunk movement that’s loosely based around the Victorian Aesthetic.
J.B. CastroThe great always makes very clearly that it’s not historical accurate, just inspired by the period witch I think makes a lot of sense when they used clothes with a more modern feel.
Liz WThe man who invented Christmas. My favorite movie this xmas right now.
Sian ValadianJingle Jangle was DELIGHTFUL and to be fair, the only crinolines I remember were worn in the earlier scenes. Also the hair design was bangin.
flightattendantsdayoffPlease include Peaky Blinders in some of these costume critiques! I’d love to know what costumers think of the over-stylized period recreation.
Kaela TuckerWould love to see your thoughts on Bly Manor’s historical accuracy when they delve into the lady of the lake.
David BI’d say that one that left is The aeronauts.
lushiousificationI’d love to see Bernadette or Karolina do a video comparing 2019 little woman and 1994 little woman. Or all of them really.
Shatondra YauchYour “I’m not angry I’m also disappointed” sigh I strive to be able to give.
Kill MeHow about the two Sherlock films with Robert Downey Jr. And Jude Law?
Gaby MoI haven’t really seen anyone discuss the costuming in penny dreadful. It has a wonderful gothic aesthetic and covers people with a wide variety of backgrounds. It could be an interesting show to take a look at.
MidI had no idea there was a film about Mary Anning released this year.
Sofka450I love accidental slips of “I am actually an immortal creature who lived through this and I can tell if it’s good by just one look”. I mean, the way that silk waves? We won’t tell anyone, thought.
Eliza HollidayI would like to know what you think of “A Portrait of A Lady on Fire” a French period film I loved for its woman centric story and natural dialogue.
Zoya DowlandI’m a huge fan of YouTube period clothes makers all being friends.
Kati AThe most beautiful film I saw this year was “Portrait of a Lady on Fire”, but cannot really say how accurate it was.
Vanessa CeccopieriHi Bernadette! You forgot another tv show “dead still” 1880’s Ireland about postmortem photography. Loved your review!
Evan Murphree GambleAlso, its a 2019 release, but I would love to see your review of the costuming in portrait of a Lady on Fire!
Edwin WalkerI’d love a critique of various adaptations of A Christmas Carol. Especially the Muppets version.
Sharon WilsonI just watched ‘The Frankenstein Chronicles’ and appreciated that the characters wore the same couple of outfits, showing people had limited wardrobes.
Hello_ChinaThis felt like less of a ranked list and more that it was either perfect and then the various ways that it was wrong.
Elizabeth HartleyI haven’t watched The English Game, but from the still images, the uniform does look legit at least it matches the contemporary team photographs I have seen from this era.
FiverCesario being featured in the add spot is the Christmas gift i didnt know i needed.
Athena PappaWatch till the end best cut scene ever. Yes I had to squwee at the cute.
Phillipa JensenObsessed with this whole video. Would have loved to hear your thoughts on Sanditon!
LaiaMay I suggest an older Spanish show? It’s on Netflix, it’s called Gran Hotel.
Kärin ZätterbergI would love to see Bernadette talk about the costumes from the 2020 staged concert of Les Mis!
LizzyGraceStudiosI think Sanditon came out this year. My friend tells me it’s not good.
David EzzellI sense a series? End of the year wrap up? I’m here for it.
rosemarycat5You mentioned Harlots. I’m curious what you thought of those costumes!