Sex, Drugs & Cannibalism – What Happened to Rose Larner – Mystery & Makeup

Today I wanted to talk about what happened to Rose Larner, poor girl. I hope a new trial doesnt go through but will keep you updated if anything happens! Love and appreciate you guys so much and I will be seeing you very soon!


jasonhortonThis was in the news again recently. Read bizarre and sad.
bepisHey, just wanna add something here, her having a “bad mouth” could be part of her hyperactive disorder. i have adhd and that’s a symptom that’s common among people with the disorder, it kind of inhibits your impulse control and makes you do things without really thinking beforehand. not really pertinent to the story but just thought it’d be interesting.
The Divine VenusI love your voice so much you make me interested in true crime and I’m the only crazy person that hates true crime. So that’s not about true crime that’s about you.
luhx lauraBut they went to a property that Billy’s people owned so technically billy seems like the one who planned it.
Shakespeare CompanionOur store has a “flagger” for suspicious purchases. It turns on audio and video from where the cashier is and logs the receipt.
Shelby SiglerFor some reason, billy definitely seems more guilty. They’d been best friends for awhile, the Likelihood he just stood by isn’t high.
bookcreatorI think Billy was more involved than he’s letting on.
JAMIEImagine the sadness and impotence the mom felt hearing this story.
laurenI feel like Billy threw in the cannibalism part to make John look more evil, however, I believe they both killed Rose, equally.
Michelle DanzingerI have never been this early! Just wanted to let you know that I have been watching your videos religiously and also how cool is this Videos sponsor? Sending love from Vienna.
Cricket BellvilleI would love to hear you talk about the Turpin family… “the California house of horrors.” I remember when it came out in the news and it was just horrific.
Megan LouiseIs anyone else obsessed with the way Bailey holds her make up brushes.
lqkayaPlease my boyfriend leaned over while i was watching and said “is she doing her make up and taking about chopped up body parts again”.
Anayeli VianneyAll I know is I don’t want that “Billy” friend anywhere near me.
n watkinsPLEEEAAASEEE do a video on Robert pickton, fed his victims to his pigs and killed 49 female escorts!
Stephanie LWasn’t John the one who bought all the “supplies”? I agree that no matter what they both should have life.
Madison Blair“When people want to experience something in life it doesn’t involve mustard and flesh” you are my spirit animal I can’t.
Caitlin JudgeLol it threw me off when she said “it was 30° outside.” I was like isn’t that hella hot?
Sharice NicoleYou should do Albert fish’s story. He’s a true disgusting human being.
MistySpringWhen pressed, it would take a clear photo of the customer. Then, police would receive the photo as a “keep an eye on this one” kinda thing.
ItsMeDaniI low key like how honest her family was when describing Rose and didn’t go with the usual “lights up a room perfect in every way”.
Danielle BoltThe really sad thing is the family doesn’t have a body to put to rest there’s nothing for them to go to like she literally never existed.
Ashlee FullerYou should cover Junko Furuta. It’s honestly mind blowing how everything turns out.
Carmen FigueroaThere’s no justice doesn’t matter how was her life style she didn’t deserve what these to animals did to her.
Lara HoughtonI’d love you to look at Darlie Routier’s case, I can’t decide if she’s guilty or not it’s so interesting and confusing.
Elissa VanKirkTo me, the smoking gun would be with whoever went into the store on the way to the house to buy the suspish items. Why did John buy that stuff if he wasn’t planning to use them?
Destymona Puckett“I think I’m PMSing because I just wanna like… rip my face off” is the most relatable quote I’ve heard
Tracy ZeneroBailey is the 1st person ive seen discuss rose without victim blaming her.
Tinkers Tales“I dont miss being a teenager”. Need this on a bumper sticker.
abby graumanBailey, look up damien echols and the west Memphis three!
melinda923Have you ever looked into the “Ken and Barbie Killers” Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka? Infuriating “justice” in Karla’s case.
Dallas Blankenship 2024“I just feel like when people want to experience something in life it doesnt involve mustard… and flesh” 2020 quote of the year.
Me MeThat’s very sad that she had a “best friend” that could either killed her or watched her get killed and cut up. That Billy guy should be in jail.
Caitlin WoolseyWe studied this case when I did forensics. One of my professors was a forensic anthropologist on the case. Actually lived by where she died for a little while. So crazy to see this case covered.
Chloie DaltonIf I had a dollar for every time someone told me their dog’s name is Chloe, I’d have a lot of dollars. I feel you Bailey.
Royally RhondaThis is so sad. That poor girl – may she RIP. They should ALL be in prison.
Charlotte CrookI’m with you, one of them did it, doesn’t matter which, and the other either watched/helped/failed to report it. Both should have long, long sentences.
Aiden PlayzThis is my home town and I am friends with her brother. Billy now owns a few tattoo shops around town. It’s super sad.
Jamie JI feel like I’d like to see how you handle The Iceman, Richard Kuklinsky.
LindaSSaeternThey need to bring Bailey in to see how Billy’s character growing up.. but all three needs to stay in prison!
Shannon PutterIs it just me or is this case very similar to the series Riverdale’s Rose Blossom’s life?
lenelyn angelli sorianoIf you may, kindly check out “vampire of Düsseldorf” so hooked up with your videos.
Tara Parsons“You know what I want to experience? The Grand Canyon.” Is it bad that I laughed?
Niki RoseI feel so bad for Rose. Poor girl never got any justice in her life.
A MilneThe grocery store “panic button” should be the Suspish Button.
Britney SmartI’ve seen this on a criminal documentary a while back.
CareVGI used to hate Monday’s so much until Bailey because now I look forward to her videos every Monday!
Kristie HolmesAnyone else here from not the USA and got temporarily confused why anyone minded being outside when it’s 30 out?
Julissa RodriguezI live in Lansing Michigan! Never thought you’d tell a story from my home town not common! Sad story though poor girl!
rasaan2011With ya there Bailey, I want to experience San Francisco, NOT a person sandwich!
Julia’s modern lifeBoth of them should be in prison. I don’t care who actually killed her, he didnt stop it. Therefore hes just as guilty.
Mrs GoedMe watching while working at my desk and i hear “Lansing, Michigan” i yell oh my gosh! This is where i live!
Sarah Rodden“I don’t know what the button would do yet…but I think it’s a great idea.” Lol the extent of all my great ideas. Bailey is my inner self.
Life of KashNah I think it was definitely billy. He didn’t like being friend zoned.
Blair MoutonHave you heard of Robert Christian Hansen, known in the media as the “Butcher Baker”
Savanna AbdeljawadThe new set up looks so beautiful. This is such a heartbreaking story. Please do the concrete girl it is so sad and the justices system failed major.
Sabrina HerreraBailey, any chance did you get any info on her remains? We’re they ever recovered or were they just never able to get them back?
Libby WarnerWaiting in line to donate plasma, caught the lady in front of me watching this video.
Lydia ZookWhat happened to Tim? He should have been interviewed and charged also since he got rid of the “tools”.
Regina OlveraEgypt Convington and Vanessa Guillen, with recent updates on how it’s said that her case is changing the culture of the Army.
JaniceThe thing with her mom trying to get her committed, reminds me of Frances Farmer and her mother. Just sad.
shortaay08Random thoughts….So I live in Michigan and I am a social worker. This would be so awkward to have a client that appeared on here.
Rhiane JolieYou should really look into the case of maria Marta belsunce, that’s was a crazy case literally left me speechless, it’s so crazy and sad.
Hannah HammondI love her, she is literally the best true crime beautuber on here. She makes my hard days better!
Breanna LavoieI was watching your older videos, what ever happened to the Rocky petition. Is he still alive on death row? Or has he been released?
Elisabeth WhitefieldThis one makes me feel so sick because Billy was her best friend for years and he not only let her get killed but he participated. That’s just so messed up.
TIFFANY GO BLUEBorn and raised in Lansing Michigan still live here. Billy did my tattoo.
Eve JohnsonCan you talk about the Scott Peterson case. It was high profile. He allegedly killed his wife.