Hey Larlees, todays video is a NEW part of our unboxing series! I spent $1,200 on Carli Bybels used clothing! OMG! I also bought her fabulous Birthday Dress, will it fit?? Keep watching to see more!


Jessica CalvertCarli’s gonna watch this like “she did not just try to guess my perfume” love this series.
Jadin Knight“This paper is so pretty!!” immediately throws it to the side. I love these videos!! The gold dress was stunning!!!
Lucy RoseWhen Tyler said “you look gorgeous” He was not wrong! You really suited both dresses!
Miriam PerezI am obsessed with this series!! And the fact that you’re doing carli’s clothes ahh two of my favorites.
Allyson SixxCarli Bybel is probably one of the sweetest people to ever walk this planet!
Brookiee SavannahI adore how sweet Ty is with Laura. Always telling her she’s beautiful.
Drew FontenotThis was like a “crazy wish clothes try on haul” but with actually nice stuff lol.
marissa polingI just love how you think you’re weird for smelling it, everyone would do that too!
Siyaam HartleyI wish this series would never end I love how excited you get about everything.
gabriela marquezI like when Tyler yelled “nobody said to twerk!” Lmao! He sounds like my husband every time something exciting happens!
Mayra MThis was honestly such a great addition to the series! Carli has an amazing sense of style and I love that she cares so much & adds her pallet to some orders! Loved the video!
Yanet MacielMe thinking the security tag was part of the pants… and Tyler’s “it’s fashion Brenda”. This video had me rolling.
Isabella RoseI’ve been watching you and Carli for years! I love her style but really, I think I am more like your style lol.
Her pallet looks so cute!
Taylor WicksI’m so glad this series has continued outside of the Kardashians!
Firdous ALaura sniffs the dress
“What did you wear” loll sounds like what joe Goldberg would say
Also love these videos and that birthday dress looks stunning on You.
Haley LaSourdI too thought the security tag was apart of the pants. The dress looked amazing!
RENEESXOXOI’d love to see what the pallet looks like and on I’d love to win you’re very thoughtful for doing a giveaway!
Paula AlóndigaI really love Laura laughthing at herself while modeling all these clothes, such a bust of confidence.
Esther PenaLaura Lee always coming thru on the day of the Lord when I’m at home doing nothing! Lol. Love you girl!
Jane DrozdovaOMG i was literally fall down from the couch laughing when you turned around and said “exact same experience” His is my favorite peace of this haul.
Shelby ThomasThis was hilarious, definitely done the hair tye trick myself in emergency situations.
Sofia HeckelI love how your personality goes from chill and non-productive to fun and stylish.
Jessica SuarezIt’s so thoughtful and caring of her to put her pallet in there.
Anna Louisa Rubek NielsenTyler’s reaction to how expensive the bday dress was.
Flower.powerKThat’s really cool that she even signed the makeup pallet! That gold birthday outfit was absolutely breathtaking!
Maryam Usman” Maybe if i ever left my house but i dont really do that anymore” daaang never have a few words sounded so relatable and not even in regards to 2020.
Irania LopezThe wardrobe malfunction when you started twerking. Loving the content, Laura!
Minelly NavarroThese try on hauls are so entertaining and you’re hilarious! This one did not fail.
Nina MatulovaAbsolutely love these types of videos even more when I see how much u enjoy this also the home decorating and amazon ones. Love you and sending kisses from Europe, Slovakia.
Mia DeAngelis“Some days I feel like wearing this and some days I just want my blue jeans or sweats”
Me everydayyyyyy!!! Lol the sweats part!
Kayla MccoyI would literally die for that dress. I need it.
Ammara SkyeThese clothes are pretty! I’d die to have a crazy closet like that!
Angelica GSo I’m with Tyler….I thought that was attached I was like oop I’d trip.
sophie BallantyneYour so damn cute. Always wanting to give back, where is ty but? I was loving the closeness/vibe yous were giving off lovely dovey tight relationship goals.
Sofia SalinasOkay that gold dress is soooo pretty ahhh lol Laura’s laugh had me cracking up too.
Sarah-Jade ThorneThe yellow dress looked stunning! Well done for being so brave, lol!
Maria HWhy can’t there just be universal sizes, so you could immediately know if the clothes are going to fit or not.
Simran GuptaI’m sitting at the dentist; waiting and this video saved me! Also would love to win the palette in your giveaway. I’ve wanted it forever!
Sarah LaFrageI was hoping you’d make this video! As soon as I saw that she posted her closet, I thought of you! My two favorite youtubers are frandsss.
Marliz CI’m like that with clothes tooo. I’ll look at something and think it’ll look so cute but then I’m like maybe it’s too much for me to wear.
Maria Teresa LarcoIf I would have your body I would dress Carli”s clothes every day!
Laina HaeferI love this series. I’m gonna have to go sleuthing to find peeps selling clothes. Twerk on Laura…twerk on.
Laura ThomasWhen Laura fangirled harder over Carlie than all the Kardashians.
shamma alhI just love this series , keep going with it cause i’m interested!
Face By JessI wish I could buy from her website but she’s a lot smaller than me and she doesn’t ship internationally.
Norma FloresLove how the yellow dress looked on you! Tyler was me about the $1,100 price tag on that dress.
tarzubbBought Carli’s palette for my friend for her birthday last year! So gorgeous, would love you own it myself! Love the quarantine content!
Tessa KI love these videos! There’s something about buying a piece of clothing that someone else previously lived in that’s so interesting to me.
DandonOmg Carli is one of my all time favorite beauty gurus <3 her outfits are always so glamorous but u also pulled them off as great.
Mai DegolladoI love watching you try on used clothes, I am living through you queen! Thank you for always putting so much thought and work into these videos.
Keri NairLove how you are like all the paper is so cute and then you proceed to roughly throw it out of the frame lol.
Tania FloresI thought the security tag in the picture was a belt but I love these kinds of videos, it’s so entertaining!
Fashionably SophieI like how her clothes is more affordable, besides the dress.
AllThingsAmberLove you videos, I’ve watched for years and it always makes my day to see you post a new video! You are the queen of YouTube!
annabel leeI have Carli’s BH palette and it is truly amazing. And the ABH one looks even better!
Nicole HuntLoved this video, Carli’s style is so amazing I wish I was brave enough to wear some of the things she wears.
Joy McIverI love this series so much!! It’s so thoughtful how she put her pallet in there! I’d love the opportunity to have the pallet!
Katie HoyleI’ve been watching Carli for so long!!! Love her, and of course queen!
Jasmine RomineLOVE that you are continuing with this series! I haven’t bought a new palette in FOREVER.
Kristen DutschOmg would LOVE that pallet! Wish I could fit her sizing! Such cute pieces!
Crystal LynnI love u Laura, you literally are the most humbled person on earth. Love that! It’s the pretty paper for me?
sydney HarrisonThis whole Video is entertaining! Had me laughing the whole time.
Amy Lynn WalkerOoh as a 31yr old single mom of two who is just recently getting into makeup, that palette would be an amazing Christmas present for me!
Chelsea TorresGirl, you’re getting me through quarantine over here. Watching your videos puts me in the that good mood. I love your positive attitude and how much fun you are. Gorgeous as always darlin’.
It’s KateI love both of them! I’d love to see them collab when things are a little more normal.! Such sweet people!
Ally ArtCarli has been my fav for years and I love to see Laura reviewing it. Hat palette is stunning haven’t tried it but the swatches are amazing.
Christina LambertLol, I just love you! You are to funny and make me laugh. These are some great pieces! I love the way the palette looks and have been wanting it but lack of funds.
Lisa CruzCan I please know where your top is from I’ve been looking for something similar TIA! Love your videos btw!
chanel campbellLaughed my way through the video, but that dress is truly amazing. So pretty. Your videos are the best.