Spring 2021 closet essentials. 2021 Spring capsule wardrobe.

We are doing a really requested video and that’s talking about closet essential or like a capsule wardrobe for spring 2021.


Tyanna ChloeI love the way you’re spoiling us with all these uploads! Also, you styled all the pieces so well.
Hakuna MatataLoved that you included different body shapes and sizes.
Alexandra LesterShe said “hi bestie ” hey girl lol.
Maria UnitedI have never loved a youtuber like I love laini she’s so genuinely kind I just wanna bear hug her.
Maria LisowskaI feel like I know everything thats in your closet currently and I love it.
Şule AtaI follow laini since march 2020 when the quarantine has first started and I can clearly see that she developed her style like an insane and she obviously made our style developed too.
Sophie DoyleTwo videos in two days? I’m all here for it.
Melissa ChoLaini’s setup + living space + apartment lighting make her look like she’s living on a cloud.
Paulette GallardoLaini is seriously so underrated! She honestly has the best style I swear she never misses.
Silvana HernandezHow do we deserve being blessed with two videos two days in a row?! I really love all your content rn!
Blanca AnchusteguiLove these videos! They give me a lot of inspo of things I wouldn’t necessarily go for.
Katie MandzI’m so buying an old man’s pyjama for the summer.
Melissa ChoShe called me bestie I feel honoured.
Lio Emmerechts“We can figure these out together”.
Keya ChoksiGirl u are on a role with uploading! Really appreciatie it and love the pieces as well.
Evi SchotmanHow’d you always know what I exactly need?haha thank you for spoiling us with your uploads I love youuu.
Ronja VYou are so beautifull! Could you maybe make a video about ernie and owning a dog at young age? I have a huge dog fever but I am not sure if it is too big responsibility for me now (also sorry for my bad english).
A PrisiliaI wish I have your closet omggg everythinglooks so good laini.
Felicia JaygbayJust ordered the midi dress in jade! Thank you for the inspo.
NynysyrYou remind me of jennifer garner in ‘13 going on 30‘ haha.
Oona TOmg thank u for making this video! You’re such an inspo and you literally look good in everything.
Marina WellswayYou’re spoiling us with content rn I love it, hey bestie.
What The FackentOmg I love u, ur style and everything.
Nanda SinghGirl can you please tell us how you do your super tight slicked back bun?! Please and thank you btw loving all your recent uploads!
Uma Van Der VlietBruh u deserve 182929292 million subs with this consistency.
Sam MarieI love her so much she is so nice I wanna be her bestie forever.
Yashita ManchandaOmg how do we deserve 2 uploads in a row? You make quarantine way better.
Enya ElsesserThe fact that you live in chicago makes me love u even more lol ( I do too ).
Juliana IbernonIm loving the consistency of your uploads now.
Jizel AvilaYou have a style for every one of my moods I swear I love the way every video actually features completely different styles.
Vicsic VlogsI recently became a subscriber and im already in love with you style and channel.
Samantha HaywardWow she really just gave us two bomb ass vids in two days.
Usωaa SabreeI’ve never been earlier lmao.
Christina MackTell me why I bought almost the same grandpa set. I love it.
Renata COmg please do a hair tutorial im obsessed with that slicked back bun.
Emma PieperOmggg laini! Those bodycon dresses are amazing!
Fernanda ChaveroI’m so happy that you are uploading so often! Love from greece.
Nina BrandI hear your name every where.
Nikol XrOmg wow 2 videos in 2 days already! We’re so luckyy! Ty for this lainiii.
Lisa FloresOoh I suggested this! Love to see u do your subscribers requests!
Cara QuachAnother upload she do be spoiling us.
Annabel RoseGay for laini in old men’s underwear.
Yftwins Your Favorite TwinsI love a good romper moment!
How LowI absolutely want this beige trouser for my spring closet!
Lauryn MRight when I needed.
Tatiana VelascoYou are the colour pale golden for me3 beautt.
Zeynep EkerBestie! I love the consistency. We honestly don’t deserve you.
Zara AThank you bestie!
EstahYou are getting me way too excited for spring and summer!
Nele MaleenLove your outfits. Thanks for sharing this girl. This is a good day.
Katie ClaireLove your videos! Thanks for the tips.
Corey ChatmanIts crazy to me how you create so many new outfits with what seems so little number of pieces! Love it.
Sofia NoyarovskaLaini working overtime daamn.
LaynaSo much content! I’m living for it.
Nagy Tamara-HannaBut what about the top your wearing in the video the whole time it’s so stunning I want one.
Madelynne BurtHi I love your clothing style & you, but I can’t handle the music while you’re talking anymore. Maybe a tip for future videos? Love them tho.
Savannah GonzalesI’m always fed! Thanks mom!
PearlOmg can you link the dunks they’re perfection.
Emma FilsonYour knitted pastel top is all the spring-inspo I needed .
AntibookbookclubAnother great new video update, laini!
Ervin’s Movie CornerI aspire to have laini’s wardrobe and work ethic.
Kyr BoCongratulations on 155k subscribers.
Luke RobertsLaini always coming in clutch with the closet essential videos.
VeetyI’m obssesed with your intro.
Jean KirsteinYes sis get that coin.
Hannah CoghlanLainiiii w the content! Ilysm.
Cameron HeaneySo many uploads lately.i love it.
ZariaYou live in chicago? Omg yay love your channel.
Maren 27Love it!
Marta SetiWhich new balance are those? Thnks .
Sedona KellyWhere is the colorful knit top in the talking portions from? Its perfect.
FatherchideraHi laini I love you very very much and you inspire to me to feel more confident in my body knowing that I am not a size 0 so thank you so much for that.
Blake OgleHehehe laini saying hey bestie was the boost I needed today.hey bestie .
Jady ChanWhere is your green blazer set from! love it so much.
Sophia KoniorObsessed!
Hanna MoniqueI definitely need a suit now omg.
Bea MariceSo cute!
Alice BerryYes queen.
Akina SohThank u kween laini.
Chrisandre 1I cant take my eyes off the mesh organiser you have in the background! Can I have the link to it.
What I Do NowVery cute spring outfits .
SaraStyle queennnnn.
Elin LagoOmg tight rompers. I’m so down!
Maya BourgeoisHi laini where did you get your platform boots?
Kerry RorkAnother video.
Ana JeremyWhere is your top from? Absolutely love this video.
Gabrielle VittorI’ve been eyeing that blue midi from princess polly! Does anyone know if its see-through? It looks sheer on the website.
Emma AlvesHi bestie.
Eda HarmanciLooove this video! Could u link the etsy shop where you got the bag?
Taylor MidghallWhat is the name of the etsy shop that makes the bags?
Raegan BatyYour pics are very masculine.
Magical KellyNgl I feel like all of her videos are starting to blend together. Feel like every video she posts i’ve already seen.