Testing 323 PAIRS of LEGGINGS! From 68 Brands!

Testing 323 pairs of leggings from 68 different brands to find the world’s sheerest leggings and the most squat proof!


Aparna Saksena323 leggings, 68 brands and 11 minutes… Only Hopescope can do it… Most relevant, concise and entertaining videos.. LOVE IT!
Sarah HaleI have like 30 pairs of leggings and even that feels like too many sometimes.
Csenge KovacsYou should definitely try out/test nu-in’s active line. They use recycled materials and natural dyes.
Misty BackWhen you said “go see Tyler” to Leo, I was like, Tyler? You mean daddy? Haha. Are y’all not mommy & daddy?
g pI look on poshmark everyday. I have yet to catch anything of yours that wasn’t already sold out. I am dying to get my hands on a mystery legging bundle.
morgan glennMan I want gym shark leggings but the one girl said she feels exposed in we have the same body type.
Momma2thewildsI’m sad that I never got a text about the early access! Frustrating..I never can catch your poshmark.
Victoria FloresI saw that Tyler was wearing asrv my husband wants to start buying the brand just want to know if it’s worth the price ?
xenaguy01Wait. I understand you bill yourself as “The Leggings Queen,” but you have actually 323 pairs of leggings?
Emily BI have been waiting for a new Hope videos to get me through my finals week, SO EXCITED!
Bethany ShawYou’d think being 2020 they’d have the technology to make all colors squat proof!
Thank you, Hope, for your reviews as always!
j winHow is no one talking about how AMAZING your hair looks?! I want to know your hair style secrets! What curling iron and products do you use?
JessicaI have 6 pairs of leggings and they’re all black. I need to up my game.
Charlie SmithI’m a major nerd, I love spreadsheets, and this is the most useful piece of information made. Thank you sincerely for all you time, effort, and money spent.
Jennifer LaurenOnly person I genuinely listen to when it comes to buying anything. I feel like you’ve saved me so much wasted money.
Kassy BehannaWow hopescope coming out here once again to save the leggings-wearing population, we thank you for your service.
Be rGirlfriend collective leggings are the best. They make your butt look incredible and are super compressive.
Melanie PollardHave you tried the Oner Active brand? I know they’re currently sold out but I believe will be back in stock again next month.
Christianne OttingerThe spreadsheet is a great idea, and I like that you tested them all under the same conditions for comparison.
Scorpion KittyI tried going to the site just to look at the scores, it wouldnt load on my tablet. Tried on my phone but only option is home or account. do I need an account to look at the spreadsheet? The amount of work you out into your videos is INSANE.
Shylah NovakI’ve tried to get the Lorna Jane ones on sale back in August, but they got damaged in transit. I contacted them and never heard back. I was really looking forward to them too dia corbett.
LaurenOnly after watching this did I realize that the 5/6 pairs of leggings I own are black or navy, I guess I’m not a risk taker when it comes to sheerness of leggings.
AlmostFire1000Thanks for featuring Sierra Schultzie! She is one of my fave creators!
Lois FranklinI can’t wait to see the new organised legging wall!
Bekah FosterLoved this! I actually had never heard of the top ones! Thank you!
Erin AcostaI was so excited for this! Thanks for your dedication!
Esmy ASuch a game changer! It’s so hard to tell now that all my shopping is done online how sheer some of these are.
Emily KressOh wow! I’m so excited for this. Just got off a night shift but might have to set my alarm to wake up early for this!
Britt ClarkAnyone else come on here and like the video before even seeing it, because you know it will be fire as always?
Jess SortinoHow the hell is this spreadsheet free?! Incredible. Thank you Hope!
Joyce ChangWho the hell disliked this video? She put so much work into this she deserves a thumbs up from all of us.
Ashley MarieThis is absolutely amazing. Thank you so much for this!
Cordelia WhiteI wish it said whether they have pockets or not because right behind sheerness that’s my other requirement is pockets.
advenaThis is such a great idea! Thank you for giving us such a great resource!
Becca PalandatiLove love love watching all your videos. I always know your reviews are honest and going to steer me towards the right leggings.
Naturally NatsThis is a really helpful video! Best legging reviewer you are legit the legging queen.
Sara ForbesThis was so amazing and informative. Thank you for all the time and effort you put in!
Jessica BullockThis is incredible! Impressive work! I can’t wait to get on the page to make more informed purchases for my leggins! Thank you so much HopeScope!
Erin AuerbachThis is by far the best and most informative legging video I’ve ever seen. This spreadsheet. I love it. I would have loved to see the highest scoring color leggings though!
Jacklyn HeathThose expensive ones aren’t really squat proof if you can see the built in underwear?
Also ashy bines is trash don’t support her, she’s ripped off so many women.
Margaret TaylorYou are truly a goddess giving us the holy grail of legging resources and I simply don’t understand how this video could have a single dislike!
meganlauren86This is why I follow you! You put in so much work and detail in helping us with buying the right workout clothes! Thank you!
Hannah HI really don’t understand why you don’t have more subscribers. Like what other YouTuber would go through this much trouble for us?
Amanda WilkerStill so surprised about the balance 66%! I never feel uncomfortable in mine but I see how the white would be bad!
RachaelWhat a legend! 323 leggings! So ready for this video!
Emily MurphyThank you for this! I appreciate the effort!
ShyizleI love you for this ! Lol you didn’t have to do this but you did! Blessed us all
Wow Hope you’re awesome. That list is crazy. You’re so passionate about YouTube and it make your content all the more better.
thalldinBringing all the info I needed before buying more activewear – thanks Hope!
Vanessa AamoldHave you ever tried Strong Physiquez? I freaking LOVE their dream leggings I have a code with them too and you get 10% off. Its Vanessa10 these are the only leggings that I always wear.
Sophie HydeWhat’s up with the 2 minute long countdown at the beginning of this video?
Thalia FernandezDo you guys actually wear underwear with your leggings to the gym?
Gem SinghCan you try out Ryderwear? Im so interested.
Angela ArmbristerWould u say the baseline are the best compression as well?
Brittany ButlerWow! Over 7 hours! You are the legging queen!!!!! Thank you for doing this and for putting your back through it too! How’s it feeling?
I can’t wait to go through this and put this to good use on my next shopping spree! Thank you!!!
aurer97You need to try the legging Oraki!!! They are the best! They are made of recycling plastic Bottles.
Blue SkeletonJust want y’all to know, some girls want the sheer look to enhance their looks… some are very sexy and some good golly Ms. Molly no way! Also wanted to say VPLS is cool! That’s why chicks were the animal prints or the neon-colored Panties underneath. Yay so glad I made it ty
Sierra PernaOkay so the Free People leggings that have the seams at the bottom so you can cut to your length, I have Fabletics ones that look like that at the bottom too! Does anyone know if I can do the same with things and cut them?
Mari MI love that you’re making this available to us!! It would be so cool if you also included maybe a personal rating/review on each legging? Like what you love/don’t love about each one? I always have such a hard time choosing! And I’m like you were squat proof matters, but it’s not the only thing that matters.
An’Dee WoodSo I’m all about organization. Maybe from now on when you get a new one write down the type of legging (or take a picture) and write the sheer o meter number down. Of course, this was an interesting video. So you can totally just ignore me because I’m sure people loved this video.