Testing Your Drugstore Makeup Recommendations.

HI PALS! Today I am taking YOUR drugstore makeup recommendations and putting them to the test! What did you think of the final look?


RevlonThe so fierce collection looks stunning on you.
AndreaskuriIm justo so in love with your content lately.
Joanne blakelyWow!Drugstore or high end, you just shine with beauty.
Zita puskásI think it would be fun to watch you’re trying other youtubers drugstore favorites too (for example jamie paige, jessica braun, allie glines).
Victoria simentalYour videos have been cheering me up so much!t’s been a rough couple of weeks so every single upload gives me so much joy.
Julie tashimaYou could post videos about broccoli commentary and i’d still watch because I love your personality.
Kayla harperAggressive monster and impatient creature I love the nicknames you give yourself.
Harper palmerI love how you said ololololololbc that is exactly how I say it / hear it / type it. Tysm.
Amy hopkinsI would love to see you do subscribers favorite cruelty free makeup!Stunning!ou should do one final full face of becca.
Pleco plecoA “tiktok made me buy it” would be a great video!ike tesng out the loreal powder foundation.
Laura nunezSo pretty!ove a drugstore haul. It be cool to see a “how it wears throughout the day” kind of video with all drugstore or like half face luxe and other drugstore.
SelinbPuhlease try the milani skin tint it is amazing for dry skin and beautifully glassy.
Virginia mcinnisThe brown liner looks soo good on you wow!I love this look, can you do an eyeliner tutorial for beginners please?
Officallie1991Yessss!ould be great to know cheap options to glam up.
Sara cAh yes the milani lip pencil in spice is my all time favorite!So glad you loved it too.
Ayano kayYay, I’m early!lso, omg, I just saw your ig story about becca?.
Ruby majanoOmggg, now I want to try all these products!lso, your eyes look beauuuutiful in those tones.
Christine mercadoLoved it!ould love to see a merit reveiw!lso more simple, fun, eyeliner looks from the drug store?Masks = less face make up and all about the brows and the eyes !erci!You should try the nyx epic ink liners!o so similar to the kvd ones, and comes in brown and black.
Antonia ortizAn “aggressive monster” when applying powder, haha. Thanks for the vid!You made me wanna bleach the hell out of my hair and now you’re making me wanna go back your hair looks sooo nice!I just watched your most recent vlog and now i’m watching this. Thanks for posting so much content recently. I’ve really been enjoying the good mix of vlogs and beauty content and your vlogs are getting longer which I love.
Kiana bergmanOooh loved that mascara. The whole look is gorgeous as alwaysx.
HeyitskinzaJust ordered that nyx brow pen based on your reaction!o excited to have a great dupe that isn’t $25!I’d love a wear test and end of day impression when you do trials of all new products!Hopefully, that highly scented primer won’t cause a “lan-reaction”!Allana, I would love a review of the lancome absolue cream foundation for dry skin!The quality of this video is amazing. Loving all your videos at the moment (always loved you though).
Monica matosI would love to see you try merit beauty!’m so curious how it is!
Fatinha ferreiraThat nyx brow glue made my brows so gross while wearing a mask for a long period of time and melted off my waterproof brow pen into a goopy mess.
Jessica tejedaYay!hank you for another vid!our channel makes me so happy!“Running to the store to by the the so fierce mascara and the lip gloss”.
Sharon leeOh wow, a new video two days in a row, i’m so happy!And also goodbye money.
Chelsea whiteYayyy I’m so early!atching with my cat and he always loves hearing meowryl’s little maooows.
Madeline simpsonLove me some drugstore videos!rugstore makeup has gotten soooo good, so many products I’ve replaced from high end to drugstore makeup.
Valhoff3Love these drugstore videos!ould you consider doing wear tests too so we can see how well everything holds up beyond first application?
Despina blowI’m so happy you did this video!ove seeing the drugstore stuff!I love how youthful and fresh her face was at the start.
Emma manvellPerfect timing, I’m about to do my own makeup!You know it’s going to be a good day when it’s starts with allana.
JenniferMy husband re: the goopy brow gel – “wow she might as well just use hair gel”.
Ashley coteOmg, can’t stop looking at your hair!ooks so soft, wanna touch it.
Christie huntleySo stoked for this vid!Also I hope meryl is feeling better!Absolutely love this video! End products are so crazy pricey, and often unattainable for most of us, so it’s great to see such an in depth review of more affordable products!Thank you.
Corrina maddenYay love going shopping now.
Hanna pracucikAbsolutely love your drugstore makeup videos!ive me bougie on a budget vibes! love all the great dupes and I always look forward to your videos!anadian pride!That was so cool I love drugstore/ dupe videos (especially from you ) i’ll def try some of them.
Emma stillNow i’m curious how long the eyebrow pen lasts? Your eyebrows looked great!ut honestly though, when don’t they look great?
Manal elTruly my fave look you’ve served, and who thought, drugstore.
Maria cristinaHaven’t bought makeup in sooo long but now I need to.
Martie carsonThank you soooooooooo much for this video. I love all of your videos!You are so incredibly beautiful !And of course great content!I have just ordered some of the things that you mentioned, really excited to try the primer.
CastawayonthemoonYou have to try the colourpop bff liquid liner!y favorite liner ever, even compared to high end options. And so much cheaper!Your videos are just what I need right now allana!lways love to see what you’ve been trying – will definitely be treating myself to the primer and mascara!Oh my gosh this look was so beautiful. I loved everything and I’m headed to the drug store today, because of you, period. Beautiful.
Chloé khlfrSince the announcement of becca being discontinued, would love a video of your becca faves.
Laveeza qaziI love your makeup. How’s meryl?
Courtney gardenerAllana! neeeeed to know where your ring with the evil eye is from.
Adrianna maliszewska“Spotty dotties” lololololol.
Rachel cratsenburgAfter a while, being the first few to watch this video yay.
Melissa lJust bought that mascara!I can’t believe how great it looks.
Kelsie mcphee“Spotty dotties” I caaaaan’t.
Isabel wildfongLove ur style of makeup, and the drugstore videos are just a plus!Love this vid!ould you do a full face of your holy grail makeup products? Haven’t seen too many people do it but would love to see your holy grails from base to prep/prime to eyes etc.
Bekka leaReally enjoyed this video glad you found some keepers!I know the primer was beautiful but that glosssss!The shine omg.
Celina magañaAggressive monster the primer, brow combo and lip pencils are on my list!eautiful as always lan.
Michelle jonesI love a good drugstore video made a list while I was watching!
Olivia beauchampLoved the final look!ou should try the covergirl clean fresh line!Those burts bees lip products looked so cute!ould you use them in some upcoming videos?Would love to know if they’re any good.
Kavya kotakOh good!’m glad you liked the wet and wild contour stick!You’ve gotta try the new revlon smoothing primer in the pink packaging!t’s super hydrating. Aaaand the no7 lift and luminate pressed powder is a ct dupe. And last one I promise is the maybelline falsies lash lift mascara for fluttery volume!I am new to yt , and I absolutely love watching your videos so fun and explanatory girl!
Tah chalilaI bought the burt’s bees guava meringue blush and omg thank you, the nicest pink on me ever.
MaceyleaThe best drug store video i’ve ever seen!Could you do an update on how the brow glue lasted?Bc I tried it, was over the moon with how it looked but my brows fell down iiiinstantly!Love videos like this and the lip gloss omg it has be sold put at every shoppers I have gone to!
Hailey thompsonYou look so beautiful!hat lip combo is fantastic.
Emmasp116That glossss.
Sharon starr“I’m an aggressive monster”. Me too girl, me too!
Kendall farrI remember in college I only wore revlon mascara and foundation. Then I forgot about it.
Jullian ballI can’t stop looking at your lips and that lip gloss gorgeous!
Emily mayHey alana, I really enjoy pretty much all of your makeup tutorials. Can you please do a 3 or 5 look video with the renaissance palette?Also one with your fav lipsticks maybe. Thanks, cheers.
Vanessa theresia annaMilani spice is my holy grail lipliner repurchased it 3 times !
Carmen de miguelI love nyx!bought next week some make up. Your make up its so light and beautiful its light on!hanks all.
AnnaYour skin looked amazing!That necklace is divine!oving this video.
Callie chehoskiOh this video was so fab!For the l’oracal concealer, the one without the applicator, I find it looks the best when you don’t set with powder under your eyes.
BluesunpoetGot v. V excited when I saw this!Is it just me or is it that there’s very little difference in price between drug store and high end ?At least in canada.
Baljit channeyThe nyx epic ink liner is my favorite liner ever, jkissa recommended it to me in the comments section and I never looked back. It comes in brown and blue too!That’s interesting you use a eyeshadow brush for the under eyes i’m going to try it!Try the nyx epic ink liner in brown!My fav liquid liner!Love the foundation, the blush, the light reflecting powder and the mascara.
Ally chambersSuch a pretty fresh look. I loved it.
CarteltI love the classic maybellin fit me concealer. I don’t wear foundation, and I think it really provides a natural no-makeup look. It would be a great option for a summertime concealer!I love all your jewelry frrr, do you have any good quality, more affordable brands you buy from?
Rabia malikWhere do you get your apple watch bands from?I love them!
Jessie durandLondon drugs started carrying some flower beauty products.
Mariel betgeThose nyx brow pens are incredible. I get compliments on my brows all the time.
Raman dhillonLove drugstore videos thank you!I just lov you!ou made my morning!
J forsythI know there was a lil check in during the vlog with this look but I would love a check in at the end of these types of videos!t’s so helpful to see how the products wear.
Tiffany browderFirst.
Clara yacobitti alconadaWow, what an awesome experience trying so many new products!How did the primer/makeup/powder/hydrator (lol) mist wear throughout the day?Did either side of your face ever feel dry?
JessieLove the drugstore videos!hen quarantine started last year my salary was slashed and I ran to cvs to hopefully find dupes for my favorite products and I was surprised at how good some of these drugstore products are!Love your videos so much. Always here to support you girl.
Cory wongYou are so beautiful!azing video thank you!Love it. So beautiful.
Kasia burzynskiSo pretty!our hair looks so nice and healthy.
Twyla marieIm so excited you loved the gloss.
Chantal rogersBeautiful!I think you must try the new elf putty blushes!They come in a few shades.
T liraLove that you are doing more drugstore!Please try linda hallberg it’s so unique!ace glass is hg!Love these but the most important part is how they wear for the day. Please share that aspect for these great videos to make them truly complete and valuable..
Kerstin loidoltI love the elf sponges and brushes and eco tools and real techniques sponges.
Melissa iThe best way to finish my day , seeing allanas videos. Now I have to try nyx primer! Love everyone!Love your every look.
RonniWatching you after a long time !uch a breath of fresh air.
Sherri brookerYaay nyx brow pen!hanks allana!I’ve been eyeing the l’oracal bambi lash mascara for a while after seeing it on youtube but you’re the only one who mentioned the smell. Thanks because I have very sensitive eyes so it’s a pass for me!hank you, for once you made me save money!I like makeup.
Carolyn delgadoI have to try the new true match foundation from l’oreal and that blush from burts beez !
Krystle ann garzaBlush (honestly the whole base) looks sooo bomb on you !
Hema majenoI think it could be cool to do a video with all your favorite becca products so we can all run (not walk!And buy them before they’re gone forever!Watching you apply makeup is so restful and relaxing. Hope meryl is doing well xx.
Alicia & lukeLoreal’s eyeliners are the best!Those nyx brow pens – I am sooo amazed! mean like another jewel for our brow queen!Not so sure about the glue from this side of the video, so pleeease let us know how that combo endured.
Ezgi isikThis was so fun!our reaction to the marshmallow shaped sponge made me laugh. It was just not going to win you over. But truly, this was great to see. I appreciate you trying these products because I know that you love your high end products which is also fun to watch. But a lot of us like to see both. Milani lip liners are my fave!heir prices are great and they are cruelty free. Anyway, all your videos are a joy so thank you, again. Love your humor.
Maha reslanFor drugstore liquid liners I like the nyx epic ink the best!here is a brown & black one.
Patrizia pacettiUse the weird serumy loreal concealer! felt the same way the first time I used it but it isn’t like that on the face and I actually love it!t covers dark undereyes super well and because of the texture it is insanely lightweight!Gorgeouuuuus!.
AshleyrdYay for the drugstore love the look.
Danielle pardonFor the brow glue, I think the clumping you were getting is from product in your brows. A couple people have said to wipe the foundation/base products off ur brows before applying.
Hannah zantvoortI don’t know about you but the last time I tried that l’oreal glow concealer it burned my under eyes, such bad stinging and then I experienced a terrible rash.
Lucy layla kellyI ordered the flower beauty baked bronzer from well a few months ago, and it has become my absolute favourite ever. That is all.
Vanessa chavarriaI need an update on this mascara and primer.
Christine sevensterOkay you need to try the nyx born to glow concealer and the covergirl brow gel!oth rule!
Meghan bowerThe face products on you are gorgeous!The nyx brow pen is also my favorite tool for doing faux freckles. It does an amazing job of drawing them on and gives you just enough time to dab them into the skin if they come out too dark.
Kendra toyGirl you need to try the new maybelline mascaraaaaa.
Morgan thompsonI like the blush, really flattering color on you, what finish that loreal concealer gives and what shade you picked up?Ty.
Allrighty1000Beauty-full!So how did it wear?The primer/foundation combo?Great video.
TallmchannelI wouldn’t mind a video on how to build a jewellery collection. I had most of mine stolen which was super devastating. I want to build my collection back up, but I don’t know where to start.
Ms Hazeleyes rdgzIt’s a joy to wake up to a new allana vid!Allana, every time you finish with your lips, im mesmerized, you just turn such a juicy glowgirl!uv your channel!Omg i’m buying the burts bees cream blush.
Chantel castellanoI just recently came across this channel, I am not far from toronto & love supporting the canadian channels!he is lovely!
Hanna mariaI live vicariously through these vids. Seeing makeup and new products. The joy!eanwhile we’re two weeks away from the anniversary of being sent home to work temporarily due to covid and yet here I am, still working at home. I’m lucky if I brush my hair let alone put on make up. Maybe that should change?Maybe I need to start putting on a face at least some of the week. Hmmmm.
DazzleddezHey alana! love the physicians formula bronzer stick! use the darker one and it is perfect for my medium /tan skin!lends great!lease try the milani cream and liquid blush!ilani has lots of new on their website- check out the supercharged line!You look like daphne bridgerton.
Taylor hillYou look great!ou aggressive monster!Wow that lipgloss though!o shiny!
Taradarlingg7You’re so pretty.what is your ethnicity?
Samantha rauschNeed that mascara!You look gorgeous.
Julianne titusThat mascara tho.
Kyra cI 100% use the nyx lift and snatch brow pen as eyeliner. Works great!I’m interested to know if you’ve tried the nyx lip primer. I love it, but I also have some “fuzzy” lip lines if that makes any sense. It’s a sleeper product for sure but makes my drier/long wear lip products look much better!Your breathing right at marshmallow had me giggling. Because I basically do the same..
Chelsey connerI love the physicians formula liquid eyeliners. Total dupe for the kvd tattoo liner. It is not warm toned though.
Michelle crouchCould you do a video with your favorite becca products before they go please.
Sivan ilanPlease let us know how the eyebrow gel went!That physician’s formula shade range is traaaaash!’m the same shade as you, and when the entire line appears that it’s tailor made for my skin tone and my skin tone alone, that’s unconscionable. It’s unfortunate too because they have many beautiful formulas!ame with flower beauty, another brand with stellar products.all made just for me and my light skin.
Francesca zironeI would love to see you do a full face of pixi beauty.
Rachel bI bought the becca bronzer.
Nasia georgakopoulouI’ve been watching since 2014 when I was in middle school and you were in your calgary days & I always loved/love ur style but I have to say I feel like 2021 lan is a whole ass aesthetic. Like your hair, your style, your content, everything, just luv it, chef’s kiss all around. You and dejan and meryl are killin it.
Nina zhHello allana , I would like to recommend you to use the ordinary hyaluronic acid 2% & b5 serum , its amazing product.
IdWhat colour did you get in the flower beauty powder?
Mr pWowwowow that base is a+++++. Also as a side, your skin is looking. Bless skinceuticals! have hopped on the train and i’m obsessed. However, my wallet is not.
Ana juarezI think you’ve hinted at this coming in the future but if you could do drugstore dupes for high end makeup!Ooooh. So many new goodies to try!our skin looks gorgeous. I know the matte flower beauty powder probably felt drying on your dry skin but that side of your face was snatched and flawless. Still, probably best for normal to oily. But it looked.
JiserhoffYour skin looks so stunning. My acne filled face is crying.
Sn12Can you do a full face of quo beauty?
Jacquie in colourMore drugstore.
Debra firestonePhysicians formula packaging needs to change!o bulky but products feel great.
Sandpelayo makeupStopping by to show my support.
Look at me I’m so quirkyMarshmallow sponge.
Little catYou look so like daphne from bridgerton.
Annisa aYou are killing it with the videos lately (I mean you always do but the 2021 videos have been great). Congrats lan and dejan!e see and appreciate the effort.
S rayThe mascara is just wow,.
Harika talariSo heartbroken about becca.
Maha reslanLove you lan!
Victoria bessonetYou look so beautiful.
Theresa brachtNow that becca is closing, it would be great to see your favourite products from them that we can stock up on before september.
Kate makeup looksI think a really good brown liquid liner is the nyx epic ink and the loreal cat flash liner.
Chelsea lawI can’t remember if you tried the nyx epic ink liner in brown?I know I’ve used and liked that. Also revlon has a brown liquid liner with a weird attachment to help with wings. Recycle that, but I recall the liner being lovely. And I will unabashedly toss a liquid liner (stila) for spotty dotties. I’m using a brown liner now from chanel and (a) it has a brush not felt tip and (b) it’s chanel, so it’s a reverse not dupe. But it’s pretty.
Elizabeth parrishOmg, the new l’oreal concealer is my absolute favorite!t is more like a serum, so I apply it with my fingers. It’s not super full coverage, but it just wakes up the under eye so beautifully, while still concealing pretty well. I think you will actually really enjoy it. And the best part is that it doesn’t get all crunchy and bunchy under your eyes. It makes them look more healthy and youthful.
A totsCould you do a full face of becca / farewell becca why are you leaving us video. My favourite foundation was the skin love.
Sarah frenchBahaha. This was terrible, for dry skin,.
Lindsay pYou should try the morphe felt tip liquid liner. I got mine at the morphe store -$16 I only have the black one but I know it also comes in brown. By far the best liquid liner I have ever used.
Victoria pinsentI find the light illusion powder is a dupe for the charlotte tilbury powder.
Xiamara toledoHi!hat shade of the flower light illusion did you use?You never said.
Mishler makeupThe more I use the nyx brow glue the more I have realized it’s sooo important to apply to a clean face (i’ve noticed a lot of brow “lamination” products have said that lately) like abh brow freeze. For the nyx one, once applied on clean brows/skin I found it worked like a dreeeeeam.