The devil wears Prada style analysis.

You can stop asking for it now today’s video is a style analysis of the 2006 devil wears Prada film starring Anne Hathaway, Meryl Streep, and Emily blunt. The costumes were created by the legend patricia field, and they’re perfect. Which character has your favorite style?


Peace ChimoyoA concept: emily in paris but emily blunt is giving lily collins hell.
Wintermelon Boba“Emily charlton the only emily who deserves to go to paris” factsss.
Alex GilmourI love that everyone hates andy’s trash boyfriend, because the actor has liked multiple twitter posts saying the same thing.
PrincessdynAmazingly this movie’s styling doesn’t look that dated after 10 yrs later. And still look stylish.
Stefan MakaraI agree with your last statement. We really need a new fashion film for the decade, I can’t keep watching gossip girl and the devil wears prada.
Samsamsam“The only thing I would change is andy realizing her friends are trash” lmaooooooo I feel like we all grew to realise that. Like the first time I watched it I was just I bit miffed by their attitude but everyone always said I had an attitudetm so I was like okay. Now years later I see that my attitude was not (nor is) that bad, I have respect for myself and who I keep in my inner circle and andy’s friends were, indeed, assholes.
Standing HereLiterally hated andy’s friends and boyfriend.
KittlesThe sunglasses. Miranda’s sunglasses are everything.
Valentine AugustI’ve always loved emily. When I got older and realized she is british that added another layer to her character. She probably left all her family, friends and her whole life in england to go work for miranda.
PolliitoaleI like the movie, but I hated andrea. She came to the job interview acting like she is too good for them, didn’t put in much effort in the begging and once she did, everything started working out for her. If you compare her to emily, who tried so hard for so long, it’s just frustrating.
Kat GauthierYou should analyze the queen’s gambit! It’s set in the 60s and the main character, beth (played by anya taylor-joy), reuses her outfits, so I think you would appreciate that.
AngelicanerdSomething I noticed about andy’s boyfriend: he only takes an interest in her style twice in the movie. First when she shows up in those gorgeous chanel boots and jacket, and he makes a comment “we better get out of here before my girlfriend shows up.” So a backhanded compliment. And second when he’s angry she kept her job and she makes him feel better by showing him her lingerie. It feels like every line he has is him making fun of her and her clothes.
Andrea ValleThat chanel collared mini dress is so stunning and an indie brand called l’ecol des femmes has designs that pay homage to timeless pieces like this with an unique flare – and without the exorbitant price tag.
Michellaneous MeI totally agree that we need a new fashion movie for this new decade. It’s getting harder and harder to pinpoint fashion styles nowadays compared to previous decades and I can’t really figure out why.
Elsa EkbergMy conspiracy: emily in paris was so ugly to prove her point that devil’s costuming was important to costume design.
Katerina KrasovaI definitely agree: we desperately need a new fashion movie for this decade. Emily in paris? We don’t know her lmao.
Arikaj“What, was it a phone interview?” I would fight andy’s trash boyfriend.
Siddiq SmouseI don’t think I’ve ever hated a character like andy’s boyfriend before, he belittled her, made fun of her job, and was expecting her to drop everything to go with him.
Njcoogan“See, I’m on this new diet. Well, I don’t eat anything. And right before I feel I’m going to faint, I eat a cube of cheese”.
VyanI’d really love to see a “princess diaries” style analysis.
Juliette HeleneI like how the movie didn’t focus too heavily on trends. This is why it’s aged so well.
Lily RIs it weird that I have a crush on miranda? Like, her confidence, style, and power are just so attractive to me.
TwixtastebloodyawesomeI somehow hate every character in this movie, except for emily I kinda like her, yet it’s really good!
Matthew Bernal“The only emily that deserves to go to paris” im dead.
Sara H‘The only emily that deserves to go to paris’ loveeeeeeeee thisssssss.
Coffee With Extra SugaI recommend this kdrama called “it’s okay to not be okay” on netflix! The costume design for the female lead (ko mun-yeong) is absolutely amazing and unique, and really explains her inner psyche.
Midnight_RosePlease do scream queens! I think this tv show, though ridiculous at some points, was waaay ahead of its time and under appreciated.
SkyyI always though that andy is in a different outfit every time because is giving back the clothes to the runway closet, so nigel is putting together new outfits with other clothes the company is bringing. Also I need every single outfit that she has and I’m guilty of trying to replicate the last one.
Sour DropThat montage scene with her new wardrobe is iconic. I love every outfit.
Sunny Ray“ If they want a documentary they can watch history channel” drag them miss field.
Avery AustinThis film is a masterpiece in so many aspects but without the meticulous costume design, it would be only half as good.
Fer AguilarMaybe because I was around tough women all my life, 3sisters and my mom that when I saw this when I was younger I was so upset at andy for choosing her dude over herself and her work. And yes her friends were horrible in the way they acted and in the writing lol.
Grecia AcostaThe main problem I had with the film was the ending where she gets back together with her ex and seems remorseful of how she acted when her friends and boyfriend were horrible the whole movie. It felt like the movie was cosigning their behavior and saying that andy was in the wrong, and that still bothers me. I’ve never met anyone so unempathetic to the demands of a “friends” career. And what kind of whiny boyfriend can’t take a raincheck for birthday plans when he’s literally an adult!
Annika DeshmukhGay culture is immediately understanding that the “friends and boyfriend” are the actual villain of the story, not miranda.
Aujah’la Elmore-Mack“Conservative english women with money” lmaooo the accuracy of this statement.
Ashley RMy headcanon is that andy dropped her trash friends and never looked back!
ValsI rewatched the movie this year and I just realised how actually good and admirable emily’s character is. I mean, you don’t see alot of people who is as passionate as she is toward her work! I even got frustrated when miranda doesn’t even realised how lucky she is to have a secretary like emily!
Alexandre PereiraEver since I found out emily in paris is supposed to be pronounced so that emily and paris rhyme I havent been able to go on.
MinaThe change of pace at the end of the intro with the slow-talking almost put me to sleep. Who even talks like that?
Muñeca“The only emily who deserves to go to paris.” I died.
LindsayAs everything my gay ass can say: I just think they’re neat.
Jonny93I really like the outfit anne hathaway is wearing in the scene with christian thompson where she finds out they wanna replace miranda. Honest to god such a good outfit.
Crazysand89Emily’s look softens through the movie. Her early looks are like armor. Later looks are more approachable, even the hair!
Britta’s Youtube ChannelI think you could maybe make the argument that andy didn’t repeat outfits because she had to give them back to nigel. Though I would have loved to see pieces restyled as well.
Tiffany SungIf you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend the movie “the dressmaker”.
Popa AndreeaI died when u said “the only emily that deserves to go to paris”.
Maria HerfstRandom fun fact: the woman who plays andy’s friend lily in the movie was on an episode of catfish.
Ningning Wonder PetsWatching this movie as a fashion student, you feel for emily the most. Imagine being the whole embodiment of a fashion lover while trying to deprive yourself from eating just so you can fit into that embodiment only for a car to hit you. Man I cried a bit.
Amanda SolisAndy should’ve broken up with her boyfriend and dated emily.
AmeThis movie did such a great job of showing what being vogue really is, what fashion is really about: personal style. Even though andy isn’t into fashion she ends up developing her own personal style as she developed her identity sense of self.
PurplealchemistHonestly, her friends were toxic. Her boyfriend was even more annoying!
Elle CookImo the only thing that didn’t age well in this movie are emily’s makeup looks.
Hailie MackayGood luck finding documentaries on the history channel, all I ever see is pawn stars, ancient aliens and swamp people.
Luis Armenta“The only thing I would change is andy realusing her friends are trash.” Oooh ! Thank you.
Димана Иванова“Just styling designer pieces”, go look at at a wealthy person’s teenage daughter on instagram. Just a bunch of brand vomit.
Evelyn Saungikar“The only emily who deserves to go to paris” oml I love the shade xd.
Ras TanvirPlease do dreamgirls costume analysis. Those outfits were absolutely stunning and part of what made the movie so good.
SuadelaThis movie made me want to work in fashion.
Martina FiniraliAndy’s outfit montage when she gets into the fashion groove gets me going every time.
Ayla LunaFinally! Someone else who thinks her “friends” were petty ass holes holding her back! I say it repeatedly every time I watch the movie! I thought I was alone ….
MermaidwitchI absolutely adore andy’s make-over look. Everything about it is perfect. The boots, the jacket and her hair with that amazing heavy bang. Incredible.
MiracledoubtfireHonestly, the one thing I didn’t like apart from andy’s friends and bf, was that people were telling her she’s fat. It can hurt a lot a little girl who’s watching it.
NatalieI watched this movie when I was 15 and I remember thinking about how her friends were terrible to her but I thought “maybe i’m being to hard on them” now I know I wasn’t the only one.
Chloe Camp“The only emily who deserves to go to paris” haha buuuurn.
Didi JI love this film and I like how the male assistant like lets her “borrow” the clothes because of her low income.
Gé RosalemUh was anyone else incredibly uneasy with that fake voice!?
Wester Von BurgermeisterDo “the nanny” next!
PinkdiamondI was thinking “oh, she and clever and chic uploaded vídeos of the same matter the same day”, and then you said you were friends, hahah. That’s really nice!
JoserroYou should do the show girlfriends. They’re really good with making their characters rewear the designer items they have throughout the show.
Stefan MakaraI’ve somehow copied most of andy’s outfits over the years!
Mmmchkplss!“The only thing I would change is having andy realize her friends are trash and that she doesn’t need their toxicity in her life” yes I love you.
MstruetyAs a costume designer, your videos bring me joy.
Just SayingI realize now that emily in paris needed stanley tucci all along.
Lota ErinneI almost didn’t watch this because I had already watched it on “clever and chics” channel. I thought it would be the same video posted on both channels but it’s not. I’m glad I clicked!
Iyesha DennisPlease do confessions of a shopaholic! I watched that when I was young and was dazzled by the fashion in it!
Meggie QinDoes this mean confessions of a shopaholic is coming.
Weeping StagImmediately think of mean girls when we talk about contemporary costume design.
Chrys TheoI cannot describe how much I want to replicate miranda’s first look, that bell sleeve black fur coat sends me every time I see it.
Yvette RomeroI always hated how unprepared andy was for that interview. But on andy’s defence now that I’ve watched the deleted scenes, I understand that elias clark’s hr manager call her for 2 different positions that she wasnt aware of.
Megan JaimeThis movie is so rewatchable it literally never gets old.
Gvantsa NadiradzeOne thing I want to mention is that andy’s final dress looks so much alike silhouettes wise to the dress that we first see emily in, probably hinting that’s she is not only becoming like mirada, but also like emily.
Katlyn WebbAndy’s final look in paris is my favorite in the whole film.
Makcum NovikovWe need a clueless analysis plzzz.
Miranda BlairYou’re so right about her friends! They’re seriously out of line at times. It’s one thing to be mad that she’s kinda flirting with someone who isn’t her boyfriend, but they’re also seemingly mad that she’s changing her style and focusing on her career. People change and are also allowed to care about doing well at work. They were fine with accepting expensive gifts but immediately after try to take her phone when her boss is calling and don’t care that she’s very upset over it.
Imani JohnsonLoved emily blunt sooo much in that movie, such a great actress.
FabI’m completely in love with this video. I always loved the movie and was desiring to see an analyses like this these days. Thank you sooo much, loved ur work.
NightingaleI found the pattern online for andy’s bag that I loved. It’s the brown one she wears to pick up the sketches. I know it was designed by patricia field and it’s fab!
Emrys StilinskiAnne hathaway’s beauty looks in this film were immaculate, she looked stunning.
Tamar Leah HCan you review the marvelous ms maisel and scarlet’s outfits in jojo rabbit?
Phoebe OldermanCan we get a style analysis on titanic. That movie has amazing work in it, and there is definitely a lot of underlying context tin the clothes(at least on the female characters).
Ederline Rosenberg“Conservative english woman with money”.
ConstantinaI think my favorite look is andy’s at the party, when emily is sick but there.
Talia TriniEmily’s eye makeup is amazing, especially with her red hair.
Maddie TBtw they don’t really reuse the clothes because they’re also using the different costume changes to show the passage of time specifically and to give that illusion. A character wearing the same costume could impede on that illusion because then it just feels like something connected.
YuukiI would love to see you analyzing mamma mia 2 fashion, is a kind of style that you haven’t talked about yet and they do reuse clothes! The costume designer is michele clapton!
Francho PradaThank u god for this moment.
Amal KhateebOne moment I love is when andy is wearing white in the montage, and a car nearly hits her. The contrast between the all white outfit and how emily dresses shows how hesitant andy is about the fashion industry, however emily is harsh and quick to know what she wants to do, nothing else matters which is why she wasn’t paying attention as was hit by the car.
Mess MessyHow did I never notice emily was emily blunt she looks so different.
Livey OmarIronic that the author of the book tried to write about her awful time working for anna wintour abd the fashion magazine industry and how she hates fashion; and really just ended up failing with that idea. &Zwj;.
Jose MelendezI love the film and the costumes so much. But I must confess. When I rewatch the film now, I always stop watching before they get to the sad ending where andy throws it all away. Stupid boyfriend and unsupportive friend.
Holly AnnI love this movie and loved your analysis! I definitely agree with you on wishing they reused pieces to show alternative ways of styling.
Trixi1608The “chanel boots” outfit lives rent free in my head.
PawsQueen’s gambit next, please! While the red wig looks too “wiggy” at time, the color was fab and the outfits were so good!
MissejasmineI feel like emily blunt just accidentally started laughing like she broke character but then they just kept it in. She’s good.
CalebI’ve always loved the way you can show character development through costume design. Andy kept her style at the end because she believed in herself. Her final interview was such a contrast between the first she had with miranda.
Arthur AlencarThe fry in your buddy’s voice was so grating on the ear.
Cora BWhen I heard “emily in paris” I thought it was this emily in paris, I was dissapointed.
Alex GattoIn a deleted scene you can see andy first go to human resources, where they tell her its either motor world or runway, but she must go to the runway office that same day, so she has to run to runway (you can see she’s out of breath in the take of her in front of the building which is in the movie) that’s why she isn’t prepared for the interview! I think it was cut out of the script for some reason, I believe I learned about this in a video by the channel “lessons from the screenplay” where they analyze the opening scene of devil wears prada.
Anna StraśI love emily since the very beginning and now with this review, even more.
David GrindolfIs it just me or does the narrator of this vid speak and sound a lot like anne hathaway.
TimtimaThe only modern show I can think of that reused clothing was the queen’s gambit, I wish they did that more!
Penelope HotchkissYou should do a video reviewing sharpay evan’s outfits! I know it’s not a piece of art, but it’s still iconic!
Crazy Cat LadyMy absolute favorite thing about this movie is how timeless the style is. You could wear any of these outfits (in andy’s case, post-makeover) and you would be the best dressed person in the room.