Thrift flip. Made a $300 dress from a $10 shirt.

Heyy everyone, I’m finally back with a new video. It’s been a minute! Posted this look a few days ago and you guys seemed to love it. It’s originally a Kim Shui Studio design. Hope you like it!


Estrellas journalThis is so impressive! It’s giving me the motivation to learn how to sew.
Jahkaya smithJulia never misses, and that’s a fact.
AerielThe blue mesh shirt has the prettiest pattern! Its gorgeous!
Vidya kThe blue mesh dress turned out so well wow.
Vicsic vlogsIf you know how to sew, honestly so much respect.
Rachael mI actually really liked the blue mesh shirt in its original form. Unfortunately I think the dress looks cheap and uncomfortable. I don’t mind the look of the top though!
RfabienThe dress looks amazing! I’ve been wanting to make my own ever since I saw the original design last spring. I’m definitely gonna try it now!
Auti iCan anyone tell me where the other member is I haven’t watched this channel in years.
Hannah wickiAbsolutely in love with both of these! I wish I had the confidence to pull off a dress like you do!
Avi lequeenI saw this on ur insta and did not think you would make a video showwwingg uss ugh ur perfection. You gave away some secrets.
Whos saharFun fact the original dress is actually by jean paul gaultier soliel cutout dress.
Mina mYou have got to be the coolest person on this planet. My biggest style inspo!
Nthati mabenaJulia makes me regret selling my sewing machine.
WtshibalYour thrift flips are always so impressive im just like.
Shot by relayTo us who like the video before it even starts playing!
Sabrina abate ekolloThese are so beautiful!
Belle liuThis looks amazing! You did that.
Mara nunezYou’re a genius!
Maxgr33nfanOh my god, I love this, you look so pretty in the dress, hope you have a good day.
Muskan singhLove these styles! I so wish I had the talent to sew. Ly julia.
Killuh kleighrr azuIts so beautiful u did so great wtf.
B lewiI love all your videos and i’m in love with all the content but i’m especially missing your girl talk videos.
Julia nicoleBeen waiting for this!
Yasmine njieYou make it look so easy!
Wc91Wow impressive, you’re very good at creating diys . I’m so impressed! And thanks for the instructions which were really well taught!
Gang schwesterAhh your creations are so inspiring I would love to see your take on a diy corset top!
Selena reycasaWow they’re really good!
NicoleThis is insane! You’re so talented.
IngaThe dress though!
OhhijamieAmazing you inspire me so much to diy my old clothes into something new and faaancyy.
Ca rinaLove this! Idea for a video: designer thrift flip! Really love this.
Zara the mooI saw this dress in your insta post and I thought to myself “she better make a youtube video showing us how she made it so I can try” and you pulled through! Thank you!
Margot rajkovicYass more of these.
Indasia janeeThe creativity and talent, I can’t wait for the day you have your own line.
The little unicornThat dress from a thrift shirtlooks amazing.
Tyler fitzpatrickWauww I love the dress. Well done!
Giulia gemLove it!
Ver saceThis is so impressive.
Sabrin mohdYay so early! Obsessed with your videos.
The k channelCan you please try to make the jaded london terry romper? I desperately want it but its so expensive and I don’t know how to make patterns yet.
Julia scarcelloWhere’d you get your serger sis?! Ive been wanting one!
DeboThe dress is really gorgeous dear.
Kimberly wongBoth of these look so so cool! You really nailed that blue dress, it looks awesome!
Satan666Dope the top.
Invisible creationsUnderrated! Looks so so good.
MellieSo talented.
Rosey anginaIt looks amazing! Can you share links to the sewing machines you are using? Thanks!
Aleah summervilleThese are dope.
Amalie noerDamn julia, what can you not do?!
Kristhyl tungTalent! These are beautiful.
Yftwins your favorite twinsCan you do how to make the weekday stallion dress please?
Charlotte pineHave you ever sew lingerie? Bc I would love to see what type of lingerie you would make.
Alice jindalI love love love this!
Meelah miyagiWow I love the dress so much!
Jericho dionisioThis is sooo good!
LydiaA muse waw.
Chan abbyLoved the top!
Samascara iThat shirt was dope tho.
Celine adobeaWoow girl you did that.
Marie abesamisI want to live in your mind!
Leonor britoLoved this video!
Psykedeliske lauraOmg the kimshui inspired dress turned out so good!
Sweet teeWhere did you get your pattern paper from?
Tiffany iI am always amazed!
Poopy legosIt looks so cute.
ZzanIt’s the talent for me.
Michelle ravellaThis is so bomb!
Lasvigne zoeOmg love it.
Tallulah kuitenbrouwerI love this video!
Prae purrLove it!
ValeryThat dress is fire.
Melissa mIncredible!
ThemccarlosEarly gang squad.
Early daysWow. Dyi queeen.
ToadSo creative! Maybe next you could make. A hoodie?
BbyjroseSoo good.
NinetieskiddoDang, so good! See what I did there? Haha.
BeingtiffanySo creative!
Gaby mngrYou are amazing!
Rajafitri zuhailySooooo cool!
Charlotte snyersWow so good!
Lashea redickWow brilliant.
Mence rauchJulia never missessss.
Linnea lanWow you are beyond talented.
WastedmelonLove love love.
Chichi onwuliriCute af!
Ijenna mirabel osujiWoow juliaaa.
LexiJulia makes making your own clothes look so easy.
Micky hoMy only recommendation as a fashion student on your dress, would be to lower your front neckline just 1/2 inch! Front neckline is usually lower than back, but im so impressed! Also im sure you noticed that next time you only need to draw half of either side of your pattern since you’ll be folding the fabric anyways.
Khrista rodriguezMake whatever u want baby. We’re happy to watch whatever.
OnlyonyieI’m super surprised because I just thrifted a shirt with a similar pattern and same length yesterday so I was thinking of doing something with it and then this video appeared!
Jas brbHow did she do the white hem? Can every sewing machine do this?