DaemoninwhiteI don’t think you’ve mentioned this yet, Alex – but who did your new opening animation? It’s adorable!
Caterina PiccoJust a tip for everyone who is thinking about dying clothes: check the material. Natural fibers such as cotton and linen are the best, synthetic fibers may not take on the dye as well.
Danielle HokeIf you dyed the underskirt layer will it show through? Like an ombre on the under skirt and then it shows through. I think that would be pretty cool.
J FoxItem 1: I think this would be super cute left as-is cut wise, but weave ribbons around the collar and each cuff ending in a bow.
BexaYou could turn the “cult dress” into a two piece. Like a skirt and top and even tie dye it.
Ariel SchuetteYou should let Archie design one. Let him pick different patches and colors. Kinda like the “I let my dog chose my makeup”.
Kyrie MalusevicTie dyed fruit themed jeans tie dyed fruit themed jeans TIE DYED FRUIT THEMED JEANS!
theHelicaseBeads all over the harness!!!! That would look sick with the shirt still white.
Kennedy EisenschenkTye dye that first shirt in pastel purple and blue and then embroider daisy’s on the sleeves
Jennifer NormanThat long mesh dress (the cult one) please make into a 2 piece, crop top and wrap skirt then tie dye it! Would be an lovely beach cover up or festival wear!
theHelicaseOmbre dye the jeans so they’re darker on the bottom and fade to white at the top! With a peach iron on to the back pocket.
Loes GorselingI love your Thriftmas series. I never thought I needed it but damn did I need this. I look forward to a new part every day.
Elaine Bretz1: dye pastel
2: leave or dye pastel
3: dye pastel
4: don’t touch it!
5: beads would be cool
6: tie-dye
7: make light yellow
8: add bows
Moral of the story everything needs pastel
Majestically AwkwardThat top you regretted not buying… my grandma legit had that shirt 10 years ago lol! My grandma was sweet and sassy so – good taste?
Katie MarshallThe jeans i think would look cute with some kind of ombre/gradient going from the bottom of the legs up, and maybe some of the patches on the back pockets?
Sarah GodwinYou should the dye the first shirt and put a pocky iron on patch where a shirt pocket would be.
Chloe CraftsThe Jean’s would look sick pastel tie dyed but see if you can find a way to keep some cute white stars/hearts all over it? Even white polka dots would look wicked.
Skulls LaceI just wanted to say I love this series. I have a love/hate relationship with thrifting in general, as we don’t have very good shops here in Austria, but I love the idea, and the excitement of the chase. And, considering where we are currently at, worldwide, I think this is a very good and helpful idea.
Slightly Stressed BlueberryIs there any better way to wake up then to a new video? I’m loving this time difference that’s making this happen and making my day start happy.
CC&Z. BYou should Hombre from pink to blue pastel of course item number two and put one of your hello Kitty patches on the bottom and make it look similar to a poodle skirt.
Who? You.For the harness t-shirt, I feel like cropping and making a ruffle bottom just under the bottom of the harness would balance the edgy with cuteness!
argoI know she has had a lot of trouble with her nose job, but honestly it looks so good! i hope that it turns out okay for her in the end and also this video was so fun!
Caitlin ArsI’m so happy to have a new video every day and I love thrift shopping anyway.
Pikachu PatronusFor the mesh dress: tie dye for sure. Cut the sleeves shorter and maybe put a couple of fish-eye darts in the back to help give it shape? Make sure you get synthetic fabric dye though!
Living It Up“You cant make a skirt longer”… girl, yes you can! Add a lace/ fuffle detail at the bottom!
flareontoastThe shirt with the harness – you mentioned beads – maybe pearly beads on the harness part.
Shay J.the bird took one look at the clothes and only thought one thing: DELICOUS.
T.a.r.tI love the idea of this, but I can’t ever find stuff in my size that I don’t swim in, sometimes being tall sucks lol
SleipnirseightHaha that harness t-shirt was….. interesting
Edit: She bought it!! I’m so curious to see what modifications it gets
LittleOneAmy _Alex: “Here’s white clothing I’m gonna dye and flip.”
Ms. RThe last dress I would dye it a light color and all the edges of the dress and layers in pearls.
KCreatesI was so confused when I saw the title and luckily now I’m not Love the clothing. So cute!!
Claire BMake sure to research fabrics and dyes, a lot of them may not be dyeable.
rae4evaWhen you are dying the clothes, make sure the dye and fabric can work together. Some fabric doesn’t dye very well.
Amélia ChardonMe: screaming at the screen because I want that tshirt with the strawberry and the pink mouse on it. Me: also goggling the brand and realising they are around £70.
B CNumber one would be cute with an iron on pach like the butterfly T’s
Or tiedye it!
Scarlet Mae“I look like a sacrifice for a cult ” got me.
Noemi MalleckFirst brand is “Adam et Ropé” a Japanese brand of clothes from Tokyo.
ChaosOoh, the way the store does the pricing sort of reminds me of those Goodwill deals that change color and deal type every day.
Misa TerukiI wanted to go to Don Don Down in September of this year and the Shibuya location is closed!
They do have other location around Tokyo and Japan though
Elizabeth WilliamsIf the jeans fit I feel it would’ve been really cute to do patches with that material on them!
ca frickI think the jeans would look great tie dyed!! And the bondage shirt should have a big hello kitty on it.
ELeanorDepending on how attached to the cloths you are you could always dye them and do a video about which of the different types of fabric will and won’t dye.
High Heels High FeelsOk, so I absolutely love this series. It’s really making me wanna get back into sewing and thrifting more clothes.
Morgan AlexisMake sure to get the right type of dye when you make over everything ! I know a lot of things that aren’t cotton are difficult to dye.
Jess Is radI’m so confused, you mean upcycle when you say flip right? Or are you going to sell these pieces?
Micaela NewellYou should dye the dazzle dress with avocado pits and skins, it makes a really pretty natural rose color.
Mathea BSo glad you saved this video I’ve been binging all your Japan vids lately.
Angel LFor the harness one paint the leather pink and get a heart buckle to replace the circle one.
Lexi PandiYay I loved the Japan vlogs so much! That shop looked incredible.
josiewFor the harness t-shirt, I think that little embroidered daisies all over the straps would look so cute!
MsJennyTheEmuDaisys along the harness
Definitely tie dye the net dress
The last dress ombre/dip dye
adriana516The harness/ BDS shirt would great with a few white pearls sawn into it, or some iron on gems!
Tanayah ThornhillFeel like a whole cutesy makeover on the harness top. Like sew lil flowers and stuff in the straps and dye it pink.
Hillary TheveninI definitely think you should tie dye the long mesh dress. When I saw the thrift footage that was my exact thoughts.
Vendetta VainI’de like to see an ombre or layered dip dye on one of the longer items, either the jeans or the cult dress
meadow pearlA weird coincidence: i actually went thrifting today and spent the exact amount alex did in this video.
Chloflow101Okay so for the long “cult sacrifice” dress. I’m thinking you should go crazy with the patches, like sticker bomb style all over the dam thing!
Sarah GodwinIm going thrifting today!!! Im so excited to be apart of Thriftmas!!
Maya Kate FruehItem 1: leave the shape the same, but cover the sleeves with the ice cream fabric!
MarillawenI would totally tie dye the mesh top and the one with the built in harness!
Dottie BurlesonI would love to see the peach and strawberry patches on the jeans!
Rini GrandViperI would love to see a gradient on the first skirt, its angles are so fitting for it!
PwettypwushieWhen I went to don I asked them to lower the price on something and they just did it.
internetaddictThe jeans should have 1 peach patch on the front and the rest all around the back pockets?
Peggy Andrews1: wear a pastel pink t-shirt under it! The colour will show through at the waist, and through the strange fabric! ALso maybe an iron-on patch?
GreciaWhen you do the jean jacket you should definitely put the peach patches on it it’ll be so cute.
MollyI’m so obsessed with all the cute little patches she got.
Whitney KayI love this series! Thank you for all of your hard work!
Casimira CastroWith shirt N°1 you could do a pastel tie dye!