Trying 5 Heatless Hair Curling & Waving Methods

Testing 5 HEATLESS Hair Curling & Waving Methods!


Mackensie McAdooI’m so glad she tried the robe curls again I was literally saying “your hair’s too wet!!!” through the screen.
Kevin SaritasThis IS the coziest and most entertaining channel on YouTube. Period.
Katrina GentryI’m ngl when you put the dryer on you looked like a lost elephant.
stfuhannahThose “pool noodles” are sold at Dollar Tree. 6 of them for $1. They have 3 different sizes.
Meghan KrulderHear me out, when she has the pink pop socket like ones in, her hair looks so cute shorter and with bangs!
tratatapuumI’m honestly surprised how her hair is so bea and healthy after seeing how she’s brushing it.
Tima GlamMe having natural curly hairs, ironing them then doing heatless curls just like an idiot.
AlexI’ve been using the “miniture pool noodle” for years and it never dissapoints me, works wonderful!
Megan CNot me having naturally curly hair but still watching a 20 minute heatless curl video because it’s Mia.
freya watsonI can barely sleep with my nose stud in, IMAGINE sleeping in those hair noodles.
S BMy mom did this „Pool noodle“- technique to Me when I was around 10 and let Me tell you- sleeping with this stuff on your head is the most uncomfortable thing in the World!
Sophie SwensonMia is the one of the people that brought me joy when quarantine started.
Ava FloresMe having my head shaved and incapable of doing any of these rn: still watching 19 minutes of Mia doing it for entertainment
Dana GoodlettThe “noodle” curler effect can also be done using long socks the same way.
KaylasKush“I seeked out”, lol. You sought out, Mia. Love you but some of your wording really makes me chuckle.
Ciarla ArtAs someone that often sleeps with my hair in a Plait, I’m not surprised to see the Braids worked — If you can’t French braid try plaits, they’re easier.
Grace OlejnikThe thing about french braids is the back has a weird gap.
AirDon’t know why but I thought the video said “Heartless Crisis.”
Emme Hines15I love how Mia says “gooness” instead of goodness! Bye the way love you Mia.
Leah AlexanderI’ve been braiding my hair in French braids like that for almost 10 years, the waves last me 2-3 days and it looks fantastic and is so easy to do and sleep in. Braids are the #1 way to go, trust me.
cletypieableI literally have “the Rachel” constantly being complimented on my hair. As you are. This video made my life.
Victoria YirkaYour comment “Such beauty” when you put the first wave contraption in looked like “Betty Spaghetti” to me and now I can’t unsee it! I loved those dolls growing up!
Tara CraneThe slight messiness of the french braids the next morning was SO cute.
Sarah NeumanI just have to say, I really like the thumbnail for this vid.
Eden WilliamsThe braid will never fail. That was my first thought when this video started!
SophiaI’ve been doing the robe one for months now and it works so well for me and I get the most amazing bouncy curls never going back to a curling iron.
Lisa BarcelóIs nobody gonna say Mia looks like the princess in Tangled with that pink top?
Tasmin Bassett ArtIs anyone else wondering how those bath bombs got in that jar. The spout looks to tiny?
Suniya EhsanI have been keeping my hair in a braid for the most of the past 5 years and i just love how wavy my hair has gotten cause of it.
Valeria CruzFor the second technique I would recommend trying it on damp or dry hair. I tried this technique on wet and dry hair but with a sock and I got amazing bouncy curls when I did it with dry hair.
Kjerstin Helen LundIn the second one, you had way to wet hair to begin with, and you should have used a thicker ribbon.
Mikan AkaiI just realize this. Does all lighter hair’s hair line looks really thin? I genuinly scared cuz it looks like it’s balding? Am i just imagining things?
Sharling BarrientosThis year I didn’t cut my hair so it’s extra long, I’m gonna try some of this. Gonna send you the results for sure.
RutheeThe rope waves turned out beautifully in the end.
Hannah LairI was so excited to watch this video after seeing the thumbnail because my hair is very similar to yours, and you did not disappoint! So pumped to try these techniques.
Bhavna VermaI have natural curly hair, still watching this video to know the best way for getting curly hair.
Mattie BarkerI have the first ones you tried and I sleep in them and they work really good!
Sarah CholewaLiterally laughed out loud at the first dryer application this is great! I’ve been confused about what type of wave/curl tool to buy so thank you!
Madison LaineI always just put my hair in French braids to sleep in at night and I’m happy you included it!
JuliAlex FriskWhen i had Long hair i always slept in french twists. Just like that last one but skip the robe thing. Perfect curls!
Riyane ZianeMia’s hair colour is so pretty and the shine too! what type of shampoo does she use?
Alayna JI remember when Meredith foster used to braid her hair all the time to get waves back in like 2013.
It’s RavenThis video reminded me of bunny “Grav3yaedgirl” the queen of can it curl?
Jess LynnThanks for being you Mia. I am going through a really hard time right now, and your content brings me a lot of comfort.
Lol MeMia, there’s this website called lightinthebox and they sell these historical dresses. I was think you could due a haul and maybe find a dress that would go well with you marie antonietta wig. just a thought.
Michael HodsdonFor the second hair curling one, put like a shirt over it. Amazing videos.
Anijah JordanMia use hair mousse when doing these methods, it’ll help out a lot and always try to make sure before you unravel them that your hair is fully dry.
Leigh SpitzerHer first crimped hairstyle with the front pieces back reminds me so much of Mary Jane from the Scooby Doo movie and I’m here for it.
Amber KaurThis video reminded me of the curling rods that I have and here I am 1 day later, sitting with crazy curls.
Edwin PetersonDo anyone think Mia reminds you of Rapunzel from Tangled besides me.
DisneyKeeperValI would love to see Mia curling her hair using tooth brushes!
Daniya IlyassovaWhen your hair naturally wavy curly like this but still watch other ppl trying to curl their hair.
unnathi gopavaramMia when you said “I have some noodles on my head” I was literally slurping on my noodles. Also when you do curls just brush them out. It’s just that they would look better
FOOD BABYWho would have thought that mini pool noodles would do the trick.
KDBug09The rods are the besr curls for u and the wave thingy look good too!