Trying Kendall Jenner’s model diet and workout routine.

I’m sure you’ve seen these iconic Kendall Jenner red bikini pictures and you’re like how she looked like that. Today I’m going to be trying out her diet, her workout.


Ariels vlogzJust posted a new instagram pic that I took in the video go comment on the ig pic who I should do next!
Bella julianaI’m manifesting peace, happiness, love , health and wealthhhh for everyone who likes you’ve got this!
Zury roblesHonestly mai is so lucky she doesn’t have to do school.
Deepali jainI’m glad mai doesn’t promote trying to lose weight or even using the scale. But just eating healthy and listening to your body.
Melissa ayleenOmg like even though she was talking bout how she doesn’t have that ‘kendall’ body-yada-yadaaa like her body I would kill to have !She gorgeous.
No artificial flavorsYou literally make me feel confident about my body bc it’s just like yours. Thank u for that.
Ceylin avciWhen you’ve been watching mai since her high school vlogs when she was at 30k followers and she’s legit living her best life. So happy for youuuuu mai.
Nidia gomezFor anyone struggling, always remember the way people look on the internet is not real. It’s always angles, filters, and photoshop. Almost every celebrity has to follow strict diets to achieve their desired body type. Of course, make sure to stay healthy and achieve your goals in the healthiest ways.
Alex mMessage for all my girls: never ever put your self down by comparing your body to someone else’s body we are all beautiful in our own way beauty on the outside will soon fade away but the beauty on the inside will be ever lasting. Mai you are such a champ for doing this; I truly appreciate you and hope I have the same confidence as you one day.
Tania cristina de sousa pintoI love that she actually finishes all her food.
Hannah riveraI just got accepted into college with a $20,000 yearly scholarship!
Sarah weeseI refreshed youtube and here I am and i’m early lol.
Elizabeth millDoesn’t matter what you eat or do queen you’re literally beautiful no matter what.
BrournaA lot of people think they don’t like oatmeal just because they don’t put enough on it, I like to put dried coconut, honey, raisins, cinnamon, peanut butter or chocolate and honestly it can be so bomb, also with like fruit and stuff.
Anna reedCan we just talk about how she said” we r just going to put this in the stove, I mean on the oven”.
Miljana radojevićAlso a moment to appreciate manny, because the boy is stunning too.
Jessica mWouldn’t she drink her coffee without creamer?
Lilly maeI just wanted to tell you that you’re really motivating and helping me to get my life together ily.
EstherFun fact, “bolognese” doesn’t even exist.i am italian and it doesn’t exist lol.
Gabby sThis is the only thing keeping me going during lockdown! Ly.
Somebody that I used to knowNot to be weird but how do yall have such perfect and smooth bikini areas? This is why i’ve never gone to the beach or pool.
Eva labadiniI love the fact that mai has enough self control that can go to the grocery store and buy things she actually needs.when I go to the grocery store it always ends up as goldfish, cheezitz, chips, candy, ice cream, jello.she is an idol.
Aislinn fettesLiterally mai and adelaine giving me motivation to do everything I do rn like cleaning at 2 am!Like gurl I freaking love you both.
Eliot mckoyIt’s so inspiring seeing you confident in your body and skin, and this not being a lowkey toxic diet video but rather educational and positive. Thank you mai.
Aisath abdullahI found you in the bath months ago when I was depressed and here we are depressed and i’m still watching you in the bath.
Tina valentinaOmg hi mai I saw ur story on insta and I was like damn she looks so good and now I know why u were wearing the bikini, but lemme tell u one thing u need to give us a diet routine and whole workout routine because damn girl ur body is fine af.
Linnea johnstonIma be honest I saw the insta pic first and thought oh that’s kim then remembered I don’t follow her, so thennnn I thought oh it’s kylie thenenenenernn I read the caption and was like wtf thats maiiiiii?
Krishi parikhMai I love oatmeal, but even I wouldn t eat it if it was bland. Just use the oatmeal as a base, and add anything u want to it, like fruits, nuts, seeds, etc. Get creative with it. Adding more things makes it way more filling.
Itzmeh_ victoriaPlease did you really think we wouldn’t notice you doing your own routine this whole time? Kendall jenner<mai pham.
Haley dunnI love how mai is such a mood lmaoo. She looks so great with the light hitting her just right in her cute red bikini and on top of that she’s eating popcorn. Like if that ain’t meeee haha. Love her.
Thalya warthlandYour videos are so entertaining, especially when my teacher is putting me to sleep in class. Also.
MatayahMai its really important that you wear a mask when you workout!The people around you didn’t consistently stay 6 feet or more from you. This isn’t hate, we just want you to stay safe. Love you.
CarynnaEverybody please be safe while doing planks. Form is veryyyy important!I used to do planks during every workout and I strained a muscle in my chest. Since then, I cannot do planks and some other upper body exercises without feeling like i’m having a legit burning heart attack. Pleaseeee be safe.
Lyn leeI felt you with the long legs and short torso I am like 80% legs but I am lazy asf so I don’t run.
Liz diazI was literally about to go to bed.
Stacia pennAre you gonna continue the move in series? And will we get a house tour? Also love your vids make me wanna be productive!
Cheyenne ates“Ready mai” she’s literally dying.
Bill nyeOmg I am so early so because I am so early let share an motivational message for everyone. I love you so much. Your doing great honey. Take care of yourself ok you are the most precious thing in the ᴡᴏʀʟᴅ. Muah muah. If you want to share your problems I am here for you. And last thanks for existing you are the best.
Pooja gopalI’m sorry but im just looking at the candy in the background as she says she’s cutting out sugar.
Niya tamangI love how her trainer hypes her in doing things it’s so nice to see and I remember how she used to wake up in the afternoon but now she’s in la she’s like waking up so early and it’s good to see her happy.
Isabella fleitesCan we just take a moment to appreciate how naturally stunning mai is with or without makeup I just love her.
Marie solKendall is literally blessed with that body.
Anousha shahzadThe moment she said, “I love italian food” me: -in heaven finallly!
KerryLmao I couldnt stop laughing when she was walking in the heels it reminded me of the meme with the heel noise.
KamilluvBeen binge watching your vids for the last two days and your volleyball q a vid popped up in my recommended. You were so cute girl you kinda looked like lily chee. Please grow your eyebrows back like that they were so soft and straight!
EstherWhen you post, it’s like the best day ever.
SheentheexplorerYou are literally the girl who makes me feel that I am good enough for everything. Thank you for that and for the smile you put on my face every time you upload.
Baking with annaThis needs to put out there u are so motivating and your litterly my favorite youtuber now.
Mark and cheeseWhen she said I will hang up the mirrors in the living room before I post my next video and there still unhanged hahhahs.
C lgI’m not joking literally mai is so pretty and amazing and no one can tell her anything different shes so pretty she’s one of the most pretty people on the internet and i’m so glad she posts so much cuz her content is so good!She’s also so funny and so real on youtube and treats us as her real friends!Have the best day mai!I hope this comment made your day amazing!
Gwen godeenI literally just finished your last vlog now another one couldn’t make my morning any better thanks mai!
Zoi ntrI could never do this, all I was looking at was the candy in the background!
Graciela hernandezHis dimples tho I’m not sure if mai intended this vid with her trainer as a thirst trap but I’m here for it.
Farah dibaI get so bored of food. I can only eat certain foods like once a month bc they make me nauseous unless im craving them. Like oreos, carrots, spaghetti, etc.
Hannah“In the stove I mean on the oven” on the stove mai.
Asmara larios-herreraWhen mai was trying to push that weight it was sooooo funny to me.
Hailey rodriguezThe earliest i’ve ever been!
Neve morganHonestly mai didn’t need to do the kendall jenner diet because no matter what she does she’ll always be iconic and perfect just the way she is.
May khaWhen I saw the mcdonald’s cups in the back of the car after mai finished at the gym not sure why but I relate.
GabernackleLet’s be honest. We all forgot about poot lovato until mai said “i look like poot”.
Madison hylkemaI would kill to live like this. You’re beautiful girl.
Alyssa doughertyHaha me as an chinese using the finger to measure how much water to put w the rice is soo relatable.
Princess chambersMai is the most beautiful person, she’s a queen.
Lezy bellAm I the only one who loves seeing manny in the videos, he always looks so adorable.
Lillian kraftThis video in a nutshell: mai not really being into oatmeal.
Jenlisa newsYess the queen she isss!Don’t forget to wear ur invisaline.
Saffron natashaGirl we want some outfit inspired haul or thrift flip.
Rebecca armstrongI was literally eating avacado toast on dave’s killer bread while you were.
TumblrqueenWhy do I feel like mai was going to do something for us but I just can’t remember what.
Blake bI’m addicted to watching her vids. It’s gon be hard when she stops daily vlogging. Great hustle girl.
Rachelle luiYou’re such a motivation, like you make me want to get up early in the morning, work out and cook good breakfast before my baby and hubby wakes up. You doing great girl. Lots of love from ph.
Lenchen schlusenbergThis was actually so motivating I was about to nap but now I feel like i’m late for the gym.
Jade käänikOmg kendall jenner who?
Ajayla“In the stove I mean on the oven” no mai no.
DittodejI love knowing that she will see this comment because she actually take time to read them so hi you are such an inspiration.
BlubbeldibubableI really thought the white top outfit was cute. Now i’m questioning my style that I already know is bad.
Sage“In the stove” I mean “ on top of the oven”.
Priya gurungBeen going through the toughest breakup this week, your vids have been getting me through. Love you mai!
Bailey jeanMai you make me feel so comfortable and you give advice that I need.
Grace lauI’d love to see like your cooking go-to, fav meals and stuff. I find this kind of videos super inspiring.
Delfin_the_dolphin“But you know what? Bodyodyodyody” lmaooo.
Niyahcris lorenzoYour videos are so perfect to binge whenever i’m doing bff something, they’re literally a podcast for me.
Alexandria smithDoes anyone know what music she used in the beginning, like the music she had playing while she was getting ready and making coffee?
I don’tknowI was literally thinking about you.
Michael perfectI’ve always wanted to start a youtube channel and i’m so scared and nervous but mai makes me want to do it even more!
Aubri hallEating popcorn while talking about a diet, mai is such a mood, I love her soo much aaaahhh, and mai you look amazing.
Jo jumpWish we could be friends you’ve got my humour.
Ashley cohen“ I’m gonna put the chicken in the stove. I mean on the oven. “.
Riley lovegroveOmg!Body goals! All the morning drive to the gym paid off.
AditiI literally love mai she has helped me be more confident and comfortable in my body.
Azucena gallegosThese videos always seem to do so well so good luck on this one mai!
Elena sOk since I started watching her vids I can’t stop I think she’s like my favorite you tuber.
Gianna sturzioneI’ve never been this early omg!Been here since ur vball vids love u and ur videos so much mai.
Keila dawkinsReally wanna force my self to wake up early but I literally can’t.
Larissa van dunI love this girl , i’m obsessed, a whole bad bleep , i’m can’t stop watching her videos.
Mihaela gajicYou did so good mai, you help motivate me to get shit done even when I’m not in the mood. Love you xx.
Kendra jamesMai I just wanted to say that I love the overhead shots that u took while making the breakfast and luch.
ItsaliyakhanYeah good luck charlie, i’d rather do a day as mai no cardio for me.
Rosemarie bellisimoThe trader joe’s coconut granola is so good!You should try that next.
CamsMai I love youuuuu!I’ve never been this earlyyyy whatttt.
Lahela moralesIm finally early yes.
Kamsis cornerWtf my depressed ass is just sitting in bed and watching mai have her life together.
Rylee moretzHey mai I’m early just wanna say I live you and hope you have a fantastic day.
Ningning from aespaPls do a collaboration with lauren giraldo.
Jade allisonDamn kendal do be having that snatched waist.
Kauthar racietTell me why I was just watching videos of kendall’s workouts to follow then boom mai posted this?!I think we have the same brain waves!
Nikki roseIt still makes me sad that u got in a wreck. But I love u and I hope u stay healthy and happy.
JuliaYou have your life together so well it’s amazing.
Chantelle pearceLiterally watching this as my oven preheats for my pizza rolls like.
Miranda nonnemacherThe fact that i’m eating kfc as i’m watching this-.
SamelI’d say mexican is my favorite kind of food.
AraahhLooooving your content mai, I’m 24 and been feeling like I’ve been discovering myself more and more in my 20’s and I’m getting that vibe from you bae love it.
Kiran koulTell me how i’m literally watching this in my bed and ur workout made me out of breath for you.
Victoria martinezMai you always look so pretty, and my favorite kind of food is korean food.
Alna khaleelCan we talk about how pretty mai is like how.
Sophie tardivetGoing through a break up and mai is the first youtuber I watched since it happened because she brings me a happiness literally no other youtuber can idk just makes me feel comfortable here.
Kim namjoon is my kingI wish I could have to chance to just accidentally meet you, but I live in england and so that would never happen, but I love your videos mai!
Kelcee kYou’re are such an inspiration oh my god!Been here since the first clean my room at 2am video.
Emmy julianneQueen!Imma be doing the workouts with you, we need the motivation.
Yoongi tearsWow, never have I ever been this early. About to download this video and watch it after work, can’t wait.