Versace Fall-Winter 2021. Fashion Show

Introducing the VersaceFW21​ Collection – Enter a labyrinth inspired by our iconic Greca motif and meet our new signature print.


El TornadoCan we just take a moment to appreciate how incredible production is at this show?Pure fire.
Ruth NebiatI feel like slowly models are showing character and shows are being creative and artsy and m so here for it. I really hope fashion has a relapse and it goes back to the way it was in the 90s.
Di WFor me, this is a completely new versace. This show is much more than I expected, it is really fresh and charming. Love it.
sito MCan we please take a moment to appreciate how pretty all the models are?And how powerful they look whilst walking?
emily nazzaroThis was beautiful and definitely one of my favs. The colors and the bags are everything. Donatella doesn’t disappoint.
Khamani D.Versace is absolutely the best.
Defne BozkurtLove the cast: mica, rianne, bella, gigi, grace, vittoria, aylah, rebecca, irina, sora, adut.
SHeinshGigi : ” me giving birth will not stop me from slayin in versace”.
Mohammed Suwaid Adonis KainGigi, zayn and bella adopt me.
Victoria RojasI always loved the fact that versace leaves models to have their own personality while walking and posing. Unfortunately, today’s models have lost the glamour that 90s supermodels had.they usually wa
la la laVittoria ceretti, sora choi precious lee are amazing and super stunning. So happy to see gigi back!And the trio, bella, rianne mica!They are insane. Aylah walked for this show too and coul
Rachmawati MAfter giving birth gigi came and served like we knew she would insane!
William BoweryVersace never disappoints!
DAILY MODELZI find this show a bit disappointing. Clothes are okay, music is okay but don’t get this setup (reminds me of fendi). As well the instagram attitude not sure it fits in this case. But maybe
georgemonroeThis a a very new and different versace, not what I was expecting but I love the reinvention.
yesmariooWhen most of the comments care about the models more than the clothes.
Obed BhizikiAdut akech is literally the best top model of our days. She has made a great career without having a famous or rich family. Also , she looks stunning.
Girl in the Red ScarfCan we just talk about how those platform heels looks like bratz shoes?
la la laThe show was on fire.this maze concept is so amazing.each and every model did a great jobgigi was looking so gorgeous in that black dresswow. Donatella versace nailed it.
veniceI can’t wait for this!I wanna see gigi hadid so bad.
Afifah SheikhWow. Gigi looks sooo fine even after giving birth to khai.
PyramydSo, versace is the new fendi.
Kriti PachurkarPeople can say a lot about gigs modelling, but she is undeniably one of the best supermodels of our generation and vittoria too.
Carlos SteamA fashion show of gigi after a long time.
Mitzi AcostaCan’t wait for bella to slay. Do what needs to be done baby!
BethanyI wish the monogram didn’t look too similar to fendi’s.
Ilies BenI love the models being able to show more character. This show is powerful!Love this collection.
dokbrianI hope candice swanepoel is here.
ThePixelPony 46The coats and jackets were the highlights for me in this collection.
carlota pinillaI didn’t want it to end. This was incredible.
H TAdut akech always slays versace and every runway that she’s in!She’s just an amazing supermodel! Super excited to see her there!
Ana Beatriz LanaroCan’t wait to see precious lee.
Kerrin PantelakisI really enjoyed the show, ambitious reinvention of versace!However, I have a feeling like it is not versace, it’s too closed to burberry and fendi.
Joshua AndrusThe background music slaps. Does anyone know the name of each composition.
mm GoncarovI wasn’t expecting to love this, but here I am.
Elisa dprI can’t wait to see this show and the new collection and obviously gigi and bella walking the runway for this show.and 100% sure gigi has done something to her hair which will be revealed in this show
Novruz BabasteinOne of the biggest and coolest shows in the whole history!Bravo donatella, bravo beautiful models.
Vitor JayI want to see bella so bad.
Afifah SheikhBella y gigi hadid they are beautiful.
Anastasia shshThis is amazing, m so in love with the models, the clothes, the bags and the hole set-up!I can’t wait to see gigi walking, wow.
Nicole MichelCan we just take one minute of respacte for gigi hadid in the ocasion of coming back to the indestury shes so beautiful.
Malena LopezThis felt like a mixture of burberry and mulberry. A little underwhelming for versace I think.
Hanna EkstrandI’m not going to lie. That opening shot on gigi was pretty awesome.
redoouane bekaiEverybody here talking about the clothes, the patterns, gigi hadid, etc. m just here for the music!
Daniel DuffThis comment section is only talking about nepo models that’s sad asf.
EGK11StGigi opened and closed like a queen , I love her. Great show.
Mike MartinezGetting 70’s and 90’s vibe big time.
liaFinally gigi starts to walk like a model.
Tika BaratashviliI just fell in love with versace all over again!This season has hit the nail whole new outlook, bolder and that new signature print!Just wow. Versace is back!
Sherie FrazierThis looks like versace’s version of goyard..
Enya JajajajaI was waiting for natasha poly, anja rubik, mariacarla….
Leon ReidThe struggle of auto rotation is real though.
Kelly Lowe-JerniganCan we talk about the versace shave on the boys?It’s sick!
SamaruchiiLoved this. Oof. When that trio came.
XozonaCan someone please explain what fashion is. d like to appreciate this but what do I look out for?
Manuel RodriguezFashion is versace, art and beauty come together in a unique and inimitable dance, an eternal style of unmistakable prestige. Moreover each work is a masterpiece and maximum expression of the future.
Manpreet RangiAnd can’t wait till m old enough to do that.
PASSION FOR FASHIONI got no tears left to cry vibes idk.
Sparshita SahuGigi is slaying the runway again.
sebas AgI miss real female models like my lungs miss oxygen.
Cat EspaillatGigi is queen of this showthank you donatella.
Tony ArreagaLoved that gigi opened and closed the show.
Giuliano LoiCan’t wait for queen bella to slaaay the runway!
Evelijne ToebastThis was thoroughly enjoying to watch, wow!
kadin sisavatI guess that all directioners are here just for gigi.
shilpa parmarWhen goyard decided to make a collection.
Sabri JaarI’m so excited do see bella and gigi!
Eduardo GmThese models serving legs.
Mark SGigi’s first shw after khai she killed it n looked amazing n love the whole shw.
ZbabyThe presentation awards for fw21 season goes to versace. I really enjoyed watching that. I know dior does this greek story thing but I wasn’t interested. Let the clothes speak themselves.
Crazy MeThe model line up is amazing.
KateVery fresh and excellent production but I couldn’t help thinking ‘fendi’ the whole way through with the colour combination and prints.
Emily La MorellaGigi is on.
Phatana WatchWhen the girl gang came out in colour blocked mins donatella was paying homage to gianni when he sent the supermodels down the runway singing to freedom!m sure he was looking down and smiling
LelГЄ Vital100% Perfection badass designs and awesome way to present the collection. Beautiful beautiful donatella.
Christine Mae RabinaCant hardly wait.
Harsh MittalI love the shoes it gives me brats vibes.
DongHyun LeeThis is actually really inspiring. Love the collection and the models.
Ketty Mague IrazokaEveryone’s litteraly perfect.
SHeinshThat was absolutely stunning in every way versace!My only comment is that there were two models that were way too thin!Gigi is the best!Followed by irina!Those two have the best bodies too, followed b
Fatou KebbehBella and gigi fantastic as usual <3.
AptinarhiEverything just looks perfect.
Aishath ShiaFabricated, unimaginative and unemotional show.
Rick UkThey’re making history and im here watching..
Khloe MonroeIrina shaykhadids.
ayana xThis is the “new normal” kind of fashion show and I’m loving it.
isabella GuardiaThe boots with the chunky heels are amazing, I would love to wear them even though I’m a guy.
Leroy LaveaI really like that after the pandemic, the shows have become much more interesting to watch.
Sanika MistryHadid’s sister.
Charlotte RoseYou can tell that piergiorgio was behind this casting.
RocГ­o RichterAmazingggg show, the collection and the models are everything!
Kat FloresIm not so into versace.but this collection rocks.even the pattern looks pretty goyard.
eduardo azevedoLove how they edit so that every footstep goes with the beat.
Smokey RoseEverything is perfect about this show the music all the models and the collection.
Phillip solThe shoes got me from the first second.
Irina KujugetThe one true supreme, donatella.
Renelle BrentMe every time I get dress I get inspire in donatella. What iconic woman.
rpm 5710Gigs back.
Carlos Sebastian necrotic gothGigs looking amazing!So happy to see her on the runway again, esp for versace!
Maxim LemannI wonder what zayn’s reaction to gigi hadid with this fashion show.
putri dewiVersace makes clothes for bratz dolls.
Cam MirandaCharacter is coming back. This show is so refreshing. I love how it shows the pieces truly moving, versace is doing it right again.
Clarissa ParkerStunning as always!
hanyu laiDont mind me m just vibing to the beat.
L V Q M Й… N 7The bags are looking like louis vuitton with the fendi logo. Maybe I need a higher resolution monitor. All in all I liked the show.
Laurentius NicoWow. One plus size model. (I’m saying this with pure sarcasm).
Ethan nessmanAmazing presentation, so creative and artistic. And the collection is absolutely stunning, this people are excellent designers, congratulations donatella. I wish to have enough money to buy everyth
Samuel DThis is versace / monumental.
Pablo VillarroelLegend has it, bella and adut are still fighting over the purse.
Jorge MatuteJust you must know that versace is the best.
Khamani D.Is it possible to surgically implant this video into my head on repeat.
CJ TeeRihanna raised the bar for performance runway shows, idc if you think m wrong because m not.
Sultan AliI’m so exicided for bella.
cyberslutThis show is definitely something new loves it!
Abene GlasgowI see a little bit of goyard-style inspiration.
Lele FreitasAm I the only one this collection reminds me of their 90s collection I love.
Stephaniem so ready to be apart of these shows!
Katzi StoneQueen is back gigiiiiii.
dog loverI was just thinking that when seventees sort of fashion make a comeback and here it is.
Alex RuizOne of my favorite versace collections in a whileeeeeee wow.
Wesley CastroI love that every model was walking with platforms shoes and with every look.
Jasmine Ald.Gigi rocked itt.
Best RThe show without audience in the show is always better!I can focus more on the clothes!
ellison bestVersace just gave me everything I wanted and more.
Cristhian Lezama RamosLet’s buy the new collection so that we can wear it in the living room.
Valentina GarciaLoved the whole show, it was really well but together but was disappointed at the lack of size diversity.
Taylor L WinterBeautiful clothes, incredible production and variety of bodies. Love it!
Carlos BarrigГјeteOk, that was insane. It’s just amazing. Beautiful collection.
Keana Mae AlticheI love gigi.
Star DustLoved that there was more diversity, with size, color, race etc. Always makes it a better show.
ZmZmIm sorry the collection is beautiful but why do the print designs remind me goyard?
Shaz Hashmim literally obsessed!
Roberto Ernesto Cueto VelazquezWill kaia be in this show I miss her sm.
AnysThis show is amazing!But I’d like to see other sizes too.
Tyra SealeWhat’s the track that plays during the first 10 seconds of the show?
Laura BijuI used to be a child model (catalog ) along with my sister I hated it I was so bored , kudos to people who do this professionally don’t know how they do it.
Share PrasobkarnSome one stole the look of burberrys and fendi!
renzo samuelGigi hadid show.
Hyrina Tuller ConsultoriaAre we all agreeing that this ramp is completely different.
joni kejaniThe art behind this show is incredible.
Code LeloucheSimply incredible, the aesthetics are great. I love every look.
Anna JThe shoes are everything!